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Dream Dictionary provides a Free Online Dream Analysis and a complete A to Z translated dictionary. Over thousands of skillfully Interpreted Dream Symbols for people who want to access the deeper parts of their minds. Each Dream Meaning contains a message coded in metaphors, images and symbols – unraveling the meaning you will find the hidden gem below the surface.

A Dream Dictionary is a tool that is used to help people find the Meaning Of Their Dreams by extracting the symbols through various techniques. A symbol or image that appears for one person might be interpreted different than someone else. The unconscious paints a story around a particular symbol that often relates to the individuals life experiences, emotions, the world, and the people around them. Considered the Best Dream Dictionary online we try to extract as many different translations to help the dreamer piece together their dream themselves.

Animal dreams are one of the most common types of dreams we all experience. Seeing animals in our dreams often represents the primal and instinctual qualities we associate with them. We may even desire to express those instincts in waking life, but keep them confined to our dreams where they are expressed through our subconscious.

  • Cat Dreams
  • Goat Dreams
  • Hawk Dreams
  • Shark Dreams
  • Snake Dreams
  • Spider Dreams
  • Wolf Dreams

Learn about animals in dreams

Nightmares are the bad dreams we have beginning very early in life. They are filled with negative or unpleasant situations, and often startle us awake ad make it difficult to get back to sleep. Some nightmares are filled with disturbing images and leave us feeling anxious, but they also serve a purpose. Processing these negative emotions in bad dreams helps clear out our minds and process difficult emotions and experiences we may be facing in waking life. They may even shock us into making changes or taking action when we interpret their meanings.

  • Dreams of a Dead Baby
  • Falling Dreams
  • Dreams of Being Ignored
  • Death Dreams
  • Dreams of Being Lost
  • Intruder Dreams

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What really constitutes as a dream symbols? Dream Symbols are archetypal patterns that encompass contents of religions, mythologies, numbers, shapes, legends and fairytales. These patterns or motifs which come from the collective unconscious expresses itself in metaphors or sacred geometric shapes. In our dreams these specific images, characters, and themes symbolically expresses itself regardless of what religion, culture, age or geographic region you reside in. These dream symbols share the same story of the human experience that contain the same meaning.

  • Ouroboros in Dreams
  • Phoenix in Dreams
  • Crescent Moon in Dreams
  • Cross in Dreams
  • Dragons in Dreams

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Dream interpretation is not as difficult as it seems, in fact remembering and recording them is actually the hardest part. Here at dream dictionary we offer free dream analysis and skillful Dream Interpretations gathered from psychologists such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.

Interpret My Dream

There are many theories about why we dream, yet the mystery has still yet to be figured out. Some view that dreams contain no purpose or meaning whatsoever, yet others suggest that dreams are necessary for mental, emotional and physical health.

Psychoanalysts such as Carl Jung understood dreams that connect us to the unconscious part of ourselves which is beneficial for insight and personal growth. According to Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud stated that our dreams are the royal road to the unconscious comprised of wishful fulfillment and repressed desires.

  • Types of Dreams
  • Recurring Dreams
  • False Awakening
  • Psychic Dreams

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Latest Dream Interpretations

Dream Interpretation | Dream Dictionary

Dreams have caused a lot of confusion and bewildered human beings ever since the times of earlier civilizations. Dreams were once believed to only be interpreted by people who had special influence and powers in primeval civilizations because the symbols where said to be supernatural, holy and divine messages from a higher power.  Fast forward now to the 21 century and you will see an vast improvement when it comes to interpreting dreams thanks to a famous psychiatrist called Carl Gustav Jung who changed the way we dream forever.

Dream Interpretation

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Here at dream dictionary you can interpret your dreams for free. Our live active dream forum has experts waiting for you to post your dream to be analyzed. They say that you are your own best interpreter when it comes to decoding your own dreams. Members in our dream community will help you shed light one the metaphors and symbolism behind your dreams.

  • Psychic Dreams
  • Epic Dreams
  • Nightmare Dreams
  • Sleep Paralysis

Carl Jung Dream Quote

“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach’.

Why Interpret your dreams? Why not!  What do you have to lose other than to gain inner perspective within yourself. Don’t ignore or be afraid to challenge whats locked away deep in your unconscious mind, understanding and knowing it can be very rewarding.

Dream symbols come in all shapes, colors and feeling, some scare us, and others make us feel like we got a taste of heaven.  Dream and the symbols in them have been around since the beginning of time and will keep occurring as long as humans will be in existence so there must be a reason on why we get them.

Take away your blinders and start paying attention to the little detail you may have overlooked in your dreams and see what you might come up with.  Whenever our body is infected by a virus or a bacteria, the rising level of fever is a natural process. No conscious decision is needed to re-establish the body’s balance.

The same system works in our psyche. In times when we are out of balance with our natural pattern of life, our subconscious sends us dreams and visions that are created by our inner self.  Dream Interpretation is not as easy as opening up a dictionary and having your dream symbols answered right in front of your eyes.

All symbols are unique to the dreamer and some symbols might mean something to one but different to another.  This is why we recommend you start writing down your dreams in a dream journal and remembering the events, people and emotional feelings you have during this time.

Dream symbols come across as metaphors via the unconscious and its up to you to have an open mind and puzzle together the symbols you just received in your dream.

In order to interpret your dream symbol you must recognize that all dream symbols are not the same for every individual.  A train to one dreamer might mean a totally different representation to another.

Animal Dreams

  • Dog Dreams
  • Cat Dreams
  • Wolf Dreams
  • Bird Dreams
  • Crocodile Dreams
  • Monkey Dreams
  • Elephant Dreams

Dream Interpretation Benefits

A lot of people do not realize that dreams play a very important part of our day to day lives. When you learn to interpret them it is like you experience a new realm or world. It literally changes your life!

There are a number of resources on our website to help you understand how and why dreams are part of human existence. Although nobody knows for certain why we dream, the fact is it occurs every night. Why wouldn’t you want to understand what occurs every time you close your eyes and relax your mind a bit? Experts believe that dreams hold the key to hidden aspects of us.

Learning to interpret these symbols you will learn to unlock the mysterious and misunderstood parts of your life. When you pay attention to unlocking and interpreting your dreams then you could understand yourself properly and lead a better life.

When we dream there are no barriers. The past, present and future is all one in the unconscious mind. There are infinite possibilities in the dream world, you can learn to connect and be in tune with those you are close with or are somewhat connected with you. We all have the ability to dream and do so every night, just taking ten minutes to write down our dreams would lead us to knowledge that could help us excel in all areas of our life.

A dream dictionary provides a wide vocabulary of words that we could use to interpret the images in our dreams that our unconscious uses to represent our waking life.

Dream Interpretations A – Z

Thousands of dreams and symbols interpreted from our very interactive forum to our A – Z dictionary.  They usually include very common images that are close in meaning with interpretations to the puns that the mind plays. Although dream dictionaries are generally not regarded within the psychology community as scientifically viable, the dictionaries have provided a lot of help in interpreting our dreams even by most psychologists.

The art of dream interpretation has been considered part of science distinctively in psychology since the 19th century. There were dream symbols from the days that dreaming was not considered scientific which is why dream interpretations vary in different cultures. This lead to the investigation of forms, expressions, symbols and images involved in dreaming.  The thing is the mind surprisingly remembers every single image and tends to jumble words and images together.

The dictionary offers translations by the dream analysts. It was first started by Sigmund Freud who unraveled a lot of the mysteries involved with dreaming.  He developed the dream dictionary so that people could look for the images found in their dreams in order to relate it to their waking life situations.

Popular Dream Searches:
  • Ladder Symbolism
  • Octopus Symbolism
  • Devil Dreams
  • Fire Dreams
  • Number Symbolism
  • Fish Dreams
  • Ex Relationship Dreams
  • Feeling Trapped 
  • Knives 
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Being Shot
  • Ghost and Ghouls
  • Toilet
  • Blood
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Hair Falling Out
  • Clown IT 

Most Common Dreams:

Dreams have fascinated people since the beginning of time; yet we are still trying to come up with its true purpose. Dream symbols are enigmatic in nature depending the culture background, religion and personal experiences.

A snake for example might come across as an enemy for some, however in many different cultures the snake might be a representation of energy rising. If you notice the snake eating its tail brings your attention to the uroborus; the symbol of personal transformation.

  • Teeth Dreams
  • Falling Dreams
  • Chase Dreams
  • Test Dreams
  • Water Dreams
  • Flying Dreams
  • Natural Disasters

Strange Occurrence During Sleep:

If you thought your dreams where strange, it gets a bit stranger. Common hallucinations called sleep paralysis happen just before we walk up or just falling right to sleep. These strange feelings are classified under Hypnopompic hallucinations (HPHs) are visual and auditory (e.g., feeling someone or something present in the room; witch on your back; being unable to breath, seeing flashes; hearing voices being called)  Believe it or not they are quite normal and happens to many people.

Outer Body Experiences are another strange phenomenon in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside their physical body. The sensation might be equivalent standing right beside an airplane ready for take off, shaking or noticing flashes as they are ready to depart.

Sleepwalking falls under another strange category of dreaming that is characterized by a complex action behavior (walking) during sleep. Occasionally, the person may talk, but it does not make sense.

Commonly known as exploding head syndrome phenomenon which consists of a loud bang just before you fall asleep and upon waking. This strange occurrence happens to at least 14% of the population that feels like a violent explosion that has erupted in your head.

Hollywood Popular Dream Movies

Hollywood has glamorized dreams as a main premise for movies. Many others directors use dreams to bring omens to come in the near future. The movie Exorcist used a dream sequence to signify future events. We used this dream and dissected all the symbolism in Father Karris dream.

  • Inception 2010
  • Nightmare on Elm Street 1984
  • Vanilla Sky 2001
  • Walking Life 2010

 Psychic or Precognition Dreams:

Once you learn the forgotten language of dreaming and its symbols you will notice a very strange sequence of patterns. Having an open mind helps bring the outside world closer to the inside world; synchronicity and other meaningful events will start to occur. You may dream of dead relatives sending you love from beyond; or they give you hints of people with malicious intent out to get you.

Dream Journal/Remembering Your Dreams:

People who say they dont remember their dreams do not try hard enough to remember them. You lose up to 90% of dream recall the first minute you wake up. Like going to the gym to get bigger you need to strengthen your muscle. This same concept applies to dreaming; however you need to strengthen your dream memory muscle. You will notice the more you practice the more contents and symbols you will remember.  There are many benefits to remembering your dreams as it acts as a guide moving you towards wholeness.

  • A free psychologist
  • A guide to become compete/whole
  • Warnings of dangerous people
  • It will open more spiritual doors
  • You are able to fix past problems
  • Helps encourage you to be the best, get closer to the self

The Shadow:

According to Carl Jung’s analytic psychology, the shadow archetype represents “the dark side” of your personality. Stored in the unconscious lives your repressed ideas, idiosyncrasies, instincts and weaknesses.  The shadow molds out of our attempts to adapt and to be accepted into the world we live in, once you go head to head with the shadow it becomes weak – it will no longer possess you. The shadow appears in your dreams in many different forms bringing light despite how scary it is for you to fix this issue.

  • Greed and lust
  • Devouring mother complex
  • Envy
  • Anger and fear
  • Past memories

Dream Interpretation Online - Interpretation of Dreams for free

Dreams today




Waning Moon

28 Lunar day

Moon Read more about dreams come true today

Why dream from Saturday to Sunday

The seen picture tells about people who play a leading role in the dreamer's life, or his secret desires, which he successfully suppresses. A dream with a pleasant emotional coloring promises good changes, an unpleasant dream - exhaustion. The fulfillment of sleep should be expected before lunch.

Interpretation of dreams on the 28th lunar day

The dream picture is most often full of non-standard images and ideas. Often in it you can see yourself in a different physical shell. It is believed that such dreams reveal the secrets of the sleeper's past lives and show who he was in past reincarnations.

Dreams of the waning moon

Dreams of the waning moon are purifying: they indicate that they will soon lose their value in real life. Only dreams with negative content are embodied: they carry a good meaning.

Impact of October 23 on sleep

The seen picture usually tells about future problems in communication, business and financial spheres or personal life. Such dreams come true in the same way as in a dream.

Interesting facts about dreams

Approximately 18 to 38% of people have had a prophetic dream at least once in their lives.

Popular dreams starting with the letter


  • Car
  • Watermelon
  • Bus
  • Accident

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      Dream Interpretation

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    The site presents more than 100 dream books. The most popular of them are:

    Miller's Dream Book
    Popular classic dream interpreter. It was compiled by the American psychologist Gustav Miller at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Vanga's Dream Interpretation
    The author of the book is a blind clairvoyant from Bulgaria Vanga (Vangelia Pandeva-Gushterova). It is based on the wisdom and prophetic experience of a woman.

    Family dream book
    Family dream book is the most complete and universal collection of dream interpretations, which is suitable for all people, regardless of age, gender and professional direction. The dream book contains interpretations of dreams that are associated with family life. He also points to symbols that promise success or failure in business.

    Freud's dream book
    It was compiled by the Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud in 1900. The author identifies three types of dreams: simple dreams - their interpretation is not difficult, reasonable - you need to think about their meaning, and curious - confusing and incomprehensible.

    Hasse's Dream Interpretation
    Hasse's Dream Interpretation is the work of a medium and soothsayer Miss Hasse. Her prophecies are based on esoteric writings. Miss Hasse also analyzes the dates and phases of the moon on which the dream occurred. The probability of fulfilling a dream depends on this.

    Dream Interpretation of Evgeny Tsvetkov
    This book was written by the writer, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, occultist, artist and astrologer Evgeny Petrovich Tsvetkov. The author interprets dreams from a scientific point of view. His interpretations are adapted to the traditions and mentality of the Slavs and are most suitable for residents of the post-Soviet space.

    Islamic dream book
    Islamic dream book is a collection of interpretations of dreams based on the holy books of the Koran and Sunnah, as well as the works of the prophet Imam Muhammad. According to the Islamic dream book, dreams can influence a person's personality and can indicate the path that will protect from sin. It also gives examples of dreams that came true in reality.

    Muslim dream book
    Muslim dream book is a literary monument based on the works of ancient Persian sages. The main source of the dream book is considered to be the Muslim encyclopedia "The totality of knowledge" and "The ascent of different sciences". The peculiarity of the Muslim dream book is that all phenomena and interpretations are arranged in a certain order. The sequence depends on the significance, according to religious ideas and the Muslim mentality.

    Dream Book of Nostradamus
    Dream Book of Nostradamus was written by the French astrologer, soothsayer, doctor and alchemist Nostradamus. His interpretations concern the distant future. Nostradamus adhered to the theory that every person sees dreams, according to which one can foresee the future of countries and the planet, social and natural phenomena.

    Loff's dream book
    Loff's dream book was written by psychologist David Loff. He individually approached the interpretation of each dream, depending on the characteristics of the dreamer. According to his theory, dreams depend on life experience, events that have occurred, the temperament and character of the sleeping person. The same image that two people dream of can be interpreted differently for each of them.

    How to use the dream book

    Type in the search bar or spell out the main image of the dream and read its meaning.

    The main image of a dream is a dream object, phenomenon or living being. This is what was most remembered from a dream or around what or whom events developed.

    In addition to the main image, pay attention to the details of the dream. They help to decipher the dream in more detail.

    What time do you have to go to bed to get enough sleep

    The table includes your wake up time and an additional 15 minutes to fall asleep.

    4:45 724
    What time do you need to go to bed to wake up vigor
    Rise time 5 Sleep cycles 6 Sleep cycles
    4:00 20:15 18 :15 20:30 19:00
    4:30 20:45 19:15
    21:00 19:30
    5:00 21:15 19:45
    5:30 30 21:45 20:15
    5:45 22:00 20:30
    6:00 22:15 20:45
    6 :15 22:30 21:00
    6:30 22:45 21:15
    6:45 23:00 21:30
    7:00 23:15 21:45
    7:15 23: 30 22:00
    7:30 23:45 22:15
    7:45 00:00 22:30
    8:00 00 :15 22:45
    8:15 00:30 23:00
    8:30 00:45 23:15
    8:45 01:00 23:30
    9:00 01:15 23: 45

    Questions and answers about dreams and dream books

    What is a dream book

    Dream book is a systematic collection of interpretations of dreams. The interpretation of dreams helps to find a connection between dreams and reality. The dream book can answer the question: what is encoded in the object seen or image in a dream.

    Why there are many dream books

    Since ancient times, people have been trying by all means to look into the future, find out their fate, find healing. Dream interpretation is a beautiful, mysterious and amazing tool for this.

    Over the centuries, dream books were created in different cultures, among different peoples, in different philosophies and religions. As a result, extensive collections of symbols, images and their interpretations appeared. The most popular collections of interpretations have come down to our time.

    How to choose the right dream book for interpreting sleep

    Among the many dream books, there are no right and wrong ones. Choose the one in which the interpretation of dreams is closest to your feelings or experiences.

    What is a dream

    Dreams are vivid images or reincarnated symbols in the consciousness of a sleeping person. In a dream, we can see, hear, taste or smell, and even touch objects. In dreams there can be a plot, intrigue, plot and denouement. Often a dream appears as a flash with clear images, figures.

    Dreams form during REM sleep, when our brain activity is still quite high.

    What you need to pay attention to in a dream and how to interpret it correctly

    It is worth paying attention to all the details of your dream. Analyze what images you saw in a dream and at what periods of your life. Then compare the interpretations with the state of your health, with personal significant events. Find in the dream book a transcript of all the details, images and circumstances in the dream. Collected together, they will be able to show a real picture for interpretation.

    If you can remember your dream in detail, you may have some personal prediction.

    For example, in a dream you saw a candle. After waking up, try to remember what shape, color and where it was, who was present, whether the candle was lit, extinguished, decorative, church, what was done with it, whether it was in the hands or stood in the candlestick, in whose hands, which hands: dirty , beautiful, wearing gloves, what a candlestick was, they lit a candle or extinguished it, broke it, sold it, gave it, etc.

    Deciphering a dream will be easy if the process of solving it becomes another entertainment for you. Do not take dreams and their interpretations too seriously. Dream researchers advise keeping a dream diary. This approach allows you to look into the subconscious to better examine your own emotions.

    What is a dream diary and how to keep it

    From the point of view of self-knowledge, it is useful to keep a dream diary. Dream images and events are recorded in it. From the records, you can clearly see what worries you in reality, what problems remain unresolved for a long time, learn about your fears and phobias, and perhaps even about your deteriorating state of health. Over time, the images or plots of dreams can turn into amazing works: they become a script for a movie or a plot for science fiction books. In fact, you will create your own dream book.

    Why do we have the same dream

    Recurring dreams are dreams about a topic that bothers a person in his real life. If a person is clearly preoccupied with some situation, but in reality does not want to admit it, then the subconscious turns on a “beacon” in the form of an obsessive dream. Thus, information about an unfinished process or about stress that is present in the background in a person’s real life can be conveyed to a sleeping person.

    How to get rid of obsessive dreams

    To get rid of obsessive dreams, it is worth reviewing and changing your reactions and attitude to various circumstances in real life. The fact that the dream is repeated suggests that our reactions to some life situations remain unchanged, despite the warning in the dream.

    Why nothing is dreaming

    The ability to remember a dream largely depends on the presence of consciousness during sleep. Dreams are seen by everyone, but not everyone and not always remember them. One of the reasons for their absence is a violation of breathing, which prevents the body from entering the phase of "REM" sleep.

    It is worth thinking about the causes of sleep disorders if you suddenly stop dreaming. Older people may stop dreaming gradually.

    What nightmares tell us

    Nightmares and strong feelings during dreams help us to react better in dangerous waking situations, to cope with negative emotions. Research on nightmares has shown that nightmares in dreams are a kind of training for our nervous system.

    When you have prophetic dreams

    On certain days of the year one may have prophetic dreams - dreams, the events of which exactly occur in reality. The greatest probability of seeing such a dream is on New Year's Eve, during the Christmas holidays - between Christmas (January 7) and Epiphany (January 19).

    How many people are now looking for interpretation of dreams: 324

    What does sleep from Saturday to Sunday mean?

    Miller's Dream Book

    It is difficult to overestimate the importance of dreams in a person's life, since many facts indicate that dreams are a means of displaying those events that can happen or are already predetermined to happen in the near or distant future, and this is a fact confirmed by scientists.

    Many of the people have at home collections of interpretations of dreams, which are commonly called dream books, or find, which is now very relevant, deciphering the meaning of their dreams on the Internet online, while absolutely free.

    There is a large selection of dream books, both on the shelves of bookstores and freely available on the Internet. Only our site provides you with a choice of almost a hundred publications, including the works of Vanga, Nostradamus, Freud and Jung, as well as other, albeit less well-known, but no less useful and informative collections of dream interpretations.

    Find out one of 1205 interpretations according to Miller's Dream Book:

    • Abortion
    • Apricot
    • Car
    • Author0049
    • Lizard
    • Box

    Such a variety of presented material is justified by the fact that each of the presented collections has its own specific approach and its own interpretation of the same symbols and images. But still, it so happened that the most popular and in demand of them is the online Dream Book of Gustav Hindman Miller, which includes more than 10 thousand interpretations of images, symbols and storylines that can be displayed by a person’s imagination in a dream, this contribution to the development of art dream interpretation is truly meaningful.

    Miller's dream book and interpretation of dreams

    This book, in the form in which we can see it now, is strikingly different from what the world saw it for the first time at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. But it cannot be said that she was seriously affected by this, however, it should be noted that in some places this edition has become too complicated and may confuse the unsavvy reader. In addition, the modern version of the online dream book is supplemented with images that were not previously accepted for interpretation, for example, plots of a sexual nature, which, as was later proven, carry a lot of meaning regarding many aspects of an individual's life.

    According to E. Fromm: understanding the meaning of dreams is one of the most important areas of art that requires well-established skills and patience. Judging by all the subtle meanings that the interpretation of symbols carries, he had very diverse talents, having compiled this dream book, Miller laid the foundation for science, the relevance of which will be fueled by great demand for a long time to come.

    Miller's work is significant in that it almost completely lacks citations of other authors, but it should be noted that it was influenced by the works of other interpreters, but they were reflected only in the form of some few references. In addition, it is worth noting the fact that Miller brought a number of innovations with this dream book, which greatly diversified the art of interpreting dreams.

    Miller's dream book and the interpretation of dreams from it are permeated with the idea that dreams are not only an expression of a person's inner world, but a set of coded prompts and indications, as well as a description of past, future and present events. However, the images display information that can be perceived only by using associative thinking. This theory was tested in practice by Miller himself, which allowed him to achieve enviable success in many areas of life.

    Symbols in dreams and online "Miller's Dream Book"

    Next, we will try to analyze the most common images and symbols in our dreams and correlate them with interpretations in Miller's free dream book.

    For example, among women between the ages of twenty and forty, a dream in which pregnancy appears is very popular. In the modern edition of the dream book, this plot is interpreted in a very negative light. For example, this can promise an unsuccessful marriage, the birth of a sick child. However, this is not always the correct interpretation. Such dreams can be inspired by personal experiences, or reflections before going to bed.

    Another popular dream story among women is all sorts of hair manipulations.

    Learn more