Girlfriend says she needs space and time to think

Girlfriend Says She Needs Space and Time to Think (Here's Why)

A relationship comes with tons of responsibilities. We all dream of having happily-ever-after, but to get to that requires a lot of effort and time. If you think that the path of a relationship is only going to be full of roses, cuddles, and romantic dinner, then you need to come out of your bubble. 

Even a happy couple will have differences. After all, you two are two separate individuals. You will have different choices and desires. And every relationship has its own sweet and bitter phases. 

Just because you are in a relationship does not mean you can't have your own life. Some couples have a pretty healthy relationship even while having a life of their own. 

But the problem arises when one partner needs more of that "me time" and stops enjoying the "we time." Both of them are equally important, and you can't have a peaceful relationship if you start prioritizing one over the other. You need to find a balance, and that's when you can have a smooth ride.  

There can be various meanings to it. If you are going through a situation like this, it will be hard to deal with. It becomes more difficult for partners who are emotionally too attached to their girlfriends. 

But the best way to figure out why she has said so is to know the various meanings. 

Before we jump off and see the meanings attached when a girlfriend asks for time and space, we must know why space is important in a relationship. 

Is space important in a relationship?

Well, one might think that you don't need space when you're in a relationship. What's the point of being in a relationship when you two people are leading two different lives, and the comfort of being with each other is missing? You would rather call it a friendship, right?

But just think for a moment. You two have only each other and nothing else. You have the same day; you go on that fixed Friday night date and follow a routine. Even if you two are deeply in love with each other, won't there be a time in the relationship where you will feel stuck? 

Your relationship can be super fun even when you have your own life. You have your own set of friends, hobbies, work, etc. When one partner gets too much into the other partner's life, it can get a tad bit annoying. 

Definitely, a relationship means sharing life. But even in that, you can hang out with your friends, spend some alone time yet love and care for each other.

Space is very much needed for individual and personal growth. The more you will grow yourself, the more fun and excitement you will be able to bring into that relationship. 

But you might ask, how much space is too much space? Well, that the both of you have to decide. You can't let go of your relationship just because you want to live your life fully. Everything has its right amount.

So, talk to each other and figure out what works best for you. If not updating each other about every detail of your life is fine, then go ahead and do so. If you feel once in a while, you should go on a trip just with your friends and not include your girlfriend or boyfriend, that's also fine.  

As long as you trust, love, care and understand each other, space will never be the third wheel in your relationship. Rather, a little bit of space will work in your favor, and you two will have a stress-free relationship. 

Now, let's begin and find out what it means when your girlfriend says she needs time and space to think. 

10 Possible reasons why your girlfriend said she needs space and time to think

Why is your girlfriend saying so? Does she mean something else? Does she want to end the relationship? Your mind will go through all sorts of thoughts. 

#1 She wants to take it slow

It's good to give your relationship its own sweet time. If you want to be quick and do everything in a hurry, it can lead to other obstacles.

When you two have started very recently, it's best to take things slowly. If you start planning everything too soon, like your future, marriage plans, and introducing your girlfriend to your friends and family, she can feel intimidated.  

It can be more difficult for your girlfriend when you two meet on a dating app. So, your girlfriend requires some space and time to process everything. She is not in the same headspace as you are regarding the relationship. 

It doesn't mean she is not serious about you. But she prefers to take things at a slow pace. Hence she is asking for some time and space. 

#2 She wants to focus on her career

School sweethearts often face this problem. They start on a very good note. They don't think about the world or their future when they are in love. But the issue arises when you grow up. 

If you two have been a couple since your school or college days, you are more likely to encounter this problem. Your girlfriend wants to focus on her career. She is not going away from the relationship, but she gives more priority to her career than the relationship.

Perhaps she wishes to study in college, for which she has to move out, or she has got a job in a different city, she is confused. That's why she is asking for some time and space to think and reflect on which decision will be right for her. 

#3 She can't trust you again

Did you two fight? Did you hurt your girlfriend's feelings or break her trust? If you two had been in a similar situation, your girlfriend might just need some time off from the relationship before taking things ahead. 

It becomes very difficult to regain the trust that has been broken. There can be several reasons for a fight between a couple, but trust is the foundation of any relationship. If you by any means have shaken that trust for your girlfriend, it will take some time to rebuild again. 

She has not yet recovered from the pain of the past fight. She still can't accept that you would be ever disloyal to her. She feels only a bit of time away from the relationship will help her get through the entire situation. 

#4 She is upset with you

Your girlfriend can be upset for many reasons. It doesn't always have to be cheating or a big fight. Maybe you forgot to wish her a birthday, or you haven't been able to make time for her enough; she will be upset with you. 

She has told you repeatedly to change your behavior. But you haven't paid enough attention to her. She tried her best to keep with you, giving you extra time, trying to sort things out. Yet she missed the necessary care and love from your end.

All these made her upset, and she wants to take some time off to make you understand your mistake. She is not thinking of breaking off the relationship; rather she is giving you a chance to understand your fault, work on it and make it work again. 

#5 She feels distant from you

Although LDR couples go through many dry phrases in their relationship due to the distance, different time zone issues, and inability to meet and spend time, normal couples can also go through the same. Every relationship requires effort, and one of them is to make your partner feel loved and wanted.  

When your girlfriend sees a lack of attachment from your side, she is the only one keeping things afloat; she would start feeling distant from you. You might think everything is going well. But if you dig deeper, you will feel that there is no warmth in the relationship.

It has become like a mundane routine. She is missing your sweet, romantic gestures that you cannot understand. Hence she feels that taking some time and space off will make you realize her worth. 

#6 She is talking to another guy

If your girlfriend is talking to another guy for whom she might be developing some feelings, you are in an unfortunate situation. Of course, she is wrong on her part if she is talking to some other guy outside of the relationship.

But you also have to think if there has been wrong in the relationship. If you have hurt her unknowingly? Is she doing it to make you feel jealous?

However, if you find her aloof from the relationship, not giving enough time to you, not even wanting to meet you, something is going on. Follow her behavior for a while, and you'll find out whether she has been hiding something from you. 

If she is into another guy and eventually plans to move out of this relationship, she will find a way to tell you this.

However, she is dreading breaking up with you all of a sudden. So, she will give you different hints to get the vibe. And the first step to breaking off the relationship is to tell you that she wants some space and time to think. 

#7 She is going through personal issues

In an ideal relationship, a partner usually shares her feelings or problems with the other one. But there can sometimes be when the issues are too deep or too personal such as family issues. If your girlfriend has similar problems, she might need some time from you. 

My friend Megan had gone through a rough patch like this in her relationship. Her parents were on the verge of separation, and at that time, she wanted to be completely alone. She didn't want her boyfriend to know everything about her family issues at the beginning.

She didn't want him to get involved in all these things and get a negative vibe from her family. So, she decided to take some days off. She told him she would talk after some time. Also, she would prefer if he did not ask anything about her family.

So, even if you have been in a long-term relationship, your girlfriend might not feel comfortable sharing every little family detail with you. If something too personal is going on in her life, she would rather take some time off and deal on her own than let it impact your relationship with her. 

#8 She feels taken for granted

Have you started taking your relationship too lightly? Well, you have dug your hole. The moment a girl starts feeling that she is taken for granted, the relationship comes to a standstill. 

A girl who is in love with you and is committed to you will go to all lengths to make you feel loved. But when she feels that her love is not reciprocated, she is not valued by her boyfriend; she will feel sad. She will feel that you have lost interest in her and the relationship has lost its importance to you. 

So, she would think that it's better to give you some space and time to figure out what's happening in the relationship. She will say that she wants space and time, but she actually wants you to think and work on it. 

#9 She is just busy

You really don't need to worry about this situation. Your girlfriend is not taking a break from this relationship or has not stopped loving you either. She is just super busy with her life.

Maybe a lot of things are happening at the same time. Perhaps her sister is getting married, or she is trying for a job change. All in all, it's not a serious situation. 

In the circumstances like this, you are the only one who will give her comfort and peace. So, she knows that you would understand her problem and would not get upset if she couldn't meet you one day.

You will respect her work life and family life, and if she is unable to talk to you for hours, you won't make a big deal out of it.

She has told you how hectic her schedules are with the hope that you would cooperate with her in every step. 

#10 She wants to end things

We all know that relationships have their ups and downs. But some couples can't go through the downs anymore and decide to part ways.

Your girlfriend perhaps has given you many chances. She has tried to make this work. Unfortunately, she is not willing to put in any more effort.

When the problems are too much, when you face constant conflicts, and there are no solutions, you have to come to a decision.

Your girlfriend feels now is the time to end things. Hence she is asking for some time and space. She also wants to wait for the right moment to bring this topic and communicate clearly with you. 

Again she is giving you some time to prepare as well. This buffering time will help both of you to be ready and accept the harsh truth and move on smoothly. 

What Should You Do When Your Girlfriend Says She Needs Time and Space to Think

You have now understood what your girlfriend can mean if she asks for some time and space to think. You know why she needs to think. But meanwhile, what should you do? Should you wait this period out?

  • Listen to her. Listening is very important. If she has personal issues or news time to focus on work or studies, you must give her that space. And for that, you need to listen to her problems attentively. So, if she wants to have a serious talk with you, be patient and try to understand her problems. 
  • Communicate with her. If you notice any changes in her behavior, like she is unwilling to talk to you or meet you, you must approach her. Communication is key, and when you see that your girlfriend is reluctant, you have to take the initiative and start a conversation. That's the only thing that can clear things. 
  • Give her space. If that is what she wants, give her that. Ask her why she needs it and give it to her. If she feels she doesn't want to meet you for a week, you agree. You should let her know that you are there for her and truly understand her problems. 
  • Observe her behavior. If you notice sudden changes in her behavior, like hiding her phone or not talking to anyone else in front of you, or canceling dates with you at the last moment, there is something fishy. You should observe her very carefully. If possible, connect with her friends and try to notice any changes. Also, you must see her activities on social media minutely to find out if there is a new guy in her life. 
  • Rectify yourself. If she has told you that she is upset with you or has trust issues, it's your responsibility to make changes in your attitude and sort things out. 
  • Spend more time together. If you love her truly, you must make sure that she feels your love. So, when she has asked for time and space, you should show your eagerness to keep the relationship in a healthy space. Plan romantic dates with her, go on a vacation with her. Spending quality time with your partner will help clear many doubts and bring back the warmth in the relationship. 

Let's wrap up

Your girlfriend can go through various phases. As a boyfriend, be a bit more understanding and approachable. Give her that space and comfort where she can freely talk to you about all her problems.

Even if she asks for time and space, don't think it's the end. There can be a positive side to this as well. Sit down together and talk to each other. Let each other know how important this relationship is. 

The right partner will always stick by your side no matter what. And to make things go smoothly, you should also put effort consistently. 

What She Means & You Should Do

You love her, but when she says she needs space, what does she mean? When a girl says she needs space, should you do something or back off?

When a girl says she needs space, it can catch you off guard. What does that mean? Are you on a break? Does she need an hour? Or a month?

And if that moment comes, is it your fault? What did you do to piss her off?

Sure, maybe you did something wrong, but that isn’t always the case. When a girl says she needs space, it could mean a lot of things. And, some of those things actually have nothing to do with you.

Try not to get in your own head too much. When a girl says she needs space, don’t assume you know what that means for your relationship.

[Read: How to give space and stay close without drifting apart]

Space isn’t always bad

Before we offer you all the meanings behind what space may mean to her and how you should handle it, hear this. Just because she wants space doesn’t mean you’re breaking up.

Space rarely means a break. It rarely means something awful.

Think about when you need space. Sometimes you just want to sit and play video games without a conversation. That doesn’t mean you don’t love her, it just means you want some alone time. There is nothing wrong with that.

Maybe you are used to her always wanting to talk or share her feelings so you assume something is wrong when she wants to be apart from you. [Read: How to know when to give your partner space]

Overthinking and jumping to conclusions when she says she needs space will only drive you crazy. It will make it harder for you to give her the space she needs and that could actually push her away.

Before we go any further, I just don’t want you to assume the worst. Sometimes, space is just space.

When a girl says she needs space

Listen, as a woman, I can tell you every woman has their own reason for needing space. Yes, I know, we’re complex. But don’t take it so personally. Instead, figure out why she’s asking for some space and then form an opinion. [Read: When a woman pulls away – What she’s really trying to tell you]

Is she just stressed? Or maybe she is upset with you and needs to cool off before talking about it. There are a lot of reasons as to why she says she needs space. You want to take a look at all of them before jumping to conclusions.

Perhaps it is something you said. Or, maybe she feels overwhelmed. If you truly want to find out, ask her. But until then, let’s look at the reasons why she needs space and what you need to do after she tells you this.

1. She just needs some space

I know this sounds crazy but sometimes, it’s not even as complicated as you think it is. She could have a lot going on with school, work, or have personal issues at home. Taking the time to see you is just too much for her to handle right now. She is exhausted and frazzled, so she needs to rest.

When a girl says she needs space, it doesn’t mean she wants to dump you. It doesn’t mean you suck or made her upset. It just means she needs some time to get things in order or to relax. If you know her life is hectic, this is probably the reason why. She’s trying to gain control of her life again and needs some space to herself to do that. [Read: The 10 things men need to accept about women]

2. She misses her life before you

Since she has been with you, she hasn’t gone out with her girlfriends. She hasn’t gone dancing at the clubs, and it’s itching her. She just wants some time on her own to enjoy the things she loves doing.

This doesn’t necessarily mean she is sick of you or not happy, it just means she wants some of her independence. Just like you want to hang with the guys, she needs that time too.

It’s probably not that you’re controlling her, but she’s clearly feeling unable to do the things she used to do when she’s around you. It could just be that you’ve had a whirlwind relationship that has been amazing and overwhelming. It’s great but she hasn’t had time for other focuses. [Read: How to be independent while in a relationship]

The space she’s asking for is to spend time doing other things she likes.

3. She sees you too often

She sees you a lot. Yes, she loves spending time with you, but right now she’s sick of your face. Maybe she needs to work through her feelings. And yes, she could be irritated by something you did. When a girl says she needs space, sometimes she just wants a couple of days to hang around the house in her PJs without seeing your face.

I know this sounds harsh, but too much of anyone can be a lot. She may be used to spending time alone, so being around you a lot could just be too much interaction. Maybe you just chew too loudly sometimes and she wants to enjoy a meal in silence. [Read: How to avoid being clingy and stop being a stage 5 clinger]

4. She’s thinking about ending the relationship

Having sex with someone that you don’t want to be with anymore isn’t fun. Neither is spending time with him.

Now, don’t jump right away to this conclusion. Usually, if this is the case, there would have been clear signs prior to this decision. She would be pulling away physically and retreating. When someone is waiting to break up with you, they may not even say they need space, but just take it.

But, in the event that is what it means for your girlfriend, she may be seeing if she enjoys time away from you. [Read: Does your girlfriend want a break? All the real reasons why]

5. Things aren’t changing

Has she asked you to help around the house thousands of times? Have you followed through? She is sick of nagging you. So, she’s asking for space. It looks like she’s doing everything she can to not breakup with you, but you’re not leaving her much choice.

Clearly, you know if you’ve changed your behavior or not. If you haven’t and the relationship has come to this point: do you even want to be with her? There is a reason she isn’t happy, and in that case, you may not be either. [Read: Are you a good person?]

6. She’s struggling to talk to you

Girls aren’t always open books. When a girl says she needs space, she may have something going on that she is really struggling with. Being around you and not being able to tell you for some reason is getting to her.

Maybe she’s afraid to admit something or is worried about your reaction. Or, she could just be overwhelmed and in denial. This space is what she needs to reflect without your influence.

What to do when she says she needs space

Your first reaction to when she says she needs space may be to fix the problem. Guys are fixers, after all. But, wait up a second.

Read through these guidelines and see if there is a better path for you. There probably is.

1. Give her space

Don’t argue with her, don’t beg on your knees for her to stay. Space doesn’t means she’s leaving you. And assuming that and freaking out will only push her further away.

She’s asking for space, so give her space. Take a couple of days off from talking. When she is ready, she will reach out. [Read: How to give space in a relationship and have a better romance]

2. Spend time with friends and family

I know this sounds lame, but there’s no point sitting at home waiting for her to message you. She won’t be sending you texts right away. Dwelling on it will make you feel crazy.

This is now your chance to spend time with the people you’ve ditched when you were focused on her.

Talk to your friends, try to see their point of view. Maybe they see something that you don’t. You don’t even have to talk about her. Just try to enjoy your space too. Who knows, you may have been so worried about her space, you didn’t even realize you needed some too. [Read: Do you need space in the relationship?]

3. Think about the relationship

Are you happy in the relationship? Maybe you are so worried about her being unhappy, you didn’t even realize that you want space too.

When a girl says she needs space, ask yourself if there’s something that’s been building up over the past months or weeks? What are your weaknesses in the relationship? Is there something you’ve been overlooking or ignoring?

Sometimes, you get so used to a relationship being the way it is, you don’t see the problems that are right in front of you. [Read: How to love someone without smothering them]

4. Talk to her

Eventually, you’ll sit down and talk with her. Now, this may be after a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. But the point is, you are now able to sit down and discuss what’s really going on.

Let her share with you why she needed space and how it was for her. Did she get the time she needed? Did she miss you? Also, talk about what you’ve been thinking about, your weaknesses, and the relationship as a whole. What have you realized during this time?

Was this space to help you grow closer or to help you back away? [Read: 14 steps to improve your communication skills with your partner]

5. Remain loyal

If you think this is your time to hook up with random chicks, you’re wrong. When a girl says she needs space, remember that her asking for space doesn’t mean you are on a temporary break. You are still together. Unless she’s specifically told you that the relationship is on a break, then you’re technically still together.

Plus, this isn’t the time to be sleeping around. You’re supposed to be reflecting on the relationship, remember? But if you are hooking up, or wanting to, maybe the relationship wasn’t meant to last. This could also be why she wanted the space to begin with. [Read: The must-follow rules to follow when you’re on a relationship break]

6. When you see her, don’t try to get in her pants

If you haven’t seen her for a couple of days or weeks, don’t jump on the opportunity to get into her pants. This wasn’t just a pause. This space was called for. Talk about it.

I get it, you’re feeling sex-deprived, but you have a bigger problem on your hands. Your relationship. Focus on that first and foremost.

[Read: How to give someone space without losing them]

Now that you have a clearer picture of why, you can figure out what to do when a girl says she needs space. Regardless, give her the space she needs.

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When a girl says she needs space, what does she mean and expect from you / Reads for men

You can be over the head with this girl, but when a girl says she needs space, what does that even mean? What should you do?

When a girl says she needs space, it can take you by surprise. What does it mean when you're dating? And if that moment makes Come on, you assume it's your fault. You did something to piss her off, you made her run away. And of course, that could be the reason, but it's not necessarily your 's fault.

Everyone loves differently, it does not mean that what you did was wrong, it may mean that it is not for her. So, before you embark on a journey of self-discovery, wait a minute. Don't go yet.

When a girl says she needs space

Listen, as a woman, I can say that every woman has her own reason for wanting space. Yes, I know we are complex. But don't take it so personally. Instead find out Why she asks for some space and then form an opinion.

This could be something you said, or it could be because she feels depressed. If you really want to find out, ask her. But until then, let's take a look at the reasons why she needs space, and what you need to do after she tells you so.

# 1 She just needs some space. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes it's not even as hard as you think. She may be overwhelmed by school, work, or personal problems at home. Wasting time to see you is too much for her. She feels exhausted and exhausted.

It doesn't mean she wants to leave you. It doesn't mean you suck in the bedroom. It just means she needs time to clean up. If you know her life is hectic, that might be the reason. She is trying to take control of her life again.

# 2 She misses her life in front of you. Since she was dating you, she didn't go out with her girlfriends. She didn't go dancing in clubs, and it itchs her. She just wants to spend time alone to enjoy what she loves to do.

I'm not saying that you control her, maybe you do, but she clearly feels unable to do what she did when she was around you. The space she asks for is to spend time doing other things she enjoys.

# 3 She is tired of seeing you all the time. She sees you a lot. Yes, she loves to spend time with you, but now she is tired of your face. It could be an accumulation of emotions, or she might be annoyed by what you did. When a girl says she needs a place, sometimes she just wants to walk around the house in her pajamas for a couple of days without seeing your face.

# 4 She is thinking about ending the relationship. Having sex with someone you no longer want is not fun. Nobody spends time with him. Now do not rush to this conclusion. If this were the cause, there would have been clear signs prior to this decision. She takes the seat because she wants to think about the relationship and whether it's worth ending it.

# 5 Things don't change. Maybe she asked you to help around the house thousands of times, but you do nothing. She's tired of you not changing your behavior. So she asks for a seat. Looks like she's doing her best to not break up with you, but you don't leave her much choice.

You obviously know if you have changed your behavior or not. If you haven't and the relationship has come to this point: do you even want to be with her?

6 things you do after she tells you she needs a place

Whatever the reason she asks for a place, give her the place she wants and deserves. But what do you do then? Well, this is what you do.

# 1 Give her a seat. Don't argue with her, don't ask on your knees for her to stay. Grow. She asks for a seat, so give her a seat. Take a couple days off from talking. After that, send her a message slowly to sort out the situation.

#2 Spend time with friends and family. I know it sounds silly, but there's no point in sitting at home and waiting for her to tell you. She won't send you texts right away. Now is your chance to spend time with the people you left behind.

I'm sorry to be rude, but I know that once you're in a relationship, everything else falls apart. Talk to your friends, try to see their point of view. Maybe they see something you don't. But try not to stop at the whole event.

# 3 Think about relationships. When you're with family and friends, don't be complete Debbie Downer. When you are at home, alone, this will be the time to think about the relationship and what it means to you.

Has something happened? Is there anything that has been accumulating in recent months or weeks? What are your weaknesses in relationships? This is the only way to draw a conclusion and see if is your role in all this.

# 4 Talk to her. Eventually, you will sit down and talk to her. Now, it could be in a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. But the point is, now you can sit down and talk about what's really going on. Talk about what you've been thinking about, your weaknesses, and relationships in general. But most importantly, listen to what she has to say, because she is the one that took a break from you.

# 5 No, this is not a hall pass. If you think it's time to mess with random chicks, you're wrong. Unless she specifically told you that the relationship is on hiatus, then you are technically still together.

Besides, now is not the time to sleep. You have to think about relationships, remember? But if you're hooking up, maybe the relationship wasn't meant to last.

# 6 When you see her, don't try to sit in her pants. If you haven't seen her in a couple of days or weeks, don't miss the opportunity to sit in her pants. I understand you feel deprived of sex, but you have big problems at your fingertips. Your relationship.

This is the time when you should talk to her, share your feelings and work out a solution. Don't be that guy.

Now that you have a clearer picture Why, You can figure out what to do when a girl says she needs a place. Regardless, give her the space she needs.

The girl asks for time to think what to do?

CounselingRelationships in couples


16 Oct. 2018


Hello! I am 37 years old, divorced for 3.5 years. I met a girl, she is 29 years old, two children (10 and 5 years old). We met not so long ago 1.5 months ago. After about 2 weeks of communication and meetings, she invited her to her house for the night. After another 1.5 weeks of periodic overnight stays with her, it so happened that I began to come every day (in fact, it turned out that they began to live together). Everything was fine, I helped her as much as I could, took my eldest daughter to school, she took care of me (every day she gave me lunch to work, although I did not ask her about this). After a week of such living, I realized that I love her and told her about it. Hearing the answer “I can’t tell you so yet”, I didn’t say anything, because I understood that it all happened very quickly. And last night, on the phone, she told me that I should not come today, referring to the fact that she needs to see her mother and she will be late. Then she added that she needed time to think. This phrase confused me. I don't know what to do. Give it time and wait or it means the end. If you wait, then you should write or call her. In the throat, in the chest, everything presses, right up to tears ... It would seem some 1.5 months, but I can’t find a place for myself, the mood is gloomier than clouds. Advise how to be?

Oct 16 2018

Alina Savenko Psychologist

Perhaps you need to wait for her decision and only then draw conclusions.
For her, this was an unexpected confession, and perhaps she, too, is confused now. Have you thought about it?

Oct 16 2018


Perhaps, but for a week after my confession, she didn’t give a damn... And if you wait, how long and how to behave?

Oct 16 2018

Alina Savenko Psychologist

You can call her and just ask how she is doing. By intonation, you will understand whether she wants to continue the conversation or not. If yes, ask her to meet and talk about what is bothering you and her. And if you don't want to have a dialogue, ask if you can call later..

16 Oct. 2018


I can’t understand one thing... Is it really necessary to take a pause to think in this format?

Oct 16 2018

Alina Savenko Psychologist

Maybe she needs to understand how she feels without you. Is it good for her without you or bad.

17 Oct. 2018


Thank you for your answers. How much time do you think should be given? It is unpleasant to be in ignorance, amusing yourself with vain illusions. At the same time, I don't want to push.

17 Oct. 2018

Alina Savenko Psychologist

In general, up to a week from the moment of talking about thinking. But no one forbids you to call and find out how you are doing, if you need help. You will understand by the intonation you need more time Or she has already thought.

Oct 18 2018


Today I decided to call her. She answered, made contact (she spoke normally, although distance was felt). We talked about distant topics, and I asked if she was ready to voice her decision. She offered to meet on Saturday and talk. What do you think is the best place to invite her and is it worth taking a bouquet of flowers (how much will it be "in the subject", given the upcoming conversation, which may well lead to parting)?

Oct 18


Alina Savenko Psychologist

Invite me to where you feel comfortable.

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