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Why Younger Women Find Older Men Attractive (Is She Attracted To You?)

It's time to admit it: you're not as young as you used to be. But that doesn't mean you're past your dating prime!

The statistics speak for themselves. An incredible 56% of women state they prefer to date a guy older than them – and 45% of those women want their man to be between 5 and 15 years older than they are!

Those are some pretty good odds. But to make a safe bet, you need to learn a bit of female psychology. Get in the know, and who knows who you'll be dating this time next week!

As ever, it's my job to bring you guys up to speed. So, in today's article, we'll be covering:

  1. What Attracts Younger Women To Older men?
  2. Why Date A Younger Women?
  3. How Do You Tell If A Younger Woman Is Interested In You?
  4. What Are The Disadvantages Of Dating Younger Women?

#1. What Attracts Younger Women To Older men?

Summarizing everything that younger women love in older guys would take hours. However, there are some stand-out characteristics that we middle-aged guys possess over younger men, which the fairer sex finds absolutely irresistible.

Like a well-aged wine or classic car, there are certain things we can provide that the latest model never could.

Class and Maturity

We've been through our crazy 20s and came out the other side. Wild all-nighters, booze-fueled partying, and risky business isn't aren't our deal anymore. Been there, done it, and earned the t-shirt as proof.

Do you really think women find wild-card 20-something-year-olds attractive? For a quick fling, maybe. But for true maturity and stability, who do you think they look to? You guessed it – us mature fellas!

In short, a slightly older man provides a level of maturity that younger guys just can't. They'll get there eventually, but while they catch up, we can reap the benefits of our years of experience.

Older Guys Can Look After Themselves

Do you think I still ask my parents for money or need their help doing my laundry or fixing a shelf? Of course not!

I'm guessing most of you guys are the same. You've had a family you needed to support, which means you had to learn specific skills to be a successful man. After a while, you pick things up pretty quickly and become the guy your family comes to for advice, support, and help.

Can you see why that would be attractive to a 30-year-old woman looking to start a family of her own? She has a choice, date a younger guy who doesn't know his butt from his elbow when it comes to DIY or date an experienced man who knows how to fix her problems without the help of his parents.

It's a pretty easy choice for her to make, let's be honest!

Older Guys Are More Romantic

I'll be honest – when I was in my 20s, I cared a lot about what my friends thought of me. If I showed my romantic side in front of any of my guys in the marines, they would tease me about it for weeks.

It's the same for most younger guys. They think that you can't be manly and romantic at the same time. Unfortunately, this often leads to them not treating their girl right and pushing her away.

As a middle-aged guy, I know this from first-hand experience – as do most older men. That very fact makes older men incredibly attractive to younger women. No woman wants a man who plays games and makes her feel unloved. Date a 20-year-old, and she risks being treated like an afterthought whenever her man's friends are in town. Date a 40-year-old, and she pretty much guarantees love and respect regardless of who's in the room.

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#2. Why Date A Younger Women?

So with all this talk of maturity, why would a guy want to date a younger woman? Won't she be just as immature as a younger guy?

Actually, no.

A study conducted in Britain found that men don't reach complete emotional maturity until they're in their 40s, while women reach it by 30! That means a younger woman's maturity should match yours, provided she's around 30.

This actually explains why women prefer to date older guys – it's far more likely to be an equally mature relationship.

Of course, there's also the benefit of dating a woman who still has a younger person's energy and an open mind. Both men and women can begin to lose their enthusiasm as they grow older, so if you're an adventurous kind of guy, dating a younger woman may be a great way to find someone who matches your energy levels.

#3. How Do You Tell A Younger Woman Is Interested In You?

The fact is, telling if a woman is interested in you isn't the easiest thing in the world. At the end of the day, every woman is different and will act differently toward the men she has an attraction towards.

However, there are certainly some general signs to look out for that will help you get a better idea of how a younger woman feels about you as an older man.

She Always Asks For Your Help

I'll preface this one with a warning: sometimes a woman just wants you to help her! There isn't always a romantic intention behind this.

However, if a young woman regularly asks for your help with tasks that show your value as a man – for example, DIY or demonstrations of strength – then she may be interested in you romantically.

The best way of telling is whether or not she seems like she could have done the task herself. If she seems like she's asking you to get your attention rather than because she genuinely needs help, then your luck might just be in!

She Laughs At Your Jokes

You're a funny guy. But you're not THAT funny.

If you've been talking to a young woman for a while and she consistently laughs at your jokes, this could be a sign that she is into you romantically.

Once again, proceed with caution. Laughter does not equate to lust and isn't a sign she's ready to jump in the sack with you. However, it does show that she finds you endearing and a joy to be around.

Laughter is a great starting point for attraction – the other stuff can develop from this if it becomes clear that she sees you as more than a friend, colleague, or acquaintance.

Bide your time, tell a few unfunny jokes to see if she still laughs, and start a conversation about your feelings when the time is right!

She Touches You For No Reason

Touching people isn't a normal thing to do in social settings. In fact, many people get weirded out by the idea of touching others.

So if a woman goes out of her way to touch your arm or gently nudge you, then that's a pretty good sign that she has some kind of feeling towards you.

Again, this does not mean she's guaranteed to be romantically obsessed with you. However, it's a great sign that she's comfortable around you and feels that she's on a level with you where she can get physical.

Usually, this gesture will be coupled with another one of the above. She may laugh at your joke and give you a nudge on the bicep. She might put her hand on your forearm when asking for your help.

Either way, it's always worth taking note of. If it starts happening regularly, chances are you've got a good chance at romance.

#4. The Disadvantages Of Dating Younger Women

Sorry to burst your bubble, gents, but as with anything good thing in life, there are downsides to older men dating younger women.

Regardless of maturity levels and romantic connections, two people at different stages in life will have different priorities and desires. That's a simple far – and it's unavoidable. Not that any of these things are reasons to rule out dating younger women, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't make you aware of the cons as well as the pros!

Wanting A Family

This may not be considered a negative thing for some guys. But for other guys who have kids to love and care for, dating a younger woman who wants to start a family may be tricky.

It's natural for young women to want to start a family – so when they look for a romantic partner, your potential as a father will come into play. In fact, it may be your experience as a great dad that makes you attractive to her!

In this instance, honesty is the best policy. If you're not open to the idea of kids (or more kids), then tell her. It would be unfair to lead her on, only to break her heart when you tell her the truth about your life priorities.

Prioritizing A Career

Young women are in the prime of life. At the age of 30, it's only natural for someone to want to push themselves to the limit and succeed in their professional lives. We can't blame them for that – we've all been there.

However, you need to consider whether you're still in that place. As an older guy, you may have already built your business or reached your professional goals. Now might be the time that you want to relax and reap the benefits of your hard work with the lady in your life.

Becoming involved with a young career woman might not be the best move if you're that guy. Sure, you can support her with your knowledge and experience, but when it comes to those long weekend getaways and cozy morning dates, a career woman will be far too busy developing professionally.

Other People Will Judge You

It's ridiculous that I even have to include this – but here goes.

Some people will judge older men dating younger women. It's a sad fact of life that you'll have to accept when dating a younger woman.

An age difference should not affect two people's feelings towards one another. It shouldn't stop you from developing a relationship with a great woman! However, if you're the type of guy who can't cope with a bit of judgment here and there, be careful when dating a woman younger than you.

The last thing you want is to become ashamed of yourself and your partner and start to push her away as a result. No woman deserves that.

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11 Things That Attract A Younger Woman To An Older Man

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Have you ever been attracted to an older man? Suddenly your friend’s father or his/her older brother or even your college professor seems like a forbidden fruit you want to indulge in. When you see Milind Soman, you can’t stop drooling over this silver fox and his mature personality. Young woman-older man relationships are common nowadays, especially among celebrities. From George Clooney and Amal Clooney, Hillary Burton and Dave Morgan, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, so many celebrities have been in marriages with a huge age difference. So, what attracts a younger woman to an older man? Let’s find out.

According to a study conducted by Sara Skentelbery and Darren Fowler of St. Mary’s University (Halifax), women who date older men are looking for father figures. There’s a possibility that they were neglected by their fathers as children and are looking to compensate for that through the attention from older men. The study also says that older men come with the financial security that women often look for. On the other hand, when older men seek younger women as romantic partners, the fertility of their potential partners could be a subconscious factor at play. Whatever the reason, younger women’s attraction to older men cannot be denied.

If you often think, “Why do I like guys older than me? Why am I sexually attracted to older men?”, there could be a host of reasons at play. Which brings the question of what really attracts a younger woman to an older man into the spotlight. Studies on women often prefer older men often attribute it to both psychological and evolutionary parameters.

A Swedish study, for instance, attributes attraction to older men among younger men to differences in partner preferences. Men are more concerned with traits that predict high fertility in a potential partner and women with traits that indicate high resource availability. This once pattern is rooted in our primal needs for security and procreation, and offers a pretty straightforward answer to why do young women like older men.

While there is enough scientific evidence to validate this hypothesis, you can find the answer to do younger women like older men just by looking around. May-December relationships (where one partner is much younger than another partner) are becoming more and more common these days, making it clear as day that the attraction between younger women and older men is irrefutable. Besides, there is a growing acceptance for such relationships now. Not many people bat an eyelid seeing a young woman and older man with salt-and-pepper hair. In fact, there is something really attractive about this kind of pairing.

11 Things That Attract A Younger Woman To An Older Man

Table of Contents

So why would a younger woman choose an older man? Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones, who married 25-year-older Michael Douglas, had a love at first sight kind of love story. Michael Douglas in an interview said, “Thirty minutes after meeting her I said you will be the mother of my children.”

Seems Catherine was instantly convinced. Jones and Douglas have a son and daughter now. Their marriage that’s seen its ups and downs, and perhaps even a fair share of older man younger woman relationship issues, but they have been going strong. From the world of celebrities to people around us, we can find enough examples of attraction to older men among younger women.

But the question that still continues to baffle many is why. The “what does she see in him?” bafflement. So, what do younger women look for in older men? Are they just sexually attracted to older men or it is something more? The attraction between older men and younger women sets off some obvious sparks which are hard to resist.

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Sometimes it’s just sexual attraction while there are times that it turns out into something more meaningful. Whether or not the relationship is meaningful or sexual, purely depends on compatibility and differs from person to person. Here are 11 things that attract a younger woman to an older man. When you actually fall in love, age is just a number.

1. They are more responsible and mature

Older men understand their problems because of their maturity levels

We can all agree that a lot of young men act like grown-up kids or like a man child, as they’re popularly known. They run away from responsibilities and maturity is something you can’t expect from them. Many times, women find men of their age to lack a sense of responsibility. As women become financially independent, they may have less and less patience to deal with men who refuse to grow up.

They may tire of doing all the work and seek someone responsible and will be an equal partner in the relationship instead of being a liability. Women feel that older men would still be able to understand their problems because of their maturity levels. Women mature faster than men and seek someone to match their level of maturity. Older men are more responsible which makes them ideal for such women.

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2. A sense of security

Why do younger women like older men? Older men provide a sense of security, which is an essential criterion for a happy and healthy relationship. Most of the time, older men are more accomplished in life. As they reach the peak of their career trajectory, they acquire assets to secure their future. Apart from financial security, older men are also more emotionally secure and mature.

Women seek this well-rounded sense of security to be able to build a drama-free relationship, especially when they are thinking of settling down. They feel more comfortable knowing that their future is secure with such a person. What attracts a younger woman to an older man is they are at that stage of their life where they have their assets and investments in place. The most attractive age for a man is mid 30s or early 40s when he has a stable income, looks and libido on his side.

3. They are more experienced

Older men have played the field longer and are more experienced in navigating relationships and understanding the needs, desires and expectations of their partner. Their experience with women makes them adept in understanding women. They can deal with a woman’s mood swings and can also comfort them with the right words and actions.

Younger women feel more comfortable with older men because they know they can lean on their partners for support when needed. An older man, wise from years of experience, knows what to say when to comfort his partner and uplift her spirits when she feels low.

While older man younger woman relationship issues exist, there is also scope for greater emotional intimacy in such a connection. Also, older men tend to handle adverse situations better, they do not jump to conclusions, and are calm and reasonable. A younger woman finds an older man a reassuring presence in her life.

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4. The daddy issues

What fuels attraction to older men among younger women? One probable reason for this can be daddy issues. Women who have complicated relationships with their father tend to get easily attracted to older men. They seek in their partners the attributes that their father lacked or a relationship dynamic that is more fulfilling than the one they share with their fathers.

An older man perfectly fits the bill of someone who understands her like her father didn’t. On the other hand, younger women may seek an older man who is a spitting image of her father’s personality, and may get into a relationship hoping for a better equation than she shared with her father. This is, basically, a way of reliving the experiences she has had with her father and hoping for a different outcome – a tendency commonly seen in women who grow up around emotionally withholding fathers.

Whatever the subconscious trigger, the bottom line is that women who are attracted to older men seek a mentor, a friend and someone to give them advice. In the process, these younger women get attracted to the wisdom and maturity of older men and fall for them. They want to be protected, sheltered, taken care of and that is what drives a younger woman toward an older man.

5. They know what they want in life

If you ask a guy of your age what he wants in life, he will either stare at you with a blank expression or may give you an immature answer like, “Playing video games all my life” or “Nothing but sleep”. An older man will have a more insightful response to the same question. He may talk about his ambitions, career objectives, future prospects, goals, and values.

This clarity and maturity is one the primary reasons behind young women’s attraction to older men. Older men are driven by goals and direction, which is what makes younger women get attracted to them. This is because women are usually more mature than men and they look for someone who would match their level of maturity and can meet their emotional needs in a relationship.

This maturity is also what helps age-gap couples navigate through the older man younger woman relationship issues they may encounter along the way.

6. Their mysterious aura

Sexy older men have this sense of mysteriousness about them. The nonchalance in their demeanor, the look of seriousness on their face suggests that there’s something deeper to their personalities and you can’t help but want to know more about their story. This aura of mysteriousness can be a major trigger for the attraction a younger woman may feel toward an older man.

The less an older man talks about himself, the more you want to know about him. The equation seems something straight out of a rom-com, where a younger woman may feel as if she is the one who can get the older man to let in guard down, breach the walls he has erected around his heart and bring happiness back into his life again. A man who has lived his life has stories of adventures and struggles, of failures and success to tell, and that can be mesmerizing to a young woman.

7. They are more understanding

Older men are typically more understanding than younger men. They know better than to sweat the small stuff and don’t make mountains out of molehill. Older men also tend to be more patient in relationships and try to get to the root of the problem and resolve the issue rather than playing the blame game.

Their conflict resolution skills are exceptional. They keep their calm and will try to understand you first before jumping to conclusions. Women find this attractive because they feel like older men understand their feelings, value their emotions and know how to respect them.

Older men know how to choose their battles and would not let unpleasantness seep into the relationship over small issues. They abhor petty fights, owing to which a relationship with them could prove to be strong and peaceful.

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8. They aren’t afraid of commitment

Younger men often reflect signs of commitment issues in a relationship and dealing with them can be an extremely emotionally draining experience. Younger women eventually get tired of heartbreaks and look for someone who isn’t going to get cold feet at the first hint of commitment or avoid the “where is this going” conversation like the plague.

By contrast, older men can seem like the perfect match because they are at a stage of life where they are not afraid of taking the leap toward building a meaningful long-term relationship and even settling down with the person they love. They aren’t afraid of commitment, which makes a younger woman feel more secure in the relationship as she can rest assured that this is not going to end up to be another fling.

Younger women feel that being with an older man can free them from the vicious cycle of heartbreak and heartache. But can an older man love a younger woman? Yes, with all his heart. That’s why some younger women older man love stories are so successful.

9. They make a good parent material

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Why do young women like older men? One of the many reasons for the palpable attraction between the two is that older men are poised to be better parents. If it’s the case of a younger woman dating a single dad, watching her man take care of his children can reassure her that he is capable of being a good parent, should they choose to cross that bridge as a couple.

Even if he is not a parent, the emotional maturity and financial security of an older man is enough to assure a woman that he is prepared to tackle the challenges of parenting if and when they decide to raise a family together. An older man is more likely to share the load of parenting with his partner, making the journey more fruitful and less challenging.

This is one of the reasons why despite all the potential older man younger woman relationship issues, there is a magnetic attraction between the two. When they come together as a couple, they can successfully navigate whatever challenges life throws their way.

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10. They are good in bed

Another reason why older men trump their younger counterparts as potential mates is the experience they have with women. Having been through the rigmarole of dating and relationships in the heydays, older men are more experienced in bed and know how to satisfy a woman sexually. They understand that good sex is not only about their own needs but also that of their partner.

The palpable sexual chemistry between an older man and a younger woman is what ignites a spark of passion between them. It’s hard for the spark to not go off when you’re dating an older man. If you always think, “Why am I sexually attracted to older men?”, the reason is that they know their way around a woman’s body and can make you experience levels of pleasure you didn’t know was possible.

11. The heart wants what it wants

Sometimes a younger woman dating an older man has nothing to do with his age. We say that love is blind and the heart wants what it wants. After all, there is no set age difference for a great marriage. Sometimes it’s just compatibility and understanding that just makes them click.

Cupid can strike anywhere and at any time. It can bring two totally opposite people together, even if they have a huge age gap. For people whose age isn’t a factor, a huge age gap doesn’t make a difference.

Key Pointers

  • Attraction between younger women and older men is both a psychological and evolutionary phenomenon
  • The maturity, stability and security that an older man has to offer is exactly what a younger woman seeks in a relationship
  • Despite potential older man younger woman relationship issues, couples can build a lasting bond

Can an older man love a younger woman? How does it feel like dating older men? Dating an older man will make you feel that you’ve finally found someone who wants the same thing as you. However, there are some important things that you need to think about. Will this person be able to handle your immaturity or will he treat you like a child? What are his plans for children? Where do you see your future with him? You need these questions answered as you don’t want to end up like Monica Geller who had to leave Richard because he didn’t want kids.


1. Do younger women like older men?

Yes, younger women tend to like older men more than men their own age. Several studies on women often prefer older men tie this tendency to both psychological and evolutionary factors. The bottom line is that older men can offer younger women more stable and secure relationships, that’s why they tend to gravitate toward each other.

2. What do you call a younger girl who likes older guys?

A younger girl who likes older men is known as a gerontophile or gerontosexual. In common parlance, just as the woman who likes younger guys is called a cougar, a younger girl who likes older men is called a panther. However, such labels and stereotypes are never in good taste, a relationship is a relationship, irrespective of the age, race, or sexuality of the people in it.

3. What is it called when an older man dates a younger woman?

A relationship involving an older man and younger woman or vice versa is known as a May-December romance.

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12 Facts Of Older Woman Younger Man Relationships

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Suitable for a daughter: why men prefer young

The ideal of beauty

“Without a doubt, you can fall in love with anyone, regardless of age. Every person on Earth is not only worthy of love, but also capable of provoking it. But a young beauty doesn't need plastic surgery, Botox shots, or a ton of makeup to look attractive. Tenderness for her is like an axiom, ”says 70-year-old Frenchman Roland. He met his beloved, who is half a century younger than him, on the open spaces of a popular social network, and now Marie and Roland are inseparable. But for how long?

43-year-old photographer Eduard, after breaking up with his wife, who, by the way, was five years younger than him, is now firmly convinced that his relationship with his peers is over, the divorce gave him a second youth.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are not fools, as one might assume, based on their statements. Men understand as well as we do - life passes quickly, youth flows like sand through fingers, and ... they don’t find anything better than to try to start everything from the beginning, while it is still possible. It is difficult to say whether in most cases this will be real love or only its likeness, deceit, falsification (although there are exceptions, there is no doubt about this), but the fact remains that a man is also afraid of old age, and while we are coping with the first wrinkles with unique cosmetics, they are going to live forever at the expense of young partners. From this follows the following masculine statement: a woman "over thirty" is not capable of an adventure, while a young nymphet is ready to go all out at once. It is quite reasonable that the mother of three children is in no hurry to jump with a parachute, she has something that she is sorry to leave on mortal Earth.

“Aged women, they don't know how to love like young people,” another seeker of lost youth shares his thoughts. In fact, falling in love, for that matter, has nothing to do with true love, and again, returning to the parachute, it is much easier to rush headlong into the pool when no one is waiting for you at home.

To rule, dominate

If a woman is self-sufficient, educated, has achieved a lot without outside help, it is practically impossible to manage her, but with a young (and still not very understanding in life) things are completely different. “A woman after 30 knows absolutely everything. She doesn’t need to be taught anything,” Alexander, 40, is convinced. “She knows how to behave in bed, knows how life works, and, most importantly, knows how to get what she needs, right away, on the spot. I can't give her anything, she already has everything. In addition, in a relationship with a girl who is twenty years younger than me, I again feel like a real macho: it's nice to catch admiring glances directed at your beloved, and know that she is only yours.

A woman's lack of social status, a successful career and a high salary - all this gives a man a sense of his own superiority, dominance, in other words, a great way to amuse his own ego.

True, there is one problem: for a woman who has no money, you have to pay everywhere and always, but it is better to take it for a maintenance. It is unlikely that an accomplished man will agree, even in the case of a sudden surge of great love, to move to a hostel with a student.

Trying to find a woman who looks like his own mother

One man who chose a girl much younger than himself as his life partner stated: “my mother always looked 30, was ideal for me, and I was looking for someone who would be looks a little like her. "

The concept of the "normality" of marriage is indeed laid down by parents. And this formula works, by the way, not only with men, but also with us. It is not for nothing that, after all, daughters in most cases, with some changes or other, repeat the fate of their mother. If the mother and father had an impressive age difference, then the child will also look for a spouse "in the image and likeness."

In addition, it has long been known that a man protects his “inner child” much more carefully than a woman, and therefore matures later - this is another reason why the strong half of humanity unconsciously strives for the “younger generation”. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, but a man can never part with his childhood, the need for growing up for him is a real tragedy. However, when did these beautiful toys help to keep the outgoing childhood?

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Why mature men are attracted to young women

, Arguments and Facts, Relationships

The classic plot: he is long over . ., and she is two, or even three times less. Why aged men are attracted to young beauties and what does the immaturity of the personality have to do with it, psychologist Maria Merkulova explains.

— What attracts mature men to young women? The question is not only in their appearance, is it?

- Certainly, several factors are at work here. If a man is psychologically mature, he is looking for a friend in a woman, a partner for further development, spiritual knowledge, etc., next to him is unlikely to be a student three times younger than himself.

In the gallery, look at star couples with a big age difference:

Young companions are usually chosen by people who are prone to a certain amount of infantilism, while they know what it means to work hard and live in constant tension. When a cute creature appears on the horizon, a kind of Lolita, who shows an example of free behavior when you can lie on the grass, read books and do nothing, the man relaxes and exhales.

It's like in the movie "Pretty Woman", where Richard Gere's character is working from morning to evening, but red-haired Vivienne appears, and that's it - goodbye, tension.

The only problem is that in this case we are dealing with immaturity, especially if, for example, a person leaves his family for the sake of a new passion.

— What exactly is immaturity manifested in?

- In theory, a person should be able to relax on his own, and not look for someone to do this. You can often hear from such men: "She showed me how to live." But I have a counter question: “And you yourself, in your 45+, didn’t think of this before? Do you need a 20-year-old girl to do this?”

- I think the second most popular phrase from such men is: "She makes me feel much younger." How it works?

- There are two points here. The first, when a man 50+ sat in his country house by the fireplace, raised his grandchildren on weekends, but with the advent of a young lady, he radically changed his life and environment - and now he is no longer babysitting his grandchildren, but hanging out at nightclubs, going on hikes with overnight, rafting on kayaks and conquering Everest.

Whether you like it or not, you will be rejuvenated here. Such people really need inspiration from outside. And this is another reason why some are so drawn to the young. The main thing is not to forget that age still takes its toll and after a while you can just get tired of your own quickness.

The second point is that on the bodily, energy level, we really all “infect” each other with mood, activity. When there is a person nearby who has more physical strength, energy, he is like a motor that can "start" us at the same time.

Plus, a man tries to match his young darling, he becomes motivated to take care of himself, go to the gym. He begins to go not just to the hairdressing salon "to Galochka", which he has been visiting for the last thirty years, but goes to the barbershop for a fashionable haircut, and even changes his wardrobe for a more youthful one.

External appearance greatly influences the internal state. Hence the effect when a man says in delight: "Next to her, I feel younger. "

Also, a young companion is needed by men who are overactive in sex, for whom this is pure stress relief. Some representatives of the stronger sex have such a biologically active sexual system.

- And the same age does not fit into this system?

- Yes, and for various reasons, from purely physiological to psychological. Older women are more capricious and demanding. I note that if one sex is important for a person in a relationship, then this is also an indicator of his psychological immaturity.

- And if a person is clearly looking for a companion who is at least 25 years old, for example, what does this mean?

- All about the same. (Laughs.) Most likely, this is a man with his own inner neurosis, which extends not only to women, but also to himself. Such people are very worried about one extra kilogram or a wrinkle that has accidentally appeared.

In order to deceive age, they are ready to spend days and nights in the beautician's office, the gym, go on a diet or insert weight loss balloons into the stomach. This is a pathological rejection of oneself. Then what kind of healthy relationship can we talk about if the person himself is unhealthy?

Everything should be in moderation. Of course, you need to take care of yourself, but not because you want to satisfy the young female, but because you just want to be healthy and look good.

It is strange to search for a woman solely by age limit. Still, you do not choose a cat for yourself, which you just need to feed and stroke whenever you want, but a life partner, and there are many important aspects that need to be taken into account - psychological, emotional, social, etc.

- Don't you think that there is a certain trend for young wives now, especially in megacities?

- I would say not a trend, but a pattern, and in fact, it is not only in big cities. I know the story when in the village a 50-year-old man married an 18-year-old girl, and she, by the way, became his third official wife!

There used to be a pattern that every successful man should have a spectacular young mistress, but now it has changed a bit, and men began to divorce and marry young girls. I think this is due to the fact that the institution of marriage is in some kind of crisis. Apparently, it will soon become different, we can only hope that positive changes await us.

Plus, young men are busy with their own development, they often don’t have many opportunities, and mothers still inspire their daughters: “you need to get married well, your husband should earn more than you”, etc.

So it turns out that in our time, the most attractive groom is a man of an age who has already earned his living, he does not disappear at work for whole days, does not attend personal growth trainings (this stage is a thing of the past), stands firmly on his feet and is ready to notice a woman next to yourself. He needs it for decoration, for pleasure, and not just for borscht and order in the house.

It's just that someone needs to talk for pleasure, and someone needs to look with their eyes, and then, of course, the choice stops at young and beautiful.

— Even when a woman is driven by pure calculation and, for example, an 18-year-old marries a 70-year-old wealthy man, why does he, like many others, believe in the sincerity of the feelings of his chosen one?

- Men do not separate themselves from what they acquire in this life, be it a business, a luxurious house, etc. By the way, this is why, if it comes to divorce in a family, it is often so difficult for them to give something to their ex wife. Conventionally, earned money is like a man’s arm or leg. This is how they see the situation from the inside.

In turn, a young girl who chooses a successful man may well truly adore him or the lifestyle he gives her. And men feel this adoration, and they don’t need anything else. When a person sees that his chosen one is well, it doesn’t matter to him what became the source of this emotion - “his strong body” or “his tight wallet”. The latter is even cooler for him, because she loves what he can give her.

Then the girl becomes “a part of him”, another decoration, such a cherry on the cake, this feeds the man, he feels like a king. But here we are again dealing with the psychological immaturity I have already mentioned.

- Often successful, mature men who already have children want, despite their age, to become fathers again in relations with their young chosen ones. What drives them to do this?

- Of course, usually in such a situation the young woman herself initiates the birth of a child, and the partner simply follows her lead. Or a man, for example, in his first marriage did not fully fulfill the role of a father - he worked hard, often left, and suddenly he needs to "baby".

- But that's what grandchildren are for?

- Yes, but communication with grandchildren does not give the feeling "but I still oh-hoo, I'm great, despite my age, I can make a child!" In general, the birth of a baby in some way mobilizes a person, prolongs his youth, because he has a need to raise his heir, which means that he must live at least until his 18th birthday.

By the way, anxious men who are worried about the fear of death often simply forget about this problem after having children.

— Do marriages with large age gaps have a future?

- If the husband is far behind, and she is about to turn 18, it is unlikely, but when a woman is about 30, and he is 50+, there is certainly a prospect.

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