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Dreams Dictionary: Meanings of Dreams

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Abandon, Abbey, Abbess, Abbot, Abdomen, Abhor, Abject, Abode, Abortion, Above, Abroad, Absalom, Absence, Abscess, Absinthe, Abundance, Abuse, Abyss, Academy, Accepted, Accident, Accordion, Accounts, Accuse, Aches, Acid, Acorn, Acquaintance, Acquit, Acrobat, Actor and Actress, Adam and Eve, Adamant, Adder, Addition, Adieu, Admire, Admonish, Adopted, Adultery, Adulation, Advancement, Adversary, Adventurer, Adversity, Advertisement, Advice, Advocate, Afraid, Afternoon, Affliction, Affrighted, Affront, Affluence, Agate, Age, Agony, Ague, Air, Alabaster, Alarm Bell, Album, Ale-house, Alien, Alley, Alligator, Alloy, Almanac, Almonds, Alms, Alms-house, Altar, Alum, Aluminum, Amateur, Ambush, America, Amethyst, Ammonia, Ammunition, Amorous, Amputation, Anchor, Andirons, Anecdote, Angels, Anger, Angling, Annoy, Antelope, Ants, Anvil, Anxiety, Apes, Apparel, Apparition, Apples, Apprentice, Apricot, April, Apron, Arch, Archbishop, Architect, Arm, Aroma, Arrested, Arrow, Art Gallery, Ascend, Asceticism, Ashes, Asia, Asp, Asparagus, Ass, Assassin, Assistance, Asylum, Astral, Atlas, Atonement, Attic, Attorney, Auction, August, Augur, Aunt, Aura, Autumn, Automobile, Author, Awake, Axe,

Baby, Baby Carriages, Bachelor, Back, Back-bite, Backgammon, Bacon, Badger, Bag-Pipe, Bail, Bailiff, Bake-house, Baking, Balcony, Bald, Ball, Ballet, Balloon, Banishment, Bank, Bankrupt, Banana, Banner, Banquet, Bantam, Baptism, Bar, Barber, Barefoot, Barley-field, Barmaid, Barn, Barrel, Barometer, Baseball, Basement, Basin, Basket, Baste, Bass Voice, Bath, Bathroom, Bats, Battle, Bayonet, Bay Tree, Beacon-light, Beads, Beans, Bear, Beard, Beat, Beauty, Beaver, Bedbugs, Bed Fellow, Bed-chamber, Beef, Beer, Bees, Beetles, Beets, Beggar, Beheading, Bier, Belladonna, Bell-man, Bellows, Bells, Belly, Belt, Bench, Bequest, Bereavement, Bet, Bible, Bigamy, Bicycle, Billiards, Birds, Bird's Nest, Birth, Birthday, Birthday Presents, Biscuits, Bishop, Bite, Blackberries, Blackboard, Blacksmith, Bladder, Blanket, Blasphemy, Bleating, Bleeding, Blind, Blindfold, Blind Man's Buff, Blood, Blood Stone, Blossoms, Blows, Blotting Paper, Blushing, Boarding House, Boa-Constrictor, Boasting, Boat, Bobbin, Bog, Boiler, Boils, Bolts, Bomb Shell, Bones, Bonnet, Books, Bookcase, Book Store, Boots, Borrowing, Bosom, Bottles, Bouquet, Bow and Arrow, Box, Bracelet, Brain, Brambles, Brandy, Branch, Brass, Bray, Bread, Break, Breakfast, Breath, Brewing, Briars, Brick, Bride, Bridge, Bridle, Bridle Bits, Brimstone, Bronchitis, Bronze, Brood, Broom, Broth, Brothel, Brothers, Brush, Buckle, Buffalo, Bugle, Bugs, Buildings, Bull, Bulldog, Bullock, Burden, Burr, Burglars, Burial, Buried Alive, Burns, Butcher, Butter, Butterfly, Buttons, Buttermilk, Buzzard,

Cab, Cabbage, Cable, Cabin, Cackle, Cage, Cakes, Calomel, Calves, Called, Calendar, Calm, Calumny, Camera, Cameo Brooch, Camels, Camp, Campaign, Cane, Cancer, Canal, Canary Birds, Candles, Candlestick, Canker, Cannon, Cannon-Ball, Canoe, Candy, Canopy, Cap, Captive, Captain, Cars, Cardinal, Cards, Carnival, Cart, Cartridge, Carving, Carpet, Carpenter, Carriage, Carrot, Cask, Cash, Cash Box, Cashier, Castle, Castor Oil, Castoria, Cats, Catechism, Caterpillar, Cattle, Cathedral, Cauliflower, Cavalry, Cavern or Cave, Cedars, Celestial Signs, Celery, Cellar, Cemetery, Chaff, Chains, Chair, Chair Maker, Chairman, Chalk, Chalice, Challenge, Chamber, Chambermaid, Chameleon, Champion, Chandelier, Chapel, Charity, Charcoal, Chariot, Chastise, Cheated, Checks, Checkers, Cheese, Chemise, Cherries, Cherubs, Chess, Chestnuts, Chickens, Chiffonier, Chilblain, Childbed, Children, Chimes, Chimney, Chocolate, Choir, Cholera, Christ, Christmas Tree, Chrysanthemum, Church, Churchyard, Churning, Cider, Cipher, Circle, Cistern, City, City Council, City Hall, Clams, Clay, Claret, Claret Cup and Punch, Clarionet, Clairvoyance, Clergyman, Climbing, Clock, Cloister, Clothes, Clouds, Clover, Cloven Foot, Club, Coach, Coals, Coal-hod, Coat, Coat-of-Arms, Cocoa, Cocoanut, Cock-Crowing, Cockade, Cocktail, Coca-Cola, Coffin, Coffee, Coffee Mill, Coffee House, Coins, Coke, Coke Oven, Cold, Colonel, Collar, College, Colliery or Coal-Mine, Collision, Combat, Combing, Comedy, Comet, Comic Songs, Command, Commandment, Commerce, Committee, Companion, Compass, Completion, Complexion, Composing, Concert, Concubine, Confectionary, Confetti, Conjurer, Conjuring, Conflagration, Conspiracy, Conscience, Consumption, Contempt, Convent, Convicts, Convicted, Convention, Cooking, Cooking Stove, Cooling Board, Copper, Copperas, Copper Plate, Coppersmith, Copying, Coral, Cornet, Coronation, Cords, Cork, Corn, Corn and Corn-Field, Corns, Corkscrew, Corpse, Cornmeal, Corner, Corpulence, Corset, Cossack, Cot, Cotton, Cotton Cap, Cotton Cloth, Cotton Gin, Couch, Cough, Counter, Counterfeit Money, Counselor, Countenance, Counterpane, Counting, Country, Courtship, Cousin, Cows, Cowslip, Coxcomb, Cradle, Crabs, Crane, Crape, Crawfish, Crawl, Cream, Credit, Creek, Cremate, Crew, Cricket, Cries, Criminal, Crippled, Crochet Work, Crockery, Crocodile, Cross, Cross-bones, Cross Roads, Croup, Crow, Crowd, Crown, Crucifixion, Crucifix, Cruelty, Crust, Crutches, Crying, Crystal, Cuckoo, Cucumber, Cunning, Cupboard, Curbstone, Currycomb, Currying a Horse, Curtains, Cushion, Cuspidor, Custard, Custom-house, Cut, Cymbal,

Dagger, Dahlia, Dairy, Daisy, Damask Rose, Damson, Dance, Dancing Master, Dandelion, Danger, Dark, Dates, Daughter, Daughter-in-law, David, Day, Daybreak, Dead, Death, Debt, December, Deck, Decorate, Deed, Deer, Delay, Delight, Demand, Dentist, Derrick, Desert, Desk, Despair, Detective, Devotion, Devil, Dew, Diadem, Diamonds, Dice, Dictionary, Difficulty, Digging, Dinner, Dirt, Disaster, Disease, Disgrace, Dish, Disinherited, Dispute, Distaff, Distance, Ditch, Diving, Dividend, Divining Rods, Divorce, Docks, Doctor, Dogs, Dolphin, Dome, Dominoes, Donkey, Doomsday, Door, Door Bell, Doves, Dowry, Dragon, Drama, Dram-drinking, Draw-knife, Dressing, Drinking, Driving, Dromedary, Dropsy, Drouth, Drowning, Drum, Drunk, Ducks, Duet, Dulcimer, Dumb, Dun, Dungeon, Dunghill, Dusk, Dust, Dwarf, Dye, Dying, Dynamite, Dynamo,

Eagles, Ears, Earrings, Earthquake, Earwig, Eating, Ebony, Echo, Eclipse, Ecstasy, Education, Eel, Eggs, Elbows, Elderberries, Election, Electricity, Elephant, Elevator, Elixir of Life, Elopement, Eloquent, Embalming, Embankment, Embarrassment, Embrace, Embroidery, Emerald, Emperor, Employee, Employment, Empress, Enchantment, Encyclopedia, Enemy, Engagement, Engine, Engineer, English, Entertainment, Entrails, Envelope, Envy, Epaulet, Epicure, Epidemic, Ermine, Errands, Escape, Estate, Europe, Eve, Evening, Evergreen, Exchange, Execution, Exile, Explosion, Eye, Eyebrows, Eyeglass,

Fables, Face, Failure, Fainting, Fair, Fairy, Faithless, Fakir, Falcon, Fall, Fame, Famine, Famish, Family, Fan, Farewell, Farm, Fat, Fates, Father, Father-in-law, Fatigue, Favor, Fawn, Fears, Feast, Feather, February, Feeble, Feet, Fence, Ferns, Ferry, Festival, Fever, Fiddle, Field, Fiend, Fife, Figs, Figure, Filbert, File, Fingers, Finger-nails, Fire, Firebrand, Fire Budget, Fire-engine, Fireman, Fireworks, Firmament, Fish, Fisherman, Fishhooks, Fish Market, Fish-net, Fish-pond, Fits, Flag, Flame, Flax, Flax Spinning, Fleas, Fleet, Flies, Flight, Floating, Floods, Flour, Flower, Flute, Flux, Flying, Flying Machine, Fly-paper, Fly-trap, Foal, Fog, Foot-log, Forest, Forehead, Fork, Form, Forsaking, Fort, Fortress, Fortune-telling, Fountain, Fowl, Fox, Fraud, Freckles, Friend, Frightened, Frogs, Frost, Fruit, Fruit Seller, Funeral, Furnace, Furs, Future,

Gaiter, Gallows, Gambling-house, Game, Gangrene, Gaol, Garbage, Garden, Garlic, Garret, Garter, Gas, Gas Lamps, Gasoline, Gate, Gauze, Gavel, Geese, Gems, Genealogical Tree, Geography, Ghost, Giant, Gift, Gig, Girdle, Girls, Glass, Glass-blower, Glass House, Gleaning, Gloomy, Gloves, Goat, Goblet, God, Goggles, Gold, Goldfish, Gold Leaves, Golf, Gong, Gooseberries, Gossip, Gout, Gown, Grain, Grammar, Gramophone, Grandparents, Grapes, Grass, Grasshopper, Grave, Gravel, Gravy, Grease, Greek, Greyhound, Grindstone, Groans, Groceries, Grotto, Guardian, Guitar, Gulls, Gun, Gutter, Gymnast,

Haggard, Hail, Hair, Hair-dresser, Hairy Hands, Halter, Ham, Hammer, Hand, Handbills, Handcuffs, Handkerchiefs, Handsome, Handwriting, Hanging, Hare, Harem, Harlequin, Harlot, Harness, Harp, Harvest, Hash, Hassock, Hat, Hatchet, Hate, Hawk, Hay, Head, Headgear, Hearse, Heart, Heat, Heather Bells, Heaven, Hedges, Heir, Hell, Helmet, Hemp, Hemp Seed, Hen, Herbs, Hermit, Herring, Hide, Hidden, Hieroglyphs, High School, High Tide, Hills, Hips, Hissing, History, Hives, Hoe, Hogs, Holiday, Holy Communion, Home, Hominy, Homesick, Homicide, Honey, Honeysuckle, Hood, Hook, Hoop, Hops, Horn, Hornet, Horoscope, Horse, Horseshoe, Horseradish, Horse-trader, Hospital, Hotel, Hounds, House, Housekeeper, Hugging, Humidity, Hunchback, Hunger, Hunting, Hurt, Hurricane, Husband, Hut, Hyacinth, Hydrophobia, Hyena, Hymns, Hypocrite, Hyssop,

Ice, Ice Cream, Icicles, Ideal, Idiot, Idle, Idols, Illness, Illumination, Image, Imitation, Implements, Imps, Inauguration, Incantation, Incest, Incoherent, Income, Increase, Independent, India Rubber, Indifference, Indigo, Indigestion, Indistinct, Indulgence, Industry, Infants, Infirmary, Infirmities, Influence, Inheritance, Injury, Ink, Ink-stand, Inn, Inquest, Inquisition, Insane, Inscription, Insolvent, Intemperance, Intercede, Intermarry, Interpreter, Intestine, Intoxication, Inundation, Invalid, Invective, Inventor, Invite, Iron, Ironing, Island, Itch, Ivory, Ivy,

Jackdaw, Jam, Janitor, January, Jar, Jasper, Jaundice, Javelin, Jaws, Jay-bird, Jealousy, Jelly, Jessamine, Jester, Jew, Jewelry, Jewels, Jew's-harp, Jockey, Jolly, Journey, Journeyman, Joy, Jubilee, Judge, Judgment Day, Jug, July, Jumping, Jumping-jack, June, Juniper, Jury, Justice,

Kaleidoscope, Kangaroo, Keg, Kettle, Key, Keyhole, Kid, Kidneys, Killing, King, Kiss, Kitchen, Kite, Kitten, Knapsack, Knee, Knife, Knife Grinder, Knitting, Knocker, Knocking, Knots, Krishna,

Label, Labor, Laboratory, Labyrinth, Lace, Ladder, Ladle, Lagoon, Lake, Lamb, Lame, Lament, Lamp, Lamp-post, Lance, Land, Landau, Lantern, Lap, Lap-dog, Lap-robe, Lard, Lark, Latch, Latin, Laudanum, Laughing, Laundry, Laurel, Law and Lawsuits, Lawns, Lawyer, Lazy, Lead, Leaking, Leaping, Learning, Leather, Leaves, Ledger, Leeches, Leeward, Legerdemain, Legislature, Legs, Lemonade, Lemons, Lending, Lentil, Leopard, Letter, Letter-carrier, Letter-file, Lettuce, Liar, Library, Lice, License, Life-boat, Life-insurance Man, Light, Lighthouse, Lightning, Lightning-rod, Lily, Lime, Lime-kiln, Limes, Limp, Linen, Linseed Oil, Lion, Lips, Liquor, Liver, Lizard, Load, Loadstone, Loaves, Lobster, Lock, Locket, Lockjaw, Locomotive, Locust, Lodger, Looking-glass, Loom, Lord's Prayer, Lottery, Louse, Love, Lovely, Lozenges, Lucky, Luggage, Lumber, Lute, Luxury, Lying, Lyre,

Macadamize, Macaroni, Machinery, Mad Dog, Madness, Madstone, Magic, Magistrate, Magnet, Magnifying-glass, Magpie, Malice, Mallet, Malt, Man, Manners, Man-of-war, Mansion, Manslaughter, Mantilla, Manufactory, Manure, Manuscript, Map, Marble, March, Mare, Marigold, Mariner, Market, Marmalade, Marmot, Marriage, Mars, Marsh, Martyr, Mask, Mason, Masquerade, Mast, Master, Mat, Match, Matting, Mattress, Mausoleum, May, May Bugs, Meadow, Meals, Measles, Meat, Mechanic, Medal, Medicine, Melancholy, Melon, Memorandum, Memorial, Menagerie, Mendicant, Mending, Mercury, Merry, Meshes, Message, Metamorphose, Mice, Microscope, Midwife, Mile-post, Milk, Milking, Mill, Mill-dam, Millet, Mine, Mineral, Mineral Water, Mining, Minister, Minuet, Minx, Mire, Mirror, Miser, Mist, Mistletoe, Mocking-bird, Models, Molasses, Moles, Money, Monk, Monkey, Monster, Moon, Morgue, Morning, Morocco, Mortgage, Morose, Mortification, Moses, Mosquito, Moss, Moth, Mother, Mother-in-law, Mountain, Mourning, Mouse, Mouse-trap, Mud, Muff, Mulberries, Mule, Murder, Muscle, Museum, Music, Musical Instruments, Mushroom, Musk, Mussels, Mustache, Mustard, Mute, Myrrh, Myrtle, Mystery,

Nails, Naked, Napkin, Navy, Nearsighted, Neck, Necklace, Necromancer, Need, Needle, Neighbor, Nephew, Nest, Nets, Nettles, News, Newspaper, Newspaper Reporter, New Year, Niece, Night, Nightmare, Nightingale, Ninepins, Nobility, Noise, Noodles, Nose, Notary, November, Numbness, Numbers, Nuns, Nuptial, Nurse, Nursing, Nuts, Nutmegs, Nymph, Oak, Oar,

Oath, Oatmeal, Oats, Obedience, Obelisk, Obituary, Obligation, Observatory, Occultist, Ocean, October, Oculist, Odd-Fellow, Odor, Offense, Offering, Office, Offspring, Oil, Oilcloth, Ointment, Old Man, or Woman, Olives, Omelet, Omnibus, One-Eyed, Onions, Opera, Opium, Opulence, Oranges, Orang-utang, Orator, Orchard, Orchestra, Organ, Organist, Ornament, Orphan, Ostrich, Otter, Ottoman, Oven, Overcoat, Over-alls, Owl, Ox, Oysters, Oyster Shells

Pacify, Packet, Page, Pagoda, Pail, Pain, Paint and Painting, Palace, Palisade, Pall, Pall-bearer, Pallet, Palmistry, Palm Tree, Palsy, Pancake, Pane of Glass, Panorama, Panther, Pantomime, Paper or parchment, Parables, Paradise, Paralysis, Parasol, Parcel, Pardon, Parents, Park, Parrot, Parsley, Parsnips, Parting, Partner, Partnership, Partridge, Party, Passenger, Passing Bell, Password, Pasteboard, Pastry, Patch, Patent, Patent Medicine, Path, Paunch, Pauper, Pawn-shop, Peaches, Peacock, Pearls, Pears, Peas, Pebbles, Pecans, Pelican, Pen, Penalties, Pencil, Penitentiary, Penny, Pension, People, Pepper, Peppermint, Perfume, Perspiration, Pest, Petticoat, Pewter, Phantom, Pheasant, Phosphorus, Photography, Physician, Piano, Pickaxe, Pickles, Pickpocket, Picnic, Pictures, Pier, Pies, Pig, Pigeon, Pilgrim, Pill, Pillow, Pimple, Pincers, Pineapple, Pine Tree, Pins, Pipe, Pirate, Pistol, Pit, Pitcher, Pitchfork, Plague, Plain, Plane, Planet, Plank, Plaster, Plate, Play, Pleasure, Plow, Plums, Pocket, Pocketbook, Poinard, Poison, Poker, Polar Bear, Pole-cat, Police, Polishing, Politician, Polka, Pomegranate, Pond, Pony, Poor, Poor-house, Pope, Poplars, Poppies, Porcelain, Porch, Porcupine, Pork, Porpoise, Porter, Portfolio, Portrait, Postage, Postman, Post-office, Pot, Potatoes, Potter, Potter's Field, Poultry, Powder, Prairie, Prayer, Preacher, Precipice, Pregnancy, Present, Priest, Primrose, Printer, Printing Office, Prison, Privacy, Prize Fight, Prize Fighter, Procession, Profanity, Profits, Promenade, Property, Prostitute, Publican, Publisher, Puddings, Puddle, Pulpit, Pulse, Pump, Punch, Pup, Purchases, Purse, Putty, Pyramid,

Quack Doctor, Quack Medicine, Quadrille, Quagmire, Quail, Quaker, Quarantine, Quarrel, Quarry, Quartette, Quay, Queen, Question, Quicksand, Quills, Quilts, Quinine, Quinsy, Quoits,

Rabbit, Raccoon, Race, Rack, Racket, Radish, Raffle, Raft, Rage, Railing, Railroad, Rain, Rainbow, Raisins, Rake, Ram, Ramble, Ramrod, Ransom, Rapids, Raspberry, Rat, Rat-trap, Rattan Cane, Rattle, Raven, Razor, Reading, Reapers, Reception, Refrigerator, Register, Reindeer, Religion, Rent, Reprieve, Reptile, Rescue, Resign, Resurrection, Resuscitate, Revelation, Revenge, Revival, Revolver, Rheumatism, Rhinestones, Rhinoceros, Rhubarb, Rib, Ribbon, Rice, Riches, Riddles, Ride, Riding School, Ring, Ringworms, Riot, Rising, Rival, River, Road, Roast, Rocket, Rocking-chair, Rocks, Rogue, Rogue's Gallery, Roman Candle, Roof, Roof Corner, Rooks, Rooster, Roots, Ropes, Rosebush, Rosemary, Roses, Rosette, Rouge, Roundabout, Rowboat, Rubber, Rubbish, Ruby, Rudder, Ruins, Rum, Running, Rupture, Rust, Rye, Rye Bread,

Saddle, Safe, Saffron, Sage, Sailing, Sailor, Salad, Salmon, Salt, Saltpeter, Salve, Samples, Sand, Sanskrit, Sapphire, Sardines, Sardonyx, Sash, Satan, Sausage, Saw, Sawdust, Scabbard, Scaffold, Scaldhead, Scalding, Scales, Scandal, Scarcity, Scarlet Fever, Sceptre, School, School Teacher, Scissors, Scorpion, Scrap-book, Scratch, Scratch Head, Screech-owl, Screw, Sculptor, Scum, Scythe, Sea, Sea Foam, Seal, Seamstress, Seaport, Seat, Secret Order, Seducer, Seed, Sentry, Serenade, Serpents, Servant, Sewing, Shakers, Shaking Hands, Shakspeare, Shampoo, Shanty, Shark, Shave, Shaving, Shawl, Shears, Sheaves, Sheep, Sheet Iron, Shells, Shelter, Shelves, Shepherd, Sheriff, Ship, Shirt, Shirt-studs, Shoemaker, Shoes, Shooting, Shop, Shot, Shotgun, Shoulder, Shovel, Shower, Shrew, Shroud, Sickness, Side, Siege, Sieve, Sigh, Silk, Silkworm, Silver, Single, Singing, Skate, Skeleton, Skull, Sky, Slander, Slaughter-house, Sleep, Sleigh, Sliding, Slighted, Slippers, Smallpox, Smoke, Snakes, Snail, Sneeze, Snouts, Snow, Snuff, Soap, Socialist, Soda Fountain, Son, Soot, Sold, Soldiers, Somnambulist, Sorcerer, Sores, Soul, Soup, Sovereign, Sowing, Spade, Sparrow, Spectacles, Spice, Spider, Spider-web, Spinning, Spirit or Specter, Spitting, Spleen, Splendor, Splinter, Sponges, Spools, Spoons, Spring, Spur, Spy, Spy-glass, Squall, Squinting, Squirrel, Stable, Stag, Stage Driver, Stain, Stairs, Stall, Stallion, Stammer, Standard-bearer, Stars, Starving, Statues, Stealing, Steeple, Steps, Step-sister, Stethoscope, Sticks, Stillborn, Stilts, Sting, Stockings, Stone, Stone Mason, Storage Battery, Store, Storm, Straw, Strawberries, Street, Street-poster, Struggling, Stumble, Stumps, Suckle, Suffocating, Sugar-tongs, Suicide, Sulphur, Sun, Sunshade, Surgeon, Surgical Instruments, Swallow, Swamp, Swan, Swearing, Sweeping, Sweetheart, Sweet Oil, Sweet Taste, Swelling, Swiss Cheese, Switch, Sword, Sybil, Symphony, Syringe,

Table, Tacks, Tadpole, Tail, Tailor, Talisman, Talking, Tallow, Tambourine, Tank, Tannery, Tape, Tapestry, Tapeworm, Tar, Tarantula, Target, Tassels, Tattoo, Taxes, Tea, Teacups, Teakettle, Tears, Teasing, Teeth, Telegram, Telephone, Telescope, Tempest, Temptation, Tenant, Tenpins, Tent, Terror, Text, Thatch, Thaw, Theater, Thermometer, Thief, Thigh, Thimble, Thirst, Thorns, Thread, Threshing, Throat, Throne, Thumb, Thunder, Tickle, Ticks, Tiger, Till, Timber, Tipsy, Toad, Tobacco, Tocsin, Toddy, Tomatoes, Tomb, Tongue, Toothless, Tooth-picks, Topaz, Tops, Torch, Tornado, Torrent, Torture, Tourist, Tower, Toys, Trade, Tragedy, Train, Traitor, Transfiguration, Trap, Traveling, Tray, Treasures, Trees, Trenches, Triangle, Tripe, Triplets, Trophy, Trousers, Trout, Trowel, Trumpet, Trunk, Truss, Trusts, Tub, Tumble, Tunnel, Turf, Turkey, Turkish Baths, Turnips, Turpentine, Turquoise, Turtle, Tweezers, Twine, Twins, Type, Typhoid, Ugly, Ulcer,

Umbrella, Uncle, Underground, Undress, Unfortunate, Uniform, United States Mail Box, Unknown, Urgent, Urinal, Urine, Urn, Usurer, Usurper,

Vaccinate, Vagrant, Valentine, Valley, Vapor Bath, Varnishing, Vase, Vat, Vatican, Vault, Vegetables, Vehicle, Veil, Vein, Velvet, Veneer, Ventriloquist, Veranda, Vermin, Vertigo, Vessels, Vexed, Vicar, Vice, Victim, Victory, Village, Vine, Vinegar, Vineyard, Violence, Violets, Violin, Viper, Virgin, Visit, Visions, Vitriol, Voice, Volcano, Vomit, Vote, Voucher, Vow, Voyage, Vultures,

Wading, Wadding, Wafer, Wager, Wages, Wagon, Wagtail, Waif, Wail, Waist and Shirt-Waist, Waiter, Wake, Walking, Walking Stick, Wallet, Walls, Walnut, Waltz, Want, War, Wardrobe, Warehouse, Warrant, Warts, Washboard, Wash-bowl, Washer Woman, Washing, Wasp, Waste, Watch, Water, Water-carrier, Waterfall, Water Lily, Waves, Wax Taper, Way, Wealth, Weasel, Weather, Weaving, Web, Wedding, Wedding Clothes, Wedding Ring, Wedge, Wedlock, Weeding, Weeping, Weevil, Weighing, Well, Welcome, Welsh Rarebits, Wet, Wet Nurse, Whale, Whalebone, Wheat, Wheels, Whetstone, Whip, Whirlpool, Whirlwind, Whisky, Whispering, Whistle, White Lead, White Moth, Whitewash, Widow, Wife, Wig, Wild, Wild Man, Will, Willow, Wind, Windmill, Window, Wine, Wine-cellar, Wine-glass, Wings, Winter, Wire, Wisdom, Witch, Witness, Wizard, Wolf, Women, Wooden Shoe, Woods, Wood-pile, Wool, Work, Work house, Workshop, Worms, Wound, Wreath, Wrecks, Writing,

Yacht, Yankee, Yard Stick, Yarn, Yawning, Yearn, Yellow Bird, Yew Tree, Yield, Yoke, Young,

Zebra, Zenith, Zephyr, Zinc

What Your Dreams Actually Mean, According to Science

If dreams were movies, they wouldn’t make a dime. They’re often banal, frequently fleeting and they’re screened for an audience of just one. As for the storyline? You’re in a supermarket, only it’s also Yankee Stadium, shopping with your second-grade teacher until she turns into Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then you both shoot a bear in the cereal aisle. Somebody call rewrite.

But dreams are vastly more complex than that, and if you’ve got a theory that explains them, have at it. The ancient Egyptians thought of dreams as simply a different form of seeing, with trained dreamers serving as seers to help plan battles and make state decisions. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that dreams were equal parts predictions of future events and visitations by the dead.

Sigmund Freud considered dreaming an expression of repressed conflicts or desires, which were — no surprise, this being Freud — often sexual in nature. Carl Jung took a more rigorous approach, explaining dreams as a sort of “shaped energy,” inchoate emotions or thoughts released by the deep subconscious and entrained into narratives by higher regions of the brain. Modern psychologists and neurologists, armed with imaging equipment including PET scans and MRIs, have taken things to a deeper and more technical level, speculating that dreaming is the brain’s way of dumping excess data, consolidating important information, keeping us alert to danger and more.

But why do dreams take the particular shape they do? Why do you keep dreaming about having to cram for finals years after you graduated from college? Why do you dream about flying, or being chased by a wild animal, or showing up at that always-embarrassing party with your always-absent pants? And why are there dreams so stark or bizarre or seemingly perverse that you will carry them to your grave rather than revealing so much as a single detail about them to anyone in the world?

The least glamorous explanation for any dream is that it serves as a sort of data dump — a clearing of the day’s useless memories and a caching of the valuable ones. Researchers had long suspected that that process, if it exists, plays out between the hippocampus — which controls memory — and the neocortex, which governs higher order thought.

A 2007 study at the Max Planck Medical Institute in Heidelberg, Germany helped confirm that theory: working with anesthetized mice, the researchers found that as the neocortex fires during sleep, it signals various regions in the hippocampus to upload whatever information they’ve been holding in short-term storage. The hippocampus is then cleared to gather more the next day, while the neocortex decides what to transfer to long-term memory and what to discard. As that data streams by on the computer screen of the sleeping mind, some of it gets snatched up and randomly stitched into the crazy quilt of dreams, which often only vaguely resemble the literal content of the information.

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Justice Ginsburg and the bear, say, may come to mind as your brain examines and discards a scrap of news it picked up about the Supreme Court and the Department of the Interior. Most of this evanescent imagery — an estimated 90% — we don’t recall, which is consistent with the idea of dreaming as purging. “We dream to forget,” wrote Nobel laureate Francis Crick in 1984.

Crick, who is best known and most celebrated as the co-discoverer of DNA, improbably became something of a leading thinker — or at least leading provocateur — in dream theory, and what was colloquially known as his “garbage disposal theory” of dreaming attracted a lot of believers into the 1990s. But most contemporary dream theorists believe things are not quite so simple. For starters, a century of experience with talk therapy has shown that far from benefitting from forgetting all of our dreams, we often get a great deal out of reflecting on and analyzing them.

“It’s not a huge, dramatic effect but it certainly seems like paying attention to your dreams can have positive effects,” says Harvard University psychologist Deirdre Barrett, author of The Committee of Sleep. That’s not to say that dreams don’t involve a certain amount of data sorting and clearing. “This idea that information is being processed, I think does have validity. We’re sorting things into categories, comparing them to other events, considering information that we would suppress during the day.”

Another view of dreaming comes from cognitive neuroscientist Antti Revonsuo of Sweden’s University of Skövde, who has proposed what he calls the Threat Simulation Theory, arguing that the brain responds to potential future danger by running what amount to fire drills while we sleep just to keep us sharp. That may be the source of the persistent dream about failing to study for finals — with finals as a stand-in for a presentation you have to write for work in your adult life. Dreaming about losing some or all of your teeth — reported by a surprising number of respondents in studies — appears to be about anxiety over saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment. It may also be about bodily deterioration — something we all fear even in childhood.

The fact that the same dream themes occur across different populations and radically different cultures is not all that unexpected, since what human beings have in common is often far deeper and more primal than what we don’t. “We share a lot of genetic programming, so even modern humans continue to be concerned about large animals with big teeth,” says Barrett. “The idea of nudity as social exposure seems universal too, even in tribes that wear very little. In most cultures inappropriate clothing means shame.”

A far more productive function of dreaming is problem-solving, as the sleeping brain continues to work on jobs the waking mind handled during the day. In one 2010 study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, 99 people were administered a task that required them to navigate through a three-dimensional maze. During the course of their practice sessions, they were given a 90-minute break. Some were asked to engage in quiet activities like reading; others were were instructed to try to take a nap. Those who did nap and who happened to dream about the maze showed a ten-fold improvement on the task in the next session compared to the other subjects. Something similar happens when students are studying for a test and find they have a better mastery over the material after a night’s sleep, especially if they dreamed even indirectly about what they’d been learning.

“I often think of dreaming as simply thinking in a different biochemical state,” Barrett says.

Finally — give Freud his due — there are dreams that appear to be strictly wish-fulfillment. Dreams about flying may represent a desire for freedom. Dreams about finding new rooms in your home may express a desire for opportunity or novelty. And as for sex dreams? Often as not they’re about, um, sex. (The brain doesn’t always make things difficult.)

Our nights would likely be quieter and our sleep more serene if we didn’t dream at all, or at least didn’t dream so much. But our minds would not be as rich nor our brains as nimble nor our wishes so often fulfilled — if only in vivid fantasy. The screening room of the sleeping brain may sometimes wear you out, but like all good theaters, it will rarely leave you bored.

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What dreams mean from the point of view of psychology


Know yourself Listen to your body


Attack, persecution

Both men and women see such dreams. Often, childhood nightmares are associated with attacks and chases, which are remembered for a lifetime. What might be behind them?

The attacker may be a reflection of a fear hidden within us or a desire that is suppressed by our ego while we are awake.

Or a threat in a dream may be a reflection of some real danger

Finally, such dreams may be echoes of instincts inherited from primitive ancestors, who had to be on their guard all the time and be wary of attacks by large predators.

2. Educational institutions, teachers

Our survey mainly involved students for whom the problem of education was particularly relevant (moreover, for women, to a greater extent). Such dreams are typical not only for our era: there is evidence that in ancient China, similar nightmares were dreamed of by those who were preparing for state exams, on which the entire subsequent fate of a person depended.

3. Sex

It turned out that men have dreams of sexual content more often than women. It is difficult to say whether these differences are innate or whether they arise as a result of upbringing and the influence of society and the environment.

It is possible that culture suppresses women's sexuality, and because of this, they are less likely to have such dreams

Modern research is not yet ready to give an unambiguous answer to these questions. Perhaps in such dreams, our biological instinct for reproduction and the problems that we face in trying to realize it under the conditions of the moral restrictions that society imposes are manifested.

4. Falling

We dream about falling much more often than flying. It is highly likely that such dreams are associated with a sharp drop in the level of neurotransmitters (chemicals through which impulses are transmitted from one neuron to another) in the brain when the sleep phase changes.

But in addition to physiological reasons, dreams about falling can also have a symbolic meaning, reflecting sudden changes, destruction of the usual way of life, losses and psychological trauma. Occasionally, in such a dream, a fall can develop into a global catastrophe, an apocalypse, the collapse of the whole world.

5. Repeated attempts to do something

Sometimes the sleeping mind seems to get stuck thinking about something. This usually refers to situations from real life that cause stress. Often at the same time, we experience unpleasant sensations: discontent, fear, a feeling of powerlessness.

There may be a physiological reason for this - paralysis of the muscles that occurs during sleep

But in addition, such a dream reflects a deep-seated fear of falling into a vicious circle, which we cannot get out of, despite our best efforts. This fear is at the heart of the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus. For a modern person, such a feeling of existential horror can be caused, for example, by work, study, personal relationships.

Meanwhile, from the point of view of Buddhism, such dreams can be regarded as a spiritual revelation, showing the true essence of our attachments as a source of suffering.

About the author: Kelly Bulkeley is a psychologist who studies dreams.

Text: Nikolai Protsenko Photo Source: Getty Images

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9 most common dreams and their meaning


According to Soviet brochures: dogs in a dream are friends; cats are enemies; cockroaches - for money. Stop! Everyone has their cockroaches. And if today they appeared as a friendly company in dreams to three million people on the planet, then some will indeed bring a fortune, others - problems with their neighbors, the third - employees of the sanitary and epidemiological service. Remember: the devil is in the details. And interpreting all dreams “one size fits all” is a thankless task. Nevertheless, let's not pretend - similar dreams are dreamed by all people on the planet for a reason and they really have something in common. The proof was presented by Briton Ian Wallace. The psychologist studied more than 200,000 nightly dreams of his clients to isolate frequently recurring themes and determine their meaning. Here is the conclusion he came to.

Sleep: you are falling

A dream associated with a fall is a “bell” of the nervous system: a person is faced with regular overloads or feels that some situation in life is getting out of his control. Another popular interpretation is the feeling of insecurity and vulnerability. Wallace suggests that the true guideline in the interpretation of any dream is your feelings. If you dive into the abyss or jump off a cliff with a smile of happiness on your face, it means that the changes taking place in your life do not scare you at all. The psychologist notes that a fall is also a favorite “script” of people in love at the initial stage of a relationship: you experience a strong feeling, attraction to another person and are ready to surrender to him completely, although you may not really know him yet.

Sleep: you lost your voice

This may not just be a vision, but the real effect of "sleep paralysis". Physiologically, the vast majority of people are indeed partially immobilized during sleep (unlike lunatics). It happens that a sleeping person falls into the trap of consciousness: wakes up in REM sleep, unable to move, speak and, in some cases, even breathe. A similar disorder occurs in 7% of people on the planet, but at least once in a lifetime everyone can experience the state of sleep paralysis.

Dream: you are naked

A dream in which a person finds himself completely naked in a public place is accompanied by an inner feeling of shame and disgrace, which he experiences in real life. And often this is due to the erroneous accusations that you received in your address. It is important to remember your feelings at this moment: if in a dream you are completely naked, but you do not feel any discomfort, the interpretation may be the opposite. Perhaps you strive to be in the public eye, to achieve recognition and admiration from others.

Dream: your teeth are falling out

On the surface - a rather banal concern for appearance, concern that others may find you unattractive. However, this dream has a deeper meaning. First, answer the question: “Are you an anxious person?” The stress and feelings that accumulate inside often find a “painful” outlet in our dreams. Psychologists interpret this "sketch" as helplessness, shattered power (at the level of the conflict between fathers and children or boss - subordinate) . .. This also applies to communication: a dream eloquently emphasizes the difficulties in communicating with someone. Another psychologist, Lauren Lawrence, who writes a dream column for the New York Daily News, insists that teeth that have fallen out symbolize a woman's desire to become pregnant. Our advice to you: play it safe and go to the dentist just in case.

Dream: someone is chasing you

A terrible monster, a maniac or a serial killer... Horror that breathes hard down your back and follows on your heels can symbolize debt (take a large loan - nightmares can become more frequent) or addiction ( alcohol, for example). Psychologists suggest that such dreams are seen more often by those who in real life are used to running away from difficult situations instead of nullifying them. And the only way to get rid of the night monster is to learn how to solve problems.

Dream: you are a big boss

CEO, president, king, sheikh, dictator or, who knows, the new messiah. .. How many times in a dream did you try on a solid title? Crown does not press? On the surface - a banal thirst for power and a dream of a high position. Moreover, often resting on their laurels in a dream is not ambitious careerists and athletes a step away from the pedestal, but those who thus compensate (or cover up) their own impotence.

Dream: you are flying

Since childhood, our parents told us: if you fly in your sleep, you will grow. Who, after these words, did not run in the morning with a ruler to the home height meter to make another victorious "notch"? Meanwhile, this dream has a more meaningful interpretation. By flight, we mean freedom - we have enough strength and determination to take on some business alone. You are unhindered in your pursuit of the lofty goals you have set for yourself. Ahead is the next important stage in life.

Dream: a loved one is cheating on you

Dreaming of a partner's infidelity has nothing to do with cheating in real life.

Learn more