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How to Get Your Child to Stop Lying

How to Get Your Child to Stop Lying | Psych Central
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Medically reviewed by Akilah Reynolds, PhD — By Jenna Fletcher — Updated on Aug 25, 2022

Children may lie for many reasons. Our response may help shape future interactions to become more truthful.

Lying can occur at just about any age. While “tall tales” may be a form of creative expression in young children, kids can cross a line when they come up with an elaborate story like why they hit their sibling or chopped off their own hair.

As they age, the lies can become more sophisticated. Maybe they lie to avoid things. Perhaps your oldest child just told you they completed their homework when they hadn’t. Or maybe they pretended to be ill to avoid a test at school.

No matter the age, lying can be frustrating, hurtful, irritating, and worrisome. But there are steps you can take as a parent or caregiver to help encourage honesty.

It’s helpful to first understand why kids may lie.

You may be familiar with common causes, including:

  • to get what they want
  • to avoid a consequence or taking an action they don’t like

In some cases, a child may have deeper reasons they prefer to tell a lie instead of admitting the truth. Some potential underlying causes include:

  • Enhancing self-esteem: Children with lower self-esteem may tell grandiose lies to make themselves seem more impressive to their parents, caregivers, teachers, or peers. These lies are driven by a need to help themselves feel better.
  • Testing the behavior: Lying may be novel to children as they first experience or learn of it, and they may be trying it out to see how it works and test reactions.
  • Shifting focus: Children dealing with mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, may lie about their symptoms to get the focus off them.
  • Believing “white lies” are OK: Many people believe white lies are harmless. Your child may utter a white lie when they feel the truth might hurt someone’s feelings or get another into trouble.
  • Speaking before thinking about something: In some cases, a child may get ahead of themselves. They may answer a yes or no query too quickly and then realize their misstep afterward. Kids with ADHD or easily distracted children may often do this.

Other potential reasons a child may lie can include:

  • to avoid confrontation
  • for fear of embarrassment
  • to cover up a mistake
  • to protect their privacy (often in teens)
  • to project something they wish was true (like telling folks they’re going to Disney World)
  • in response to stress or parental pressure
  • self-control issues

It may be tempting to punish your child for lying, particularly if this is not the first time they did it. Though this may be your initial response, you may want to stop — before you react — to consider what your goal is for your child.

Your goal likely revolves around getting your child to stop lying and the importance of honesty.

Have an honest conversation

You may find it helpful to have an honest conversation with your child about the importance of telling the truth. Some talking points can include:

Talking points with your kid to encourage honesty

  • “Honey, honesty helps you build strong relationships.”
  • “When you tell the truth, it shows you respect yourself and others.”
  • “You’re my kid, and I want you to feel your best. Being truthful is freeing! No lies mean no secrets to hide.”

Assess the lies

When your child lies, you may find it worth taking a few minutes, or as much time as you need, to determine the function of the lie. You can ask yourself:

  • why they lied
  • the function of the lie(s)
  • the kind of lie(s) they told

Once you determine what you think are the causes and reasoning behind the lie, you can start to “grade” the lie to determine your response. Though there is no formal guide on this, you may find grading their severity between 1 and 3 may help you tailor your response.

This could look like:

  • Grade 1 lie: Attention-seeking lies.
    • Response: Often requires no consequences but may respond well with limited attention paid to the lie.
  • Grade 2 lie: Inadvertent, denial, or experimental lies. These may also be attention-seeking. Researchers say toddlers who lie don’t anticipate consequences and aren’t trying to deceive so much as trying to restore your mood (if you sound serious or look angry).
    • Response: You can respond by pointing out the behavior and asking them to reply again with candor.
  • Grade 3 lie: Deception or omission. Often done by older children and teens. These can be lies meant to avoid the consequence of an action or inaction.
    • Response: You may find that responding with a clear consequence for the lie may help

Help them avoid lying before it happens

Children sometimes need help understanding what honesty looks like. In addition to role-modeling truthfulness to them, you can take steps to help them avoid lying in the first place.

Tips to course-correct lies in real-time

  • Giving children “truth checks.” This method involves asking them a question and then telling them you will come back in a set amount of time to check again. At the second check, they can correct their answer without consequences.
  • Reminding kids of the consequences. You may find that it helps to remind them the consequences are worse when they lie and try to stick with it.
  • Reminding them you don’t expect perfection. Part of this is letting them know you realize they may make mistakes and not branding them as a liar if they don’t tell the truth at all times.

Should you punish your child for lying?

You can put consequences in place for lying, particularly with older children. You might remember to keep the discipline within reason and make sure they realize there are natural consequences for lying.

It’s best to avoid labeling your child as a liar. It also might not help like as much as it would seem to try and corner your kid in the lie. Instead try to open up a conversation and use active listening to unearth the truth, together.

When a child lies, you can take positive steps to help them avoid future deceit. This can include giving them the chance to correct themselves and reasonable consequences for telling a lie.

You may find it helpful to figure out the reasoning behind the lie. If you can determine the behavior, it may help shape your response and help to encourage the truth in the future.

Last medically reviewed on August 23, 2022

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Medically reviewed by Akilah Reynolds, PhD — By Jenna Fletcher — Updated on Aug 25, 2022

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I Lied | Know Your Meme


Part of a series on Rage Comics. [View Related Entries]
rage, comic, lies, blue, mustache, evil, f7u12, comics, reddit, face, notables of 2011


"I Lied" is a nefarious-looking blue and black drawing of a face that is often used as the punchline of rage comics and is meant to indicate that the subject in the comic has been dishonest in some way, often in a very insignificant "white lie. "


According to a timeline of rageface origins on Reddit[1], the first instance of 'I Lied' was in a comic posted by Redditor Coveiro titled "I was way evil back then"[3] on May 10th, 2011. The thread reached the front page of the f7u12 subreddit and accumulated 8,753 up votes prior to being archived. A revised version of the face that became common in other rage comics began with the second ‘I Lied’[4] thread made by Coveiro on May 14th, 2011.


The rage face functions in a similar fashion to the slang word "psych" (also known as "sike", or "syke"), that indicates that a lie has just been told. From Urban Dictionary[4]:

The word often used as an exclamation which serves to tell what you just said was false or wrong.
used to retract a lie
used to fake, fool, or decieve someone in a funny joking sarcastic way
means "just kidding" or "not!"
may also be spelled sike or psyche

On TV Tropes[9], "I Lied" is described as a common phrase associated with villains in fictional works.

Stock Phrase uttered in response to You Said You Would Let Them Go or a similar expression of shock at a broken promise of lenience or forgiveness. Spoken by the villain (or a particularly unmerciful hero) just before killing the hostage, blowing up the Doomed Hometown, using the Doomsday Device, or some other act of merciless badness. Sometimes spoken just after, with a smirk and a smoking gun.


A compilation of "I Lied" comics were posted to the blog Pleated Jeans[13] on June 30th, 2011. On August 23rd, a slideshow featuring various "I Lied" comics was uploaded to YouTube. On July 31st, artist Sam Spartt uploaded an artistic rendition of the "I Lied" face to his Flickr page.

The "I Lied Meme" single topic Tumblr was created on October 3rd. A Meme Generator[15] page has 152 submissions, a Quickmeme[16] page has 211 submissions and a Facebook fan page has 4,272 likes as of December 7th, 2011. Additional derivatives can be found on Memebase[10], Tumblr[11] and FunnyJunk.[12]

Notable Examples

Derivative: Strawberry Guy

On June 22nd, 2011, a comic was posted to Memebase titled "Just wait until you see Strawberry Guy"[6] that pointed out that I Lied guy resembled a blueberry looking. The following day, Cheezburger user Yarcofin submitted a re-framed comic with Strawberry Guy in the final panel accompanied by the text "challenge accepted".

On August 13th, a new version of Strawberry Guy was submitted by user RMPage in a comic titled "Strawberry's Official Return."[7] This was added to the Rage Builder[8] along with other I Lied variations like "No Homo", "Watermelon Man" and "Bad Apple" under the category "Fruit Men" on August 19th, 2011.

Notable Examples

External References

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[2] Reddit – Coveiro's User Page

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Remember, I said that the car is indestructible.

I didn't lie. It guarantees survival one hundred percent... ▷ Socratify.Net

If a black cat constantly crosses your path in the same place - she LIVES there!

Lina Max (10+)

My heart is locked, and the key lies only in one place - in your soul.

Unknown author (1000+)

Doubt and uncertainty are bad companions in life. They make you push in one place, and then regret the missed opportunities.

Mockingbird (Alexey Pekhov) (30+)

Looking back on my experience, I remember a story about an old man who, on his deathbed, told that his life was full of troubles, most of which never happened.

Winston Churchill (100+)

Just so you know, I'm crazy. But I'm not as crazy as you think. I may want to fuck in a completely crazy place, but I don't want to kill, rape or maim anyone.

Mike Tyson (50+)

Being in the right place does not mean being successful from a commercial point of view. But it guarantees you spiritual satisfaction.

Ken Robinson (5)

Even if you fit - it does not mean that you are in the right place.

Unknown author (1000+)

If there is such a thing as absolute happiness, it is the feeling that you are in the right place.

Fried Green Tomatoes at Whistle Stop Cafe (Fanny Flagg) (30+)

If Love is in the first place, then everything else will be in its place.

Aurelius Augustine (50+)

We began to quarrel more often, I lost hope and thought that we would soon get divorced, but then I decided to act. After all, I got the most beautiful woman of all on earth.
I began to shower her with flowers, kisses and compliments. He gave gifts and lived for her. He spoke in public only about her. Believe it or not, she blossomed. I didn't even know she could love like that.
And I understood one thing: a woman is a reflection of a man. If you love her to the point of madness, she will become him.

Unknown author (1000+)
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Chapter 220: Psych.

| Sky Eater

Chapter 220: Psych.

There were many different experts floating in the sky. In addition to the two main families, there were other greedy people who also desired to get the treasure of Eternal Life. And all their attention was focused on the guy who was standing in front of the Abandoned Tomb. He stood straight with his head held high, his hair fluttering in the wind, and he emitted an aura as sharp as a knife.

“This is Xuan Yuan! This time you won't leave!"

"Hi I didn't lie, we actually found him."

Many of the people present were at the level of the Emperor, however, Xuan Yuan was not intimidated at all. He gave them all a piercing look, “You should be ashamed. Not only did you ambush me, but you also brought in so many Emperor-level experts to kill me?”

His words made many experts blush with shame, because he was right, he was only a King, and they gathered such formidable forces to deal with him. However, the remaining people, instead of embarrassment, instantly fell for his provocation.

"You foolish boy, show some respect and give us the treasure of Eternal Life, and then we won't kill you, considering that you are a disciple of the Dragon Warriors Sect!" said the old old man.

"I wonder if you would risk repeating this if the Five Immortals were here?" Xuan Yuan smirked. Everyone immediately fell silent. The Five Immortals were known for always protecting their disciples, so they would surely avenge Xuan Yuan's murder. However, their desire for the treasure of Eternal Life overcame their fear. Also, their families will protect them in case they really have to fight them.

“So what? Your teachers are not here. Just give us the treasure and we won't kill you." another old man said, to which Xuan Yuan laughed contemptuously as intense hatred flared in his eyes.

“Stop telling stories! One day, I will go to your families and sects and take your techniques as revenge!” the moment he finished speaking, five avatars of his spirits appeared behind him and the power of 2600 dragons burst out, and the Great Cycle of the Five Elements began to move. Even some Emperor-level fighters were afraid of such strength, and their faces turned pale… Xuan Yuan chuckled, “I wonder if you would dare to send your younger generation to fight me?”

Silence. Indeed, not many people would dare to do something like that.

“You dirty bastard, don't be so cocky. I will fight you!" The first disciple from the Heavenly Sword School, Master Tian Jian jumped forward and pointed his sword at Xuan Yuan.

“Aren't you ashamed? You, one of the strongest emperors among the young generation, and you are willing to fight the young king?” Xuan Yuan looked at him without hiding his contempt. Tian Jian's face turned red, “Well, since you are brave enough to challenge me, I will fight you. But I will only fight you on the condition that you have no weapons.”

"Okay, I want to see what you can do!" Tian Jian was furious at Xuan Yuan's insult. He then put away his sword and said, “Please don't interfere. I'll fight this bastard."

Xuan Yuan jumped forward and opened his palm to form a sphere of five elements, punching directly into Tian Jian's face with his hand.

The boy's heart jumped up sharply. He then quickly crossed his index and middle fingers, creating many swords in the sky from his Qi. They were all aimed at Xuan Yuan, making a deafening sound, but Xuan Yuan did not run away. His armor activated and, with a flash of light, scattered all those swords in all directions

Xuan Yuan jumped up and was only a few inches away from Tian Jian, then stabbed him with his Five Element Orb Arm. Tian Jian’s armor also activated, but at that moment, the Heavenly Gold Black Phoenix Avatar opened its eyes.

Suffocating qi filled the sky. Tian Jian tried to cover his face with his hand, but it was already too late. The Five Elements Orb shattered his armor and helmet, splitting his head open and instantly killing him before he could even scream. Xuan Yuan then removed the ring from his finger.

“Eh? What happened? How did he destroy his armor?" an old man from the same school opened his eyes wide. He couldn't believe his eyes. One of his elite students had just died in an instant.

"Who can defeat me?" Xuan Yuan raised his head proudly.

Xuan Yuan's hatred immediately increased even more. His arrogance was well founded, but it only pissed them off even more.

"Boy, you're too arrogant!" someone shouted.

“Arrogant? I'm only telling the truth! Hey you three, why don't you fight me without your weapons? Would you risk it?" Xuan Yuan pointed with his hand in the direction of the person who was shouting and two others who were standing next to him. All three were young Emperors. For their age, they were very strong, but they were very afraid: “A bunch of useless garbage that is even afraid to fight me one on one! You have no right to accuse me of arrogance. Today you came here to kill me, tomorrow I will go to your house and return the favor. I will kill each of the two main families, the 8 Caves and the Hai families. I will kill every one of you!"

"Stop bluffing!" shouted a guard from Haya's family.

“You should wash your necks because I'm going to cut off all your heads! Use your treasures, I'll take them all! I will become the most powerful and most mysterious Emperor Xuanyuan! No one will dare to rebel against me!” Xuan Yuan's tone was extremely commanding and imposing.

One of the old men couldn't take it anymore: “I've had enough! We must all attack him together and kill him! The Treasure of Eternal Life is the second question!”

"I agree!" said the second emperor-level old man.

“You bunch of useless bastards, do you really think you can kill me?! I will kill every one of you! Your blood will be a gift to this Emperor Xuanyuan!” Xuan Yuan fully revealed his temper to the world. Initially, he just wanted to provoke all these people, but now he seemed to see in reality where he became "Emperor Xuanyuan".

“Well said, lad. This is what a real emperor should look like.” pretty said Greed.

“That's right. Nothing you've said so far has been so majestic. " even the Great Pig was impressed.

"Come here if you dare!" Xuan Yuan turned around and headed towards the Abandoned Tomb.

"Kill him!"

"We will show him our strength!"

"No one can save him today!"

All of the Grandmaster, Emperor, and Monarch level warriors rushed after Xuan Yuan.

All of a sudden, a bright light shrouded them all as they fell into the pig's trap. When the light went out, they were all transported inside the tomb.

Xuan Yuan slowly walked towards the entrance of the tomb with a hard smile on his face. It's time to tear and throw.

Sky Eater

Upcoming chapters:

Chapter 270: Great Immortal Five Elements Technique Fragment.*Chapter 269: Development Orientation Hall.* (?!)Chapter 268: Reverence. : Preparation!*Chapter 265: Let's Get Married!*Chapter 264: Dongzhuo Shenti*Chapter 263: Hype*Chapter 262: 5 Years of Life?*Chapter 261: Dragon Worm in the Heart*Chapter 260: Healing Hand*Chapter 259: Three souls and seven levels of soul cultivation. *Chapter 258: Misunderstanding.*Chapter 257: Immortal Demon Strength.*Chapter 256: Immortal Terror Spirit.* (?!)Chapter 255: Killing Intent that Darkens the Heavens. countless guards.* (?!)Chapter 253: Escort?*Chapter 252: The Mysterious Person Chapter 245: Climbing Chapter 244: Beginning of the Bloodbath Chapter 243: Dragon Mountain Chapter 242: Eye for an Eye: Blood of Asura Chapter 232: Grand Master Chapter 225: Qian Dudu Chapter 224: Lady Bai's Trick!: Abandoned Tomb.Chapter 218: Transfer the Blame.Chapter 217: Sealing Formation.Chapter 216: Land of the Blue Abyss.Chapter 215: Immortal Flower. worm.*Chapter 211: Hidden Spiritual Powers.*Chapter 210: For the Enemies, Every Road is Narrow.*Chapter 209: All Powers.*Chapter 208: Fight between Man and Beast.*Chapter 207: Goosebumps.*Chapter 206: Emperor of Gluttony.* Chapter 205: 6 Holy Flames Formation9: You bit me again! : With kindness at heart.*Chapter 191: All you can do is show off!*Chapter 190: Negotiations*Chapter 189: Chase and kill!*Chapter 188: Bai Yu Nian's fury*Chapter 187: Battle on the border* Chapter 186: Murder by proxy*Chapter 185: Great people are always alone .

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