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Masha Efrosinina, editor of the winter issue of Chance for traveller, how she understands the meaning of the phrase “doing good” and why it has become a part of her life.

1. How would you explain kindness to… a child?

Kindness is when you sincerely love people and look for the good in them. If a person loves people, he cannot treat someone badly, turn away, if someone needs help, he cannot hold a grudge, do things that make other people unhappy. And I always tell my son that kindness is the basis of a positive mood and a happy life. And I want to tell all parents that the presence of this quality in a little man depends on them.

2. What was the starting point for the emergence of charity in your life?

This is an evolutionary moment that a person or company comes to at a certain stage of development. The desire to do charity arose after realizing that just earning and spending money on yourself is a waste of life. You bring nothing worthwhile that changes the life around you. And for me, my family, for our company "LIGA" it is important to take into account the interests and problems of society.

Even before the foundation of the Foundation, we helped a lot people who applied to us. But it was somehow chaotic. When we founded the “Let’s help” foundation, we started working on tasks of a completely different level, put everything on a system rail that gives the feeling that we are bringing something valuable into this world, that our time is not wasted.

Nothing I have achieved in business compares to the feeling I get from solving social problems. I value the feeling that we really influence the quality of life of our pensioners - single grandparents in our country. These are great feelings. Very!

3. Does kindness have a geography? Can we say that there are places on the planet that need special care? Or, on the contrary, places that are especially charged with goodness?

Kindness is needed everywhere! And in super-successful countries, and in countries with a low level of development. Kindness is needed by every person on earth, regardless of social status. Perhaps the level of concentration of kindness in different places on the planet is different - I agree with this.

If we talk about places that need special care, then, of course, these are places where people or any living creatures suffer. If a person is unhappy or starving, then there is a great need for help, support and care. This is how it is with pensioners in Ukraine now. If we talk about places that charge with good, then here, I'm sure, everything is very individual.

4. Why do you think many people in our country have the cliché “Good must be done quietly” in their minds? Does it need to be changed? And How?

Every person's wishes must be respected. For example, there are extroverts and introverts. And we are taught from childhood to be social, sociable and be friends with everyone. If it is difficult for a person, if he is comfortable without a huge number of people nearby and empty communication, why should he be adjusted to the “need to communicate” setting?! It is important to be able to listen, respect the opinions and wishes of each other. If you want to help quietly, do it quietly. If you want loudly, you can invite your acquaintances and friends to join good deeds. The main thing in this situation is the result, desire.

5. Analyze all the people with whom you have worked in the field of charity and answer the question: “Is a kind act for a person an impulse, a duty, a one-time high-profile action or a norm of life?”

You know, for many of our benefactors and volunteers this is not heroism, but the norm of life. And it amazes me. There are, of course, one-time initiatives and actions, but, you see, this is also good. Even one-time help is better than nothing. Everyone has their own motivation: someone wants to benefit society just like we do, someone is very hurt by the picture of how older people live, and someone does it for the sake of PR. We accept such motives for good deeds. For you and me and for society, such PR is only a plus. Let him be "paid" for good deeds.

6. What are the biggest challenges in your work with charity in Ukraine?

This is a low level of trust in charity in our country and still a low level of control by the state. Now the processes of building a civilized transparent sector of charity are starting, but so far they are only at the initial stage. A lot of dishonest people took advantage of the kindness of the Ukrainians and did not report on the funds raised. All this undermined confidence in normal, civilized charity, and honest foundations that are ready to show their reports suffer from this.

7. What can make any person kinder?

Kindness from other people. When people around you smile, when you are surrounded not by aggression, but by positivity, responsiveness and empathy, then in any case you absorb it, you yourself become softer, kinder. Therefore, it is necessary to fight for goodness and popularize it in every possible way.

8. Three things that help you keep the light within you?

Family. The result of the fund's work is when you see real changes that depend on you. Support of like-minded people.

9. If you could communicate with any person in the world (living or deceased), who would it be and what would the conversation be about?

I wanted to talk to the Dalai Lama. And this dream has almost come true. This year I was lucky to meet a person who is very close to His Holiness, and I know that he told him about us and our family, about our efforts to change people's lives for the better. We have been invited to an audience, and we are planning a trip.

10. What is the kindest story you have recently witnessed?

Our Foundation has very young philanthropists who regularly transfer from 3 to 20 hryvnias of their pocket money to Let's help. One philanthropist makes transfers so often that she has made the most donation transactions in the history of the Foundation. This is really impressive and gives confidence that there will certainly be positive changes in our country.

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