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How to tell someone you’re not their therapist—but kindly – The Columbia Chronicle

By Summer Hoagland-Abernathy, Copy Chief
March 19, 2021

Sedona Steffens

You’re in the middle of writing another midterm paper at 1:40 a. m. when your phone lights up for the third time in the last 15 minutes.

Your housemate is having another rough night and wants to talk about it again, and you really want to be there for them, but you have this paper and a worksheet due tomorrow morning. You’re not sure which to choose—your friend’s health or yours.

With any other text, you would ignore it, finish your work and get to bed, but after your housemate broke up with their partner, they haven’t been themself. You’ve been worried their self-depreciation might lead to harmful behavior.

What else can you say to them besides “I’ll be right there”? And how can you avoid this situation in the future?

The Chronicle spoke with experts in communication, etiquette, mental health and friendship to find the solution to getting your friend some professional help that you simply can’t provide.

Psychologist and friendship expert Irene S. Levine said to start with honesty. You can let your friend know that you need some allotted time for social activities, family, studies and other things.

Hollie Schmid, marriage and family therapist at Relationship Reality 312, said setting boundaries like this could also mean not answering every phone call or text right away and creating a safe amount of emotional distance, so you are not at your friend’s disposal every second.

An important component to this situation, Schmid said, is to explore how you feel when you’re taking care of your friend. Reflect on if you’re feeling burned out or tired, and be kind to yourself.

At the same time, make sure your friend knows they’re not a burden, said Bonnie Tsai, founder and director of Beyond Etiquette, a social and business etiquette consulting agency.

“You can let them know that you really appreciate how they’re so willing to be vulnerable with you, and you understand that it’s a big privilege to be able to listen to them and hear what’s going on with them with such private matters,” Tsai said.

But what do you do when this has been going on for too long, and your capacity for emotional availability is overloaded?

“You can gently say, ‘Hey I really care about you a lot as a friend or as a partner, but I also have a lot going on as well, and I’m struggling to feel like I have the emotional bandwidth to be as available as you’d like me to be. Have you considered reaching out to another friend or to a therapist? I think they may be able to help you a little bit more,’” Schmid said.

Social support should be for acute situations, like breakups or job rejections, said Sylvia Mikucki-Enyart, relationship researcher and assistant professor at the University of Iowa, but if someone repeatedly uses you as a therapist, helping them search for an actual mental health professional could be another way to support them.

She said you could tell them you love them and respect your relationship, but you have a lot going on right now as well. And, because you feel you cannot provide the support they need, speaking to a professional about their struggles would likely be healthier for them.

“We shouldn’t have to be someone’s therapist because we’re not trained to do that, and I think there’s a lot of wonderful professionals out there,” Mikucki-Enyart said.

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therapist physician internist GP doctor

I don't

I don't I'm not I didn't I do not I am not nine0003

As a therapist, I couldn't turn this woman into a supermodel.

As a therapist, I couldn't make this woman into a supermodel.

As an existential therapist, I do not take this position.

As a psychotherapist, I don't have a similar option.

As a therapist, I can't insist on attending the 12 Step group, but I highly recommend it.

As a therapist, I don't mandate Twelve Step attendance, but I do strongly encourage it.

Jessie, as your therapist, I'm not supposed to tell you what to do, but as someone who cares about you, I will. nine0003

Jesse, as your therapist, I'm not supposed to tell you what to do, but as someone who cares about you, I'm going to.

Other results

I am a general practitioner, and not an obstetrician.

I'm an internist, not an obstetrician.

nine0035 I am a therapist, a not a psychiatrist.

I'm a general practitioner, not a psychiatrist.

I am a therapist, and not a psychiatrist.

I'm a GP, not a psychiatrist.

Even though I enjoyed every minute of the learning and preparation it takes , to become a therapist, I did not enjoy and grow in this professional role - with all the daily tasks and demands of being a therapist .

While I loved every minute of the learning and training required to become a therapist, I ended up not enjoying or thriving in the professional identity of it - the day to day realities and requirements of a working therapist .

I promised my therapist, that I more than not would call it "she".

I promised my therapist I would Never call it "her" again.

I just met Brenda , a therapist, and I really don't know anything about her. nine0003

I had just met Brenda , the therapist, and really didn't know much about her.

I mean I'm a therapist, no would that look too unprofessional...

I mean I'm a therapist, wouldn't it look too unprofessional...

I tried to help her find another therapist, and i and not know if she did it.

I also encouraged her to see a therapist but I'm not sure if she did or not.

I am not saying that this is the only mechanism that works like a blueprint , I am not a therapist, and I do not believe that acceptance can solve all our problems.

I'm not suggesting that this is the only coping mechanism , I'm not a therapist and I don't believe that simple contemplation will solve all of our problems.

Even people like me who are becoming more and more open to alternative therapies should take their hats off to practicing craniosacral therapists , because i also not was able to completely immerse himself in it.

Even I, who have become more and more open to alternative therapies, need to give a hat tip to the CST practitioners, as I also couldn't get my head completely wrapped around this one.

The head physician said that I should spend a year as a therapist, and I don’t want to spend a single day, so notify the mayor or whoever you have, and say that I am ready to receive patients. nine0003

Look, says Chief I have to spend a year as a GP, and I don't want to waste a day, so notify the town crier or whatever, and let him know I'm open for business.

For therapist , this means that therapist will not contract the disease.

For the therapist , it is to ensure the therapist does not contract the disease.

For therapist , this means that therapist will not contract the disease.

For the therapist , it's to make sure the therapist doesn't contract the disease.

Although art therapists are trained to treat a range of different psychological or emotional problems, some therapists specialize in specific areas.

Although art therapists are trained to treat a number of different psychological or emotional issues, some therapists will specialize in certain conditions.

Another important aspect of addiction therapist is a paid relationship between therapist and a client in which therapist is financially dependent on the client.

Yet another one important aspect of a therapist's dependence is paid relations between a therapist and a client, where the therapist is financially dependent on the client.

Therapist in this case was a highly respected professional, " Therapist of Therapists". nine0003

The therapist in this case was a highly regarded professional, a " therapist's therapist " in the community .

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to become a general practitioner and what diseases he can treat

Many colleagues will support me in the fact that a certain specific aura surrounds the profession of "therapist". I have seen and heard few people who dream of becoming exclusively therapists and linking their lives forever with therapy. Basically, this is some narrow specialty: cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, etc. You will definitely be haunted by questions from colleagues and even relatives “well, where / by whom”, surprise and sometimes misunderstanding. Questions like these didn't go unnoticed. nine0003

What will happen to those who decide to devote their lives entirely to therapy? You can immediately draw a completely bleak picture in your head: old corridors with shabby walls and creaky floors of some district clinic, where such an elderly lady with metabolic syndrome sits, burned out and resigned, and sometimes yelling at patients who dared to ask what She has something extra. At conferences that are solely needed to earn CME points, she usually sleeps in or queues up with fellow peers for a coffee break. Fearfully? Don't want that? Everything is in your hands: develop and improve your skills or degrade. nine0003

But there are also life scenarios for therapists who are satisfied with their lives. You are purposeful, active, you like to surround yourself with like-minded people, to lead. Or maybe you are an innovator and regularly present original ideas on how to improve the system? Then there are great chances to start mastering the career ladder. The private clinic where I work has created fertile ground and is regularly invited to become a mentor for new employees or to declare themselves in order to get into the personnel reserve. nine0003

It is possible that there may still exist in a public institution where it is not so easy to break through. However, there are plenty of young teams, where your activity and determination will definitely be noticed and noted. Do not take your job as "it's forever and for life." Don't be afraid to walk away and close doors where you feel uncomfortable or where you have stopped growing.

I have a large number of colleagues who work as an outpatient therapist and enjoy their work. Their reception is well paid, the patient is given from 20 to 40 minutes, there are constant grateful patients.

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