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It’s no secret that meditation is a great tool for promoting calm, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and for becoming more present and focused in your everyday life. For runners, in particular, a meditation practice can help you get into a flow state and improve your perception of pain and fatigue, potentially making your runs feel easier. It also helps you stay more present in the miles so you’re not constantly worrying about your finish time.

But even knowing the many benefits of meditation, do you still find yourself not participating in this practice? That’s where I was—constantly reading about all the things I could gain from meditation, or listening to others who sang praises about how helpful morning meditations were for focus and productivity, but I still couldn’t find a way to get myself to sit down and meditate regularly. I would start a meditation routine, stop after a few sessions, and then never get to witness the lasting positive effects.

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This year, though, I was determined to create a consistent meditation practice. Not only did I want the mental health benefits, but I also knew I could use it as a training tool to help boost my running performance. So I went searching for free YouTube meditations, testing, breathing, and tuning into multiple minutes of recordings that helped me tap into my thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams. After a month, these were my favorite YouTube meditation channels for finding calm, presence, and more—the ones I could keep turning to when I wanted to keep my meditations consistent.

Created to allow all individuals—amateur or experienced—to have more access to meditation, you can find Headspace on YouTube, in app form, and even on Netflix.

The best thing about Headspace: Narrators explain thoughts and scenarios in very relatable ways. And the YouTube channel takes that a step further. While some of the videos feature tips from co-founder Andy Puddicombe, as well as other doctors and experts, many of the videos feature animations and narrations that help to illustrate how to mentally work your way through different scenarios.

For example, one of my favorite meditations was about how to take back your Sunday, by escaping the stress and anxiety of the impending work week ahead. The YouTube video featured an animated starfish who starts above the water on a sunny day, then rides the waves of anxious thoughts, and sinks to the ocean floor to find space to set mindful intentions. The narrator talks you through how to set yourself up for a successful week, with intentions and wind down routines, as the video plays. And then offers a guided meditation that lets you actually think about your intentions and get into a calm state of mind before Monday begins.

Other meditations on the Headspace page vary in topics from sleep, to mini meditations for everyday activities (including one you can use as a warmup to your workout), to intro videos to help newbies learn and hone a mindful practice. They even have videos intended to make you laugh (because meditation doesn’t always have to be so serious!) featuring comedian Kevin Hart, and others about music’s influence on the mind and emotions, featuring singer and songwriter John Legend.

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The Great Meditation YouTube channel has been around for seven years, offers hundreds of meditations, and has one for basically every situation, thought, or need you can think of. For example, the meditation for getting back into meditation helps you get back into the practice if it’s been a while since your last session. (It had been months for me, so I found this one particularly helpful.)

Some examples of other sessions offered include those focused on letting go, positive energy, spiritual growth, better sleep, and making the best of what you have. One of my favorite features of this channel is that you’ll find morning meditations or morning affirmation videos, which typically last no more than 10 minutes and help you start your day on a mindful note.

You can find other five- and 10-minute meditations throughout the channel, which is helpful for those short on time (like me and I imagine, most people). Keep in mind, while you’ll see an image on the video screen, Great Meditation is more about the audio component of the meditation.

Like other channels (and apps), Calm offers meditations targeted at falling asleep, more mindful living, and calming your body.

My go-to: The daily 10-minute sessions, which discuss topics like being more present, learning to let go, and forgetting time (because we don’t always need to be on the clock!). These 10-minute refreshers are perfect for listening to on repeat, as they’re topics we could all use reminders of on the regular. I also found myself practicing some of the breathwork and mindful techniques on my own throughout the day after tuning into the 10-minute daily sessions.

On this channel, you’ll also see sleep stories, which help you meditate via storytelling, and aim to get you into a restful state. (Some videos just offer previews, but you can find a few stories that last about a half hour.) Also, if you just need some serene background noise, you can find sounds like a crackling fire, rainstorm, or wind in the trees on the Calm channel, all of which last for hours.

While the Calm channel offers fewer options and less variety than other options on this list, it still has the necessary tools to help you create a daily meditation practice. It’s also interesting to hear how some celebrities use meditation as a tool for creativity or fighting anxiety.

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The Mindful Moment is brought to you by couple Sara and Les Raymond, who had the goal of helping others improve health, reduce stress, and generally find more growth and fulfillment in life.

The channel features short videos, mostly five minutes or less, that give tips for meditating, like ways to let go of the past, and breathing patterns to reduce stress. But my favorite was the video about how to fall back asleep when you wake up in the middle of the night (who hasn’t experienced that before?).

Along with tips, the page also offers longer meditations (about an hour) to help you address things like anxiety, sleep, and stress relief. For those who want a quick hit, you can also find sessions that span about 15 to 20 minutes.

I found myself turning to The Mindful Movement for morning meditations, as it helped me start my day on a calmer, more focused note.

If you prefer your meditation with a side of movement—as a runner, it might seem easier to kickstart a mindfulness practice with some intentional movement—this channel also offers tons of options for mixing yoga with meditation.

You may already know Adriene Mishler, the well-known yogi of “Yoga with Adriene,” for her flows. But you might be delighted to learn that Mishler also offers meditations through her YouTube channel.

Mishler’s approach to yoga—and meditation—is to give everyone access to movement and mindfulness, and to create a connected community. While it does take some searching to find the meditations sans yoga movements, you’ll see those focused on finding stillness (a solid one for after a workout, she says), mental balance, anxiety, or self-love. Each of these sessions lasts less than 20 minutes.

In trying these meditations, I quickly realized that the narrator’s voice can really make or break a class, and I found Mishler’s to strike the perfect note of calm, smooth, and relaxing—exactly what I need to get into a calm headspace.

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15 Best Meditation Youtube Channels for 2021

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Published: March 25, 2021 Updated: November 2, 2022

Published: 03/25/2021 Updated: 11/02/2022

Meditation can be very therapeutic for a variety of mental health issues. Whether you’re practiced at mediating or need some guided help, here are some YouTube meditation channels for every experience level.

Goodful is a self-care channel focused on health, fitness, and everything that makes up self-care, including meditation. You can find ten to fifteen-minute meditations for anxiety, self-love, sleep, and beginners. Their soft colors and practiced speakers make for a soothing, welcoming meditation experience. Plus, the videos often stay in the same color throughout the entire video, encouraging you to relax, close your eyes, and be free from potential distractions.

If you’ve looked into any mindfulness or meditation options recently, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Calm, the very popular meditation app. But Calm’s YouTube channel is also full of great meditation options, from their popular sleep casts for their ten-minute daily meditations.

Videos are peaceful, usually leaning on nature visuals like ocean waves or breezy grasses, with soft ambient sounds like birds chirping, logs cracking on fire, and more. Read more in our Calm app review.

Tara Brach, PhD, is an American psychologist and Buddhist practitioner. Her YouTube channel is a resource of education on mindfulness and meditation, making it a good option for someone looking for more information about why meditation might be helpful for them.

You can also find guided meditations on her website. Topics include cultivating deep listening and creating a welcoming heart space.

Great Meditation’s goal is to make a difference, one view at a time. Choose by time, feeling, or even male or female voice. They offer beginner courses as well as specific meditations for career struggles, relaxation, as well as more advanced concepts like chakra balancing and finding higher consciousness.

Learn Mindfulness & Meditation

Learn the art of mindful living with over 2,000 mindful practices to train your brain. Stress less, sleep better, and deal with anxiety. has 4.5+ stars on both major app stores. Free 7-Day Trial

Choosing Therapy partners with leading mental health companies and is compensated for referrals by


What makes New Horizon special is its meditations for kids and adults. Their videos are used by parents, teachers, and therapists. If your child struggles with falling asleep or relaxing, this is a great resource.

Popular videos include this Land of The Unicorns meditation for children and this guided meditation to find your higher self.

It would be nearly impossible to talk about meditation without mentioning Headspace, the popular meditation app that offers sleep stories, meditations, and more. Their YouTube channel hosts mini-meditations, educational videos, and even a celebrity meditation series. Plus, their animated meditation tips series is almost soothing enough by itself. Read more in our Headspace review.

This channel offers mediation, relaxation, and even fantasy visualizing videos. It’s hosted by Rick Clark and Kevin Brown, who initially started the channel to review various self-improvement systems. Now they’re responsible for tons of videos alongside their writer, Siân Lloyd-Pennell. Videos include body scans, healing light visualizations, relaxation, and guided sleep stories.

You might even be able to catch one of their themed live streams. As of writing this, the channel is currently streaming the “Cozy Sleep Collection,” a series of videos designed to help you fall asleep during the colder months with the thoughts of warm blankets and cozy beds.

Anthony Paul Moo-Young, or Mooji, was born in Jamaica before immigrating to London as a teenager. Mooji began to experiment with spirituality as an adult, eventually leading him to India, where he trained with renowned spiritual leaders.

Mooji’s channel is run by his team, and features guided meditations, interviews, and seminars from past events. His peaceful presence may be a good balm for those looking for mediation with a strong spiritual leaning.

If you struggle with sitting in silence to meditate but find guided meditation difficult or distracting, Meditative Mind’s videos may help. Each video is formulated with solfeggio frequencies, mantra chants, and various other resources to help sleep, relax, or meditate. Listening to their chants and vibrational tones may be meditative itself.

Choose from healing tones, Tibetan temple sounds, and om chanting set to calming visuals and soothing music. They work as a great background to your meditation practice or a chance to focus on specific issues.

This health, wellness, mindfulness, & meditation channel heavily features crystal singing bowls, a type of large bowl usually made of crystal or other material that creates a soothing sound when rung or circled along the rim with a finger or tool. Their videos are softly lit in comforting shades of blue, pink, purple, and other gentle colors that make them easy and pleasant to watch.

If you want something active to watch while meditating without someone speaking, Healing Vibrations may work well for you. Still looking for guided meditations? Check out their sister channel here.

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MasterClass (fun classes) – Do you want to become a writer? A chef? A filmmaker? Learn from the greats including Dan Brown, Gordon Ramsey, and Spike Lee. MasterClass offers celebrity-taught video classes. See Who’s Teaching (mindfulness and meditation app) – Learn the art of mindful living with over 2,000 mindful practices to train your brain. Stress less, sleep better, and deal with anxiety. Free Trial

BetterHelp (online therapy) – Before you burn out, talk with a therapist. BetterHelp offers convenient and affordable online therapy. Try BetterHelp

Choosing Therapy partners with leading mental health companies and is compensated for referrals by TheraBox, MasterClass,, and BetterHelp. is “non-ideological teaching grounded in direct experience and contemplation.” A fair bit of warning with this channel; founder Leo Gura isn’t afraid to swear during his videos. His no-nonsense approach on all things spirituality might be a welcome addition to those looking for straight-forward information outside of practiced religion.

His meditation playlist is no exception. Simple, no-frills, and a little intimidating at times, but that might be exactly what you need.

Even adults need bedtime stories, so that’s what channel creator Joanne decided to make. These videos are good if you’re looking to give your mind a break or find old fairytales comforting.

Her guided meditations, sleep meditations, and bedtime stories have an ethereal quality to them, like her Beauty and the Beast reading, or The Mermaid and The Boy. She also has anxiety and panic attack talk down videos to help in crisis moments.

Michael Sealey uses relaxation hypnosis to bring listers to a heightened state of deep relaxation and focused attention, “where positive suggestions can be more easily accepted by our subconscious minds. Imagine a fantastic and tranquil state of daydreaming, and that is very close to hypnosis!”

Uncertain about hypnotherapy? Sealey’s videos offer plenty of options for meditation and relaxation, whether you want to calm an overactive mind or want to cultivate gratitude in your life. Be sure to be in a safe place where you can fall asleep before listening to his videos.

Stephenson’s channel is equal parts meditative music and guided meditation, so there’s something for everyone. Most of his videos are guided sleep meditations. Topics include self-acceptance, soothing anxiety, and healing affirmations.

Stephenson has been studying meditation for nearly 15 years. He started meditating after abusing drugs and alcohol. “I relied on meditation and affirmations at this time to get me through some of the darkest days of my life,” he says.

Adriene’s channel is technically a yoga channel, but yoga is often a form of active meditation, where body flow and movements are done in conjunction with releasing difficult emotions or allowing mindfulness in. Her sessions are often for specific needs, like uncertainty, courage, and even grief. Still, Adriene has a series of guided meditations rooted in yogic practices if you’re still looking for traditional meditation.

When to See a Therapist

Mindfulness meditation is often used with therapy to help with anxiety, depression, and more. If you’re ready to consider therapy as part of your mental health treatment, find a therapist in your area today.

Additional Resources

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BetterHelp (Online Therapy) – Mindfulness is a powerful skill that can be developed in therapy. BetterHelp has over 20,000 licensed therapists who provide convenient and affordable online therapy. BetterHelp starts at $60 per week. Complete a brief questionnaire and get matched with the right therapist for you. Get Started (Yoga Classes & Therapy) – The Online-Therapy. com standard plan includes a weekly 45 minute video session, unlimited text messaging between sessions, and self-guided activities like journaling. Recently, they added instructional Yoga videos. Get Started

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Whom to watch on Youtube on the topic of meditation, awareness

I sincerely hope that I am read by people who have long ago given up watching the TV box or at least minimized its participation in their lives. Russian shows have long been an example of degradation and bad taste, which, apparently, will be studied in journalism courses in the future as a separate phenomenon. Youtube is now the main platform for content. In addition to sprat eating challenges, pranks and funny videos on YouTube, there is a lot of useful educational content. Today I will talk about what channels on the topic of meditation, awareness, I watch on Youtube.

Sadhguru channel - A channel where you can watch lectures, seminars of a yogi from India - Sadhguru . I recently wrote a long review about the founder of the Isha Foundation and his popular Internal Engineering training. As for the channel, on it you can watch Sudhguru's statements on completely different topics - from sex and the influence of gadgets to discussing the meaning of life. It is always interesting to watch, because Sadhguru knows about the modern realities of life, jokes a lot and does without religion and esotericism. Video translated into Russian!

Matt D’Avella – The channel of an English-speaking blogger (I couldn’t determine which country he is from), who makes videos on the topic of awareness, productivity. Matt has a researcher's approach, so he is happy to experiment on himself: is it possible to live a month without gadgets, what will happen if you drink a glass of water every morning. Cool presentation and charisma of the author do not let you get bored. The channel is in English, but there are subtitles.

Evgeniya Streletskaya – Psychologist Evgeniya Streletskaya makes a video on how to cope with depression, how to choose a psychologist, how to search for answers within yourself. No pathos and abstruse scientific quotes, simple and easy about how not to go crazy in this crazy world. Or what to do if you have already gone

. Valery Veryaskin - Channel of the Baltic blogger, known on the Internet as "Buddha in the City". From time to time I watch videos and find something interesting for myself. Unfortunately Valery shoots a podcast-style video and, apparently, not with a very good camera, so I have some questions about the quality of the content.

Mingyur Rinpoche – Tibetan Monk Mingyur Rinpoche needs no introduction. He is the founder of centers for the study of meditation and Buddhism around the world, and the author of the bestseller The Buddha, the Brain and the Neurophysiology of Happiness. How to change life for the better. He is also known for basing his practices and lectures on the latest advances in Western science. Rinpoche participated in research on the effects of meditation at the Weisman Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Brain Functioning at the University of Wisconsin. Videos on the channel are published in English

This is my list of Youtube channels on the topic of meditation, awareness, if you know interesting authors - please comment!

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5 Best YouTube Channels for Meditation

When tension builds up, meditation is the best way to relieve stress. Even if you have never believed in mental practices, it is worth a try during anxious periods.

Natalia Ekonomtseva

If you have always been skeptical about meditation - as something "unscientific", but now you need support - try watching these YouTube channels. One of them will definitely convince you that meditation is one of the best inventions of mankind.

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Meditation allows you to focus on the breath, sounds or sensations of the body and thus distract from disturbing thoughts that haunt us. All you need is some time (in fact, you can even start with 2-3 minutes) and a place where no one will disturb you. Even a balcony, bathroom or pantry will do.

New Time Meditations

The channel contains a huge number of useful videos that will help you understand yourself and bring your spirit into harmony. A huge selection of meditations, prayers, affirmations - videos are created in order to calm down and return at least some semblance of balance to your life.

In the vlog you can find:

  • Mantras
  • Daily mood using affirmation
  • Music for relaxation

125 thousand subscribers

5 mini-meditations. Antistress for every day

Healing Meditations

The blog is dedicated to the development of the inner "I". The channel is great for those who are just starting meditation practice. In many videos, the presenter visually teaches a number of psychological exercises that are used for relaxation.

In the vlog you can find:

  • Meditation for beginners
  • meditations for various psychological problems
  • music for spiritual transformation
  • Webinars and audiobooks

692 thousand thousand

Yoga and meditation

0 9000 9000 9000 9000 9,000 -channels have been doing yoga for more than fifteen years and help not only to learn the basics of meditation, but also teach you step by step yoga techniques, because one cannot exist without the other.

Leading trainers create sets of exercises that are suitable for everyone with different levels of training. "Yoga and Meditation" will teach you how to breathe correctly, help you harmonize your mind and body, and also look beautiful and young.

In the vlog you can find:

  • Exercises for beginners
  • Fitness training to strengthen muscles
  • Weekly comprehensive yoga exercises

165 thousand subscribers

Slim yoga. 5 asanas for weight loss

Age of Aquarius

A channel with meditations and a large selection of music for relaxation and dynamic practices. The authors assure that powerful streams of sound activate the work of all organs and energy bodies of a person, allow you to achieve harmony with yourself and get rid of disturbing thoughts.

In the vlog you can find:

  • Practices to build a happy future
  • Information on how subconscious laws
  • phrases work, which do not place in your life
  • Three stages to happiness

560 thousand subscribers

Have you already tried to meditate?

Music for body and spirit — Meditation music

A channel with an excellent selection of music for relaxation and yoga, nature sounds and mantras.

Learn more