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verb (intr, adverb)

to drop suddenly or collapse

(often foll by on) informal to prove unsuccessful; fail



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How to use fall down in a sentence

  • Clad in a blue, striped button-down, a silver watch adorning his left wrist, Huckabee beams on the cover.

    Huckabee 2016: Bend Over and Take It Like a Prisoner!|Olivia Nuzzi|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • Cassandra, whose hair has already begun to fall out from her court-mandated chemotherapy, could face a similar outcome.

    Should Teens Have The Right To Die?|Brandy Zadrozny|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • That article noted that the F-35 does not currently have the ability to down-link live video to ground troops,.

    Pentagon Misfires in Stealth Jet Scandal|Dave Majumdar|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • A grand juror in the Ferguson case is suing to be able to explain exactly what went down in the courtroom.

    Politicians Only Love Journalists When They're Dead|Luke O’Neil|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • The gunman then burst from the restaurant and fled down the street with the other man.

    Shot Down During the NYPD Slowdown|Michael Daly|January 7, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • The bride elect rushes up to him, and so they both step down to the foot-lights.

    Physiology of The Opera|John H. Swaby (AKA "Scrici")

  • I take the Extream Bells, and set down the six Changes on them thus.

    Tintinnalogia, or, the Art of Ringing|Richard Duckworth and Fabian Stedman

  • His wife stood smiling and waving, the boys shouting, as he disappeared in the old rockaway down the sandy road.

    The Awakening and Selected Short Stories|Kate Chopin

  • So he bore down on the solemn declaration that she stood face to face with a prison term for perjury.

    The Bondboy|George W. (George Washington) Ogden

  • Do not the widow's tears run down the cheek, and her cry against him that causeth them to fall?

    The Bible, Douay-Rheims Version|Various

Other Idioms and Phrases with fall down

fall down

Fail to meet expectations; lag in performance. For example, It was disappointing to see him fall down on the job. This expression transfers a literal drop to a figurative one. [Second half of 1800s]

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word difference - Fall vs Fall down

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I can't know the difference between "fall" and "fall down", I saw both definitions in Cambridge and in some dictionaries, but they seem to be the same to me.

See these definitions:

Cambridge Fall - to suddenly go down onto the ground or towards the ground without intending to or by accident.

Cambridge Fall down - to fall to the ground

Cambridge Fall vs Fall down - We can use fall as a noun or a verb. It means ‘suddenly go down onto the ground or towards the ground unintentionally or accidentally’. It can also mean ‘come down from a higher position’. As a verb, it is irregular. Its past form is fell and its -ed form is fallen. Fall does not need an object.

*We can’t use fall down to mean ‘come down from a higher position’:

House prices have fallen a lot this year.

Not: House prices have fallen down a lot …*

What does it mean? Why is it not allowed to use fall down when something comes down from a higher position? If something falls down, according to the Physical laws, the object had to be in a higher position, if not, how did it feel "down"? It doesn't make any sense to me, how can something fall down without being in a high position?

Can anyone explain to me the difference between these two terms, because I read it many times but I still don't get it, as far as I'm concerned, it may be optional.

  • word-difference

English has a lot of verb+transitive preposition constructions like this one—hurry up, turn around, deal out, gather in—in which the preposition doesn't add any particular directional or locative meaning, even a figurative one.

When a construction of this sort first emerges you often find pedants and purists complaining that the preposition is "superfluous" or "redundant" (for instance, Google a fairly recent one, "continue on"), and it's true that the core meaning of fall down and hurry up and the rest are expressed perfectly adequately by the bare verb. But this misses the point: the function of the preposition is not so much to modify the meaning as to intensify or 'color' it.

If you are a speaker of German or a Romance tongue it may help you to think of the preposition as equivalent to the prefixes on verbs which are common in your language. (English used to create verbs with prefixed native prepositions this way, too, but mostly gave it up about eight or nine hundred years ago in favor of posterior prepositions. )

What I think Cambridge is trying (not very successfully) to express is that fall down is not used to describe mere movement from a higher position to a lower one: it typically characterizes the movement as sudden, rapid, involuntary, uncontrolled, or some combination of these; and it usually implies that the fall ends in a more-or-less violent collision with an unyielding surface. When prices fall they usually stop somewhere short of $0.00; but when a person falls down she usually lands on the ground or the floor with a bump!—she falls all the way down.

Dictionaries only give you simple definitions, not complete instructions for how to use a phrase, so don't be surprised if things are not always perfectly clear after reading the dictionary. The dictionary definitions are correct:

Fall: to move towards the ground because of gravity, or more generally to move downwards. For example, "I saw Smith fall when the rope that he was climbing broke", or "Housing prices will fall. "

Fall down: to move downwards by accident and hit the ground or floor. For example, "Harry tripped over his son's toys and fell down" or "There was an earthquake and Grandmother's portrait hanging on the wall fell down."

We don't use "fall down" to simply mean "come downwards from a higher position". For example, it would sound wrong to say "I saw the damaged airplane fall down." If you say "fall down", it sounds like you mean "accidentally moved from its normal position and hit the ground."

And you might ask, "Why? Doesn't falling always mean moving downwards?" All I can say is "We don't use the words that way." Fall down is a phrasal verb, in which the meaning of the phrase is not obvious from the literal meaning of each of the words. I would advise you to just learn the meaning and not get too hung up on the 'why' of things.

Fall, Fell, Fallen, Falling - This is not related to gravity.

  1. She fell ill.
  2. Fall under category.
  3. Fall asleep.
  4. Fall into a trap.
  5. Fell in Love 💙❤️💙
  6. She fell to my knees.

Fall down, Fell Down, Fallen Down, a Falling Down - This is related to gravity. Meaning to loose a stable position suddenly or upright position suddenly. It meaning sense is also related to tip over - coming from vertical to horizontal position,overturn - when car tyres are towards the sky and roof is on the ground but

meaning of Falling is also similar toFalling Down but

Falling usual falling we don't take notice of it. Falling Down This is Unusual falling. This is for things that fall and we take notice of it.

  • The season when the leaves fall from the trees is called . . . .?
  • Rain drops and snow flakes were falling.

Check the difference

  • rain drops fall, don't worry, it's natural VS Rain drop is falling Down, oh no, who did it, now we were gonna die also.

A fall is an unexpected movement towards the ground or other supporting surface, that's not the direct result of being thrown or tossed.

If X has fallen down as opposed to merely fallen, X is in one of the following states after it experienced a fall:

  • X's broadest or most significant surface is now in contact with the ground (that is, flat).

  • X is now significantly "under" you in terms of height and it's not possible for X to move downward any further.

  • One can say X would have to get up before moving again. An animal may fall down on its hind legs - the above two conditions probably don't apply technically but we'd definitely say the animal would have to "get up" before it starts walking again.

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Meaning of words - collection of dictionaries on Glosum.ru
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Why dream of falling - the meaning of sleep is falling according to the dream book

Why dream of falling

Anyone who had to fall from a height in a dream will face losses. Most likely, you will lose your credibility in the workforce, lose in a lawsuit, find yourself on the list for dismissal, become a victim of scammers, or undermine your health. Frivolity and riskiness will accelerate the moment of the onset of adverse events. nine0011

Do not take any major steps in the near future. If you stumble, no one will lend you a helping hand.

Falling according to Miller's dream book

Falling in a dream and being very frightened at the same time promises you to overcome significant difficulties, the struggle with which will lead you to good luck.

If, having fallen, you are seriously injured - expect loss; it is possible that friends will leave you.

Fall according to Freud's dream book

For any person, falling in a dream symbolizes the possibility that he will become a victim of sexual harassment. For a man, this can also symbolize - his fear of being insolvent during sexual contact. nine0011

Fall according to Hasse's dream book

Fall - believe only in yourself.

Fall on the Family Dream Book

The dream in which you fell and were very frightened by this promises you to overcome difficulties and good luck.

If, having fallen, you are seriously injured, you may have misunderstandings with your friends.

Fall according to the dream book of Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima

A dream about falling is a sign of an unexpected obstacle in business. The accompanying images of sleep often carry a hint about which side you should beware of trouble from. nine0011

Unexpectedly fall out of the blue - means that the case, which seems to you reliable and strong, may present an unpleasant surprise.

If you slip, it is a sign that you should put aside all risky activities for the time being.

Climbing up and falling from a height - suggests that the difficult task that you have undertaken or are about to undertake is unlikely to be within your power. Perhaps, before taking on it, it does not bother you to get a good rest. nine0011

Falling down stairs is a warning that your position is in danger. It is possible that you made a mistake in business, and this can turn into trouble.

A dream in which you have fallen out of bed - suggests that relaxation is inappropriate at the moment and can lead to serious trouble.

Falling on the run in a dream is a bad omen. This is a sign that you anticipate a very serious obstacle in your path, but do not know which side to expect it from. You should conduct your affairs with great care and caution. nine0011

Falling according to the dream book of Simon Kananit

As a rule, dreams about falls in which you are not a navigator, pilot or driver indicate that you feel helpless and therefore transfer control over control to someone else. A dream where you see yourself as the captain of the Titanic, and not just a passenger, may mean that you feel responsible and feel guilty for some of your actions that led to sad consequences.

To the rescue

So you're falling faster and faster. You are afraid that you might break. Are you afraid?

Usually a person wakes up before he falls to the foot of the cliff. Sometimes a collision is inevitable. Just last week you dreamed that you were driven into a narrow passage. You tripped over a trash can and fell through a sewer grate. Suddenly someone - yes, it's your cat! - came to your aid and pulled you out of there.

Fall on the Esoteric dream book

Fall - to failure in undertakings, sharp negative changes. If at the same time they woke up, the “fall” will be soon.

To fall in the dream book of a modern woman

To fall in a dream and be very frightened at the same time - in reality it means overcoming significant difficulties and, as a result, victory over circumstances.

If, having fallen, you are badly hurt - expect material losses or loss of friends.

Falling according to Azar's dream book

Falling - to see how a child falls - obstacles in undertakings. nine0011

Fall from a great height - promotion, well-deserved honors.

Fall according to Evgeny Tsvetkov's dream book

Feeling of falling - to loss, bitter regrets; actually falling - to trouble, a risky business; a shooting star directly to the sleeper - the fulfillment of the most cherished desires, but if in water or the sea - there will be no fulfillment of desires, the innermost will not be fulfilled.

Falling according to the Modern Dream Book

If you dream that you are falling and experience strong fear at the same time, in reality you will undergo severe trials, but gradually fame and fortune will come to you. nine0011

If you were injured during a fall, in real life you will face difficulties and loss of friends.

Falling along the Eastern Dream Book

A dream in which you fall and experience fear at the same time means: on the way you will meet serious trials, but you will successfully cope with them. It's worse if you fall into an abyss.

If you dreamed that by falling you hurt yourself, get ready for difficulties and conflicts with friends.

Fall according to the dream book Feng Shui

What a dream to fall - If in a dream you fell from a great height - to a demotion.

If you fell together with your wife - to love for life.

If someone else falls in a dream - to loss.

If the patient has fallen from a height, his illness is difficult to treat. The merchant fell from a height - to losses in business.

If in a dream you saw that you were falling from a horse, expect misfortune.

If in a dream you fall from the roof - to exile.

If you fell into the water - to bankruptcy in business.

If an elderly person saw himself falling from the bed to the floor - to an imminent death. If a woman saw her children fallen - to the serious illnesses of her children.

Fall according to A. Roberti's Italian psychoanalytic dream book

Fall - Fear of succumbing to something that falls under moral censorship.

Falling according to the Icelandic dream book

Falling - to the loss of honor.

Fall on the Psychological dream book

Fall - usually indicates an increased level of anxiety.

If you dream of a fall, it means that you succumb to difficulties, give in to the struggle of life (or, at least, in the depths of your soul there is a desire to give up and give up), lose control over yourself, admit your helplessness.

Falling according to Rick Dillon's dream book

Falling for what you dream of - you should only believe in yourself.

Fall down the Ladies' dream book

Falling to what dreams - loss of confidence; voltage.

Falling according to the Worldly Dream Book

Basically, dreams about falling are associated with a loss of control over the situation and a feeling of helplessness. It is possible that our first steps as children and the many falls that come with it are related to our future dreams of falling.

There is also an assumption that they are an echo of the fear of primitive people before falling from trees. We know a woman whose father, when she was just a baby, every day, when he came home from work, would grab her and start tossing and twirling her over his head. And until now, the dreams of this fully grown woman, in which she flies or falls, are filled with a sense of fear, horror and admiration. Who (or what) will protect her from falling? nine0011

Do your dreams resemble rapid state changes?

Do you anticipate your fall, or does it happen suddenly? When you fall, do you break through the ceiling, stumble, fly out the window? Or do you suddenly find yourself just flying down?

Fall according to the Modern Dream Book

There is a widespread prejudice that if in a dream we fall and fall to the ground, we will surely die soon. Nothing like this has ever happened in our practice. So why does this myth continue to exist? nine0011

Usually, if we start falling in a dream, we wake up immediately, because we have been taught that it is very dangerous to fall. Researchers know that falling dreams are common for people in the REM stage of the first sleep cycle—a little over an hour after you fall asleep. Those who fall in their sleep sometimes twitch, move their legs or arms, and eventually wake up. We don't know for sure why this happens, but these movements, which are called myoclonic, may be an instinctive response to what the brain considers potentially dangerous. nine0011

Fall according to the Christian dream book

Fall to what dreams - Good luck will come to you through overcoming difficulties. Imagine that you fell and immediately got up. You didn't receive any damage.

Fall according to the dream book of catchphrases

FALL, (sink) - “fall low”, “completely sank!”, “sink to the very bottom” - strongly degrade. "Go down to earth" - gain a sense of the real; “stop soaring in the clouds and go down to earth” - realistically assess the situation. nine0011

Fall according to Shuvalova's dream book

If a person sees that he is falling, this reflects the collapse of his romantic aspirations or desires, reflects his inability to cope with his problems and fear, he is not able to stand on his own two feet. Often this means the loss of the right direction in life, one's own ideals and attitudes under the influence of some kind of strong personality.

Fall according to the Old Russian dream book

feeling of falling - to loss, bitter regrets; actually falling - to trouble, a risky business; shooting star (directly to the sleeper) - the fulfillment of the dearest desires; into the water or the sea - there will be no fulfillment of desire, the innermost will not be fulfilled. nine0011

Falling according to the Explanatory Dictionary of Dreams

Falling is an insult.

To fall in the dream book of the future

To fall in a dream and be very frightened - promises to overcome significant difficulties, the struggle with which will lead you to good luck; falling from a great height - well-deserved honors, promotion.

To fall according to the Idiomatic dream book

“Mouth low”, “completely sank!”, “to sink to the very bottom” - degenerate strongly; "go down to earth" - gain a sense of the real; “stop soaring in the clouds and go down to earth” - realistically assess the situation. nine0011

Fall according to the dream book of the past

If a person sees that he is falling, this reflects the collapse of his romantic aspirations or desires, reflects his inability to cope with his problems and fear, he is not able to stand on his own two feet. Often this means the loss of the right direction in life, one's own ideals and attitudes under the influence of some kind of strong personality.

To fall according to A. Roberti's Italian psychoanalytic dream book

To fall means a loss of vital orientation, under someone's influence. Very often this image can be associated with the fear of career destruction, the feeling that any relationship is coming to an end, the fear of physical death or death desire. nine0011

If a person sees that he is falling, this is a reflection of the collapse of his romantic aspirations or erotic passions, a reflection of his inability to cope with existing problems and fear. that he cannot stand on his own feet.

Falling along the Universal Dream Book

Why are we so afraid of falling, because the sensations that we experience are quite exciting? What we really fear is the lack of support and an unpleasant landing. nine0011

If you fall in a dream, it means that you do not have enough support. Why don't you feel supported? What can you do to regain your footing in life? Remember where you fell from in a dream (from a cliff, from a ladder or just from the sky) and where you fell. What area of ​​life was affected in a dream: work, relationships or social status? This will tell you in which areas of your life you lack support.

If in a dream you fall down stairs - first of all, inspect the stairs in your house to make sure that they are in good condition, and then think: perhaps in a dream you assumed that someone would hold the stairs for you. nine0011

If in a dream you see another person falling, think: maybe he needs support. Or has he fallen out of favor with you? What does this person mean to you? Perhaps it symbolizes some aspect of your personality? Think about your life. Perhaps in a dream you foresee failures at work, a decline in a relationship, or another area of ​​\u200b\u200blife?

Fall according to the American Dream Book

Fall - loss of control over oneself or life. We often fall when we learn to walk. Situations when "the earth has left under the feet", as well as self-doubt during personal growth, all this often causes such dreams. nine0011

Falling down according to the Egyptian dream book of the pharaohs

If a person sees himself in a dream falling from a wall - well, this means the end of strife.

Fall according to the Old English dream book

A dream in which you fall from a height (from a tree or from the edge of an abyss) means a loss of position and property. If you are in love. You needlessly endow him (or her) with your affection. You can't get married!

For merchants and businessmen, a dream portends failures in business, financial difficulties, and the like. Those who set sail are in for a big trouble: a shipwreck and all the troubles that follow from here. nine0011

Falling in the dream book of lovers

If you dream that you fell and got hurt, this promises separation from your loved one.

To fall according to the Lunar dream book

To fall is an insult; to fall and hold on - the return of the lost.

Fall according to Martyn Zadeka's dream book

Fall - loss of property and health; from a high place - squalor, deprivation of a relative.

Falling according to Daniel's Medieval Dream Book

Falling from a height - to a serious illness. nine0011

Seeing yourself falling is a joy.

Fall according to the Russian dream book

Fall - grow; into the abyss - interesting things; but if you fell and crashed, you will not achieve success in business.

Fall according to the dream book of the Yellow Emperor just stupid). All actions in this state are meaningless and self-destructive. One way or another, all actions will be aimed at maintaining one's own security, which will lead to quarrels and deterioration in relations with others, if one does not realize that the main enemy and source of the fall is in the chaos of one's own thoughts.


Falling into the abyss is a major spiritual loss, miscalculation (physical illness), not having obvious obvious consequences - they are in the future. All variants of dreams here are unfavorable, all report varying degrees of damage to the liver, kidneys and spleen.

Falling according to V. Samokhvalov's Psychoanalytic Dream Book

Falling is an inevitable dangerous situation, often accompanied by anxiety, an indication of the true causes of failure.

Fall is associated with falling into the hands of the enemy, danger of failure, misfortune, high probability of death due to the fact that it indicates a symbolic descent into the grave. Closely related to this is the experience of falling asleep or self-laying into bed, as well as birth (falling out). nine0011

Falling in a woman's dreams is sexual intercourse, because the physiology of female sexuality implies falling and sinking (fallen woman).

The fall of another person is an unconscious wish for death or a man's fantasy about a "fallen" woman.

Rise and fall - exaggerated ambitions often erect a barrier to children's fears, but over time the old fear breaks through again. A life curve of ups and downs.

Fall of the individual, loss of consciousness - loss of the Ego. Death and dreaming are often associated. The transition from an active to a passive state, from resistance to compliance. nine0011

Falling in the French dream book

Falling down in a dream, but immediately getting up is a sign that honors and well-being await you soon.

If you could not get up after the fall - your dream is a harbinger of future misfortunes.

Falling on a dream book for a bitch

Falling - well-deserved honors, promotion.

To be frightened in a dream when falling - you will have to overcome possible difficulties.

Hit - separation from friends. nine0011

Falling in Longo's dream book

Feeling a fall in a dream - to the troubles that lie in wait for you both in public and in your personal life. Important in solving such a dream is the height from which you fall.

Fall from a great height - several unpleasant events will happen in your life. This state of affairs will unsettle you for a long time, as difficulties will fall on you one after another, not giving you the opportunity to rest. You will lose your foothold, your fall will be inevitable. With great difficulty, you will be able to recover from the blow. It will take a lot of strength from you to withstand the test of strength. nine0011

If you fall from a small height in a dream, it means that you will find yourself in a difficult situation from which it will be very difficult for you to get out. But not much time will pass, and you will again be able to enjoy life, despite minor troubles.

If you get seriously injured as a result of a fall and feel severe pain at the same time, this means that you will be in despair for a long time, close to mild insanity, as you will get tired of waiting for your life to change even slightly for the better. nine0011

Seeing someone else fall - hurry to help a friend in need.

Falling according to Denise Lynn's detailed dream book

We often fall when we learn to walk. If the ground has come out from under our feet - in some situation or we are in the process of personal growth and are not confident in ourselves, such signs will often appear to us.

When we “tread new ground” and take risks, the reward will often be success. Sometimes we even have to stumble first in order to succeed. Learn to take risks in life. nine0011

Fall - may also mean that you are losing control over yourself or over life. If this is true, you must find one area in your life that you have control over and build on that to gain control over other areas of your own life.

Often they say “to hit (fall) in the dirt with your face”, “fallen woman” - these expressions can be symbols. Does this symbolism apply to you?

Fall according to the dream book Veles

Fall - humiliation, bad, misfortune, illness, loss, failure; in a pit - death, fire; into the water - the wish will not come true. nine0011

Fall on the Ukrainian dream book

Sometimes our dreams about flying are so wonderful that we don't want to go down to earth. We spread our wings and want to fly on. This happens more often in those dreams where we fly ourselves, and not in an airplane, train or car. You are left alone with the open sky. You are free from pedestrian duties.

At some point, you may notice someone calling you from the ground. Maybe you are flying to school in a dream, you hear a bell, but you don’t want to go down. This may indicate a desire to live more freely and carefree. It may also indicate that you do not want to take on any responsibility. Rather, you should go down and see what the person who is calling to him wants from you. Maybe it's time for you to get down to business on your own. Only a little later, with the hope of turning your most fantastic dream into reality. nine0011

In dreams of flying and falling, we can overcome the space from heaven to hell and visit any point in between. More precisely, we can experience the whole gamut of emotions that can fill this vast space. So, start looking at all these "ups" and "downs" from this point of view: what can they tell me about my real life?

Fall according to the Children's dream book

Seeing yourself falling - you lack self-confidence. nine0011

Fall according to the Gypsy dream book

People often dream that they are falling, gypsies say that this means that you are unhappy, especially in your personal life, and you want to get out of this situation.

Falling according to the dream book 2012

Falling is a reflection of the fear of failure. Reflection of risk.

Fall according to the ABC of dream interpretation

If you fall from a tall building or into an abyss, this is a symbolic warning that evil fate can play a dangerous trick on you. You will lose status, fortune, honor, etc.

Falling from a height - failure, exposing your secret.

Falling into a pit - illness, deterioration of social status.

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