Be with someone who

Be With Someone Who Does These 13 Things For You

Love is a beautiful thing to have in your life, and not everybody is lucky to experience and savor true love. You might love someone with your all, but know that you are with the right person, when you see a few green flags in your relationship. Always be with someone who will do certain things for you in the relationship, without question, because they know that these few things are the keys to having a healthy and happy relationship.

Love is not supposed to be complicated and stressful; the right kind of love will always make you feel happy, peaceful, and secure. If your relationship is not making you feel these things, then maybe you are with the wrong person, and in the wrong relationship.

Here Are 13 Things The Right Partner Should Do For You And The Relationship

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1. Be with someone who knows the importance of your presence.

Someone who values the beauty of your eyes more than his phone screen; someone who texts you before you text him; someone who is not afraid to hold your hand and does that without waiting for a chance. Someone who keeps in mind every single detail about you no matter how tiny that detail maybe, because it is about you.

2. Be with someone who is fearless about difficulties when it comes to you.

Someone who is not tired even if it comes to driving for hours just to get the food of your choice. Someone who has the patience and urges to see a lot of presents just to choose a perfect one for you. Someone who puts you first on his priority list before work even if that means changing the work schedule of an entire week.

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3. Be with someone who knows the meaning of commitment.

Be in a relationship with someone who is not afraid to accept the truth that he is with you; a person, who removes his account from every dating site after your first meeting; who does not pretend to be single before his colleagues and friends; a person who does not need any back up to fall upon so removes his exes from contacts. A person who is determined enough to make his decisions wisely.

4. Be with someone who brings out the best in you.

Love someone who never compares you with anybody else, someone who compliments you even when you are in your sweatpants. Love someone you don’t need makeup to impress because they never try to change who you are; a person who appreciates every single bit of you, and encourages you to the fullest.

5. Be with someone who brings in joy in your life.

Be with a person with whom you never run out of things to talk about. Be with someone you can laugh all your difficulties out, a person who makes you laugh even at times when you can hardly smile. Someone with whom you can have endless conversations, where you don’t need to think about the next topic of your conversation.

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6. Be with someone who actually cares.

Be with a person who stands by you through thick and thin; someone who doesn’t hesitate to look after you when you are ill, who sees if you have reached home safely or not. Love someone who is there to take care when all you can do is create a mess and someone who is not frightened when these situations come up.

7. Be with someone who is eager to solve problems.

Be with a person who is mature enough to share and sort out problems, who does not keep it confined within for a long time just to make their anger worse. Be with a person who knows their limits and respects your choices even during a conflict, and who is up for adjustments as much as you are.

Love someone who is understanding and does not run away from problems.

8. Be with someone who is not afraid to accept you in front of everyone.

Be with a person who is honest enough to accept you as his partner in front of his family, friends, and grandparents. Be with a person who keeps a picture of you as a screensaver in their phone or wallet, a person who holds your hand or holds your waist when you are outside just to tell everyone that both of you are together.

Love that kind of a person who is proud to have you, and for whom you are not an option but the ultimate choice.

9. Be with someone who is consistent.

Be with a person who is consistent about putting effort; someone who helps you with the things you need. That person who thinks about your needs even before his own. Someone who emphasizes on your sexual needs too, and is not only concerned about their own satisfaction.

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10. Be with someone who is honest with you.

Love someone who is not afraid to show his emotions even if it means he needs to cry in front of you; someone who vents out all his feelings without the fear of being judged because he has that faith in you. Choose someone for yourself who is exactly himself when he is with you. No hidden truth; no secrets.

11. Be with someone who makes you feel special.

Choose someone who makes you feel like the most special person, who never misses a chance to compliment you. Even if you are in a room full of people, he often looks at you; someone who always prefers you to be close to you whenever you are together. A person who puts efforts to make you feel important in his life.

12. Be with someone who thinks of long term goals.

Be with a person who thinks of a future together just as you do. Be with a person who is serious and eager to settle down with you, a person who plans about marriage in an exciting manner as you do; a person who wants to spend the whole life with you. Whenever he talks about that, an unknown joy lights up his face.

Love someone who also thinks about long term goals as you do, and never feels apprehensive about serious things like this.

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13. Be with someone who loves you.

Love someone who is as determined and serious about his relationship as you are; someone who is dedicated enough, who means every word he says. Choose to be with someone who gives you the feeling that you are his forever, and considers his life incomplete without you.

So, do you have a special person like this in your life? If yes, then hold them tight, and never let them go, because you have truly hit the jackpot.

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Be With Someone Who Does These 13 Things For You

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How to Deal With Loving Someone You Can’t Have

Many of us have felt it: There's someone on our minds, and even though they don't feel the same way, we still feel the desire to build a relationship. Loving someone you can't have can take a toll on your mental health, and longing to be with them can be heart-wrenching. This type of emotional turmoil can feel unrelenting at times.

While you may feel like all hope is lost, it's important to remember that this person only plays a small role in the timeline of your life. Even if you're in love with someone you can't have, there are plenty of ways to work with your brain—not against it—to move forward.

Here, experts Jeremy Nicholson and Chloe Carmichael share five ways to get past unrequited love and how to move on the right way.

Meet the Expert

  • Jeremy Nicholson M.S.W., Ph.D. is a doctor of social and personality psychology.
  • Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist.

Work Through Your Feelings

When you love someone you can't have, it's common to bury your feelings in an effort to avoid the painful realities of your situation. It may seem easier to push these feelings of grief away, but working through loss is an important step to get past the longing. "Sometimes we feel unrequited love because the potential partner seems so attractive and valuable to us," says Nicholson. "Other times, we feel unrequited love because we think an actual relationship might be possible, although not assured. This can happen when there is a friendship with mixed signals—or we misconstrue the interest of someone else."

Whether you're still in love with your ex, crushing on someone who's unavailable, or feeling rejected, taking the time you need to acknowledge your feelings (and feel your emotions) is crucial to the process of moving on. Sometimes, you might even find that the attraction isn't based on the individual, but the actual desire to be in a relationship.

"We may feel unreciprocated love simply because we enjoy the feeling," Nicholson says. "This can happen when we are in love with the idea of love itself, or an idealized soul mate, rather than the real person."

Focus on Yourself

When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? Rather than devoting your emotional energy to thinking of someone else, try to focus on the first person who deserves your love: you. "Part of why breakups can be so painful is that [everything] in our current environment reminds us of our ex," says Carmichael. "It can sometimes seem as if everything in our life reminds us of that person. One way to change this is to deliberately create new experiences to help the old memories start to recede. New experiences can also subtly reassure us that there are other possibilities in life."

This isn't a time for getting lost in the memories: It's a time for making new ones. Concentrate on your personal happiness, mental health, and physical well-being. By pampering yourself and practicing acts of self-love and care, you can put your focus to better use by improving your own life. When you make yourself a priority again, you’re taking a major step in dealing with unrequited love.

Don't be afraid to try something new, like traveling, signing up for a new fitness class, or learning a skill or hobby you've always been interested in. What's important is the choice to make a healthy use of your time, and allowing yourself to let go of hurtful memories.

Make Time for Friends and Family

When you're going through difficult times in life—whether in love or not—your support system can make it easier. Instead of spending time alone and shutting the world out, now is a good time to reach out to other people you care about.

Your friends and family can offer great support, guidance, and love. By being around people with positive energy who have your best interest, you can reshape your mindset and embrace their optimistic outlooks. "We were not meant to grieve alone, so consider making sure that you’re always with a supportive friend or family member for the first week or two," Carmichael says. Their experiences can also help you put your current situation in perspective, as they've likely been there before as well.

Close relationships can be a great emotional resource, and they'll provide you with insight and direction when it comes to moving on. "Obviously, a friend or family member doesn’t fill the void, but at the very least it can be helpful to surround yourself with support during a loss," Carmichael says.

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

When you love someone you can’t have, it’s not uncommon to feel frustrated with yourself for not getting over them yet. But remember that the process of healing takes time—and rather than setting high expectations for yourself, it's okay to be proud that you were open to love in the first place.

"If you thought your ex was perfect but they broke up with you out of the blue, you might consider [focusing on] their inability to make or keep a commitment to you," Carmichael says. Whether you were in a committed relationship or not, it's helpful to remember that the person you love is an individual. They may not be interested in a relationship with you, or they may simply not be in the right mindset for romance to begin with. Ultimately, it's best to use these feelings as a way to move on.

"Sometimes just realizing that a person is actually not the stable, reliable 'relationship person' we initially thought they were can help decrease that person’s desirability, thereby making it a little easier to move past them," Carmichael says.

While it's okay to still have feelings for this person, you have to make your peace with the situation. Accept the reality, but remember that it can take time. Don't be hard on yourself if you're not entirely over them—these transitions don't happen overnight.

Don’t Give Up on Love

One of the most important takeaways from dealing with unrequited love is the understanding that you will find love again. While it may feel like a happy relationship just isn't in the cards for you, this simply isn't the case.

"Sometimes we may obsess about the past as a way to avoid re-entering the dating world because, on a certain level, we are afraid of repeating whatever potential mistakes that may have led to our current situation," Carmichael says. "If you think this might be the case, make sure you find ways to learn from your past relationship and have support as you ponder dating again."

Self-care and building stronger relationships with friends and family can speed up the process. Once you're confident in your daily life again, it won't feel so difficult to open up to new people. Take a moment to think about it: If you can feel this much love for someone you're not with, the amount of love you'll find in the right relationship will exceed these feelings (in the best way).

Rather than giving up on love, look forward. It's okay to let this person go in favor of excitement for meeting the next person. While it wasn't meant to be this time, it's only a step in the process of finding what's best—and it'll be even better after looking back on this experience.

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Stop wanting to be someone | SPILNO

When you watch all those TV shows where contestants compete in songwriting, you often see another contestant looking at the camera and saying, "I always dreamed of being the singer of ". They never say that they have always dreamed of singing .

I think there is a deep meaning buried here. If they really cared about singing, they'd be there day and night singing their fucking songs. We would form bands, perform in clubs, record albums, videos for YouTube, moving our asses to be constantly in front of the audience.

But no. Instead, they hang out on this kind of TV show for a second of glory, hoping for "maybe lucky."

They are waiting for someone to make them great artists who lead lives of the rich and famous. They don't want to do something . They want to be someone who does something.

This can be seen in many areas of the lives of a huge number of people. No one wants to start companies, but everyone wants to be founders. Nobody wants create art, but everyone wants to be an artist. No one wants to spend a day in front of the monitor, creating program code, but everyone dreams of being a programmer.

Life is what you do every day

True to your dreams, you live your life every day getting out of bed and doing your job. It can be drawing, writing music, some kind of business. You can work on stage, in the office, or even in your own bedroom. But anyway, it's always work .

It has nothing to do with what you call yourself or what lifestyle you lead. It is about what you dedicate your life to, day after day, achieving results. That's what really matters, because that's what gets you somewhere.

If your head is filled with what kind of lifestyle to lead, trying to fill it with the necessary attributes, you are obviously busy with the wrong things. You will never be able to create anything worthwhile, because creating something is not even a thought in your head.

The trick is that if you want to be someone, instead of doing something , then in the end you will be nothing.

You will never feel that you have reached the end

I am sure that there is no person in the world who would feel that he becomes something. Or someone. No one can at some point say, "Oh, I feel like I'm an entrepreneur now," or "I'm an artist." Because such a feeling is basically unattainable.

You will always be looking for some thing that will lead you to something or some event that will allow you to stop and be finally satisfied with yourself. This will never happen. If you chase after the feeling of being someone , you will never find it. What you should focus on is doing , which can help you feel satisfied.

But there is no end point where you can just stop and just sit at home. What about those contestant singers? They don't believe in it. They believe that they can find happiness if they win this competition. Get a contract. Record a single. They are wrong.

Your work must be done well

If you do work just to be or become someone, instead of focusing on the action itself and doing work for the sake of doing, it's very sad. You will not put in enough effort and the quality of your work will be very low.

The work itself is important. Take this expression seriously. Work is not something that annoys you to the point of exhaustion, while you make excuses that you need it in order to feel like someone. There is nothing in work that can give meaning to your lifestyle. It is meaning in itself.

You must paint good pictures, make beautiful sentences. Create good things. If you don't, if you're only busy feeding your ego, people will see it. The world will see it.

Nobody takes you seriously if you don't do anything

When you tell someone that you are someone, that you are "someone", people want some kind of proof. No one will perceive me as a writer unless I spend hours and hours every day blogging, writing a book, and interacting with my readers.

It's your job that makes people stop and pay attention to you. Not your biography or your stories about yourself. If you want to be taken seriously, all you really need is respect. And you can't just go and get respect. People won't just line up to express it to you.

You must earn it. Earn by doing things that matter to others by putting in the effort every single day. This is the only way to get what you want.

Learn and develop

If you have already reached the point of calling yourself a business founder or an artist, then in this way you put an end to your own development and use of opportunities to learn new things.

If instead you focus on the work you are doing and spend your life doing the best job you can, then you have a chance to make discoveries. This way you get a chance to experience your own eureka.

The work I do is writing. And entrepreneurship. And marketing. And design. And conversations. However, is it me? I prefer to think of myself primarily as a student. I am here to study. Yes, and all of us.

You should get out of the shell

If you want to become somebody, you will waste your time trying to achieve the unattainable. You will not find happiness in the future, but will only face a series of bitter disappointments.

If you are going to really do something, then you are on the way to real satisfaction. When you don't think about who to be and what lifestyle to lead, you have great opportunities to do what you truly love.

You are able to get off the ground and set the world around you in motion. I love talking about two musical bands Fugazi and Black Flag. They are very important to me as they are creative and enterprising. They never expected a miracle. They themselves arranged their own concerts, paid for the recording of albums themselves and are constantly working. They are busy doing, not being somebody. And this is a good way.

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Meaning of the word "BE"

Exist, exist.

See all meanings of the word BE

The meaning of the word "someone,"

See all the meanings of the word SOMEONE,

The meaning of the word "WHO"

What a creature, what a person.

See all meanings of WHO

"Be somebody" sentences

Well, if you're right, the real killer must be someone who knew that Brady was obsessed with the judge .

I want to be someone who tells it like it is.

Other results

I film them at the moment when they fully believe that they can be someone else.

For most of us, being a person, someone, is such a familiar, seamless, ongoing experience that it's hard not to take it for granted.

In this new world where the real becomes virtual and the virtual becomes real, I began to feel that I cannot be what I want to be, I cannot say what I think, and humanity at this very moment is at the same stage.

If your body is composted, you become the soil, you can feed the tree, become the posthumous donor you always wanted to be, the person you deserve to be.

So girls need to go outside to learn how to be brave, but I understand that adults don't want to ride gravity boards or climb trees, so we all need to train at home, at work, and even right here, gaining the courage to talk to someone we truly admire.

The urge to respond in kind is so tempting, but that's not who we want to be.

If we assume that a person can have only one self-determination: I am only x, that is, apart from this I cannot be anyone else, then this is already the beginning of the problem.

For example, being a landscape painter is crazy, I might walk out the door with one painting handy to work on, and the weather might change and I might be working on another painting, or I might have plans with someone and suddenly change them, or cancel plans because the weather is right for this or that picture, and this is really a big sacrifice in terms of your social life and also, of course, finances, if, like me, I tend to put pictures above everything else.

General excitement, the ability to be someone else in front of people - just being someone else is great.

You are on stage and you can be exactly who your character is supposed to be.

The right to be a person, someone, an individual.

I haven't decided yet what I want to be.

I have asked myself many times what I want to be when I finish school.

I can't be with someone whose life is in total disarray.

He prefers to be with someone who no longer knows him.

I'm not very good at being in a relationship with someone.

I tried to be with someone as a teenager, but I was close with two friends.

Although, judging by tonight, you might be better off with someone else.

Stop being who you are not.

I left... to be able to be someone for our son.

With illusion I can be someone else...

Don't lose your essence just because it's easier to be someone else.

There must be happiness, not to reckon with anyone.

A dying man trying to show the world he's not dying trying to be something he no longer is.

Ask the spirits which man you are destined to be with.

She must be with someone like us.

You made me realize that I want to be with someone.

There must be a way to contact someone.

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