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At eharmony, we’re all about compatibility. That’s why we get to know you better to match you better, and also why all new eharmony members take the Compatibility Quiz.

The 80 eharmony compatibility test questions– which range across your personality type, likes and dislikes, communication style and what drives you – are designed to give us a deep insight into your character. From your answers, we build your unique Personality Profile.

Why do I have to answer eharmony compatibility questions?

The Compatibility Quiz, and how we use its results, are at the heart of what makes eharmony different from other dating sites or apps. We have successfully brought over 2m couples together because we take the time to really get to know our members and what each of them needs from a relationship.  

This means we ask a lot of questions, but these give us a near complete picture of who you are and what sort of person would be your ideal match. Like anything else good in life, the chance of a lasting, loving relationship is surely worth a little time and effort.

What questions does eharmony ask?

The Compatibility Quiz covers a broad range of questions, each designed to reveal a fragment of the real you, which we then combine into the complete picture of your Personality Profile.

We ask about your attitude to relationships, and why it is you think you’re currently single. This, together with questions on the sort of boundaries you prefer, allows us to build up a picture of your attitudes to relationships. The eharmony questionnaire also explores your communication style – as this is key to the success of any relationship – and let’s us find you someone thoroughly compatible.

Some eharmony compatibility test questions are less obviously related to relationships, but help us figure out critical components of your psychology and behaviours in life situations. This question, about what you might worry about before attending a wedding, is a good example.

Other questions of the eharmony questionaire might, at first glance seem stranger still. In one example, we show you a series of paired images and ask you to choose a favourite. It might not be obvious how these choices will impact on your love life, but our quiz has been developed with the help of leading psychologists, and your answers here give us key pointers on your outlook towards life.

How many Questions do we ask in our eharmony compatibility test?

The Compatibility Quiz contains 80 questions and most people should be able to complete it in roughly 20 minutes.

Can I retake the Compatibility Quiz?

We want your Personality Profile to be as accurate as possible, and therefore always encourage new users to answer questions instinctively. In our experience, the ability to reset the eharmony questionnaire and take the quiz a second time does not usually lead to hugely different results.

But to help you complete the quiz to the best of your satisfaction, here are some tips on how to answer eharmony questions.

Tips for answering the eharmony questionnaire

  1. Take your time, but not too much
    We want your answers to be natural and instinctive – to show us the real you. And though many answers need a thoughtful approach, it’s best not to get bogged down
  2. . . . especially on the picture questions
    The questions asking you to choose between one image an another are best answered quickly. Your first answer is usually the right one
  3. Be honest!
    With any dating service, it can be tempting to put forward an airbrushed, idealised version of yourself. But (a) our questions are definitely not designed to make you look bad and, (b), this is not any dating service. Our aim is to find you a partner who, possibly, you could spend the rest of your days with and, for that, we need to see you as you really are
  4. Take a break
    Although it normally takes around 20 minutes to complete the quiz, don’t feel you have to do it all in one go. We’ll save your completed answers and you can come back and finish the quiz any time

eharmony compatibility test Questions: now get started!

The eharmony questionnaire is your first step towards finding the happy, lasting relationship you’ve always dreamed of. And more than that, it’s a unique journey of self-discovery into what kind of person you really are, how you present yourself to the outside world, and, vitally, what this says about the type of relationship you would be happiest in.

So why stay in the dark? Discover the real you today and join eharmony.


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Unique Answers to Generic Profile Questions

You know that you're an interesting person, but selling yourself via your profile isn't your strong point.

You know that you’re an interesting person, but selling yourself via your profile isn’t your strong point. Never fear, eHarmony Advice is here to help you craft honest, funny and succinct answers to profile questions.

In the world of online dating, getting noticed can sometimes feel like a challenge. However, to ensure dating success, standing out is essential. And that starts with your online profile.

To get the best results, you’ve got to get specific and have appealing online dating headlines that convince others to contact you. If the myriad of profile questions asked overwhelm you, stop, take a deep breath, and focus on answering each question in a way that best represents who you really are.

What follows are some generic profile questions, along with suggested unique answers and explanations as to how they’ll help get you noticed. By simply incorporating one or two revised responses into your profile, you’ll most likely enjoy greater online dating attention and success.

Other than appearance, what is the first thing that people notice about you?

Sure, this generic question may seem silly at first, but it’s a great way to advertise your best non-physical attribute(s). “Quiet self-confidence” is an excellent response. Possessing such a quality means that you’re comfortable with yourself, without being cocky. This is an incredibly attractive quality to the opposite sex because it shows them that not only do you like yourself, but you’re ready, willing, and able to be a great partner, especially to someone who’s comfortable in their own skin.

What are your three BEST life skills?

At first glance, money-management, physical fitness, and job performance may seem like decent answers to this question. However, they’re actually pretty generic and don’t tell a potential match anything about your core values. Instead, qualities like life balance, personal integrity, ability to laugh at myself offer a better window into your personality. Plus, they show that you’re emotionally evolved, available for dating and relating, and that you have your personal values firmly intact.

What’s the most important thing you’re looking for in another person?

Physical attraction, financial fitness, and/or zero emotional baggage may sound like acceptable answers, but who DOESN’T desire those qualities? Instead, be honest about the most essential quality YOU seek in a potential partner. For example, someone who’s comfortable in their own skin, someone who has a genuine zest and passion for life, and/or someone who is ready to be an amazing partner and accept an amazing partner into their life are more genuine responses that will excite and attract the right matches to you.

The 4 things your friends say you are…

What your friends say about you can tell a potential match a lot about your character and who you associate with. Again, getting specific will filter out potential partners who aren’t a match for you and draw the right ones to you. So while you might be tempted to say your friends consider you fun, smart, loyal, and funny, that doesn’t illustrate who you are or the type of friends you surround yourself with. Better responses to the question include passionate about culture and travel, fascinated with learning, always ready to tackle new challenges, and someone they can depend on. Now THAT helps round out your personality!

What are 5 things you “can’t live without?”

Rather than play it safe with generic answers like my iPod, food, and sleep, include thoughtful responses like My fave iPod playlist that includes Gnarls Barkley, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, and Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits. Some may call the playlist schizophrenic, but I call it eclectic. In getting specific, you’ll easily attract like-minded matches who can appreciate your uniqueness.

What are you most passionate about?

Don’t be afraid to appear vulnerable and/or authentic in your response. My Star Wars Action Figure Collection, finding the best piece of Toro sushi in the world, or attracting/cultivating an amazing relationship with my perfect partner are all fantastic answers because they provide a refreshingly revealing look into your personality.

What are the 3 things for which you are most thankful?

By sharing how you practice gratitude and what you’re truly grateful for, you illustrate to potential matches who you really are. So rather than say you’re thankful for having a job or making great money, you could say I am grateful that my career affords me ample opportunities to give back to the world around me through volunteering my time, donating to worthy causes, and traveling the world exploring other cultures. See how that provides a clearer picture of who you are and what you value?

How do you typically spend your leisure time?

This is your opportunity to share with a potential date how the two of you would spend time together. As always, specifics will help you weed out unsuitable matches while easily attracting suitable ones. Avoid clichés like walking on the beach, working out, and/or hanging out with friends. Instead, paint a vivid picture, including specific activities like enjoying a great Italian meal and bottle of wine with friends on Saturday nights, reading a graphic novel at my neighborhood coffee shop (I’m the artsy one in the Newsboy cap and horn-rimmed glasses), and/or checking out the latest documentary at that restored theater downtown.

By giving a potential match a visual about where you are and what you’re doing, they’re better able to decide if they’d like to be sitting there with you!

As you can see from the suggestions made throughout this article, the key to standing out in the online dating world is to be specific, authentic, and refreshingly real in your profile. In doing so, you’re all the more likely to attract like-minded individuals who may eventually become your perfect partner. So go ahead, make a few revisions, and see how those subtle tweaks rock your online dating success.

HOW eharmony WORKS

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Samples of sociological questionnaires for research work in social science | Methodological development in social science (Grade 10) on the topic:

                                                                                                                                                                  ”, a ” present to the readers of the 10th grades of the 10th grades, students of the 10th-11th grades, students of the 10th-11th grade, who created projects using the methods of sociology, created projects using the methods of sociology under my leadership. Perhaps these questionnaires will help you organize your students' research work on projects. The use of sociological methods eliminates plagiarism in student work and, in my experience, students like it. nine0003

Interesting materials (questionnaires and survey results) for organizing your own research can be found on the website of the Public Opinion Foundation.

Questionnaire "Social Networks"

We invite you to take part in a sociological survey. Please answer the survey questions. You don't need to sign it. All answers will be analyzed by sociologists only in a generalized form. We guarantee the absence of any opportunity to use your sincerity not in your interests. Mark the choice of answer with any icon. In the column "Other" you can add an answer. nine0003

1. Are you a user of social networks?

2. Are you registered in social networks under your own name? Yes No

3. What social networks are you registered with:

Facebook, BK, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Ask, Instagram, Vkontakte, other __________________________________

4. How many hours a day do you spend on social networks? __from ______ to _________

5. What is the purpose of using social networks for you? nine0003

Communication , watching movies , games , music

getting information , other _____________________________________________

Yes No I don't know _______________________________________________

Positive , negative , compromise

8. Do you consider yourself addicted to social networks:

yes no d don't know other______________________________________________

9. What emotions do you experience in social networks? Evaluate in points: 0- never, 1- rarely, 2- often, 3- constantly

Joy _____ Aggression _____ nervousness0003

16. How many times a day do you use social networks?__________________

Your age: _____________

Your gender: Female Husband.

Thank you for your cooperation

Questionnaire "How beautiful this world is" -1

We invite you to take part in a sociological survey. Please answer the survey questions. You don't need to sign it. All answers will be analyzed by sociologists only in a generalized form. We guarantee the absence of any opportunity to use your sincerity not in your interests. nine0003

1. How would you define love?

A. Love is the highest value of life, an uncompromising passion

B. Love is a means of obtaining pleasure, an instinct.

C. Love is going beyond the limits of one’s “I” and merging with the beautiful that is contained in another person

D. Love is a game of imagination

E. Your definition _________________________________

2. Assess the degree of significance of the statement for you:

nine0002 1 - not significant, 2 - less significant, 3 - significant

- the basis of spiritual growth ______

- physiological process, sex ____

- suffering ______

- great cosmic power ______

- a way of spending time for creating a family -


- the search for happiness ______

- a way of self-knowledge _____

- a way of gaining well-being in life _____

- the highest love is manifested to God, to ideals ____

3. How important is the feeling of love to you personally?

A. very important

B. more important than not

C. difficult to answer

D. not significant

Enter your age _________

Your gender: M F

Thank you for your cooperation Class:__________

Questionnaire compiled by the Sociological Service of School No. 38

Questionnaire “How beautiful this world is”-2

Dear student!

Please answer the questionnaire by selecting one answer. Circle the correct answer. In open questions, add your answer options. nine0003

Anonymity guaranteed. Thanks in advance.

1. How, in your opinion, can the term beautiful be defined:

A. distinguished by extraordinary beauty, attracting attention

B. full of high significance, sublime

C. beautiful is the harmony inherent in the world as a whole

D. everything is beautiful in the world when you are in a good mood

2. Do you feel the need to communicate with the beautiful:

yes, constantly . . . sometimes . . . . . . .Ol0000003

8. Do you often visit cultural institutions:


more than once a month of six months rarely do not visit

9. What historical forms of culture are most interested in:

Greek Russian Indian Western European modern I am not interested in another:

10. What kind of books do you prefer:

Russian classics . . foreign classics . . science fiction . . detectives . . .0003

11. Name world-class geniuses in different fields of art:

Literature: __________________________________________________

Painting: _________________________________________________

Sculpture: _________________________________________________

Music: ____________________________________________________________

2 Cinema: 90 _____________________________________________


Architecture ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Indicate your age: _____________

Your gender: M. J.

Grade: ______________________________

ANTACTIONS ANTAKS ANTAKSITIONS ANTIVER anonymously. Select an answer with any icon. In the column "Other" you can add an answer.


  1. Which child, in your opinion, can be called happy?

2. Who does your child like to spend time with?

3. How much time a day do you communicate with your child?

4. When communicating with a child, what do you talk about?

9029 9000 9000. What exactly?

About studies

Constantly sometimes

About family affairs

4 902 30235

On friends

Constantly sometimes

On the future

Constantly sometimes


Constantly Sometimes

5. Is your child happy with you? Yes No Don't know Other

6. Who in your family is the absolute authority for the child?

7. In your opinion, are you preparing your child to meet his first love, fatherhood,
motherhood, the ability to build a happy family, to be responsible for it?
Yes Partially

No Don't know

8. What kind of family do you consider happy? Full, where there is a father and mother. A family where trust reigns.

Other (what exactly)________________

9. What are the main forms of punishment in your family?

Reading morality Refusal of parents to communicate with a child

Physical punishment Home arrest

Refusal of money or buying things

Shricks Work on the house

other deprivation of access to a computer

10. Which, in your opinion, is a value your child's life:
family hobbies

Prestigious things Rest

Wealth Education

Love Religion

Friendship Patriotism

Health other

Evaluate your answer in points: 0 are not important; 1- important; 2- very important

Please provide some information about yourself:

Your gender Age Number of children in the family

Questionnaire "Modern family" The questionnaire is anonymous. Select the answer mark any icon In the column "Other" you can add the answer. nine0003


9. Who is your authority:


Grandmother, grandfather

Brother, sister

No trust relationship

motherhood, the ability to build a happy family, to be responsible for it?
Yes Partially

No I don't know

11. What kind of family do you consider happy? Complete, where there is a father and mother A family where love and trust reign Other (what exactly)

12. How many children would you like to have in your future family?

13. Could you take an adopted child into your future family?



Don't know

Yes, if you don't have children of your own

14. What are the main forms of punishment in your family?

Moral reading Refusal of parents to communicate with the child

Physical punishment House arrest

Denial of money or purchase of things

Shouting Housework


15. Which, in your opinion, is the main value in the life of a modern person:
Hobby family

Interesting work career


Love in points: 0 - not important; 1- important; 2- very important

Please provide some information about yourself:

Your gender Age Number of children in the family

Do you live in a full or single parent family (underline as appropriate)

Thank you for your cooperation!

Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire

Dear student!

Please answer the questionnaire by selecting one answer. Circle the correct answer.

All answers will be analyzed by sociologists only in a generalized form to identify the number of people who care about their health. Anonymity is guaranteed. Thanks in advance.

  1. What do you understand by the term "healthy lifestyle"?

a. sports; b. lack of bad habits; in. Complete nutrition

other __________________________________________________________________

  1. Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?

a. Yes; b. No; in. Trying; other __________________________________________

  1. Do you play sports?

a. Yes; b. No; in. occasionally; d. other____________________________________________

  1. How much time do you spend sleeping?

a. less than 5 hours; b. 5-7 hours; in. 7-9 hour; more than 9 hours.

5. How much time do you spend watching TV and working at the computer? nine0003

A. Less than 1 hour B. 2-3 hours C. 3-5 hours G. other__________________________________

  1. Do you think you have bad habits?

A. yes; b. No; in. other____________________________________________________________

6. Would you like to give up bad habits?

A. yes; b. No; in. I want to but I can not; other____________________________________

7. Do your friends lead a healthy lifestyle? nine0003

A. yes; b. No; in. I don't care; other______________________________________

8. What kind of lifestyle do your parents lead?

A. healthy; b. Don't know; in. other____________________________________________

9. Do you smoke?

A. yes; b. No; in. seldom; tried

10. If you smoke, at what age? nine0003

A. positive; b. negative; in. don't care

12. Do you drink alcohol?

A. no; b. beer; in. energy cocktails; d. stronger drinks

13. Have you tried drugs?

A. yes; b. No; in. I use occasionally

Enter your age:___________

Your gender: M. . . . F.

Class: ________________________

Fill out a cool profile dating chat samples. Cool phrases for the profile

Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5

My name is (name), and I was instructed to say hello to you ... From whom? From my heart, girl.

Hungry little wolf is looking for three cute little pigs to meet... and then have lunch!)))

I have a dream - I want to fall asleep to the beating of your heart.

Hello, how are you? What a pretty girl, shall we meet?

Hello, do you think we will look like a young dynamic couple?

In a very active search: I will find - do not be offended.)))

Don't forget that there are people who want you to live. That there are people who pin their hopes on you. And that I am one of them.

Erection - the most honest compliment.

In an active search for his happiness.

A woman is weakest when she loves someone, and strongest when she is loved by someone.

Proven by scientists: 8 cm is enough to satisfy a girl, and it doesn't matter if it's Visa or MasterCard. nine0003

When I was a child, I wanted to be a grandmother so that I could get a pension, do nothing and not go to work. And every year my desire only grows stronger ...

If you want me to be an angel - organize heaven for me!

I am too beautiful to have a conscience.

I am not in love with myself. I just like...

Young, pretty, higher education, housing provided, I won't answer letters, I'll tear photos, damned males!

Who else misses SMS? Hey! Let's get acquainted! nine0003

Tired of relationships within a week, hunting for more and pure... that is, I'm looking for a girl!)))

I am looking for a prince: brunette, height about 180, with brown eyes, a white horse is not required, a white Limousine or Ferrari will do.)))

Not looking for love, not looking for attachment. My heart is like ice, because love - not a fairy tale . .. I'm always not alone, but I'm lonely, who will save me from this?

Looking for brains... and a new liver to boot.

Each of us is an angel, but with only one wing, so we can fly only by embracing each other... I want to fly... In short, I'm looking for a second wing!))) nine0003

Looking for happiness. And google won't help.

I am looking for someone who can live like Me, I am looking for someone who can live in our world, I am looking for someone who can come up with our dream for two and believe in it. I peer into the eyes of every passer-by, hoping to see a glimpse of my world in them... I'm looking for only you...

I am looking for... tenderness, warmth and affection... I want to love and be loved... I am looking for a small piece of happiness... small but necessary...

Sometimes it seems that I have "Looking for a goat" written on my forehead. nine0003

Many people think that I am a stupid, naive girl. Although I am an adult smart girl who still needs to be looked for. I'm just good at hiding.

Looking for oblivion pills. I will buy for any money.

I am looking for my conscience... please delete the finder.)))

Looking for new relationships, the old ones are already worn out.)))

How you want to find a person for whom you want to live, and not exist.

I'm looking for my cosmetic bag, perfume and soul mate!

Looking for the kindest, most beautiful person for my heart.=))

I'm looking for a new boyfriend... My old one has never been...

Search... young and promising. :)

Where are you now, I can't see you, I've broken all my thoughts about you...

Looking for someone who will turn off my brain and turn on my heart...

I am looking for a worthy person to initiate my plan to capture his heart.

A one-armed, one-eyed, one-legged man is looking for his other half... nine0003

I am looking for myself and instructions for use.)))

I am looking for a husband, friend and interlocutor all rolled into one. .. If all three come, I don't mind!

Looking for the one that will turn off my brain and turn on my heart...

In search of reason... seems to have been somewhere...

She loves summer, children's orbits and splashes of the sun. She hopes to find the shoes of her dreams, the man of her life, and herself.

I will give myself up for adoption to an oil tycoon...

I searched but couldn't find... the one I need... nine0003

I am looking for a guy on a white horse, well, you can do without it, if he combines the features of a prince and a horse. =)

I fill the void only with cigarette smoke! I don't need anyone, I'm not looking for anyone!

Help! Looking for a way out of the Internet!

I am looking for white and fluffy: there is not enough material for mittens!

My spirit is not broken, my mind is not destroyed, I am full of thoughts, and the answer is googled!

In search of your brains... if you find it write. ..

In search of the purpose and meaning of life... nine0003

I am looking for a good mood, whoever finds it write me!

I want to go there - I don't know where, I want it - don't know what...

A young man without bad habits is looking for a girl who will teach him these habits!

Looking for a point of peace of mind...

I will stretch my legs in good hands!)))

I will give myself into good female hands. He is unpretentious in food, took a walk to the left, was accustomed to the toilet, his salary went home. I have a passport and vaccinations. I respond to a cat, a chick, my sun, etc. The phrase: “Mom does it differently!” - I don't use. Not neutered. nine0003

Looking for... what am I looking for? Actively looking for a jerk.

I am looking for adventures on the ass.

I am a girl, and therefore my shoulders want tenderness, my tummy wants sweets, and my butt wants adventure!) ... And apparently, the last one on the list rules!

To the one who found my brain - thanks a lot!

Looking for a prince! Maybe a little used. )))

In darkness and fog my world... that's me - I fall from the sky as rain... and I'm looking for you...

Looking for a husband! I speak little, I cook deliciously, my head never hurts! nine0003

How many people, and the one who is needed is the only one, he is lost...

Looking for an adventurous girl for marital status...)))

Freedom - when there is no one in your heart. It seems I'm free as a bird...

Marital status: has a cat.

Don't you think that the search for a kindred soul leads to a mass of foreign bodies...?!

I am looking for adventures on my ass!)))

I want to meet an interesting person (who doesn't want to be bored in his spare time from work). This is all in a good way. Please do not bother me for sexually anxious needs. nine0003

unfortunately, I am not a happy owner of enlarged mammary glands and a capacious pelvis, sorry...

I am looking for: An interesting and frank man who does not hesitate to turn his soul inside out, someone who knows how to talk about sex and listen. .

I am a little mouse that can brighten up cold winter evenings, give caress, tenderness and care to the sexiest and most brutal of men. I'm waiting for a hunter, someone who is able to catch and tame me... [Yes, even a mousetrap is enough for you!]

everything is in moderation, like everyone else, they have arms and legs and everything like that

In general, I love sex, I can't help myself!

I am cheerful and all that

Calm, kind, sometimes harmful, I can explode abruptly.

used to go in for many sports, I will go to the pool

I am a gentle and affectionate cat.

Moreover, the sufferers of VIRT do not write, do not distract people for no reason.

PEOPLE STOP ASKING ABOUT HUSBAND. [in the questionnaire it says "married"]

I love sex: no need to waste time on unnecessary words

Please do not disturb me with obscenities, and from the sphere too. [why didn't you like this area?]

I know for sure that I'm not a bitch! or maybe I'm wrong [I think you're not mistaken!]


I am young, very smart, I take care of myself and I am a little freaked out by the number of indistinct (outwardly and intellectually) subjects with requests declared on this site. Guys, what are you? ... [Really, what are we?]

I just want to talk and understand - are there adequate people here or does staying on this site cause irreversible changes in the brain?

What I will do on my free day:
I definitely won't go to night clubs, bowling alleys and other places of empty pastime. However, I will not go to the reading room of the regional library either. In the cinema, do not care, how long have you seen a good movie in the cinema? [Subtle remark!]

Dear HUSBANDS, go back to your wives, it's important! nine0003

A man who knows women, if you like film what a woman wants then you are for me. But if you know women like Almodovar knows them, Loves them like Brass and feels like Kar-wai, then we will find something to do in dull gray days [experienced! she knows everyone, she's been everywhere!..]

Profession: It's a secret, I'm here anonymously [wow agent 008!]

Turns me on: Confidence, action (not inaction), a man should decide everything, and I I'll think about it. ..

Don't write without a photo, I won't answer anyway! and don't offer me any nasty things...

I'm just the way I am, sometimes an evil bitch sometimes, but kind and sympathetic.

I get turned on by: an idea
How often I would like to have sex: As many times a day as an idea comes up. [so, or what: "o, idea!..."?]

I want to find: Serious purposeful young man, with whom I will build a new Moscow. [Madame Luzhkova?!]

Please do not disturb young people under 19 and over 25 years old, and also please do not disturb those for whom the purpose of acquaintance is sex, and who cannot imagine their life without it. nine0315 PS: Perverts, please go through the forest!

How often would I like to have sex: a couple of times in my life, if I decide to have a baby XD

A girl with character... knows what she wants... never thinks for a long time... hits right in the heart!
Bitch... my God... what a bitch I am...

young pretty girl wants to meet a pretty guy for a serious relationship
I want to find:
simpotic young man
the same word in three variants]

An ordinary girl with a good sense of humor. And I don't know what to say anymore - I don't know myself very well =)

I love romance, unfortunately which is lacking in our time.

young, mischievous, agile...
[slightly lower in the profile]
Height, cm: 158
Weight, kg: 85

I am terribly harmful!=)
(Brevity is my sister=))

About me : I LIVE IN THE KNOB!...tired with your questions, go to hell!..

An interesting person in communication with excellent qualities, able to understand, appreciate, respect and demand the same in his address! :-) nine0315 In short: a bitch of a rare soul!

About me: there is a lot to write about, but it is better to know!
do not offer sex) I'm interested in communicating with nice people!
Looking for: Friendship and communication
who knows where our conversation will lead. 90,003 90,002 people with a pure soul! I want to find a person who can say everything and not close at the same time. A person with clear eyes and a hidden smile. .

Natura is half romantic.

About me: a cheerful girl with her cockroaches in her head, I like to be in the company of my friends, but in general I have a complex character. nine0003

In sex I like: to give pleasure to a partner (a worthy partner) [and to masturbate an unworthy partner?!]

In sex I like to: indulge)

no obligations...

There is a heterosexual experience: The experience has passed, passion and desire to get enough of it remained!

I am amused by violent emotions, passion and everything that moves.

I'm studying to be a designer and pretty! nine0003

In sex I like: What does not contradict my moral principles.

I want to find: Preferably a guy and not preoccupied...

huge request.. don't offer sex.. I'm not interested.. maniacs, perverts and morally fallen people, please ignore my profile.. inclinations - please do not worry:)

About me: ...Otherwise: not the simplest, but with arms, legs and head!

I want to find: Togo, who will drag me away from this fucking site. nine0003

Dear girls, I'm hetero so please excuse your statements. no, that is, corrupt women!

I can make a scene, but I quickly come to my senses, I never hold a grudge, I don't take revenge and I don't sink into self-pity. After an emotional explosion, my optimistic nature is reborn. I am very feminine, perhaps too feminine for the average man. nine0003

I have a bad temper. Yes Yes. Absolutely inadequate, very impulsive; I don’t pretend to be an extraordinary personality, I don’t enrich my face with intelligence. In general, I am clearly an unhealthy girl, with pronounced megalomania.

I want to find: Togo, who will tremblingly hold my hand while horrors are on the screen in the cinema hall. Well, of course, and the one who, when it's really meat, is ready to sacrifice his shoulder :)

P.S. Please, please, don't contact me with adultery proposals. Thus, you only spoil my mood. Have pity! (in section About me)

Masha Salavieva [as she wrote her last name in the questionnaire]

About me: I want to find my soul mate here! rather than satisfy your natural instincts!

Profession: journalist (!)
[below in the questionnaire]
Car: Black [literate, however, journalists these days!]

I am kind, but prickly Hedgehog. I love champagne and chocolate and reject the courtship of 40-year-old men.

a young, pretty swindler will meet anyone, but the main condition is the presence of a valid passport. decency and tact do not guarantee! nine0003

gay girls, please avoid this page!

Mostly sweet, gentle, devoted... I can change!)

I answer the most popular question: YES, I do knit and really love doing it. BUT(!) I don't need to be asked to tie you something, what an idiocy.

Young people, don't bother, don't offer sex!

nice monogamy looking for monogam)

Old ones! (after 21) Please do not write!

Married men and others like that, looking for themselves without knowing what not to do..

I am who I am! and there's nothing to fix! and generally speaking! I'm scary and terrible! be afraid of me!

don't call me a bitch and a bitch, but the beginning is like "Oh-oh-oh:)you're sexy" don't roll.

Purpose of Acquaintance: To lure, play cat and mouse, tickle your nerves to begin with, and everything else depends on your behavior . ..

Briefly about yourself, then whim, nervousness, bitchiness and psychosis in one bottle.

Profession: A GOOD GIRL IS NOT A PROFESSION! i-brainfuck!

ya, eto ya.nezhny and fragile flower, which can prick, but sexy to the point of horror

I want to find: Normally muzhik!a not a goat who thinks that in pants! Do NOT offer intimacy..

About me: a simple mortal woman...

Profession: "seven-handed eight-member"

Do not offer sex and perverted concepts!

About me: I don't lend money

I want to find: simpotichnogo interesting insolent young man)!

In sex I love: Everything! nine0003

Women profiles

C gray-eyed, attractive Capricorn is looking for a tender Virgo.

I I'm looking for a friend, husband, lover - if all three come, I won't be offended! Waiting for all three, rolled into one!

K th I want to find: Preferably a guy and not preoccupied. ..

Z hello! My name is Raisa. I am 21 years old. If I intrigue you write.

X I want to become happy with an independent, held, adequate, free man with serious intentions. nine0315 About myself: 36/172/54, complex character, mischievous, capricious, spoiled and lazy. I have no real estate or movable property!

M young, healthy, easy-going grandmother 49/170/74 without bad habits and problems is looking for an active, sexy, caring man under 58 without cockroaches and TV for a permanent family life

K unfortunately, I am not a happy owner of enlarged mammary glands and a capacious pelvis, sorry... nine0003

M young, mischievous, agile... Height, cm: 158 Weight, kg: 85

Z Inca meets a man for meetings at the bus station. Financial assistance is required. (joke)


B I am awesome, I am awesome - whoever is lucky.

X ouch! I am a burning brunette, but Russian. And so she dyed her hair blonde. nine0003

B I love sex: that which does not contradict my moral principles.

K How often would I like to have sex: a couple of times in my life if I decide to have a baby

I is what it is, sometimes evil, sometimes a bitch, but kind and sympathetic.

E st f\n, a\m, h\u, but where to find your love?

B mostly sweet, gentle, devoted... I can change!

I a sorceress looking for her magic wand nine0003

B sex I love: messing around

I looking for a guy. Turnkey family: beautiful wife, child and mother-in-law.

O for me: a mere mortal woman...

P tall, unremarkable woman would also like to! Tel. 23-33-44.

C it's easy about me, the main thing is always and in everything to agree with me

K briefly about yourself. Nationality: recorded Russian, mother - Jewish, father - German. So there are a lot of interesting things in my character and appearance... nine0003

O charming chamomile is waiting for a generous bumblebee, who will pollinate her stamen.

K beautiful girls will communicate with beautiful wealthy kings.

I slender, in places toned. I run in the morning. And I would like in the morning warmth and affection!

L I love nature, forest and land. I can create comfort with warmth. I don’t know how to go on with verses, I ask you not to answer from the top!

O for me:
And he sews and knits and won't say a word. nine0315 This is not about me!

I gentle and affectionate cat. In sex, mostly an asset. I'd like to see who I'm messing with.

B the dowa will meet the bean. Maybe unsociable. May be abnormal. Everything is possible. (joke)

M young people under 19 and over 25 please do not disturb, just please do not disturb those for whom the purpose of dating is sex, and who cannot imagine their life without it.
PS: Perverts, please go through the forest! nine0003

B do not write without a photo, I will not answer anyway! And don't offer me any nasty things ...

O more to me: you can write a lot about something, but it is better to know! Do not offer sex, I'm interested in communicating with nice people!
Looking for: Friendship and communication, who knows where our conversation will lead.

P Attractive girl, spectacular blonde, will get acquainted with a man, preferably a doctor, preferably a dermatologist, a specialist in warts. nine0003

M is not quite difficult to describe myself, so I won't do it. But, if someone is interested, then I'll try, maybe it will work out.

X I want to meet an interesting person (who does not want to be bored in his spare time from work). This is all in a good way. Please do not bother me for sexually anxious needs!

I pretty, no bad habits, don't smoke, don't go out, don't work.

P lovely monogamous looking for a monogamous nine0003

O for me: I don't drink, I don't smoke, I faint from the word "ass"!

O you can write a lot of things to yourself, but this is not the fact that this is actually the case :) And I don’t see anything wrong with what was written ... Everything is very understandable ... there is nothing to be afraid of, but it’s worth delving into it carefully ... ..For the very unintelligent

B I love sex: well, I love something, I guess...

F otography, of course, terrible. For some reason, the photographer wanted the head to be parallel to the shoulder. Probably loves the song "Moscow Nights" ... nine0003

K wow I want to find: A young man with a sense of humor and a subtle understanding of women's desires and fantasies (do not misunderstand)

Male profiles

O I surrender to good female hands. He is unpretentious in food, took a walk to the left, was accustomed to the toilet, his salary went home. I have a passport and vaccinations. I respond to a cat, a chick, my sun, etc. The phrase “Mom does it differently!” I don't use. Not neutered. For girls who are not very prone to fullness and not older than 30. (Joke) nine0003

D girls, behave well and modestly. Otherwise, I will! I am a strict uncle - a policeman. And I work from 8 am to 7 pm as a police officer in Pskov.

A a decent cute guy will get acquainted with a cute slim adequate girl

B Former underground fighter and trainer. Currently in business with my brother. Divorced. Daughter is 10 years old. Who will fall in love and take me away from here!

I I'll wait for you, only you come forever ... nine0003

M a man, three times a widower, seventy-five years old is looking for a woman to live together....
р. s: Hobbies - I like picking mushrooms....

B I love sex in general, I can't help it!

H normal in all respects a man wants to get acquainted as crazy!

C tarenki ( after 21 years old) ! Please do not write!

D A girl named Lena, whom I met on October 12 near the Kuzminki station. Your blond hair and red coat is all I have left. Please respond. Vasiliy. nine0003

I divorced, I have a son 8 years old. Other surprises in communication ...

H The four musketeers are looking for their milady to rejoice in their lifetime.

I shu girl opposite floor.

X I want to meet a girl, 25 years old, blonde, height 180 cm, blue eyes, 90-60-90, smart, beautiful. Brief about me - 12 cm nine1106...

I adequate for a family with big buttocks is quite provided, I am looking for a close in spirit and body with joint plans for life, I will surround with care and attention, without a photo I will not answer

O I am looking for a slender beautiful black-haired girl in a green bathing suit who was sunbathing on the Luzanovka beach on September 30th. Give me the towel and your phone number please! There were 3 wolves on the towel.

C senior lieutenant from the subway, a girl in uniform (rank of senior lieutenant), gray (possibly gray-green) eyes, brown-haired, came out to Gagarin, who played a game of views with me. :) I have never had such a worthy opponent :). nine0315 If you accidentally see this ad, then know that I would look into your eyes all my life. Too bad I figured it out when it was already too late.

M a man with refined taste is looking for a girl 92.346 x 61.712 x 93.451. Not a bore .

I I'm looking for the one with which there are no problems in this, like me.

O a lonely man is looking for love, affection, understanding and something to eat.
What to do with me? To love, to feed and not to give to anyone ... nine0003

B be my fair lady and I'll be your knight. Who said that the knights were transferred? Knock on my head. Do you hear? The sound is as if you are knocking on an iron helmet.

I the horse burned down, the horse ran away. And you're all gone and gone...

O graduated from the lyceum, you yourself understand what they do with normal people ...

I I am looking for a woman to realize my sexual fantasies (in a \ m, on a w \ n, with a w \ w).

M it doesn't matter that you love to listen to Joseph Kobzon. Signature: Iosif Kobzon .

P I will roll on the subway. I'll give you gum. Not an oligarch.

L An individual of Caucasian nationality is looking for the same person, of the opposite sex, without children and bad habits. Love in Russian, the details are on the spot.

G ready to become anyone good anyone! If only with housing.

I is not simple, rather I am not complex. In general, I am mentally healthy.

L I love extreme sex. Letters of recommendation are attached.

X I want to get to know each other through a marriage announcement. I will answer the letter with a photo. Landscapes do not send.

I looking for a woman with an active lifestyle. Missionary do not offer.

L people with any mental disorders - do not write to me!!! I'm looking for a guy, a girl, a couple M+F, a couple M+M, a shemale for sex. nine0003

Why do people so often take everything too seriously?

Especially, of course, this applies to the topic and relationships. All these sentiments, pompous words, formulaic phrases, quotations from classical works - don't people get bored of this??

Ask any girl (woman) and she will say that love and relationships are such a sacred topic, it is a sin to take it seriously and that jokes in such matters are absolutely inappropriate ... but at the same time, as a rule, girls agree to proposals of acquaintance only with those who showed originality and managed to cheer them up, and not with those who, on bended knee, quoted Yesenin to them! nine0003

Dating, whatever it may lead to, whatever one may say, refers to the concept of "Entertainment" and "Fun", so only cool dating have a chance of success, and let poetry and serenades under the window remain in the Renaissance and other Middle Ages :) k FUNNY online dating. nine0003

When registering on a dating site, you fill out your personal page, a questionnaire - that's where you need to start shaping your image. From one reading of your profile, a person should understand that communication with you promises him entertainment and a lot of positive emotions. Cool dating profiles collect much more fans than a banal enumeration of their interests.

The main thing here is to call on your own wit to help, and not use hackneyed bearded jokes, otherwise you will fall into the category of “another Petrosyan” from the “Cool guy” category. nine0003

"Purpose of acquaintance":

Regular profile: "Love, relationships"

Boring profile: “I am looking for that very favorite-only-unique”

“Petrosyan's Questionnaire”: “Does your mother need a son-in-law? :)"

Cool profile: "I'm putting together a harem" Nedelka "- Friday is not enough"


Regular profile: "Sports"

Boring questionnaire: "The body is not the main thing - the main thing is the inner world"

"Petrosyan's Questionnaire": "You'll like it, baby;)"

Cool profile: "Apollo, fuck!"

How often would you like to have sex:

Regular questionnaire: "Once a day"

A boring profile: “The main thing is not how much, but with whom. For me, sex is not important - the main thing is the soul!

"Petrosyan's Questionnaire": "100 times in :)" nine1106

Cool profile: "One and a half times a day" (8 out of 10 will not resist and ask “How is it 1.5 times a day?” - a great start for a cool acquaintance and subsequent communication)

Section "Self-portrait" is often ignored, although it is just the same testing ground in order to make yourself a cool dating profile. Examples:

"Favorite literary heroes":

Regular Entry: Sherlock Holmes nine1106

Boring profile: "Gloomy Demon, suffering Werther, furious Don Juan"

"Petrosyan's Questionnaire": "Dunno on the Moon, Gingerbread Man :)"

Cool profile: Kama Sutra Boys

Your favorite toast:

Regular Questionnaire: “For all the good things!”

Boring questionnaire: “For lovely ladies! Standing!

“Petrosyan's Questionnaire”: “To stand in the hut, in the garage and in the bed! :)" nine1106

Cool profile: "For lovely ladies. .. and other mythical creatures" (For all its "beardiness", such a toast will hardly look hackneyed in a woman's eyes, because she probably never heard it in real feasts)

"The most amazing discovery for you":

Regular Questionnaire: "Newspapers cannot be trusted"

Boring questionnaire: “Love is the most beautiful feeling that gives our life true meaning” nine1106

"Petrosyan's Questionnaire": "Opened a bottle of beer :)"

Cool profile: "Helicopters are the souls of dead tanks"

The list is endless!


On any pikaper sites in such topics, you will most likely find an abundant list of formulaic phrases that supposedly "for all occasions" and "suitable for any girl."

However, the old Japanese wisdom says: "If a man asks you for a fish, don't give him a fish, but give him a fishing rod" (something like this, I can’t vouch for verbatim), so I urge you not to copy other people’s phrases, but to try to think creatively yourself. Moreover, those phrases that you dig up on the net will probably already be actively used by everyone who imagines himself a pick-up artist and seducer, so if you start a conversation with them, you will most likely be sent to hell and no cool acquaintance will work .

Moreover, the phrase you start with must be applicable to a particular girl, otherwise you may be suspected of writing the same thing to all the girls, even if you just came up with this phrase.

Proceeding from this, it is best to draw inspiration for cool phrases when meeting with the profile of the girl herself. Better yet, take a look at her "Self-portrait" section (if there is one) and beat one of the points from there in the starting phrase. Even if your first phrase is not very successful and cool, the girl will surely appreciate the fact that you delved into the study of her profile (which she filled out so diligently) right up to the “Self-portrait”, and not corny tempted by her very first swimsuit. nine0003

So, here are a couple of examples from the profiles of girls and options for your cool reaction to them in a welcome message:

In her profile: Looking for: "Sports"

Your phrase: “What does this goal mean – you are a hockey coach and recruit to your team?” (more vulgar: "... are you into wrestling and looking for a sparring partner?" )

In her profile: Education: “Unfinished Higher. Still studying"

Your phrase: “(quote this fad of hers) - And what will you be when you grow up?”

In her profile: "I am looking for - dear, beloved, eternal!"

Your phrase: “Do I look like my dear, beloved, eternal?” (such a cool dating phrase can be considered universal while maintaining a personal touch).


If you go to the profile of a very beautiful girl, you can definitely say that she has plenty of fans, including virtual ones, on the dating site. A clear confirmation of this is the presence of many virtual gifts from other suitors in the profile of such a girl.

There are both "pluses" and "minuses" in this: on the one hand, competition prevents you from attracting attention, but on the other hand, you have a chance to show yourself and your creativity to the fullest, squeezing maximum sympathy out of it in your address. nine0003

The fact is that any such virtual gift can be attached to a couple of phrases that will be visible not only (to the recipient of the gift), but in general to all guests of her page. Therefore, if along with all these sugary "You are gorgeous" and "Bedazzled by your beauty" Yours will appear with a caption like "Sorry, we can't be together...maybe tomorrow?" - this will surely attract the attention of a girl to you and show everyone around who is Dad here nine1070


By the end of the article, I was a little carried away by the lyrics, so sorry in advance if the number of metaphors per square meter of text in this place goes off scale! :)

On the one hand “It is not the place that makes the man, but the man the place” , but on the other hand - "As you call the ship, so it will sail" (although the sailors themselves claim that “Ships do not sail, but go - only g . ..” ).

So, what am I doing? What is the point of looking for cool dating on a site whose very name is boring and boring to the point of gnashing of teeth? What cool acquaintances can be expected from some "I'm looking for a soul" (site name fictitious, all matches are considered random)...?

Therefore, it would be logical if, at the end of my article, I would recommend you a dating site with the coolest (and, mind you, optimistic) name:

I live opposite the cemetery. You will show off - you will live opposite me !!!

Most of the profiles on dating sites are not very original, but some of them contain real pearls and literary masterpieces. Especially people try to describe themselves loved ones and wishes to the one they want to find. Such questionnaires, due to their originality, indicate that a person has a sense of humor and thus are able to attract additional interest. In any case, they are interested! nine0315

Women are mysterious creatures. Why, if she is ready to say YES, she will still say NO first. Probably because if he immediately says YES, then there is nothing to talk about later.

Ø I am not simple, rather I am not complex. In general, I am mentally healthy.

Ø Have you ever met a real man? Here I have not met. If I meet, I’ll hit him on the head, because all the girls in the world are madly wanting to get to know him, dreaming about him day and night. And no one dreams of me and no one dreams. It's a shame, damn it. nine0003

Ø He has retained high moral principles from his youth: I don't give on the first date; I do not allow myself to pay; You don't have to follow me home!

Ø I feel equally good at a social event and in a forest clearing in the company of good robbers. I shoot wonderfully, bake pancakes, jump with a parachute and bawl songs in foreign languages.

Ø If anyone has a question about what I'm doing here, ask yourself first.

Ø In my understanding, magical love is when we love each other all night, and in the morning I disappear. nine0003

Ø I have a family - a wife and children, wonderful grandchildren, but my personal life has not worked out...

Ø I hate vodka and stubbornly destroy it.

Ø I regard those who wink as nervous.

Ø Man: young, handsome, athletic, lonely, smart, charming, cheerful, courageous, wealthy, loyal, without bad habits, I want to... JUST SEE!

Ø Since I refuse to communicate with handsome macho men, and sometimes I just drive them away from me with a filthy broom, I live in harmony with myself. nine0003

Ø With a height of 1.75, I can’t always afford 10 cm heels, since the average height of men does not start from 180, but even from 170. Moreover, if a man is bald, his hair is smooth and (or) smeared with gel, I simply contraindicate high hairstyle. And in order to feel comfortable, and not like Gulliver, a guy with a height of 185 cm or more will suit me. Okay, I'm ready to put on sneakers (not even Nike on a spring) so as not to create unnecessary complexes for a man and make a smooth ponytail.

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