Tired and grouchy

Cranky? You're Likely Fighting Fatigue

Written by Jeanie Lerche Davis

April 2, 2002 -- We're barking at each other everywhere -- on the road, at the grocery store, at work, at home. All this negativity is caused by too little sleep, according to a new poll from the National Sleep Foundation.

The poll shows that nearly one-quarter of American adults -- some 47 million people -- aren't getting the minimum amount of sleep they need to be alert the next day, says Mark Mahowald, MD, spokesman for the foundation.

Adults sleep an average of 6.9 hours per night on weeknights and 7.5 hours per night on weekends. Only 30% of adults are getting the requisite 8 hours of sleep each night, compared with 38% a year ago. Nearly 40% said they are so sleepy during the day it interferes with their activities at least a few days a month.

"Things are actually getting worse, not better," says Mahowald, director of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center and professor of neurology at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Too little sleep has always been linked with poor performance on the job. In fact, several major disasters have been linked with too little sleep -- Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and the Exxon Valdez.

But for the first time, the annual poll made a link between sleep deprivation and all sorts of mood problems -- anger, pessimism, stress.

"It's a little more subtle [than performance], but it has serious ramifications," Mahowald tells WebMD. "There are consequences in the workplace, in family life, behind the wheel."

Daytime Sleepiness Takes a Toll

In the survey, Americans were asked to describe their general moods and attitudes on a typical day. The responses suggest a direct link between more sleep and positive feelings -- a sense of peace, satisfaction with life, and being full of energy. Too-little sleep was linked with daytime sleepiness, negative moods, and fatigue.

Among the findings:

  • Those who got fewer than six hours of sleep on weekdays were more likely to describe themselves as stressed, sad, and angry.
  • People who reported often being sleepy during the day were more likely to describe themselves as dissatisfied with life and angry.
  • Those who reported fewer insomnia symptoms were more likely to describe themselves as "full of energy," "relaxed," and "happy."
  • Those who did not get enough sleep were more likely to get impatient or aggravated with such common annoyances as waiting in line or sitting in traffic. They were also more likely to make mistakes and have difficulty getting along with others.

"Road rage is very often related to people who are very, very short-fused and irritable because they're sleep deprived," he says. "[The effects are] relatively hard to measure, but the consequences should be taken very seriously. It's relatively subtle, but it exacts a major toll."

Late nights have also been liked with overeating and could be part of the national obesity problem, says Richard Castriotta, MD, sleep disorders expert and associate professor of internal medicine at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.

"The later you stay up, the more you eat," he tells WebMD. "It's a natural tendency. Instead of eating three meals a day, you're going to get a fourth one in."

Sleep Gets No Respect

In the survey, insomnia caused poor sleep in the majority of cases (74%). However, Castriotta also puts the blame on too much computer use.

"The computer allows people to stay up passively, but interacting so that it's stimulating you to stay awake," he tells WebMD. "People are busy on the computer, suddenly it's 3 a.m. and they're not even feeling tired. All of this has taken a toll."

People view sleepiness as an annoyance and nothing worse, Mahowald says. "Most of us were raised to think that sleep was negotiable. Sleep deprivation was a badge of honor."

Your employer probably considers working round-the-clock to be a positive trait, he tells WebMD. "The less sleep you get, the better worker you're perceived to be, the more committed, the more dedicated. "

"We never brag about how much sleep we get; we only brag when we get too little sleep," Mahowald says. "The attitude is that sleep deprivation is more respected. The fact is no degree of commitment or dedication can override the need for sleep."

Beware the Energy Drinks, Caffeine Pills

Whole industries have emerged to help us stay awake during the day. It's no accident that, in virtually every society in the world, coffee is the daytime beverage of choice, says Castriotta.

"People have always taken stimulants to stay awake," he tells WebMD. In fact, people today are downing caffeine pills, herbal caffeine pills, and nutritional supplements like ENADA to fight drowsiness.

"Under certain circumstances, they may be appropriate," Castriotta says. "If you're flying a B-2 bomber from Missouri to Afghanistan and back, you're allowed to take a drug. But once you get back to base, you don't continue to take those drugs. "

The same advice pertains to our everyday lives, he says. Take them in a crisis -- when you need to put in extra hours on a big project -- then quit.

The energy-boosting drinks -- Red Bull, Jolt, Lizard Fuel, Mad River Energy Hammer, Red Devil Energy Drink, Sobe Adrenaline Rush -- are just craziness, says Leslie Bonci, MPHRD, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

"If you drink this stuff and are on the ceiling, don't be surprised," Bonci tells WebMD.

The drinks "have huge loads of caffeine -- much more than a Coke or Pepsi," she says. Trouble is, most people drink more than one. Then, when it's finally time to get some sleep, they're so wired that sleep is impossible. "Your mind is circling the room 25,000 times."

Sensitivity to caffeine in any form -- including pills such as No-Doz -- depends on the person, says Bonci. "Your heart may be racing more than otherwise, you can get an acid stomach. Caffeine can also have a diuretic effect, a fluid-losing effect. Yet you're not giving the body any fuel [any food] whatsoever. So when it wears off, the body is in shock. So you're even more tired."

To really give your body an energy boost, grab a glass of orange juice or a handful of pretzels, she advises. "A lot of times, people are not eating regularly. They grab a Red Bull instead of food. [An energy drink] is not a substitute for real energy food."

In the long term, we simply need sleep, say the experts. Sleep is complex, and despite all the research, no one really understands why we have REM and non-REM sleep cycles. "There's a need, a reason why we have a drive to sleep," says Castriotta. "We suspect that there's a major immune function to sleep and immune impairment from lack of sleep."

If you need an alarm clock to get you out of bed, you're sleep deprived, says Mahowald. "If you weren't, you would have awakened spontaneously. You wouldn't need the alarm."

When Your Partner is Fatigued & Grouchy

Are you one of those people who wake up feeling fatigued and grouchy? Do you stumble out of bed wishing you could roll over and doze for another hour or two? Does your iPod, alarm clock or family member nudge you to get going long before your body is ready? If so, you are fatigued, grouchy and at risk for early burnout.

Here’s Brad’s story:

Brad begins most mornings as a walking zombie. On good days he’s grumpy; on bad days he’s consistently snarling at his wife and kids. Everything seems to get on his nerves. If anyone calls him on his behavior, he offers the lame excuse of “you know I’m not a morning person.”

Brad views an 8-hour workday as a luxury. Typically he works more like a 12-hour day. He arrives home to his “sanctuary,” wanting nothing more than to eat, check the mail and watch TV.

If anyone in his family needs his attention, he feels weighed down. If his wife wants to tell him about her day, his mind meanders. After the 11 o’clock news, he’s exhausted and climbs into bed, still grumbling about how tough his day was.

Brad was headed for a physical breakdown, a nervous breakdown, or a seismic explosion at home. In a way, all three happened the same day. It was a Saturday afternoon on a warm spring day.

Brad had promised his 10-year-old son that he’d shoot hoops with him. Though Brad often “forgot” his promises, this day he felt fully justified in telling his son “not today.” His head was pounding; his stomach was queasy; his back was killing him and he was in no mood for play.

When his wife noticed their son sulking, she became so enraged at Brad’s broken promise that she threatened him with the deadly “D” word.

Brad was devastated. He had never acknowledged how shaky their relationship had become. Nor was he aware of how much he had distanced himself from his family.

Brad’s first response was to retaliate in anger. You don’t appreciate how hard I work.” His second response was to sink into a depression. “Nothing I do is ever good enough.”

His third response, thankfully, was to view his wife’s threat as a wake-up call. He recognized that he was living a life that just wasn’t working. Insufficient sleep, excess work, limited attention to relationships and zero time for fun: how much longer could he go on like this? How much longer would his wife be patient with him? How much longer would his kids want to be with him? He needed to do better.

Despite her outburst, Brad’s wife did not want a divorce. What she longed for was a husband who was “present” and in the moment. This means showing that he was interested in her, genuinely involved with the kids, good-natured and fun-loving.

Heeding the wake-up call, Brad determined to make significant changes in his overloaded life. He spent time figuring out how to do so.

Since he had a responsible position, he couldn’t just up and leave. Nor could he say, “OK, I’ll just arrive at work an hour later, leave an hour earlier.” However, after brainstorming with his team, they did conjure up ways he could put in fewer hours without cutting down on his productivity.

Working hard is an admirable trait. Working too hard is not. Feeling tired at the end of the day is fine. Feeling exhausted is not. Feeling grumpy, at times, is OK. Being a grumpy person is not.

Though Brad’s wife was initially upset with herself, she was happy that she had had her emotional outburst. Sometimes, it takes one person in a family to get the ball rolling so that every member of the family benefits.

Sometimes he was grouchy because - Tushnova. The full text of the poem - sometimes it was grumbling from


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sometimes he was a grumbling of

N. L. Chistyakovo. left.
That, it is true, he was often tormented
by difficult military fatigue. But the young and restless fever
kept him from lonely thoughts -0013 he carefully held so many lives
in his smart and wide palms. ,
hastening to peer into a vague face,
recalled that, it seems, the father of
looked like this once in early childhood. in the milky light of the operating room. He betrayed nothing of his longing,0013 no one knows how it happened -
on what morning he was notified
about the death of his son near Odessa somewhere ... Maybe on that morning, with wind and blizzard,
when, a little pale and tired,
he is a guy with I called
a son with a crushed foot, not at all according to the charter.

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Grumpy handsome: olgawhite — LiveJournal

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Accidentally found a blogger's page - a VERY well-groomed young man, he works as a stylist. In the photo - his most fashionable images + Apollonian-beautiful selfies + subject: jars of cosmetics. I immediately thought that he must be positive. But no! I watched his video - he gives a very critical assessment of the products. And, basically, he scolds and makes fun of everything and everyone. Praise is given to one product out of ten, which he mockingly talks about.

It looks something like this (I did not insert his personal photos, the photo is of a foreign blogger, whom he focuses on in appearance and style).

Among the girls of fashion bloggers, I have not met pessimistic beauties. And against the background of positive bloggers, he stands out.
On his Instagram, he writes: “Some people wonder: why can't you be friendly, kind and nice to everyone?. it’s just that I’m a terrible bastard, fatigue is superimposed, and I no longer have the strength or desire to restrain myself.”)0201

But everyone shied away from gloomy people and kept away. Why listen to negativity? But the grouchy handsome man has hundreds of likes and thousands of subscribers, the girls try to get acquainted and write compliments.

So, there is a contradiction - it looks fresh, bright and blooming, but its content is gloomy. He is constantly irritated, scolds the queues and traffic jams, says that he is tired and does not get enough sleep, because. plows like hell. He constantly grumbles at people (that they are lazy and two-faced) and is always dissatisfied with what is happening in the "rashka". An Instagram photo with pyu lips on his well-groomed face and perfect styling is accompanied by such grouchy captions. I tried to orient myself on my impressions - what do I believe more?

And I realized that by his fresh look, I would say that everything is fine with him and grumbling is a trifle and originality.

But what would happen if such negative content was "carried" by an ordinary man?
We can say: a grouchy man without ceremony is the norm. Nooo ... Will women be supportive if an untidy man behaves the same way?
Most likely, a unkempt grumbler will look like this:

And what would happen if, on the contrary, a person with a repulsive appearance and terrible photos wrote positive captions, sang songs about the sky, like this character?

By the way, the last vile comrade was convicted of raping a 16-year-old. But surely there is a queue of women lining up for the first man in the photo, who want to be raped by him and are even ready to pay for it))

Damn, how important appearance is! ))

Or will his beauty not save a grumbler in the eyes of others? )

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