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As you’re spending time with others, and the time comes to say goodbye, yet you also want to say you hope that they enjoy the rest of their night, you can utilize the phrase “Have a good night.” However, there is much more to this little phrase than meets the eye. 

“Have a good night” is correct to use at night time as a way to say goodbye or wish someone a good night’s rest. In certain circumstances, we can also use it at other times during the day to mean you hope that someone enjoys their night, especially if a nighttime event has been a topic of conversation. 

This little phrase can also be used as an option should you want to wish someone a restful night’s sleep. This article will explore the many varied nuances of this simple phrase.

Meanings of Have a Good Night

In its most basic form, “Have a good night” is used in its most literal sense to tell someone you want them to have a night that is good.

It is fairly simple and uncomplicated, but, in different situations, the precise meaning may change. However, the meaning of this phrase is always positive in nature. 


The phrase “Have a good night” is most often used at the end of a conversation as a way to say, “Goodbye.” It is considered a polite way to end a conversation, and some people prefer saying this rather than using the word “goodbye.” 


Speaker 1: So, I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodbye.

Speaker 2: Yes, sure. Have a good night. 

This is a completely adequate, acceptable, and polite way to end the conversation that came before it. 

Image by Andrey Zvyagintsev via Unsplash

Sleep Well 

Should you want to say goodbye and/or tell someone you hope they sleep well that night, the word most often used is “Goodnight,” but the extended phrase, “Have a good night,” can also be utilized in its stead. 

If a friend has told you that they’ve had restless nights and you want to say specifically that you hope they sleep well, you could precede the phrase “Have a good night” with the words “I hope you have….


Speaker 1: I’ve been sleeping badly, but I’m going to bed early to try and sleep well.

Speaker 2: OK, I hope you have a good night.

Speaker 1: Thank you. Good night.

In this conversation, the second speaker uses “Have a good night” to specifically wish his friend a good night’s rest as opposed to the preceding nights that the friend slept poorly. 

Enjoy Your Night

The use of “Have a good night” as a means to say, “Goodbye,” as well as a means to say, “Enjoy your night,” can be very similar and, at times, exactly the same.

Telling someone to enjoy their night is a bit more specific than just saying a general goodbye and can be used when your plans for the night have already been discussed. 

Consider this conversation:

Speaker 1: What are you doing later? Do you want to watch a movie?

Speaker 2: I can’t, sorry. We have a party at a friend’s house tonight.

Speaker 1: That’s fine. Have a good night, then.

Speaker 2: Thanks. Maybe we can watch a movie tomorrow?

In this short conversation, the second speaker tells the first speaker what their plans for that night are, and the first speaker does not use “Have a good night” to say goodbye but, rather, as a means to tell the second speaker that they should enjoy their party. 

When to Use Have a Good NightImage by Matilda Wormwood via Pexels

More often than not, saying, “Have a good night” will be used in the evening or at night time as a means of saying, “Goodbye” to people. During the day, we would rather use “Have a good morning,” “Have a good afternoon,” or simply “Have a good day.” 

However, should the conversation be discussing future plans, the phrase can be used at any time of the day. 


Speaker 1: What are you doing tonight?

Speaker 2: I am having dinner with my family at a new restaurant that opened up.

Speaker 1: Great. I hope you have a good night.

Speaker 2: Thanks. Do you want to hang out until then?

This conversation can take place at any time of the day. “Have a good night” is not used as a way to say goodbye, but to refer to the second person’s plans for that night. 

Is “Have a Good Night” Only Used at the End of a Conversation?

The short answer to this question is no. Although this is generally the most common context for the use of this phrase, it is not used exclusively as a means to end a conversation since we can also use it in the middle of a conversation.

In the Middle of a Conversation

As we have already discussed, “Have a good night” can be used to tell someone to enjoy their night, especially if their plans for that night have been part of the conversation. In this context, it can be used at any point in a conversation. For example:

Speaker 1: We are going out for dinner tonight, and then, perhaps, we’ll catch a movie.

Speaker 2: That sounds like fun. I hope you have a good night.

Speaker 1: Thanks. So how’s your new project going?

The conversation continues after the second person says, “I hope you have a good night.”

The second speaker validated the first speaker’s plans by wishing them a pleasurable evening, and then the first person continued the conversation by moving on to a different topic. 

Have a Good Night vs. Have a Good Evening

It is relatively common to hear people say, “Have a good evening” rather than “Have a good night.” Although these two expressions mean almost exactly the same thing, there are two aspects that distinguish them from one another.

Formal and Informal Speech

Among the most significant aspects that differentiate these two phrases is the fact that one is generally used in a more formal context, while the other is more often used in an informal context. 

Formal language is serious and used with people we do not know well or in a formal setting. You would use formal language when meeting your country’s president or at a work function with the company’s important clients.

Informal language, on the other hand, is less serious and generally used around friends and people you know well.

You would use informal language if you go to a friend’s party, at your house, and when you meet new people roughly around the same age as you (source).


Hey, what’s up?Hello, how are you?
All good. You?I’m doing well, thank you. How are you?
I’m sorry to say….I regret to inform you that….
If you need help, call me.Should you require any assistance, please contact me.
Can you pick the package up for me? It’s at my place.Would you be so kind as to collect the package from my home?
Have a good night. Have a good evening.

As you can see, the phrase “Have a good night” is similar in meaning to “Have a good evening,” although one is used in an informal context whereas the other is more formal.

You may encounter many other examples of informal versus formal speech and shortened versions of phrases during your English language journey. For more helpful tips, check out our articles on the phrases “fancy meeting you here” and “much appreciated.”

Night versus Evening

The subtle distinctions between the words “night” and “evening” also create a difference between the phrases “Have a good night” and “Have a good evening.”

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “night” should be used when we can see no sunlight. Therefore, it is the time between dusk and dawn when it is absolutely dark. 

The word “evening,” on the other hand, is generally what comes before the night and used as it is starting to get dark. Therefore, “evening” is used roughly between the time when the sun is setting to the time that it is absolutely dark (source).  

For example, if you’re at a party and you leave just as the sun is setting, you might say, “Have a good evening.” It is dusk, and, even though it is not a formal setting, the time of day makes choosing the word “evening” correct. 

Should it be much later when you leave, you will say, “Have a good night,” as it is late and completely dark outside.   

Good Night vs. Goodnight

When we use “good” and “night” together, this question often comes up: “Is it one word or two?”

This can be confusing for a second-language learner when you’re writing because both word forms are correct, although the spelling can alter the meaning.

Good Night

When written separately, the word “good” is an adjective of quality used to describe the word “night,” which is the noun, as well as what type of night it is. In other words, “good,” in this context, can be replaced with other words that will change the type of night we are talking about (source).

As an example, in this next conversation, let’s substitute the word “good” for “bad” and see how that changes the meaning:

Speaker 1: What are you doing later? Do you want to catch a movie?

Speaker 2: I can’t, sorry. We have a party at a friend’s house tonight.

Speaker 1: Oh. I hope you have a bad night, then.

In this example, although it is the same conversation, it is obvious that the first speaker is upset that the second speaker cannot go to the movies and does not want him to enjoy his night at all. 

When saying goodbye, you can also shorten the phrase “Have a good night” to merely the two words “good night.” In American English, this is the accepted form.


Due to the fact that both forms — namely, “Good night” and “Goodnight” — sound similar when spoken, this can create a conundrum in knowing when and how to write the two words as one. 

“Goodnight” can be used as an adjective, especially when the use of the two words separately would confuse the reader as to its meaning.  

If you wave at your friend to say good night, you are giving him a goodnight wave. 

In the above example, the single word “goodnight” is used to describe the wave as being one that says good night. If it was written as two words, a good night wave, it could be understood that good is describing the night and night is describing the wave. 

It is simpler to use the adjective form of “goodnight” to describe the wave in this context.

The same happens when “goodnight” is used as a noun. 

I gave a quick goodnight before I left. 

In the above sentence, we readily understand that the speaker said “good night” quickly and then left.

If you were to use the words separately, that would indicate that the speaker was responsible for an actual good night that lasted a short period of time, “a quick good night,” and left once it was over.

The Difference

The difference between “good night” and “goodnight” lies in the function of the words as an adjective or noun. When “good night” is written separately, the word “good” describes the word “night.”

For this reason, we can use it as a simple goodbye, or we can use it as a way to wish someone an enjoyable night. 

If written as one word, however, it is an adjective or a noun meaning goodbye. 

  • She gives someone a goodnight kiss — she gives a kiss to say good night.  
  • She said her goodnights — she said goodbye to various people.     

Final Thoughts

Although the exact meaning of the phrase “Have a good night” can differ slightly between formal and informal speech and the context it is used in, it is always a good phrase to use when you want to say goodbye in the evening or at night time. 

Should this phrase be used during the day, it will still refer to the night time. If you follow these rules and use it politely, you are well on your way to using the phrase correctly for the rest of your English-speaking life. 

Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Have+a+good+night - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

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At the same time, it is important to follow the rules of etiquette: formulate phrases carefully, avoiding ambiguous wording or slang, especially with a formal style of communication. Armed with these rules, you can start writing messages in prose and even in verse.

Most often, frank messages of this kind (SMS) are sent only to close or well-known people. The style of writing a good night wish for a man depends on the established relationship.

It is quite acceptable for a friend to write in a free form, but for a person with whom relations are at the initial stage of development, such a tone is not suitable, it is better to write with restraint, but with a twist.

Pleasant good night wishes for your beloved man (short messages and sms).

Universal good night wishes for a man in the form of short SMS look like this:

  • "Pleasant dreams... May your dreams be pleasant!"
  • Good night! I wish you a good rest, which will give strength and energy for tomorrow!”
  • Good night! May sleep bring rest and inspiration!”
  • “I wish you a good night and a joyful morning!”
  • “Sleep is the best energy drink! Good night and good rest!”
  • Good night! Let dreams be light, like clouds outside the window!
  • “May all your plans come true tomorrow! Have a nice rest!"
  • "Good night and bright dreams!"
  • Good night! Carefree and light dreams!

Messages should be short and clear so that there is no hidden meaning in them (unless the sender initially sets himself such a task). Before sending a message, be sure to check that there are no errors in the text.

Short wishes to a friend in verse and prose

Friendly good night wishes for a man in the form of short SMS can also be written in a humorous way. For example, in this case, you can write like this: “A night without sleep is a guarantee of a headache in the morning. So drop everything and go to sleep! Good night and good dreams!”

Many people try to write wishes in verse. But to send such a message, you need to be sure that the recipient will appreciate the poetic lines. On the other hand, even if these are very simple verses, the main thing is that they be sincere. Then they will make a good impression.

“Sleep is a world where dreams come true,

A world where no extra words are needed,

A world without worries, in the radiance of beauty…

Let there be more bright good dreams!”

Good night wishes for husband via SMS or message

When one of the spouses has to leave on business, wishing each other good night will be very helpful. In each message I want to say how much the second half is missing now!

  • “I’m sure that tomorrow I will miss you more than now, because even at this moment I don’t want to say goodbye ... But you need to rest, so good night and sweet dreams!”
  • “May sleep cover you with tender hands, and may the night be good!”
  • “Sleep is a mirror in which we see our dreams, let it show you only pleasant pictures. Good night!"
  • “When you dream, you fall asleep easier, and dreams become bright and colorful. May your cherished dreams lull you to sleep, and may all your plans come true tomorrow. Goodnight!"
  • “Everything is possible only in a dream… And even if today we are not close, but in a dream we are definitely together! Good night, my love!"
  • “Good night! Let sleep leave all worries behind the door, wash away worries and give rest!
  • Good night! May your dreams be bright, like the colors of real happiness!
  • "Without your good night, I won't be able to sleep peacefully!"
  • “Before you fall asleep, think about how much I love you — and then your dreams will be light and bright. Good night, kitty!"
  • “Sleep is one of the little miracles of this world, let it give you lightness and peace of mind. Sweet dreams to you, dear!
  • “Let's not sleep together today, but I hope you feel my love and warmth. Sweet dreams, my love!"
  • “There are many miracles in this world, but there is one more that I appreciate more than all others, and this is your love - the most amazing and beautiful thing that could happen! Good night, my happiness! I hope you have bright and tender dreams!”
  • “I wish you colorful dreams and serene rest! Good night, my best!"

And there is nothing better than the moment when this message will be answered with the same romantic wish.
And if the spouses were in a quarrel, then this is also a great chance to improve relations. Let the message or SMS "Good night, darling!" will be the first step towards reconciliation!

Good night wishes to a classmate

Good night wishes to a classmate can be neutral, friendly, just funny - it all depends on the communication style adopted between the recipient and the sender. You can say to someone: “Well, that's it, lights out! It's time to hug the pillow passionately!" And someone will have to be limited to the formal: “Good night! See you tomorrow!"

SMS may be a continuation of a previous conversation or some events that happened during the day. For example:

  • “Today was a hard day, let everything be smooth tomorrow! Goodnight!"
  • “Stop chewing on the granite of science! Good night and peaceful sleep!”
  • “Well, shall we go tomorrow in search of new adventures? Until then, good night!"
  • “Sleep is the best defense against nerves and panic. Good night, sleep tight and wake up refreshed!”
  • “Good night! Let the dreams be bright and colorful like pictures in a kaleidoscope!”
  • “My battery is dead, it's time to recharge. And I wish you to relax and unwind! Light cloudy dreams!
  • Good night! Light and inspiring dreams!

If the relationship with a classmate goes beyond friendship, you can hint at romantic dreams about him. This will add spice.

Short bedtime wishes for a relative

Not everyone writes SMS to relatives, limiting themselves to the circle of their closest friends. In fact, such messages are very important, because they allow you to maintain family ties and show that the person is really dear:

  • “Good night! May an angel guard your dream!
  • “Let a sound sleep wash away the accumulated fatigue! Good night!"
  • “We all had a hard day, but we got through it and deserved to rest. Good night and sweet dreams!"
  • Good night! I wish you sweet and happy dreams, and may the new day bring good luck!

Excessive emotionality in a message to a relative will only hurt.

Cool good night wishes in SMS

You can always send a funny message to a friend, urging him to quit computer games or a nightly cinema and go to bed.

Cool message options can be the following options:

  • “Close your eyes as soon as possible and let's sleep, otherwise I'll call a gray wolf right now! Goodnight!"
  • “You can't think too much, otherwise you won't have time to sleep! Good night!"
  • “I wanted to wish you a good night, but it seems that the morning is getting closer!”
  • “You can learn more in one night before an exam than in a semester, but it's better to get enough sleep! Good night and good luck!"
  • “That's it, it's time for me to get on my broom and fly out for a walk! Have a good sleep and good night!”
  • “Time to rest. Good night! And may you have epic dreams, three-dimensional, and with sequels!
  • “Who said that you have to start a new life from a new day? Can be and with a new night! From now on, you can start going to bed early! Chocolate and caramel dreams to you!

Erotic wishes for your beloved guy in prose

Men do not see the point in ordinary chatter, even if modern technology has turned it into short messages on the smartphone screen. It is quite another thing - erotic SMS, those that intrigue, lure, give emotional buildup.

Writing such messages is an art, because it is very important to keep the line between tenderness and cloying , between light flirting and obsession, between flirting and outright vulgarity.

  • “You are my biggest temptation… When you touch me, my heart beats faster. I want your every kiss to last forever... Looking forward to the next meeting! In the meantime, good night and bright dreams!”
  • “Dreams are like a movie that we make ourselves. My dreams are a sensual movie about you, about your hands, about your lips and kisses. I want your dream movie to be about me. Good night and vivid dreams!
  • “Your smile makes me crazy. Your kisses still ring in me. I can not sleep, remembering the touch of your hands. But to you, my beloved, I want to gently whisper "Good night!" And I want your dreams to be sweet and exciting!”
  • “When you hug me and I feel your heartbeat, I want this moment to freeze into eternity. I want to fall asleep at the same time as you, in the same bed, in such exciting closeness, feeling your breath and the warmth of your body. May the night be warm and affectionate, my treasure!

Short messages before bed with affectionate addresses

The great Italian poet Petrarch said that a person can express how much he loves only when he loves little.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is difficult to find words or even just an affectionate address. But you can just use a few tips:

  • "Good night, my fluffy kitten!"
  • "Sweet dreams, little bear!"
  • "Good night, my fire!"
  • "I adore you, my dragon, rest and have vivid dreams!"
  • "Good night, my bright prince!"
  • "Good night, my sweet boy!"
  • "May your dreams be bright, my knight!"
  • "May the night lull you to sleep, my love!"
  • "Good night and see you, my friend!"
  • “I want to wish you cozy dreams, my baby elephant!”

Better yet, call your loved one by name. Only first it is worth clarifying which abbreviated form he likes. For example, Denis may not like the abbreviation "Deniska" because it seems infantile to him.

How to say good night to a man in English?

Good night in English sounds like this: "Good night". To this we can add the wish "Sweet dreams". For example, it will sound like " I wish you sweet dreams ", although often this phrase is reduced to the last 2 words.

Add to this a touch of affection. For example, " Sweet dreams, my angel " (" Sweet dreams my angel "). You can remember the lullaby “Good night. Sleep tight. See you in the morning light" with wishes of good night and sound sleep.

How to wish pleasant dreams in French?

"Good night" in French is "Bonne nuit" . If at the same time the sender wants to say "Good dreams", you can add "Dormez bien".

There are many ways to say good night in French, just like in Russian. If the sender wants to write in SMS a wish for a sound sleep like a baby’s, then it will sound like

“Dormez comme un bébé” (the spelling must be exactly the same transcription). This phrase can be translated as "Sleep like a baby."

In Russian, after a hard day, you can wish a person a sound sleep like this - sleep like a groundhog. In French it would sound like this: "Dormez comme un loir". The last word is translated as "sleepy", and in this context it is quite appropriate.

Just wish you sweet dreams. Then it will sound like: "Fais de beaux reves." The penultimate word translates as "beautiful" - this is how it is customary to formulate this wish in France.

How to say good night in Ukrainian?

Good night wishes to a man in the form of a short SMS in Ukrainian can be literally expressed very succinctly - "Na dobranich!" (although there is also a fused spelling).

You can wish sweet dreams like this - “Goodbye! Sweet dreams! And pleasant dreams - “On dobranich! Receive dreams!

If SMS is sent to a loved one, then in Ukrainian it can be written like this: “Goodbye, kohany!”

How do you say good night in Italian?

Good night wishes to a man in the form of a short SMS can really be reduced to a single word - "Buonanotte".

And when they want to wish good dreams, they say - "Dormi bene".

The appeal itself depends on the relationship between the sender and the recipient. For example, you can send SMS to your loved one: “Buonanotte, tesoro mio!” It translates as "Good night, my treasure!".

Or you can send an even more tender confession - “Buonanotte amore mio! Ti aspetto nel mondo dei sogni" ("Good night, my love, I'm waiting for you in the world of dreams").

The expression "Sweet dreams, my baby" can be translated into Italian as "Dormi bene, bambino mio". And friendly communication can be completed with the phrase: “Well, sweet dreams,” which in Italian will sound like this: “Alloro, sogni d’oro.”

SMS wishes after a romantic date

Psychologists do not recommend sending passionate SMS immediately after a date. After all, this will only demonstrate to the man excessive interest, and at this stage of the relationship, you should not do this. This evening it is better to confine yourself to good night wishes and light conversation.

You can write an SMS on a topic that will interest both (for example, if a guy and a girl have common hobbies), and at the end of the message wish good night. For example, if both love cinema, you can remember that the premiere of a new film is coming soon, which all the media write about (or, conversely, they don’t write about it yet, and it’s all the more interesting to watch it).

It is easy to replace cinema with a photo exhibition, a sports match or any other event - the main thing is that it should be interesting to both. And after a mini-discussion, end the conversation like this:

  • “It's nice talking to you! Goodnight!"
  • “I had a great time, hope to see you again! Good night and see you again!”
  • “Time flew by with you. Sorry it's time to say goodbye! I wish you good night and bright dreams!”
  • “Thank you for the pleasant conversation! Good night!"
  • “The evening was pleasant, I hope that tomorrow will be successful! Pleasant dreams!"
  • “It's nice to talk to such a witty interlocutor! I hope we continue this conversation! In the meantime, good night!"

If the guy lives in another area, and the time is already late, then it will not be out of place to find out how he got home. Such a message will show that a man is not indifferent, his well-being is important. And such SMS can be short and straightforward. For example: “I hope you made it home safely! Good night!"

These rules apply to first romantic dates. If a couple has been dating for a long time, then you don’t need to artificially limit yourself.

And one more rule - do not put too many exclamation marks. This can be perceived as excessive emotionality and enthusiasm, and not everyone likes it. You don't need to put a lot of emoticons - one at the end of the sentence should be enough.

And it should fit the general mood. Good night wishes to a man in the form of short messages or SMS, overloaded with emoticons and emoji, do not look very attractive. Such a text can be regarded as fawning, as a desperate attempt to please this person.

Rules are made to be broken. And if this helps the sender to form his own style in SMS, unique and inimitable, like his personality, you can only adhere to the most general requirements of etiquette. We write SMS in order to convey our feelings to the addressee, to convey our attitude towards him, and not in order to follow the protocol adopted in official communication.

Useful videos about pleasant messages for a beloved man

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Words to a guy with the words "good night" can be written for a reason, but in the form of short and funny SMS that cause a smile and warm feelings.

Short, funny SMS "good night", beloved

  • Sleep, my beloved, I conjure! And so you don't dream about another one!)
  • I give you a night's sleep and remember that you are only mine!)
  • My cat, curl up and fall asleep. See you tomorrow, bye bye!
  • My command letters command you S-P-A-T-L!)
  • Lie down, my boy, body to bed, and tomorrow I will give you ... chocolate)
  • The sun has disappeared behind the mountain ... well, quickly under the covers !
  • Judging by the clock, you should already be asleep, but if this SMS is read now, you will fall into bed and cling to the mattress!
  • I'm sending a sleepy cloud towards you so that it takes my beloved to the bed by the handle)
  • At night my third eye opens, and for some reason I don't see your curves on the bed?!
  • Let's get right down to business - calm down!)
  • Have you closed the lights yet? Did you put the mechanism in a horizontal position? Then I am calm and also indulge in sleep)
  • May a sound sleep come to you like a boat with a sail from a blanket)
  • Put your tired walkers to bed and let's sleep!)

Any man will be happy to receive attention, especially from his darling, who sometimes writes funny text messages to him at night. And so that your beloved man thinks about you before going to bed as interesting and, remind him of your relationship that unites you.

  • Let the good Angels rock you into a cradle, and I'll dream a little about your caramel and join in too))
  • Admit it, what do you want when you're lying in the dark? Let me guess! Sleep?)
  • Lie down, dear, on a barrel and let the cricket squeak a song for the night!)

Has my favorite little animal already climbed into its warm mink? I wish you sweet dreams!

Let's play hide and seek with you until tomorrow morning. I'm gone, I'm under the covers!)

Let all worries go into the night! Sleep, my good, love you karoch))

  • I wish you amazing dreams, and I went to add sugar to tea instead of vitamin E))
  • Sleep, my little frog! Stop croaking for today))
  • My cat, lie down on your beer belly and fall asleep!
  • Close your eyes, my dear, and snore like a respectable man!
  • Sleep deeply, beloved, like a baby, so that no nightingale can wake you up in the morning!)
  • May you get lucky today in your sleep, and you will finally fuck me!))

Short, funny sms "good night" for a man

At night you can tell your man in the form of short sms with good night wishes. He will be glad of your attention and, accordingly, the charm.

  • Put the ears on the pillow. Gently kiss. Your girlfriend.
  • Sleep, my baby, but don't forget to wipe your saliva when I come in my sleep))
  • I kiss the curve of your nose. Get some sleep. hip-hip!))
  • Let you dream of a herd of glamorous sheep and you in the form of a ram))
  • Cover your ears with cotton wool and plunge into the world of damn pleasant dreams!
  • Connect your eyelashes and peacefully sip until the loud ringing of the alarm clock on your phone!
  • Dear, you have an urgent summons to appear in the kingdom of night sleep!)
  • Your baby sends you a little sleep)
  • Let this SMS take you on a night flight right now, just about!)
  • Without big words, I wish you pleasant dreams.)
  • Read my text message and quickly turn off the light!
  • Let the stars in the sky shine brightly and put you to sleep!
  • Sleep is persistently knocking on your door… trust your body to it.
  • For a day of hard work, get a hard rest to bed!)
  • My cowboy, saddle your sleep and rush towards me along the moonlit path)
  • With the arrival of this SMS, expect miracles - soon a sound sleep will envelop your consciousness))

Confessions to a girl good morning darling good night darling good night wife I miss my beloved Apologies to my beloved For the mood love girl

Sweet dreams to you, my baby,
Good night, rest from the day!
But in dreams with a joyful flash
I wish you to meet me too!

Night lights glow with bright light.
The stars are scattered in the sky.
Beauty, I wish you a good night,
Spread your sea of ​​love for you!

I will emerge in your dream as a huge shark
And I will kiss you predatory all night long!
I want you to fall asleep soon.
Ah, how erotic my booty is!

Darling, good night! I wish you a soft pillow like feathers, a comfortable bed like a princess, sweet dreams like honey in May, interesting adventures like in a fairy tale.

Sweet dreams, my dear!
In them, be a princess among wonders!
And let the pea not dare to crush
My favorite bodies!

Do you believe in fairy tales? Good!
Let her dream about you.
Let someone say: “So what?”,
But you have time to enjoy it.

Let yourself go into your dream
And get inspired by heaven.
Remember this beauty,
Bet in your dream like a bird!

Evening has come, and all my thoughts now, just like in the morning and afternoon, are about you. After all, my endless feeling of love is not going to sleep. Well, I wish you a peaceful sleep, rest well!

Darling, let it give you colorful dreams,
The stars will lull you to sleep.
But if I find out - I didn't dream,
We'll talk seriously.

Sleep well, my baby,
I will cover your legs,
I will kiss you tenderly on the cheek
And we put an end to this.

You have worked hard during the day,
I want you to dream
The land of happiness, where we are together:
I am the groom, and you are the bride.

Good night to you, my sweet candy. Gain strength for a new day, because tomorrow you will drive me crazy again. Let your dream be light, beautiful and cheerful, like a summer cloud, like you, my beloved.

My love, close your eyes
And the wave will carry you
To the quiet shore of a glorious fairy tale,
Where we will be happy with you.

My joy, let you dream
A sea of ​​discounts, various sales.
Where I could admire things:
“Silk is wonderful! Delicate knitwear!

You are slender and tidy in all dresses,
The most fashionable color and style everywhere.
Everything is yours and, most importantly, it's free.
Let me have such a dream.

I wish you a good, affectionate, tender night! And also - so that it ends as soon as possible, because this will bring our long-awaited meeting much closer, my beloved and adored girl!

There were no roses, there were only daisies all around
Beautiful cuties are so modest,
What a pity to pour petals on the bed,
But you can find out the truth from them!
Good night, dear, you know
That I love you, no matter how you guess!

Dipper of the Big Dipper interfering
My love, your sweet dream is in a hurry.
Honey of passionate kisses, dear,
Let him bring the syrup of hugs!

And only the dawn, waking up, will be in a hurry
Shadows smear the sky blue eye,
I'm waking up my favorite sweet tooth
I'm ready to repeat the dream dozens of times!

Honey! Let you dream today that all the bright fashionable world brands are crowded in your closets, the best stylists are in line for you, the phone is simply bursting with profitable business offers, and you love me even more!

Alina Ogonyok

Girls, you are romantic and mysterious natures, demanding attention and love, but you must also remember that the strong half of humanity also wants attention, warmth from you. Your husband will be very pleased to receive warm messages from you or cool good night wishes for a guy, let such wishes be unexpected. Boys also love romance and want to receive surprises from women, otherwise everyone is used to thinking that the strong half of humanity is hard and cold nature. There is also such a vital pattern that it is easier for a woman to please: give a toy, flowers, sweets, kiss.

It is worth forgetting that a man can be presented with a cup, a chocolate bar, household items (a knife, an ax, scissors). One more thing - you should not buy clothes, firstly, it may not suit him just in size, secondly, for you it may seem fashionable, but for him complete bad taste! Cool poems to your beloved - this is what can melt the cold ice and the rudeness that the guy has been showing towards you lately. If you want to write SMS yourself - write from the heart, do not write what you do not understand or do not feel, thereby you deceive him and confuse yourself. Just taking everything from an Internet resource is trite and not fair. If he has a good memory or he has already read similar verse somewhere, then he will not understand you, but on the contrary, he will be offended and not saying that he is offended for a long time. Emphasize in your message: strength, courage, beauty, describe your feelings, say how important he is to you, say that you are glad that he appeared in your life, that you have been waiting for such a meeting for a long time. You can attach your photo or send after the message.

Poems for a guy in sms

Sleep sweetly, my cocky baby,
I want to see how sweetly you sleep,
And maybe move on with you,
Where we can fall asleep in an embrace.

Wake up with him in the morning,
Well, with the one between your legs, "your",
Now I wish you to sleep soundly,
And at night only remember me.

Let your dream be magical,
And dream of many things in it,
That you were the first in the competition,
And you could fight the fire!

I'm never scared with you,
Well, even if you're sleeping,
You're not in vain when you're around,
And in case of danger you'll protect me!

Dear beloved,
Together we are forever,
I love you very much,
And I am sending you a message tonight.

Fall asleep soon hero,
You are my man, only mine.
I'll fly to you in a dream,
Because I don't want to live without you.

Good night my pig,
I wish you sweet dreams.
You fell apart on the bed,
I haven't been able to sleep yet.

I endure you for so long,
Only because I love you.
And to be honest, frankly,
I can't sleep without you anymore.

My beloved man,
My heart is always with you,
You better go to bed,
It's late, you need to sleep.

Let the moon that hangs in the sky,
Magic will invite you to sleep,
Rest, gain strength.
You are the only one in the world.

Close your eyes and just dream
Remember how you and I are together
Does the bed creak? - But only I'm not there,
Your sweetheart sleeps alone.

Sleep sweetly, my beloved - I'm waiting again,
For the two of us, I'll make a bed again,
We can knead it together,
In the meantime, it's time to fall asleep.

My dear, dear,
And of course, dear,
I love you very much,
I won't survive the night!

And in order to somehow support,
So that I could fall asleep with you,
In a dream, I ask you to come,
And reward with a kiss!

I can't sleep well at night,
I remember your affectionate look
What happened between us,
What can't be returned back.

I love you, but you don't notice it,
That I only need you.
Everything is like in a fairy tale, you understand,
I am a slave, you are my master.

P Last night I was lying in bed looking at the stars - a beautiful sky and an endless horizon and suddenly I thought .... where the hell is my roof?

H night fell, silence,
And where is your hand now?
And what are the thoughts in my head?
What do you want in the dark?
Don't hold it so tight,
It's your PHONE, Baby!

I sent an angel to kiss you good night, but he came back and said that an angel doesn't kiss an angel!

K so are you not in bed?
Why are you still awake?
Are you playing at the computer,
Or are you just sitting around?

Oh, you're looking for a bedtime story!
So now I'll show you,
Quickly jump on the bed,
In a moment I'll tell you.

You understand everything, turn it off,
Well, go to bed soon.
Close your eyes soon,
Don't forget to hug your wife.

L my unatik, are you awake again?
You, night owl, you say,
That it's a sin to sleep at night,
How stupid and funny.
Good night to you.
And sleep - do not sleep as you like.

C Korea close your eyes and go to bed, I turn on the stopwatch! Just don’t lie down on the edge - remember the gray wolf, which can grab the barrel. The sooner you fall asleep, the sooner you wake up. May you have the sweetest dreams in the world, in which the stars will play hide and seek with you, and the moon will illuminate your path.

C calmly, I won't come,
I will spend this night
At work in the office...
Oh, those bosses!

> C heels of frogs and crickets,
Only you can’t sleep alone,
Sleep, sleep, sleep soon,
How can I put up with you.

I'm tired, I just want to sleep,
And let's swear to you.
I'll just lie down on the bed,
You'll start riding me.

That's enough, I'm leaving,
I can't stand it anymore, I'm out of urine.
I'll lie down in the kitchen on the floor,
Good night to you.

H and you don’t fly with a broom,
Thank God, you fall asleep.
Your friend, a soft black cat
Warms a girl's tummy.
SMS - good night,
Without a broom and other damage.

C good night and may you dream of a chocolate kingdom. And don't forget to try the chocolate fence and drink from the milky river.

R fish, bunny, cat, fly!
Sleep, beloved little animal!
On a down pillow
Put pink ears!

H hell the moon burns the earth,
I want to sleep until the morning.
I mean, in short,
Sweet dreams, good night!

P if you dream of a gentle, white, affectionate animal -
He will stroke your ass and turn you on a little,
Kiss you on the neck and then on the stomach,
Then he will go down a little lower and. ..
Good night! Your animal!

G I swear all night long0003 You understand, luck is coming.
But I haven't forgotten about you,
I want your sleep to be sound.
Good night, SMS
Will arrive properly, as a summons.

T Iho night will come in the city,
And the clouds have gone away from the moon,
Know that you are the only one with me forever,
Sleep. Your Adam. And you are my Eve.

C sweet, tender, beautiful, unforgettable, most pleasant, delicious, unusual, extravagant, extreme, chic, awesome, cool, soft, fluffy ... and also openwork, crystal, colorful, marmalade, chocolate and erotic DREAMS!!!

C pi calmly, dear,
I'm going to leave for the match,
Even if my club loses-
I promise not to wake you up!

May you dream of victory,
The cup that they are trying to take,
If suddenly this miracle happens,
I will kiss you in the morning!

B I will add sugar honey to a mug
And I will fill it with syrup.
I will upload everything via SMS
I will send you a sweet dream

F life has become shorter by a day, no sex, good night.

C good night hubby,
Just don't snore today.
It was just a hard day,
So I got tired of everything at work.

So that you don't snore today,
I'll pinch your nose with a clothespin,
But it won't help, well, alas,
I'll cover your nose with our heating pad.

Good night hubby,
I want to wish wearily.
And you lie down on the barrel,
And you will sniff me very sluggishly.

F I wish not to overeat at night, so that sleep is sweet and deep! I wish you to sleep until the very roosters, not to be awakened by the car alarm! I wish you to spend the night calmly in order to prepare for the next, but already stormy ... Sweet dreams!

C pi baby, close your eyes, open your mouth a little,
Don't forget about saliva - wipe it with your hand.
No kidding - sleep dear!
You are beautiful without wiping your saliva!

C the sun wanders between the roofs.
You must be sleeping now.
Why am I sitting and getting angry?
Let me dream about you!
I'll lie down next to the bed -
Chur - do not open your eyes!
Pale silk along the shoulder
Spread, hot,
Kiss the lips bend -
Whoever saw - he died,
And I'll be quiet on my chest.
When you wake up - wake up ...

Z pour it, finally!
If you roam
And count dogs, sheep,
Always think about the weather,
And about morning food,
And about what to wear to people,
And about bread and water,
There will be no right sense!

Sleep well, sweet dreams!
Stuff cotton wool in your ears,
Count cows first
Or other horned cattle!

E If you don't wish me good night, then five little devils will come to you and tickle you all night!!!

C it's time to sleep, good night,
We are very, very tired,
Our eyes don't want to see,
Fall asleep, fall asleep,

Lips are tired of talking
And teeth can't chew,
Our legs are tired,
That we were trampling along the path,

The hands are sleeping, they are tired
They lifted and grabbed,
They wrote and waved,
They did not give us rest,

Sweet dreams, it's time for bed,
Sleep well, until the morning!

L my beloved, good night! I will come home at two in the morning!!!

X Oh, I'll come to you in a dream,
Gently kiss in silence,
I'll sit next to you on the bed
And I won't let you sleep all night?

I to you tonight,
I'll fly like a mosquito,
I'll bite your ear,
Strongly as I want.

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