What makes couples stay together

15 Things You Must Know

The first few months of a romantic relationship can be such an exciting phase for both partners! There’s a strong attraction towards each other, and the passion is intense. You want to know your partner and spend as much time as possible with them.

Even though that initial spark does wear off eventually, there’s still a lot of scope to be happy in your romantic relationship. If you’re wondering what keeps couples together, this article is perfect for you.

If you want to build a strong long-term relationship with your partner, there are some things, behaviors, and activities that you can incorporate into your daily life. This is equally applicable for you and your significant other.

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Making Time For You And Your Spouse

Learn about what do couples do together to be content in their relationships.

15 activities that happy couples do to keep them together

So, what keeps couples together? Consider incorporating these 15 things happy couples do to build a healthy, long-lasting relationship:

1. Spend time together

Taking some time out from your busy schedule to spend with your partner regularly is very important. The importance of spending quality time together is unparalleled.

Whether you’re going out for a walk in the evening, or going for a romantic dinner date, or just talking to each other about how your day has been- all of this counts.

When you actively take out time to spend with your significant other, it helps you both build a strong bond together. The most important part of spending time together regularly is to do it mindfully.

2. Pamper each other

Pampering each other does not always mean something materialistic, such as expensive gifts. You can plan a chill day at home where you treat each to manicures, pedicures, massages, and so much more!

Another great way to pamper your partner is by treating them to a home-cooked meal prepared by you! You can whip up their favorite dish or dessert!

Pampering each other is what keeps couples together. When you pamper your partner to a day of self-care, it makes them feel special and cared for. It also helps in strengthening the bond between you and your spouse.

3. Truly listening to each other is essential

There is a world’s difference between hearing what your partner is saying to you and truly listening to them. Active listening is how couples stay together.

When you properly listen to what your husband or wife has to say to you, you communicate better. When you communicate properly, you feel content in your relationship.

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4. Share intimate details with each other

Vulnerability is another very important aspect of what keeps couples together. Most happy couples feel secure enough with their spouses or partners to disclose intimate details about themselves.

The sense of vulnerability and openness with each other can help you build a long-term relationship built on trust and open communication.

5. Laugh together

Another big part of what keeps couples together is humor. Having your fair share of silly inside jokes or having a complementary sense of humor is what can make your relationship feel healthy and enjoyable!

When you both share a good sense of humor and crack each other up, you enjoy each other’s company and spend more time together!

6. Have common interests

Having shared interests is another big part of a strong couple connection. Content couples often have hobbies and interests that they can do together. This includes activities like singing, playing instruments, working out together, and so on.

When you have common interests, you automatically spend more quality time with each other. And when you spend more time together doing things that you both love, you both end up feeling happier and fulfilled in the relationship.

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7. Play games together

One of the simplest ways to feel happy in your romantic relationship is to regularly plan fun activities like game nights with your partner. This is one of the most common things happy couples do!

Whether it’s badminton or tennis or board games, game nights or game dates with your partner is one of the easiest ways to feel happy together! Playing games like chess or scrabble or tennis can also bring out the playful side in you and your partner.

Check out these couple games and you can surely have a great time:

Game nights also give you the opportunity to spice things up in your relationship which facilitates a lot of joy!

8. Hugs and kisses

What do normal couples do? Do they often give each other warm hugs and cute pecks throughout the day? Yes, they do! Strong physical intimacy is very common among couples who are content in their relationships.

When you and your partner take out that little bit of time to hug or kiss each other, it shows that you both care. It also shows your partner that they are on your mind. This facilitates a strong sense of comfort and security in the relationship.

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9. A sprinkle of PDA

Married and unmarried couples who are happy in their relationships often engage in a bit of PDA. Engaging in some tasteful public display of affection with your partner can inject a sense of excitement and entertainment for both of you.

10. Set healthy boundaries

Now let’s get into some of the more serious aspects of a healthy relationship. Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries is a pivotal aspect of what keeps couples together.

When you set healthy boundaries and your partner respects those boundaries and vice-versa, it builds trust, respect, intimacy, and communication in the relationship.

11. Always resolve a fight before going to bed

Having arguments and intense conversations with your partner is normal and healthy in romantic relationships. It is understandable that the idea of heading to bed without resolving an argument may be very tempting.

However, if you do gather the willpower to actually resolve the argument before going off to bed, it shows that you’re mature and you’re open to communicating with your partner and that you value their point of view. This is what keeps couples together.

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12. Stay present and attentive

Although being comfortable around your partner is a very important part of being in a healthy relationship, there is a fine line between comfort and taking the relationship for granted.

A pivotal aspect of couples bonding is being attentive and present when you’re spending quality time with your partner. People who are in healthy and happy relationships prioritize spending quality time with their partners mindfully and on a regular basis.

One of the easiest ways to be attentive to your partner when you’re having a conversation or on a date is by simply switching off your phone. If switching it off is not feasible, you can consider putting it on silent mode.

Mindfully attending to one’s partner is what keeps couples together.

13. Give each other space

As important as it is to spend quality time together on a regular basis, it is equally important to give each other space. This is one of the things married couples do to stay happy and content in their relationships.

Having time to yourself to do what you like or need to do is very important to rejuvenate yourself. When you feel productive and rejuvenated, you automatically end up valuing the time you spend with your partner.

Personal space enables couples to take that time out for themselves and also facilitates that feeling of missing each other. This may help in keeping the spark alive.

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14. Have your own life outside your relationship

What keeps couples together is having their own lives, interests, obligations, and duties that are unrelated to the relationship. A romantic relationship or a marriage is a part of your life. 

However, your entire life doesn’t need to just be about your marriage or relationship. When you have your own life outside your relationship, it also gives you things to talk about with your partner.

It also helps you value the time that you do spend with your significant other. It is all about balance. Going out with your friends, having goals related to your career, your hobbies, etc, are all important aspects of your life.

15. Plan your future together

Having conversations with your partner about your future together is very important in any long-term relationship. This is one of the things couples do together who are happy in their marriage or relationships.

Planning your life together and dreaming about what the future holds can bring a lot of joy and hope to your romantic relationship. A big part of what keeps couples together is their ability to make plans for their future together.     

When you plan your future with your significant other, it shows that you value them and you wish to spend your life with that person. This can facilitate a lot of happiness and contentment in the relationship!

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If you’re in a romantic relationship or you’ve been married for a while, there’s a lot of potentials to work on your relationship and feel more content with the same.

Consider implementing some of the aforementioned activities or behaviors in your relationship.

10 Reasons Why Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together

In This Article

The phrase “couples who play together stay together” is relatively popular and with good reason. So, do you wish to know whether the saying couples who play together stay together is true?

There is adequate evidence now that indicates that married couples and couples in romantic relationships can benefit from “playing together.”

So, what does “playing together” entail? This term alludes to the quality time that a couple spends. The quality time is spent having fun and relaxing together. The fact that a couple indulges in recreational activities together is emphasized.

As important as it is to have private time or alone time when you’re in a relationship, it is equally important to spend quality time together characterized by recreational, relaxing, and fun activities.

So yes, it is true that couples who play together stay together.

But you want to learn more about this concept and potentially implement it?

If you do, welcome! This article is all about the importance of couples playing together and how couples stay together! Just read on.

What enables couples to stay together?

Before delving into the details and reasons why couples who play together stay together, let’s first understand what contributes to or enables a couple to stay committed to each other.

Once the contributing factors to long-term romantic commitment are understood clearly, it’ll be easier to grasp the concept of play together stay together.

How do couples stay together? Although having strong feelings of love for each other is essential, that’s not all. Just love isn’t enough!

The couples who stay together believe in actions. It’s not just important to have feelings for your significant other. It’s important to express those feelings of love through meaningful actions.

And no, grand romantic gestures are not the point of reference here! 

Thoughtful and simple actions and genuinely listening to your partner to make them feel safe, understood and heard play a key role in staying together in a relationship.

When it comes to the actions aspect of expressing love, the concept of couples who play together stay together is relevant.

Couples playing together: Is it a good practice?

As mentioned earlier, expressing your love for your partner through actions is where couples who play together stay together. This is where you can learn about the concept of couples playing with each other.

Playing together does not mean that you consider your relationship or marriage to be a game. No. It’s about incorporating novel, recreational, wholesome, fun activities into your marriage or romantic relationship.

A playing couple is a couple that spends time with their partner to do novel and fun things together. These activities enable couples to bond closer, experience positive emotions, have positive experiences, and build beautiful memories together.

How does a couple play together?

There are various play activities that you can do together as a couple. These include:

These are the type of activities that you and your partner will be scheduled into your days, weeks, months, and so on. You set aside time for these types of activities.

These include a plethora of activities (major and minor). Examples include weekend getaways, learning a new hobby together, long vacations, cooking classes, watching a tv show or movie together, etc. 

These can even include prosocial activities like volunteering at a good bank every month.  

  • Everyday activities

It’s all about injecting fun and relaxation into daily chores or tasks. A great example of this would be doing a closet clearout together! A pantry organization day is another fun activity if you do it together! Any type of activity that involves both of you working around your home.

  • Flexible activities

These are the type of activities that don’t necessarily set aside a specific time, place, and day. You can indulge in these activities when you and your spouse suddenly find free time. 

These activities include making dinner together, playing video games together, having a random spa day at home, going to a theme park together, etc. These are the activities where you can try out something new or repeat old activities.

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Here we bring you a quick video on some couple games:

These are some great ways that demonstrate how couples who play together stay together. The best way to incorporate playing time into your relationship is by collaborating with your spouse.

You can come up with a nice long list of activities that you enjoy doing. Ask your spouse to come up with their list of activities. Then you can brainstorm together. Compare both the lists of activities and find the common ones.

Just start there!

10 reasons why couples who play together stay together

Now that you know about some of the fun activity types that you engage in as a couple, let’s take a deep dive into the various reasons why couples who play together stay together.

The top 10 reasons why couples who play together stay together have been listed as follows:

1. It can sort of renew your marriage

It is not unknown that marriage requires two people to spend their entire lives together. Spending extended periods with the same person comes with its fair share of challenges.

So, indulging in play activities is a great way to revive or renew a marriage.

2. Great for reducing boredom and monotony in the relationship  

A lot of relationships go through tough times simply because of monotony. The monotony leads to couples desiring to seek excitement outside the relationship.

Playing together and indulging in recreational activities that are novel and wholesome or exciting is a great way to inject some joy and thrill into a marriage or romantic relationship.

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3. Playing together is great for communication

Most playful activities warrant communication between partners. The communication required is positive and direct. So, engaging in recreational activities that require communication is an excellent idea for couples struggling to communicate in their relationship.

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4. The trust between the partners improves 

Say you and your spouse have decided to join a cooking class where you two have to work together as a team. This will not require you both to communicate openly but also have faith in the other person that they’re doing their part.

So, recreational activities are great for building trust!

5. Great for boosting the general happiness

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the joy that every individual experiences from relaxing or doing a fun activity. Even if you are doing an activity like painting with your partner, you feel happiness as an individual.

6. Generation of positive emotions as a couple

Engaging in recreational activities with your beloved is not only great for you both as individuals but as a couple too!

Those who play together stay together is very true for couples because both individuals create opportunities and find time to experience positive emotions together.

7. Make positive memories together

When you do novel and exciting activities with your beloved, not only do you both feel great at that moment, but you also allow yourselves to make wonderful memories!

You can look back on those memories where, for instance, you spilled food all over yourself when you were taking that cooking class together! You’ll experience more positive emotions while reflecting on those fond memories.

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8. The concept of compromising becomes easier to understand and implement

Cooperation and sharing are essential parts of engaging in recreational activities together. If your spouse wants to go hiking but you want to go to the gym, then one of you decides to ditch their activity of choice to spend quality time with your partner!

When you’re out for a romantic dinner, you both order the dishes that you both love. You learn to meet midway! Cooperation and compromising abilities are developed through such activities.

9. Triggers sexual intimacy of a couple

Depending on the kind of recreational activities that you engage in with your partner, a lot of the time can often lead to exciting and passionate moments of sexual intimacy! 

Maybe consider playing a board game like chess with a sprinkle of sexy tasks involved!

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10. Helps couples develop their rituals and traditions

Recreational activities, especially new ones, also pave the way for couples to discover their interests together and establish some traditions or rituals of their own as a couple!


It is undoubtedly true that couples that game together stay together. Take some inspiration from here and implement them into your relationship!

Why people live together for decades: 10 reasons we forgot about

October 23, 2014 Life

Have you ever met an elderly couple who look like a couple of young lovers? In this article, we will tell you about the secrets that help them maintain relationships for many years.

When I see two 70 year olds walking hand in hand, my heart fills with warmth.

Do they have some secret formula that makes their love endure so much? nine0003

Most happy couples have a reason for being together all these years. Today, too many of us have forgotten about these reasons.

Well, let's remember.

1. They have common interests and are constantly looking for things that can interest them both.

Common interests are what bring people together. And happy couples are focused on finding even more activities and topics of conversation that will be of interest to both. nine0003

Common interests and activities should not be fantasy. Sometimes it's enough that you both like to watch a movie in the evening in an embrace.

Remember that common interests, the feeling that you are with a person who understands you - that is what once attracted you to your partner. What now? And now you're too busy looking for something the two of you might like.

If you continue your relationship not as a couple of like-minded people who constantly want to learn together and from each other, share their interests and look for something in common, but as two different people who, it is not clear why and why they ended up next to each other, then it is unlikely that through For a certain number of years, someone will see your couple and think that you have a formula for a happy relationship. nine0003

2. They go to bed together every night


The time before bed is the most precious, because it is then that you can share your feelings with a loved one and get support from him. It is then that you can feel that the very person who is able to support you is next to you.

Many couples today live according to their own schedule and forget how important it is to spend time with each other. Even in the evening, instead of being next to your loved one, you sit with your nose on the TV and watch another unfunny comedy. Better watch this movie with your wife/husband, hugging under the covers, of course. Do not forget how we all need human warmth and affection. nine0003

3. They never go to bed holding a grudge against each other

Danielle deLeon/flickr.com

Happy couples point out that this is one of the main rules.

Interviews with people who have been married for 50-60 years prove that this is not just a boring cliche - the moral is much deeper.

If you quarreled, argued, angered each other and at the same time you go to bed without sorting out the relationship and without understanding the causes and consequences, then in one evening you can destroy what you have been building for years. nine0003

Talk to each other frankly, speak your mind and listen to your partner. Find a compromise and do not forget to tell your soulmate that you love and respect her, despite all the disagreements, quarrels, resentments and omissions that you have to go through.

Today, many couples ignore this simple rule and go to bed without finding out the relationship and harboring resentment in their hearts. If this happens all the time, then this is the first signal that you are destroying your happiness with your own hands. nine0003

4. They hug and kiss each other at the beginning and end of the day

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com

Happy couples find that they start their day with hugs and kisses and end the same way. Psychologists suggest that thanks to this, both partners develop a sense of attachment to each other, their mood improves, they begin to trust each other and feel safe.

Very often modern couples forget about the importance of hugs. Everyone is so busy with their own affairs-problems-concerns that they won’t even remember that today they have never kissed their loved one. Lack of intimacy will eventually lead the relationship to collapse. nine0003

5. They trust each other

Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. When you are confident in your partner, you can rely on him, you know that he will always come to your aid when you need it most.

Today, to all appearances, distrust and constant suspicions are an invariable part of any modern relationship. If this continues, then such a relationship will not only not bring you happiness, but also make you restless paranoid. nine0003

6. They say "thank you" instead of "I'm sorry"

Happy couples always focus on the positive, not the negative.

They are not sorry. They give thanks.

Today, many people like to point out to others their shortcomings, while forgetting that they themselves are also far from perfect. And people who actually love each other are ready to put up with shortcomings. Instead of thinking about the cons, focus on the pluses of your partner, because he certainly has them. nine0003

7. They rejoice in each other's successes

In happy couples there is no concept of "yours - mine", they have everything in common - both joys and sorrows. They help each other to constantly move forward, inspire each other to new achievements.

Relationships are not a one-way game, but a process in which you need to constantly support your partner.

8. They continue to do nice little things for each other

Sometimes even little things mean a lot in a relationship. Happy couples, even after many years, continue to do these little things for each other: they leave notes with the simplest and most pleasant phrase “I love you” or they can walk the dog if they see that their loved one is too tired for this. nine0003

Today we have forgotten how important the little things are in a relationship. But it is these little things that very often help us feel that we are loved and taken care of.

9. They respect each other's feelings

This does not mean that they always and in everything agree with each other, but in any situation they respect the feelings of the other.

The seemingly ordinary phrase “I understand how you feel” can become magical and stop many misunderstandings and disagreements in the bud. nine0003

For many couples, the relationship is like a tug of war: everyone wants to defend their opinion at any cost and does not want to listen to the other at all. What do you think will come out of such a union? That's right, nothing.

10. They don't forget the importance of a sense of humor

Mo Riza/flickr.com

A sense of humor helps happy couples get out of awkward situations and see the world more easily.

Many people have already thought about the importance of humor in relationships, and even annual conferences are held on this topic. nine0003

But today many modern couples confuse humor with sarcasm. Going to extremes, you can offend your partner, even without wanting it.

7 golden rules for happy families: advice from a psychologist and "golden" couples Warm, trusting relationships are the same reliable rear, support and support. We find out what is the secret of a long happy relationship. nine0108

Not every couple manages to feel complete harmony and feel vivid emotions for many years. But on the other hand, it's kind of normal. It is impossible to be at the peak of emotions, joy, love all the time - it is exhausting. And yet, I don’t want to sit in the swamp of routine either. How to find the golden mean? We talk about the main secrets of "golden" couples and give useful advice to those who dream of living a long happy life in marriage.

They do not allow command tone

Living together, in which one of the partners is constantly trying to command, points and morally suppresses the other, will never bring happiness. If at a young age one of the two is still ready to turn a blind eye to this, then a mature person is unlikely to want to endure such an attitude.

Some of you may earn more, some may invest more energy in home improvement, caring for children and elderly parents, but all this is not a reason to feel and show your superiority over your loved ones. Equality and mutual respect is one of the main secrets of a happy, harmonious relationship. nine0003

They build relationships on trust

If family life takes place in an atmosphere of complete trust and mutual understanding, this always makes partners happy. Do not waste time on various suspicions and doubts - leave more room in life for love, tenderness and passion. What could be better than the confidence that your loved one will always understand, support and never deceive?

Distrust destroys love, and confidence in each other, on the contrary, allows it to persist for many years and fill every day of the life of a married couple with happiness. If a life together gives a man and a woman a lot of positive emotions, then there will definitely be a place in it for the most vivid sensations. nine0003

Polezhaeva Sofya Sergeevna, psychologist of the Moscow Service for Psychological Assistance to the Population

Quarrels happen, but they should not destroy relationships. Differences and verbal battles do not mean that the marriage has come to an end - it is normal that sometimes it can be difficult for people to agree. Show respect and care: never be late, take care of your spouse during illness and in difficult times. Kiss each other more often and say words of love and gratitude. Love each other unconditionally! You will succeed. Be happy! nine0134

They fight... right!

Love is destroyed not only by monotony, routine and everyday life, but also by constant mutual claims, insults, bickering. If spouses show disrespect to each other too often or harbor unspoken grievances, sooner or later their love will come to naught. But calm conversations, avoiding insults and accusations help to maintain warmth and mutual care in relationships. In addition, partners will even be able to look at each other in a new way, fall in love with each other again, if they decide to abandon rudeness and excessive selfishness and begin to solve their problems with patience and respect. nine0003

The secret to successful problem solving is constant dialogue, respectful communication about what causes discomfort: "It upsets me when I see dirty shoes on a clean floor" . Always talk to each other, listen carefully, remembering that silent people may seem attractive only initially. It is impossible to live a happy life with a person who is not capable of a constructive dialogue.

They love to cuddle

Oddly enough, this is one of the main secrets of strong married couples! Unfortunately, many partners, when they have lived together long enough, begin to believe that touching and hugging is completely optional. The evening kiss on duty becomes almost the only manifestation of tenderness. This is a big mistake, since it is frequent tactile contact that keeps the spouses from weaning from intimacy with each other. nine0003

There is a scientific explanation for this - during tactile contact (especially "skin to skin"), the hormone oxytocin is released, which forms warm relationships and affection. Why not a do-it-yourself love potion?

Have you noticed how happy a man and a woman look when they walk holding hands or hugging? And how touching and sometimes even surprising if an already quite elderly couple behaves in exactly the same way? Surprise arises precisely because we do not often see such a reverent and harmonious relationship in adulthood. And it is these couples who feel the happiest. nine0003

Try to touch each other more often, embrace each other, stroke, kiss. Such tactile manifestations of love will help maintain warmth in communication, and when the relationship cools, they will return it.

Sushkovs Faina Borisovna and Arkady Sergeevich :

On September 22, 2020, we celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary. When we try to formulate the secrets of our happy life, then some secret meaning of love is lost. We have lived all our lives overcoming difficulties. Together, together. We never asked each other for help and support - it was a matter of course. While I was in graduate school, my precious husband sat with three children, helped around the house and supported me in everything. A few years later he also took up science, and then it was my turn to devote more time to home and children. We always had many friends, and we lived on the principle of mutual assistance and support. Probably, the foundations of these principles were laid in our youth, when my husband and I were fond of tourism and mountaineering - it is impossible to do without trust and mutual assistance in these sports. We still try to live an active life today: we like to visit theaters, exhibitions, museums, travel around Russia. Until the spring of this year, we attended dance classes under the Moscow Longevity program, it really helped to stay alert and active !

They have common interests

Exciting joint activities always bring people together. Think about how touching it is when a man and a woman who have lived together for many years still try to be near each other as often as possible and look for an activity that will please both. Relationships like this are something to be proud of. It is not so important that it is a passion for gardening or extreme sports.

In a relationship where both strive to spend time together and experience vivid emotions from their favorite common cause, there is always a place for warmth, understanding and love. nine0003

As part of the Moscow Longevity project, older Muscovites attend clubs and sections free of charge in various areas of activity, including sports, intellectual and creative. Everyone will be able to choose something for themselves, as well as for spending time together.

Creative couples can attend dance classes, voice lessons, start mastering theater or painting. Couples who prefer physical activity can do gymnastics, yoga, zumba, and attend Nordic walking classes together with the project's sports trainers. For those who seek to gain new knowledge, Moscow Longevity offers intellectual clubs on history, art, psychology, financial and legal literacy, foreign language classes, and much more. nine0003

At the moment, most of the classes of the Moscow Longevity project are held online using modern communication platforms. Teachers and curators of the project will help you connect and explain all the technical nuances. Women from 55 years old, men from 60 years old can enroll in the Moscow Longevity project. Registration for online classes takes place by phone, for this you need to call the nearest Territorial Center for Social Services. For phone numbers, see mos.ru/age. Classes in the Moscow Longevity project are absolutely free. nine0003

In addition, Moscow has a new format of social institutions for the older generation "My Social Center" (MSC). This is a new approach to organizing free time, developing club activities, supporting social activity based on the common interests and values ​​of the target audience.

The new club space opened up wide opportunities for creative self-realization, development, spending free time and self-organization of the older generation. This is a place of live communication and good neighborliness, where the main organizers of activities and hosts are the residents themselves, who form the program, fill the space and hold meetings and events that are interesting to them. nine0003

The infrastructure of the institutions is thought out taking into account the various interests of the guests. The MSC has an assembly hall for master classes, concerts and parties; multifunctional sports hall; noisy living room for fun games; a quiet living room for chess tournaments and literary clubs; as well as a media lounge for joint viewing of films or computer literacy lessons; culinary studio.

More than 3.5 thousand activities have already been organized in the club spaces of My Social Center. All services of the centers are free for visitors. nine0003

Institutions did not stop their work during the spring self-isolation regime. Citizens continued to communicate and lead an active lifestyle online. The most popular communication platforms are WhatsApp, ZOOM and Skype.

From September 28, older people are advised to stay at home. Therefore, most self-organized clubs have returned to the online space. Also, for regular and new visitors to the MSC, active project participants have prepared a series of online activities in various areas. You can follow the schedule of the online program on the website of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the City of Moscow. nine0003

They say “thank you”

The ability to appreciate what you have and to be grateful for kindness, love and years spent together help to maintain harmony in a couple. Over time, many spouses get used to each other so much that they cease to understand how valuable this relationship is, and how valuable each of them is in itself.

Do not forget to thank each other for any, even the most insignificant service. Do not take a dear person and the fact that he lives with you for granted. You yourself turn your life into a routine and prevent the preservation of love when, for example, you brush off your partner’s request because he can definitely wait. Would you have brushed aside his request at a time when everything between you was just beginning? nine0003

The willingness to immediately help each other, the desire to respond kindly to kindness and the ability to thank - all this does not allow tenderness and love to leave the relationship over time.

They do not live in the past

People often yearn for the past, both at a young age and in adulthood. However, in youth, for obvious reasons, nostalgia is not yet so strong - a person may regret some moments, but he is not yet able to feel the pain of missed opportunities and the realization of how many years are left behind. nine0003

Sometimes a state of melancholy takes possession of a person so much that he begins to endlessly scroll through his head the idea that everything could have been otherwise. He remembers his previous partners or all the mistakes that he made in a relationship, his resentment towards a partner. Because of this, of course, relationships suffer - what kind of love can we talk about, even if you want to change the past?

In order to maintain strong emotions in a relationship, it is very important to let go of the past and live in the present. Memories, regrets and illusions put love (and life!) in doubt and make you constantly look back, not notice what is happening in the present.

Learn more