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Depression & Mental Health Tattoo Ideas: 50+ Designs & Meanings

Over 50 interesting depression & mental health tattoo ideas to showcase your state of mind. Only quality photos and trusted explanations.

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Today’s world is very dynamic and fast-paced, which brings many advantages. But we should not forget that such conditions are the reasons for the development of stress and even depression.

Even though depression is a very negative aspect of life, you should not shy away from it and accumulate it in yourself. You can demonstrate your condition on your body by getting a depressive tattoo. Also, you can even challenge depression by getting an anti-depression tattoo. More than 50 unique tattoo ideas we have collected for you in this article.

Widespread Depression Tattoo Designs to Be Inspired

According to psychologists, you should not cope with depression and life’s difficulties alone. So you accumulate all the bad energy and thoughts in yourself, driving yourself into depression even more.

We suggest that you splash out your condition in the form of an image on your body. The most popular depression tattoo designs are:

  • ⥤ Noise in the head,
  • ⥤ Tattoos with clouds,
  • ⥤ The theme of fatigue and workload,
  • ⥤ Skeletons tattoos,
  • ⥤ Tattoo ideas with text,
  • ⥤ Tattoos with masks ideas,
  • ⥤ Minimalistic tattoo designs, 
  • ⥤ Tattoos with brain images.

Noise in the Head Tattoo Ideas

Psychologists say that all problems begin with our thinking. So the cause of depression is most often our thoughts. Above are original tattoo ideas with images of noise in the head 😵‍, which distracts from life by concentrating attention on problems.

Depressive Tattoo Designs with Clouds

An equally unique and interesting idea is clouds or fog in the head ☁️. More often than not, such images on the body carry a depressive meaning due to menacing clouds with rain. Such a tattoo demonstrates the sad and detached state of its owner.

Tattoos Sketches on the Theme of Fatigue and Workload

The most common cause of depression is a high workload that causes fatigue 😣. Stay in control of your life by taking care of proper rest. Then no “rock” will pull you down.

A symbol of depression can also be a red hand of the devil 😈, which seems to take you captive, depriving you of any strength and energy.

Depressive Skeleton Tattoos

Very often skulls are chosen for depressive tattoo designs. In the traditional interpretation of the tattoo skull means:

  • 💀 Death,
  • 💀 Sacrifice,
  • 💀 The struggle with death,
  • 💀 Forgiveness.

Also, the skull in the tattoo world can be perceived and interpreted as a place of preservation of the soul. Therefore, it is often used to reflect the state of the soul through the tattoo.

Depression Tattoo Ideas with Text

Tattoos with text are common in a variety of themes and meanings. With such tattoos, a person usually wants to directly demonstrate their message to the world. Such tattoo designs are ideal for confident and brave people.

Tattoo Designs with the Idea of Masks

People with depression in this state see the world as if they were putting on a mask 🎭 every day. This is how they hide their condition from those around them, pretending that nothing is wrong with them. If you belong to this type of person, then the depressive tattoo ideas presented above will suit you perfectly.

Minimalist Depressive Tattoos

Such a tattoo demonstrates the problem of a person’s bipolar disorder 👥.

This minimalist tattoo design carries the message that tears 💧 are normal for expressing emotions and do not make a person weak.

This tattoo carries the meaning that despite the clouds ☁️ and thunderstorms, after that there will be sun ☀️, which is just waiting for its time.

This minimalist and neat design demonstrates the idea of a depressed person just observing his life. In such a state, it seems that you are not in control 🧐 of your life.

Sometimes you have to think not only with your head 🧠 but with your heart ❤️ as well. Very often it is intuition that helps a person make the right decision.

Tattoo with a Brain Image

In the second photo, the tattoo carries the idea that it is a person’s brain and thoughts that make them vulnerable to themselves and create internal contradictions.

The first photo demonstrates the design of the brain tattoo 🧠, which is being treated. It shows that the person is trying to get rid of a depressive state.

Unique Anti-Depressive Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

Some people who have coped with depression want to put a positive drawing on their bodies to keep them optimistic and remind them of the good things. However, another category of people sees an opportunity to take the first step in fighting depression with an anti-depression tattoo.

Either way, whether you belong to the first or the second category of people, we have selected ideas of antidepressive tattoos for you in its popular categories:

  • ⥤ Flower tattoos;
  • ⥤ Tattoo designs with text;
  • ⥤ Tattoo ideas with images of nature;
  • ⥤ Vibrant and bright tattoo ideas.

Unusual Tattoos with Flower Images

A tattoo with flowers 💐 carries one of the strongest anti-depressive meanings:

  • 🎕 Vitality;
  • 🎕 Joy;
  • 🎕 Freshness;
  • 🎕 Vitality.

This strong and upbeat tattoo design can also be accompanied by a beautiful phrase. The most common choices are: “Still growing” and “Take care of yourself.”

Inspirational Mental Health Tattoo Ideas with Text

Most often in mental health tattoo designs can be found the symbol “;”, especially naturally they are inserted in tattoos with phrases. This symbol means:

  • 🖤 Fighting depression;
  • 🖤 Life;
  • 🖤 Hope;
  • 🖤 Life goes on.

Bright Tattoo Ideas with Nature Elements

This tattoo could be called a “happy chemical” 🧬. This design demonstrates the serotonin’s chemical structure, known as the “happiness hormone”. This tattoo idea is very interesting with the introduction of mountains as a natural element inside the facets of the element’s chemical scheme.

The butterfly is the most common antidepressant, nature-inspired tattoo. This is due to the interpretation of this tattoo design:

  • 🦋 Freedom;
  • 🦋 Lightness;
  • 🦋 Symbol of the soul;
  • 🦋 Rebirth.

This bright mental health tattoo shows the idea that even clouds ☁️ and rain ☔️ are not bad weather, the sun ☀️ can always come out, and there a rainbow 🌈 will be. It teaches that life is not bad, even if it seems so.

Above you can see a beautiful embodiment of the already known to us “;” symbol along with the natural element 🌻. As we found out earlier, flowers are one of the most powerful anti-depressive tattoos in their meaning.

Vibrant Sketches Mental Health Tattoo

Above we offer you the brightest and most interesting ideas for antidepressive tattoos with a cheerful message. It is interesting to note that these tattoo designs also include images of flowers.

It’s important to prioritize your mental health. You have to consciously choose happiness and tune in to the positive.

This miniature cute tattoo is just one positive, thanks to the bright colors and joyful smiley 😊. This tattoo design carries the idea that you should get rid of stress like garbage and feel happy.

Best Places to Get Depression Mental Health Tattoos

After passing the stage of selecting a tattoo design, the next step awaits – the choice of a place for tattooing. It is very important so as not to spoil the effect of the body picture. For example, if you get a tattoo on the stomach, then after the changes in the figure its look can significantly change.

Tattoo pain chart

The most popular place for a depressed mental health tattoo is the hands. This trend can be traced by looking at the tattoo ideas we have suggested in this article. We have described the top places for mental health tattooing in the table below.


Depression is a difficult period in everyone’s life, but as with all situations: it all depends on the attitude of the person himself. Courageous people become the masters of their lives and their condition.

You can start by demonstrating your mental state: holding everything back is even worse for yourself. To help you with this, we have selected 50+ depression mental health tattoo ideas. Among them, you can also find anti-depression tattoo designs that remind you how good and positive life is. You just need to challenge your depression and take care of your mental health.


🔝 What are the most widespread depression tattoo designs?

The most widespread depression tattoo designs are noise in the head, with clouds, the theme of fatigue and workload, skeletons, tattoos with text, masks, minimalistic, and brain images.

💪 What is the most powerful anti-depressive tattoo image to its meanings?

The most powerful anti-depressive mental health tattoo designs are images of nature. But the most powerful of them in their meaning are tattoos with flowers.

🥇 What are the most popular body parts for depressive tattoos?

The most popular body parts for depression mental health tattoos are the arms and legs in the shin area.

💯 Why is it worth getting depressing tattoos?

The accumulation of bad emotions and thoughts in yourself only aggravates your depressed state. Applying depressive tattoos on your body will help you be more open to yourself and the world. Perhaps showing your condition through tattoos will be your first bold step to combating depression.

50 Mental Health Tattoos For Anxiety & Depression

Millions of Americans suffer from depression and anxiety with many suffering alone. A great way to raise awareness and show solidarity is to explore mental health tattoos. If you have struggled with your mental health, you know how alienating the fight can be. Further, mental illness is virtually invisible which means we have no way of knowing whom among us is going through difficult times. Mental health tattoos remedy this!

We wanted to get a better idea of the sorts of tattoos people are getting to raise awareness around depression and anxiety so we turned to social media to discover the latest designs. We were pleased to find a variety of tattoos in varying sizes, colors, degrees of seriousness, and tone. These mental health tattoos offer the world an intimate look into mental illness and show that you’re not alone. Check them out!

Get Inspired by These Moving Mental Health Tattoos That Tackle Anxiety & Depression.



Hands reaching out amongst scarred skin and barbed wires show exactly how it can feel to be trapped inside your own mind. It’s a call for help that very few can hear clearly, and this tattoo is a visualization of that pain. It provides a small glimpse into the mind of someone suffering in silence, desperately wanting to be free.

Keep On


“Always Keep fighting.” A strong reminder backed by a gentle floral design that fills its owner with strength in times of need. It tells them to keep going, because they’ve gotten as far as they have already and they are undoubtedly able to go further. It’s message, just like the tattoo itself, is simple but beautiful, and keeps you going.

“This Is Fine”


There’s something oddly calming about accepting the circumstances that you find yourself in, whether it be in a burning building, or watching a plan unfold horribly and going with the punches. “This is fine,” You say as you watch the world crumble around you and yet you keep on going. Because life is sometimes hell, but sometimes, hell is fine.

Depression & Confusion


Sometimes our mental health pulls us in directions that we can’t exactly predict,  It can leave us dazed, confused, and make us feel as if we don’t understand anything. This tattoo represents that lost feeling that often comes with depression. It’s simple, yet, it speaks volumes for those who know to listen. This simple tattoo, easily conveys a huge message.

Semicolon Butterfly


This piece, in all its elegance hopes to serve as a symbol of mental illness awareness  With a technique used to emulate watercolor you’ll find, that this tattoo is packed full of meaning, and serves as a reminder for those who have struggled with their own mental illness as well as others. Like butterflies, it is all about the journey.

Beauty from Pain


Once again, we can see how even in the darkest times, light and hope can prevail.  In this tattoo, specifically about depression,  an explosion of light,  color and beauty breaks free from an otherwise colorless scene. It’s about finding hope when things seem to be at their darkest, and knowing that, despite what happens,  it’s always darkest before the dawn.



Serotonin, the chemical that makes us feel happy, and an imbalance of that very same chemical can makes us feel the exact opposite.  Backed by bright bursts of colos, the chemical composition of serotonin makes this tattoo a reminder of both the good and the bad that comes with the ebb and flow of this chemical’s levels in your body.


This tattoo is, once again, a simple one. A head dissected by a grid of wires. Maybe it marks the disconnect between what the face shows and what the brain feels. A disconnect that someone feels with themself because of their mental illness. Either way, its is a testament to how depression can effect us and how we view ourselvåes.



This tattoo shows a stream of tears becoming a bouquet of  eye shaped flowers. and the person producing them, holds the flowers close to them. It could be indicative of how people with mental health issues often don’t want to let their problems spill out into real life, into other people’s lives. Or perhaps, something beautiful come from the pain.

“Everything’s Fine”


This tattoo is yet another example of being calm in the face of disaster, and as this tattoo show a hand sinking underneath the waves with a ship in the distance. this tattoo speaks to how depression and anxiety can overwhelm you, how they can make you feel as though you’re drowning and yet you still manage to underplay them.

A Portrait


This tattoo is mean to represent depression. In a way that shows both the feeling of weightlessness that depression can give you but also show how it can all come crashing down. It’s tricky tricky situation, and the scales can tip to either side of good or bad at a moment’s notice. This tattoo is both a warning and hope.

It’s Okay


This tattoo is both beautiful and slightly abstract. It marries contemporary ideas with traditional tattoo styles that screams the message, “it’s okay to now be okay all the time.” With tears streaming down her face, and a small version of her sits in her hair covering her face with her hands. The message is oddly optimistic, but overall, still welcomed.

A Familiar Feeling


Clean lines and a simple frame of a face, once again accompanied by a squiggly line in the place of a brain. This tattoo is meant to show how disorienting depression and anxiety and depression can feel,  and the mixture of these emotions can make you feel as if you’re being pulled in every direction all at the same time.

More Semicolon


This tattoo is simple and clean, an arrow that incorporates the semicolon once again as a symbol of mental health awareness. Its straight forward, geometric, and all together, very pleasing to the eye. Its a reminder to keep going forward, fast and strong, much like an arrow. Above everything though, this tattoo represents a fight that continues no matter what.

Break Free


This tattoo represents the moment a person decides to break free from the chains of depression and their own emotions. Its a tattoo that brings strength to those who bear it, and it’s straightforward message backed by a bold image of chains breaking between resolute hands. It’s bold, brave and all together it’s a fight that never ends for some.



This tattoo once again alludes to feelings of entrapment, personified by a frog trapped in a jar with nothing but a few leaves and a stick. It’s dismal, just what the tattoo is meant to represent, a sense of depression and of being trapped in one’s own mind without hope of being set free. It’s a common experience for some.



This tattoo conveys a double meaning much deeper than either of its symbols divided. It incorporates the semicolon, which is a sign of mental health awareness as well as a  lotus flower, which is a form of rising up and pushing through. Together they pull together the meaning of persevering despite what trouble your own mind is putting you through.



This tattoo lets you know that it’s totally okay to cry, its unique and symmetrical design that shows a woman crying enough tears that they become a river. This tattoo is one that means relief is sometimes on the end of something that might not be favorable, but you still need to do it because it absolutely helps you out.

“I Am Enough”


This tattoo bring with it a sense of healing. Patching over something scarred with something beautiful. “I am enough.” Three simple words that can be difficult for some people to say to themselves, but when they are finally able to, it means that they can begin their journey of healing.



This tattoo is a representation of a complicated relationship between people with anxiety and depression, and the meds they take to help manage their symptoms. On one side, a face streamed with tears and hollow eyes, on the other side one that’s perfectly fine. It showcases the duality of both human emotion, and what the meds can make someone feel.

Beauty Grows


This tattoo is another reminder that beauty can come from pain. This traditional styled tattoo is a reminder that after all you’ve gone through, you can still come out of the other side of it as beautiful as ever. It’s about knowing that your journey, including all the bad parts isnt just the ugly, because you still come out beautiful.

A Beautifully Broken Brain


This tattoo is a reminder to take care of yourself, in all aspects. The flowers that form the right side of the brain are beautiful, bright and fully alive. A sure sign that someone has been tending to them. Them being half of a brain is a sure way to connect the effort it takes to take care of both.

Keep Going


This tattoo is another reminder to keep going. With the semicolon incorporated into the word continue, this tattoo is simple and clean and It is a minder to persevere when things don’t look like they are ever going to be good again, and that means the world to someone who is struggling to hold on. Its a symbol for  survival.

“Anxiety Art”


This tattoo is one for anxiety, it shows how anxiety can always have you checking behind you back for something that might go wrong. Its that feeling of always being on edge even when you know that there probably isn’t a reason for you to be and that anxiety affects you in the long run and that can’t be forgotten.



This tattoo is a simple reminder that you are worthy not matter what has been told to you otherwise. It’s a simple, clean lined tattoo with a simple message, you are worthy. It’s a message that can sometimes be lost when your mental health takes a turn for the worst. This reminds us that no matter what, we’re all worthy.

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Locked In a Box


This tattoo is done in a traditional style and is meant to represent that feeling of being trapped by you mental illness. It features a head trapped in a box with the tops opened slightly and chains wrapped all around it. It’s a visual representation of the pain through the eye of someone who might be suffering through it everyday.

Take Care


This tattoo reminds us to do something that might slip our minds all the time. Self care is an important part of day to day life, especially when things begin to pile up more and more, and sometimes caring for yourself is the first thing to leave our mind when so many projectiles are coming at us from every direction.

Happy Pills


This tattoo wants you to know that prioritizing your mental health is important. With its bright colors and bold aesthetic, this tattoo is appealing to the eye and it gives a nice message. Take care of yourself because it’s very important and it matters tremendously. This tattoo is a reminder to  everyone who comes to see, read, and experience it.

Tied Up


This tattoo represents a person’s battle against themselves, It features a girl wrapped up in her own braid. This symbol of mental; illness shows how people can become wrapped up in themselves and their own problems, and how that might keep a person stuck in one place. Mental illness can feel like it’s trapped you in a shell of yourself.

It’s Okay to Cry


“It’s okay to cry.” A sentiment once again portrayed in a beautiful way. Providing whoever sees it with a gentle reminder that the tears don’t mean you lost, they’re just another step in your journey. And knowing this  information can help you make it to every other step that you need to take. It’s a sign to keep going strong.



Mental illness can make us feel unbalanced, when our thoughts male us feel heavier than they should its like walking through this world with an unbalanced scale tipping us one way or another.This tattoo helps us see how heavy that burden can be, and how it can weigh us down in the long run. And that can change us.

Know Your Worth


These two tattoos offer a strong message of survival and empathy for yourself. They feature self doubt on a tombstone and I am worthy written out on a scroll.  Both of these messages want you to be kind to yourself on your journey of healing, but that is one of the most important things that you can do when learning.

Remember to Breathe


This tattoo wants to remind you to take things slow from time to time. Breath in and breathe out. It is necessary to remember that sometimes little things like this matter because big things can become overwhelming fast and sometimes taking the time to breath is exactly what you need to get through it and still hold on to reality.

A Sense of Humor


This tattoo gives its own humorous outlook to mental health.  “Defective. Do not shake.” The tag asks of those who see it. It is a reminder that even though your brain might hold a few flaws in it’s design, there is still something  to be had in taking care of it. Now matter how many pieces it may be in.

Feeling Off


This tattoo displays the disorienting nature of mental illness and how it can make you and your brain feel as though its been turned upside down and inside out. An upside down face of a head is a visual representation of what mental illness can do to you on a regular day and how it can jumble up your understanding.



This Midsomer tattoo depicts Dani, the films main character, portrayed wearing a flower crown and having tears beginning to fall down her cheeks. One of the films recurring themes is Mental Illness, which might be why this pop culture tattoo might have been important for the person who got it. Either way, this tattoo is very important to its owner.



This tattoo, being used to describe a sense of forever falling could be alluding to how mental health can make you feel sometimes. Forever falling deeper and deeper to your mind as dark thoughts invade your own and make you feel as though there’s no solution. It’s a captivating tattoo about how mental illness can trap you without an escape.

In Your Head


This tattoo is a reminder that sometimes their own mind can distort things around you and make situations out to be worse than they really are. It speaks to how depression and anxiety can make you see the world as something to be afraid of, or make it seem like there’s no hope when it could be all around you.

Feeling Thorny


This tattoo is definitely more abstract than any of the previous one on this list.It could be used to symbolize how mental illness can turn your own thoughts into thorns that poke and hurt you. It could also be hinting at how sometimes when you’re hurt, you put up thorny walls to keep people out and keep yourself safe.



This tattoo is intricately designed and leans into the surrealness that can sometimes be accompanied with how mental health can feel sometimes. This pieces is filled with symbolism and makes you think about what the person who git it was going through at the time that they got the tattoo. All in all, its beautiful, and evokes strong emotions outright.

Not Going to Happen


This tattoo is a reminder to be strong in the face of anything thats trying to drag you down. Refusing to sink, and choosing to do what is best for you and your health is one of the best things that you can do on your journey of healing. This tattoo can be a sign of better things to come.



This compares mood swings to a lightning storm on a rainy day. With a bold and fun design, this tattoo shows that even something fun can still be painted in a negative light when mental illness comes into play. However, it also might be a tattoo about accepting a part of yourself that you sometimes can’t really help or hide.

A Mask


This tattoo uses the concept of a mask to show that the effects of mental illness are sometimes invisible to other people. It can also be used as a metaphor for how masking is something that people do so that the symptoms of mental illness aren’t as noticeable to people who might antagonize them for behaviors they can not control.



This tattoo uses rain as a symbol of sadness and depression. The rain is focused primarily on the open palm of a monstrous hand, inside of which a few flowers are beginning to grow. The flowers almost seem to be an afterthought, though conveying the idea that even when we might not look for something to grow, it still happens.

Amazing Semicolon


This tattoo once again uses the semicolon symbol. This time it features gorgeous ornamentation inside the shapes and beautiful intricate patterns while still conveying the deep meaning that the semicolon holds. All in all, it is a beautiful tattoo meant to make you think about those people that might be struggling at times when it might seem like they’re not.

Three, Simple Words

This tattoo is a simple one that lets those who see it know that they are  perfect just the way they are and that there is nothing that they need to do to justify their existence. It’s a message of perseverance and self worth and this tattoo is to remind people that you’re fine just as you are. No questions.

A Green Ribbon


Both a semicolon and a green ribbon, two common symbols of mental health awareness. These two together serve as a strong reminder to consider those who suffer from any number of mental health issues. Both of these tattoos are fairly simple, but still hold a lot of significance  to those who see it and can still resonate with its message.

Step by Step


This tattoo lets you know that its okay to take some things slow. One step at a time is all you need to reach your destination, whether it’s on a journey of healing, or just to make it through the day. All you need to do is take it step by step and eventually you’ll make it to your destination.

Bee Kind


Bee kind, a cute little pun to remind you to be kind to yourself. This tattoo also incorporates the semicolon symbol, and as such, this tattoo holds more than one meaning. Be kind to yourself, and also keep in mind those people who are struggling with mental illness, people who may or may not be just like you. It’s kind.

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Take Your Meds


This final tattoo is both cute and relevant to those who are in the process of healing. Little hearts of love fill up a pill bottle like its medicine. It’s a reminder that sometimes things get better in small doses. But there is also a lot to be said about how likening it to medicine could also be something unappealing.

There you go! We hope you feel inspired by these mental health tattoos that raise awareness of depression and anxiety. Mental illness carries such a stigma in our society and these tattoos help to curb that sort of thinking by showing solidarity and fostering hope. If you’ve struggled with mental health issues, tattoos that help you and others remember to stay in the fight are powerful symbols. Share your story with your very own ink!

And if you’re looking for a few more tattoo ideas, keep scrolling!

Why do people get anxiety tattoos? Anxiety is your body’s natural response to pressure and stress. It’s a feeling of distress or trepidation about events to come. Stressful times like the first day of school, giving a speech, or going to a job interview can cause people to feel fearful and nervous. Everyone experiences anxiety, but some live with it daily and suffer from anxiety disorders, most commonly generalized anxiety disorder. It’s an invisible threat that can be expressed through the art of tattooing.

Other examples of anxiety disorders include panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These are very serious and can make it nearly impossible for an individual to carry out their daily routines. For many folks, a helpful practice is to get a tattoo that shares their emotions about anxiety. These designs include all sorts of subject matter ranging from humorous to serious. We all process experiences differently so it should come as no surprise that people have many different ways of expressing their struggles with anxiety. We took a deep dive into mental health tattoos that specifically deal with anxiety. Below you will find some truly inspired designs!

Get Inspired by These Marvelous Anxiety Tattoos!

Chaos In the Brain


One of the most common anxiety tattoos employs some squiggles to illustrate the chaos inside a person who is experiencing stress. These kinds of tattoos are perfect for someone who want something artsy, while still having something that relates to their own situation. This tattoo is stunning! You could do something similar if you want to be in good company.

In the Moment


“Here, now” are the two words that act as a reminder to stay in the moment and not worry about the future. Think of other phrases that help calm you for your own tattoo. In simple terms, this tattoo reminds its owner that sometimes, the future makes us worry more than we should and we should remember to be present.

A Scene


In this truly inspired tattoo, we find a lot of imagery used to express the feeling of anxiety. If you want something a touch more abstract, consider something similar for your design. However, all the different elements in this tattoo still come together in a cohesive design. This tattoo is beautiful! Can you see yourself getting a tattoo like this?

In a Semicolon


Semicolon tattoos are very popular among people with mental illness as it’s a symbol of solidarity and perseverance. If you want to let others know that they are not alone, consider anxiety tattoos that fit in a semicolon. This tattoo becomes a reminder and symbol of mental health, and that no matter what. It’s not bad to keep on fighting. 

Turn It Off


“Sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind,” this neo-traditional tattoo says. If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, the knife in the brain should feel familiar. This tattoo is actually a quote from a song by Twenty-One Pilots, but the tattoo’s design is definitely an original either by the tattoo artist or the person who got the tattoo. Amazing!



The person with this tattoo captioned it “parasite.” For your anxiety tattoos, consider how you characterize your anxiety for unique designs that express the singular emotion you’re feeling. This tattoo conveys the idea that your anxiety is feeding off of you. Taking all of your energy and using it in a way that isn’t very beneficial to you at all. 

It Takes Hold


In one of the most evocative anxiety tattoos on this list, we find hands wrapped around the neck. They symbolize the way anxiety can physically take your breath away.   This tattoo is a mix of several hands and cut-off faces, but that doesn’t stop this from being a reminder of how anxiety can hold you back. What do you think?



People suffering from anxiety often feel trapped in the prison of their own mind’s making. In this tattoo, we find links of a chain broken to express that idea. Those metaphorical chains being broken free you from your darker thoughts and allow you to see the lighter side of every situation, instead of focusing on all of the worse parts.

The Social Kind


So many folks experience social anxiety that makes everyday tasks like going to the grocery store feel like they’re being watched. It’s a creeping sort of paranoia that this tattoo beautifully explores. This tattoo looks like something straight out of a storybook, and we can’t help but appreciate how it captures the vibe of how social anxiety makes us feel.

Beneath the Surface


You will not recognize most people with anxiety as it’s, for the most part, an invisible disorder. This tattoo shows what lurks beneath the surface of what appears to be calmness. If you know about it, you know it’s not pretty. It can sneak up on you at the worst of times, and sometimes, we’re not always prepared for it.

In the Eyes


In one of the most offbeat anxiety tattoos on this list, we find a pair of eyes that seem to express desperation and sadness. In case that was not clear, the artist has included the word “anxiety” underneath it. These eyes can represent the fact that anxiety will always have you on the lookout for something to go very wrong.



“Parties make me anxious in a real broad sense,” are words many people with social anxiety can relate to. A cartoon-style tattoo might be the perfect way for you to share how anxiety makes you feel. We can’t even begin to explain how these types of situations can quickly turn sour for people with anxiety. Anxiety makes small things huge!

“Worry Heart”


The person who shared this image referred to the tattoo as a “worry heart. ” Somehow, this heart with an eye and teeth both delights and frightens as it is so creepy yet cool. Work with an artist you trust for original anxiety tattoo designs like this one. This tattoo has such a strong concept and holds a lot of meaning.

Right to the Point


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your anxiety tattoos. You can get straight to the point by getting the word tattooed in an interesting font. This tattoo is pretty simple and straightforward. Its bold black likes imitate lightning and spell out the word anxiety. It’s a cool minimally designed tattoo that works just as well as any other.

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To Quiet the Mind


Here’s a fun one that expresses how difficult it is to quiet the anxious mind. It likely feels familiar to anyone who is experiencing a great deal of overthinking and worry. We can’t even begin to imagine how many people with anxiety wish they could just take out their brain when it all starts to get a little too much.



Most people who suffer from anxiety do so alone. It’s an extremely alienating experience that is expressed well in the above tattoo. That feeling of being alone can sink you into a hole deeper than the one you were already in before. It’s part of what makes the experience so harrowing. Feeling as though there’s no one to talk to.

Don’t Give Up


“Anxious but still trying,” are words we imagine most folks with anxiety can relate to. It’s the trying part that matters most. The tattoo seems to warp and twist might represent how when you’re dealing with anxiety, nothing seems certain. Everything always feels like it can go one way or another and people with anxiety can’t help but be worried.

Illusive Calmness


Anxiety can keep you up all night with racing feelings that you simply can’t calm. If you experience sleepless nights thanks to your anxiety, consider anxiety tattoos that share your struggle. These tattoos might serve as a way to remind you that no matter what the circumstance, you aren’t alone. It might seem like it, but there are people who care.

Put a Face to It


This tattoo looks similar to the last due to the big, thick lines used to create them. We find thorns employed to express the pain of anxiety which is a refreshing choice.

“What If?”


This tattoo looks similar to the last due to the big, thick lines used to create them. We find thorns employed to express the pain of anxiety which is a refreshing choice. This tattoo is definitely for someone who wants to add a little more edge to their tattoo, while still giving an authentic representation of their own anxiety.

Head & Heart


In one of our favorite anxiety tattoos on this list, we find a stormy head sitting above a brain that’s shaped like a heart. It seems to convey the illogical nature of anxiety. This tattoo definitely a more fantastical take on how anxiety can feel to those who might have it. This tattoo is for those who prefer the fantasy.



“Go easy on yourself. Whatever you do today, let it be enough,” the person who shared this image captioned it. It’s a great quote that many of us should take to heart. This tattoo of a brain looks like a ball of yarn and it shows how our minds can become tangled and messy. That doesn’t mean you come undone.



In this original design, we find a head disconnected from the body. It’s super stylish and unlike any other of the anxiety tattoos on this list. The design of this tattoo is very graphic, almost like it belongs on a comic book cover. And of course, there are hidden details in this tattoo that totally take it over the edge.

Gentle Reminder


Words of encouragement are aplenty among anxiety tattoos and one of the most common that we encountered was the word “breathe.” It’s a gentle reminder to take a moment and collect your thoughts and then release them with an exhale. This tattoo could come in handy as a gentle reminder when people might need some time to catch their breath.

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The Maze


Cutting through the noise in the mind that anxiety creates can feel like you’re trying to escape a maze. We find that illustrated perfectly in this design that replaces a brain with a circular maze. It’s pretty fortunate that this maze happens to have an exit, that way you can find your way out when you need to get out.

Find Hope


“Always find the light,” this beautiful butterfly tattoo says. It’s an excellent sentiment and a reminder for all of us to do our best to find the positives in each day. This black and white butterfly is beautifully designed and serves as a gentle reminder there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Just find it!

Rain, Rain, Go Away


We find a raincloud used to show the pain that anxiety causes. However, we find hope symbolized by the rainbow that the rain brings. This tattoo is definitely for those who want something a little more whimsical. It’s a cute little reminder that things aren’t always dark and cloudy, but it is definitely a nice little reminder that happiness comes.

A Beautiful Mess

  1. Here’s another raincloud tattoo that finds an exploding head and a torso that’s trapped by a mysterious red element. It’s one of the few anxiety tattoos that use the watercolor effect to tell its story. This tattoo is beautiful and slightly more abstract, but that doesn’t take away the meaning it is meant to convey. The sense of not knowing.

Let Me Overthink This


This is one of our favorite anxiety tattoos on the list. While we’ve seen variations of this sort of thing already, this is one of the best executions. How cool is that reveal to the maze inside? For those suffering from anxiety, you know that this tattoo looks exactly how things feel. A smile can hide so much behind it.

Anxi; TeaInstagram

Here’s something different. Someone had a one-of-a-kind idea when it comes to this anxiety tattoo. A teabag has been employed here to work as a visual pun but in case that wasn’t clear, there is a tag on the bag that reads, “anxi; tea.” The placement of the semicolon is definitely one of the more uniques ones that we’ve seen.

Saint Dymphna


“Saint Dymphna aka the patron saint of mental health and anxiety; their rosy cheeks remind us to remain warm to one another,” the person who shared this image wrote alongside it. It’s one of the most stunning anxiety tattoos on this list that’s made even more meaningful when you know the story behind it. Is this the tattoo for you?

Fidget Spinning


Meet the first fidget spinner tattoo we’ve ever seen. This portrait of the fidget device is complete with a little banner that says “anxiety” as well as some floral elements that help fill it out. If you have an object that helps symbolize your anxiety, it’s a great candidate for a tattoo! Would you be down to get this tattoo?

Anxiety Visualized


“This beloved client asked me to draw her a sketch that would symbolize her past mental struggle, what a privilege you have chosen me for this tattoo!” the artist who shared this image explained. What a touching and poignant design that’s as beautiful as it is dark and moody. There’s just something about artists who can capture a client’s vision.

An Unstable Feeling


Have you ever seen a better visual metaphor for anxiety than this teetering chair with rocks stacked precariously on top? Take a closer look and you’ll find a small human figure balancing on top of the rocks. For those who struggle with feeling stable and in control, this is one of the anxiety tattoos that really delivers on it’s meaning.

Holding On


Wow! While this might not be the most cheerful tattoo, it does beautifully express the feeling of anguish and disassociation that can occur when we’re in the throes of anxious thoughts. This has to be one of our favorite anxiety tattoos on the list because it is so singular in style and has bold, clean lines. This tattoo is amazing!

It’s Real


“Anxiety is real,” this tattoo advises. Why yes, it is! People who don’t have an anxiety disorder or who do not experience anxiety in a debilitating fashion, might not fully comprehend how difficult it can be. This anxiety tattoo just gets right to the point and raises awareness around the condition to let other people know that they’re not alone.

No Shame


“No shame in the medicine game,” this tattoo encourages. That’s right! For many, medication is the only place to turn for relief and there should be no negative stigma around that fact. We love the pride showcased in this design and the solidarity it brings to those who are medicated for their anxiety. This tattoo could make a huge impact!

We find our second knife through the brain tattoo in this design that includes the words “stop thinking.” Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just flip a switch to turn our anxiety off? Until that’s invented, tattoos will do! They’re a great way to make you stand out, and they also have the added bonus of being cool.

There you go! We hope you feel inspired by these anxiety tattoos that raise awareness and show solidarity for others who might also be suffering. Anxiety is a constant for so many people and removing the stigma around it and expressing yourself through the art of tattooing is an excellent step. If you’re still looking for more anxiety and mental health tattoos, keep scrolling for even more great ideas!

Andrew Kreeger

Andrew is an Assistant Editor for Mamas Uncut with over ten years of experience as a writer in the creative, marketing, and blogging spaces. After studying Film and Art History, he developed a passion for telling stories in a variety of mediums. Obsessively making lists, reporting celebrity news, and diving into emerging pop cultural topics are a few of his interests.


  • 1 Get Inspired by These Moving Mental Health Tattoos That Tackle Anxiety & Depression.
    • 1.1 Reaching
    • 1.2 Keep On
    • 1.3 “This Is Fine”
    • 1.4 Depression & Confusion
    • 1.5 Semicolon Butterfly
    • 1.6 Beauty from Pain
    • 1.7 Serotonin
    • 1.8 Split
    • 1.9 “Tearwork”
    • 1.10 “Everything’s Fine”
    • 1.11 A Portrait
    • 1.12 It’s Okay
    • 1.13 A Familiar Feeling
    • 1.14 More Semicolon
    • 1. 15 Break Free
    • 1.16 Trapped
    • 1.17 Anxiety
    • 1.18 Moving
    • 1.19 “I Am Enough”
    • 1.20 Medication
    • 1.21 Beauty Grows
    • 1.22 A Beautifully Broken Brain
    • 1.23 Keep Going
    • 1.24 “Anxiety Art”
    • 1.25 Worthy
    • 1.26 Locked In a Box
    • 1.27 Take Care
    • 1.28 Happy Pills
    • 1.29 Tied Up
    • 1.30 It’s Okay to Cry
    • 1.31 Heavy
    • 1.32 Know Your Worth
    • 1.33 Remember to Breathe
    • 1.34 A Sense of Humor
    • 1.35 Feeling Off
    • 1.36 Midsommar
    • 1.37 Falling
    • 1.38 In Your Head
    • 1.39 Feeling Thorny
    • 1.40 Surreal
    • 1.41 Not Going to Happen
    • 1.42 Swinging
    • 1.43 A Mask
    • 1.44 Raining
    • 1.45 Amazing Semicolon
    • 1.46 Three, Simple Words
    • 1.47 A Green Ribbon
    • 1.48 Step by Step
    • 1.49 Bee Kind
    • 1.50 Take Your Meds
  • 2 Get Inspired by These Marvelous Anxiety Tattoos!
    • 2. 1 Chaos In the Brain
    • 2.2 In the Moment
    • 2.3 A Scene
    • 2.4 In a Semicolon
    • 2.5 Turn It Off
    • 2.6 “Parasite”
    • 2.7 It Takes Hold
    • 2.8 Liberation
    • 2.9 The Social Kind
    • 2.10 Beneath the Surface
    • 2.11 In the Eyes
    • 2.12 Truth
    • 2.13 “Worry Heart”
    • 2.14 Right to the Point
    • 2.15 To Quiet the Mind
    • 2.16 Alienation
    • 2.17 Don’t Give Up
    • 2.18 Illusive Calmness
    • 2.19 Put a Face to It
    • 2.20 “What If?”
    • 2.21 Head & Heart
    • 2.22 Tangled
    • 2.23 Disconnect
    • 2.24 Gentle Reminder
    • 2.25 The Maze
    • 2.26 Find Hope
    • 2.27 Rain, Rain, Go Away
    • 2.28 A Beautiful Mess
    • 2.29 Let Me Overthink This
    • 2.30 Anxi; Tea
    • 2.31 Saint Dymphna
    • 2.32 Fidget Spinning
    • 2.33 Anxiety Visualized
    • 2.34 An Unstable Feeling
    • 2.35 Holding On
    • 2.36 It’s Real
    • 2.37 No Shame

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Top 25 Best Depression and Anxiety Tattoo Ideas - All About Tattoos




  • What do tattoos symbolize depression?
  • Depression Tattoo Ideas for Women
    • Minimalist Depression Tattoo Design
    • Depression Tattoo with Comma and Woman
    • Depression Tattoo Small Flower Design
    • Depression and Anxiety Tattoo with Black Woman Ink
    • Tatto Devil Inspired Symbol of Depression
  • Wrist Depression Tattoos
    • Not Today Depression Tattoo Ideas
    • I'm fine, depression sign tattoo
    • Depression tattoo on wrist small pictures Inspo
    • Depression tattoo will pass too
    • Depression survivor tattoo with date on wrist
  • Depression tattoos on arm and shoulder 901 black ink01 902 depression tattoos woman with umbrella
  • Sinking Ship Depression Tattoo
  • Fragile Handle With Care Depression Tattoo Ideas
  • Minimalist Depression Tattoo

    What do depression tattoos symbolize?

    Depression tattoos can tell a lot about a person. With them, you will be able to show your vulnerable side and you will let others know that you had a hard time. Depression is quite common. In fact, over 10% of Americans are struggling with depression as you read this article. You can handle your struggles with an appropriate tattoo design, which we will discuss below.

    Depression tattoo ideas for women

    Minimalist Depression Tattoo Design

    Depression tattoos will look cute on your forearm. This design is perfect for women who have struggled with depression for a while and it will suit you if you want something cute on the body.

    No Rain No Flowers is very accurate and will look great on anyone trying to get stronger. This tattoo means that you can only experience the good after you have experienced the bad.

    Comma Woman Depression Tattoo

    The imprint of a woman who is important or quite big in your life can look great as your tattoo design. This print will suit you if you are struggling with depression and want to dedicate your tattoo to someone you love.

    This design symbolizes your love and emotions for another person. If you are someone who wants to dedicate your feelings to another person, get this tattoo.

    Tattoo Depression Small Flower Design

    You always have to keep fighting! It is important in life not to give up. Women will love this feminine design as well as the flower symbol on the arm or forearm.

    This tattoo will help you cope with depression. It will also be said that you are strong and constantly fighting, which is great if you are a real warrior who has been through everything.

    Black Woman Ink Depression and Anxiety Tattoo

    Be careful when it comes to this tattoo design as it will hurt. Belly tattoos usually look great, but they are quite painful to apply. This one is detailed and perfect for those who are into dark and mysterious tattoos.

    This female symbol will say that you are a fan of strong personalities who have achieved their goal in life. Nothing bad can bring you down.

    Suffocation Depression Tattoo

    This tattoo design is quite simple and would suit women who want to show off and get their message out loud and clear. You will need 3-4 hours to apply this tattoo on your arm.

    This word and symbol for choke is quite unique and represents you as someone who has been through a lot. We all can choke from time to time, especially our own tears, but it is important how you get out of it in the end.

    Depression Tattoo Ideas for Guys

    Black Skull Depression Inspired Tattoo

    Are you afraid of death? Death symbols and skeletons are pretty popular with guys who want scary tattoos as well as something masculine, but there's a lot to be said for. This design will look amazing on your ankle.

    Death tattoos like this one will show that you are not afraid of death. You may have already been through this in your life, so why not embrace your forte and show everyone that you are no longer afraid of death?

    Depression tattoo meaning with red symbols

    Fan of some colored ink? Thinking about putting something scary and noticeable on your skin? This bright red tattoo will suit anyone who loves horror stories. It will take you 3-4 hours to put this masterpiece on your leg or ankle.

    Red usually symbolizes love and passion. How connected and passionate were you when it came to depression? If this has had a significant impact on you, get this tattoo in the style of a little kid who struggled but made it through it all!

    Small depression tattoo over forearm

    This skeleton tattoo has the word "depression" written loud and clear! Do you like scary tattoos? This one will look amazing on your forearm. It's simple and small, which means it won't hurt as much to place it.

    This tattoo with the word "depression" is crying out for help, but in a comical way! Are you a fan of funny tattoos and you need something unique and easy to personalize? Take this skeleton!

    Overcoming depression with a red symbol

    Fancy tattoos can also look unique and symbolize depression in their own way, as well as your hidden dreams and passions. This depression tattoo will look great on your arm or forearm. It is suitable for men who train best of all, as well as anyone who wants to stand out with something dramatic.

    This piece of art symbolizes your paths. If you've had a difficult journey and are still struggling to adjust to the day, get this depression tattoo! You can easily keep adding many different elements to it. You can even hug the sleeve which is so great with this tattoo and you will enjoy it more and more as you age and as you add to it.

    Scary Devil Inspired by Symbol of Depression

    Want a scary horn tattoo? This piece of art is so unusual and beautiful, it will look amazing on your shoulder or hips. The bright color will suit anyone who prefers a bit of symmetry and difference in their tattoos.

    This image could literally represent the devil! If you've been struggling or facing something for a while and you have someone to blame, put them on your conspicuous body parts!

    Wrist Depression Tattoos

    Not Today Depression Tattoo Ideas

    Do you want others to know that they cannot refer to you the way they believe or have done in the past? This is the perfect tattoo for you. It will look amazing on your wrist and you will love showing it off wherever you go.

    "Not today" will symbolize your will, as well as the path you are willing to take to avoid any thought of depression.

    I'm fine depression tattoo

    Fight your depression with a dramatic and colorful tattoo. This one is perfect for those who love colors and green will symbolize your strength as well as your positivity.

    This tattoo is quite simple. Depression stay away! You will let others know that you are all right and that you have been through a lot in your life, but you came out as a warrior!

    Wrist depression tattoo small pictures Inspo

    Do you feel like you sometimes cry for help? If yes, then this tattoo is for you. This can be done on your wrist as everyone will get the message and you will let them know what is happening to you.

    Do you feel that you need to be saved? Some people are afraid to admit their true feelings. However, if you are not one of them and you want to ask for help in the most obvious way, get this tattoo.

    This, too, will pass tattoo depression

    Remind yourself that everything will pass. People all over the world are always struggling with something they don't want to share with the world. If your message is specific and you are an honest person, this wrist tattoo will look good on you.

    This too shall pass, remind you that you always face some battles, but come out of them a warrior. Time is your best medicine in this case, so take it easy and don't be too hard on yourself.

    Depression survivor tattoo with date on wrist

    Do you have an important date that influenced your whole life? This tattoo design will suit you as it will symbolize whatever hardships you have gone through.

    Remind yourself of what has shaped you. Get this tattoo on your wrist and make sure the design you choose has meaning to you and the date you end up setting is strong and specific.

    Depression tattoos on arm and shoulder

    Black ink depression tattoo woman with umbrella

    Large tattoos on the shoulders and dramatic jewelry will suit men who love to work out. This design is the perfect devil inspired tattoo to help you fight depression by facing it and fighting it the right way!

    This shoulder tattoo in black ink with raindrops will remind you that everyone goes through different battles, but it's important to stay protected, safe and sound! Using something to protect you during the worst of times always comes in handy.

    Sinking Ship Depression Tattoo

    Are you a fan of big tattoos? Some people may prefer shoulder placement as it is eye catching and perfect for those who are trying to express their true colors and their true side.

    Remind yourself that everything is ok and place this quote over a sinking ship! In this way, others will know that you are a strong person who has come out of everything as a fighter and as a person who is constantly trying.

    Fragile handle with care Depression tattoo ideas

    Do you feel fragile from time to time? It's okay because we all have bad days. This dark red mascara with some details is suitable for men and women.

    Fragility - handling with care is quite common in people who have struggled with many things in their lives. If you are depressed, remind yourself to stay strong with this tattoo!

    Depression Minimalist Tattoo

    Are you a chemist? Or maybe someone who just loves to show their love and appreciation for chemical tattoos and similar symbols? This design will suit those who prefer smaller tattoos. You will also like this design if you are a minimalist.

    It can be a chemical process in your brain that happens when someone is depressed. It will also symbolize a long struggle in your case with something chemical, so show that you are stronger with this tattoo!

    Depression Inspired Watch, Depression Survivor Tattoo

    Remind yourself that you are always strong. This compass tattoo would look great on men as well as guys who like small but detailed details.

    This black compass tattoo will say that you must stay strong and always hold on, no matter the situation!

    Depression Sayings Tattoo Ideas

    I refuse to drown in depression tattoo

    This small anchor tattoo is done with pure black ink and a few simple lines. If you're afraid of big tattoos and prefer something minimal, get it on your arm or leg.

    I refuse to drown, I will say that you are always trying to hold on and succeed in any situation. If something goes wrong, you can fix it! Remember that you are strong and you will receive an anchor to symbolize this journey.

    Hispanic Depression Tattoo

    Latin is the language of the dead, but it can still be an amazing tattoo design for people who prefer something out of the ordinary, as well as people who don't want others to know the meaning right away.

    This tattoo means "dead silence, a large mirror of my despair". This is a song by Charles Baudelaire and this is a sentimental piece that you will enjoy if you prefer meaningful and sentimental tattoos.

    depression date tattoo for men and women

    You can get a unique quote and place it on your forearm or hand. This design will suit anyone who is grieving or experiencing a loss. You will need 3 hours to get this depression inspired tattoo.

    This saying "Part of my heart lives in heaven" is a beautiful work of art. This will suit you if you have experienced loss of any kind. You may feel a loss for your child, your partner, friend, or your parents. Something so sentimental would really look great on those who are suffering and trying to recover from a loss.

    May God Depression Tattoo

    Are you ready to let something happen in your life? Do you want a stronger and higher power to help you through difficult times? This tattoo will suit you if you are a religious person!

    “Let God intervene in your life and let him change your life. Sometimes a little faith is all we need to get through terrible times.

    Broken crayons, still colored depression tattoo

    Last but not least, do you want this forearm tattoo? This is an ideal plain ink job that will take you 2-3 hours to complete. It will look great on men, women as well as teenagers who have struggled with something serious in their lives.

    Broken crayons are still colored, how exciting is that?! So much power in one sentence and everyone will love getting something deep and sentimental through their hand. Remember that even in the worst case, you are still very much loved, highly valued, and also safe and sound.

    Ready for a new tattoo?

    So, which tattoo was the biggest inspiration for you? What design are you looking forward to putting on your body? Each tattoo can be sentimental and meaningful, depending on your preferences and the story you want to tell. Let us know your favorite and must-have design!

    Mini tattoo with meaning: photo, meaning, secret language

    A tattoo is not just a body picture, but a kind of message that you convey to the world. Some people like inscriptions with meaning, others like original drawings, and we will tell you what mini tattoos for girls are like. Some images have fixed meanings, so read this article before visiting a tattoo parlor.

    Daria Korolkova




    mini tattoo

    tattoo meanings


    Girls often choose small tattoos. They are not so conspicuous, but at the same time they make it possible to fulfill the dream of drawing on the body. Different mini tattoos with meanings also allow you to evaluate the procedure and the degree of its pain. Ultimately, a small pattern on the body is easier to cover with a large one if the first one is boring. Or even reduce.

    But often women's mini-tattoos, especially if they are meaningful, enter into resonance with the internal state of their bearer or become a significant detail of the image. Learn the secret language of miniature tattoos to set the right accents when choosing, for example, which tattoo to get on your wrist.

    To hide or not to hide a mini-tattoo with meaning

    Not only the mini-tattoo itself with meaning, but also the choice of place has a certain meaning for girls. The skin on the body varies in sensitivity, which means that the sensations during the process will be different. In addition, there are areas of the body where it is better not to get a tattoo. Also, the owner of the tattoo needs to decide whether she wants to make it visible to others or keep it secret.


    On hand

    This option is one of the most popular for stuffing in salons. Often the shoulder becomes a location for a drawing, and the forearm for an inscription. There is not too much space on the wrist, so mini tattoos with meaning can easily fit here. True, the skin here is thin, you have to be patient.

    On the legs

    Small tattoos on the foot look like decoration, neat and elegant. For women, this version of a mini-tattoo with meaning is incredibly convenient. In winter, you can easily hide them from prying eyes, in summer they will emphasize your style. There are a lot of nerve endings on the ankles, feet and all over the leg, the bones are close. Therefore, the sensations may be unpleasant, but the pain threshold is different for everyone. Perhaps for you it will be like mosquito bites.

    On the neck

    Small meaningful tattoos behind the ear or on the top of the neck are hard to hide. It will be a pronounced style that emphasizes your uniqueness. Although if you have long enough hair and you are a fan of turtlenecks, you can cover it if you wish. Small pictures are very appropriate here so that the process does not take too long due to the sensitivity of thin skin. In addition, with age, it will change and the tattoo should not be deformed.

    Lower abdomen

    Places under the bust, closer to the underwear in front or behind are already considered more intimate. Masters offer in such cases for girls sketches of a mini-tattoo with a meaning open only to Him, as a symbol of mystery. The skin in all these places is sensitive, so the process will be painful. And it is not recommended to play with colors - the contours of black tattoos do not blur so much on skin that sags with age.

    If mini tattoos with meaning for men are often offered on the arms and legs, then the images in the abdomen are more preferred by girls.

    In general, it is difficult to find areas on the body that would not react to numerous needle punctures. The vast majority of masters do not accept the use of anesthesia. Thanks to local anesthesia, the skin becomes stubborn, hardens and loses elasticity. So if you want a drawing on your body with all your heart, remember the truth that beauty requires sacrifice. And we will enlighten, tattoos with what meaning are especially in demand among girls.

    Big value of different mini tattoos

    Tattoos can be temporary or permanent. But in any case, they do not disappear immediately after a shower - for some time you will have to broadcast the selected message, and it would be nice to know what it means. You need to approach the choice of a drawing and a place for application with all responsibility. There are both female and male mini-tattoo with meaning, which can be applied by experienced craftsmen. We offer to decipher the most popular of them.

    1. Rose

    If you want to get a mini tattoo on your arm with a serious meaning and deeply personal overtones, choose this chic flower. A rose tattooed in a prominent place is a sign that you are happy in love. Traditionally, this rose is red or pink. A black rose means the loss of a loved one, and a rose with an abundance of thorns means unhappy love.

    2. Butterfly

    The most miraculous transformation in nature occurs precisely with butterflies: from a caterpillar to a beautiful fluttering creature. A butterfly tattoo indicates that a person is ready for serious work on himself and changes that will lead him to his dream.

    3. Sakura

    A tattoo in the form of a sakura flower in Japan is interpreted unambiguously: you are free and open to new relationships. Sakura is a symbol of sexuality and emancipation, inner strength and fortitude.

    4. Ladybug

    Around the world, the ladybug symbolizes good luck. Such a tattoo is suitable for those who hope for the best and ... want to get rich: in terms of symbolism, a ladybug attracts money.

    5. Angel Wings

    This tattoo is a talisman: it is believed that in this way you attract the attention of a guardian angel, who will now always be with you.

    6. Lotus

    A sacred flower means that you are under the protection of higher powers and have direct contact with the Universe. An excellent choice for fans of Buddhism and supporters of the theory of reincarnation. Beautiful mini tattoos with meaning look appropriate on different parts of the body and look very feminine.

    7. Hummingbird

    A rare version of a tattoo that symbolizes perseverance, incredible vitality and the ability to endure any blows of fate.

    8. Hearts

    Contrary to the seemingly obvious meaning, a tattoo in the form of a heart means youth, naivety, spiritual purity, innocence and sincerity.

    9. Asterisks

    Five-pointed stars mean inner harmony, unity with nature and its elements, in particular, many connoisseurs of symbolism make a tattoo of four five-pointed stars as a sign of the four elements: water, fire, air and earth.

    10. Sun and moon

    The sun is a symbol of a man, the moon is a symbol of a woman. A double tattoo symbolizes unity, addition, harmony, which its owner strives for.

    11. Dandelion

    Dandelion with flying "umbrellas" is a symbol of the transience of life, such a tattoo says that a person appreciates every moment of his life.

    12. Arrows and Arrows

    Forward! A tattoo in the form of an arrow or an arrow speaks of determination and ambition. For girls, getting a mini-tattoo with an arrow in 2022 means getting into a trend with its meaning.

    13. Anchor

    Constancy, stability, reliability: the anchor symbolizes a confident person who knows exactly what he wants.

    14. Giraffe

    An exotic version that symbolizes the desire of the owner of such a tattoo to reach all imaginable heights.

    15. Snowflake

    As there are no two identical snowflakes in the world, the owner of such a tattoo emphasizes her individuality and uniqueness.

    16. Key

    Curiosity and spontaneity - this is the secret meaning of a tattoo in the form of a key. All doors will open before such a person!

    17. Dragonfly

    Grace, fragility and elusiveness. A mini tattoo in the form of a dragonfly has a special meaning - it will give out a subtle nature in you.

    18. Diamond

    Perseverance, versatility and high self-esteem: for girls with this character, a diamond is the perfect choice for a tattoo with meaning.

    19. Swallow

    This bird was of particular importance for sailors: if you see a swallow, it's not far to the ground. The symbolism of this tattoo is similar to the original: a swallow means hope, affection for loved ones and a kind soul.

    20. Crown

    Born leaders! However, in addition to ambition, the crown symbolizes self-control and a high measure of responsibility. So don't be too lazy to find out the full meaning of your future tattoo.

    21. Frog

    Frogs live both in water and on land, and in Eastern symbolism they mean high adaptability and good luck.

    22. Cherry

    A single berry is considered a symbol of purity and purity, and a steam berry is considered a strong attachment to a partner.

    23. Compass

    In the sea of ​​life currents, this person will choose the most correct path to the goal. Courage, a passion for adventure and faith in one's strength - this is what a compass tattoo means.

    24. Clover

    Almost unheard of in nature, the four-leaf clover is a symbol of faith in miracles, the supernatural and magic. Such a mini-tattoo with meaning is especially relevant for girls in 2022.


    Learn more