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Do you use a writer’s notebook in your English classroom? Do you find yourself wishing that you had a list of journal writing prompts high school students will like? 

In this post, I will be sharing 55 different journal prompts. That’s enough for the whole year of fun writing prompts, used 1x per week, for the whole semester if used 2-3x per week, and enough for the whole quarter if used every day.

Digital vs. Paper Writer’s Notebooks

Two years ago, I was determined to have my students write. Every day. Inspired by 180 Days, I wanted to be the writer’s notebook queen of the world and change students’ lives through journal writing prompts.  

I went to the nearest Staples store and bought .20 cent composition notebooks. I gave them to students on the first day of school. We wrote in them, pasting in mentor texts for the first three weeks of school. Then, for various reasons, the writer’s notebooks stayed closed more often than not. It was not sustainable for me. 

Now, I’ve written in a previous post about choosing ONE thing to be your precious at the beginning of each school year. If paper writer’s notebooks are your jam, then rock on, friend! 

As for me, I now use and love digital writer’s notebooks. These fun writing journal prompts notebooks are created in Google Slides and shared with students via Classroom. These writing prompts for journals never get lost, are less time-consuming than regular writer’s notebooks, and can use all sorts of colors and design elements to capture students’ attention.

Journal Writing Prompts for High School Students

Below you’ll find 55 journal writing prompts. High school students will find plenty to say about these topics, but I suggest setting ground rules for writing and setting a time limit (with timer projected). 

First: Write for the whole time. 

Second: Don’t worry about making sense or making sure what you write is perfectly-edited. 

Third: Be honest and be specific. 

1st Set: Imaginative Journal Writing Prompts High School Students 💜

  1. If you could invent anything, what would it be? Describe why you want to invent it, what it would look like, what it would do, etc. 
  2. Choose the animals that best represent your family members and closest friends. Explain why you have chosen each animal. 
  3. What if the world was made of Jello?
  4. If your life was suddenly a hit reality television show, what would it be called and what would viewers say about it? 
  5. Describe your survival plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  
  6. Create the perfect alien. 
  7. You have three doors in front of you: red, blue, and green. The red door says “wing.” The blue door says “want.” The green door says “woke.” Which door would you choose and why? Describe what you imagine to be behind each door.
  8. Explain what a forest looks like to someone who cannot see. 
  9. Write a recipe for happiness. What would the ingredients be? In what order and amounts would you add them? What instructions would you include for baking and serving? 
  10. Create your own original, symbolic names for five locations you visit every day. 
  11. Write a guidebook for the older generation to help them understand your generation.

2nd Set: Past, Present, Future Journal Prompts

  1. If you woke up tomorrow with amnesia, what memories would you want to return? To forget forever? 
  2. What would your five year old self have to say to your current self if you met for coffee? What would your current self say to your 10-years-from-now self? 
  3. What are you most thankful for? 
  4. Do you think the past is the best predictor of your future? Why or why not? 
  5. How have you changed from when you were a child? Why?
  6. What does the future hold for you? 
  7. Do you think your generation will “change the world”? Why or why not? 
  8. In what ways do you look to the adults in your life for guidance? In what ways can they learn from you? 
  9. What present-day issues are you the most concerned about? Why?
  10. What do you hope you will always remember about high school? 
  11. What is trending right now on social media and what are your thoughts on it?

3rd Set: Personal Beliefs Writing Prompts

  1. Do you believe in karma? Why or why not? 
  2. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not? 
  3. Do you believe in the law of attraction? Why or why not? 
  4. Do you believe animals fully understand human conversation? Why or why not? 
  5. What are your “rules to live by”? Which one is the most important and why?
  6. Do you believe in “carpe diem”? Why or why not? 
  7. Do you believe in an “eye for an eye”? Why or why not? 
  8. How have your family and friends influenced your beliefs? 
  9. Do you believe that people are the product of their environment? Why or why not? 
  10. Do you believe in second chances? Why or why not?
  11. Do certain characteristics make people more likely to succeed? Explain.

4th Set: Top Ten Lists as Journal Prompts

  1. 10 things I should have learned by now.
  2. 10 words others would use to describe me. 
  3. 10 of the weirdest things in my room. 
  4. 10 things I want to do before I die. 
  5. 10 of the best words in the English language.
  6. 10 things that are highly underrated / overrated.
  7. 10 reasons to wake up in the morning. 
  8. 10 songs on my playlist right now. 
  9. 10 of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had. 
  10. 10 things I know to be true.
  11. 10 things I want to give a “makeover” to.

5th Set: Hard Questions for Journal Writing

  1. What is the meaning of life? 
  2. Which is better: too much of something or too little of something? 
  3. Which is better: truth or beauty? 
  4. Is social media a blessing or a curse? 
  5. What two questions would you ask to find out someone’s true self? Now, answer these questions yourself.  
  6. What does it mean to be human?
  7. Define intelligence.
  8. To what extent do gender, ethnicity, social background influence your life? 
  9. Is society today better off than it was 100 years ago?
  10. What labels could others give you? Are labels helpful or harmful? Explain.
  11. Do you believe human nature is evil or good?

Wrapping Up Writing Prompts for Journals

Feel free to save the images for each set of fun writing prompts questions and use them in an agenda slideshow or to post on Google Classroom.

If you are interested in ready-made digital journals, please take a moment to check out these popular journal prompts resources! I appreciate your support!

Hey, if you loved this post, I want to be sure you’ve had the chance to grab a FREE copy of my guide to streamlined grading. I know how hard it is to do all the things as an English teacher, so I’m over the moon to be able to share with you some of my best strategies for reducing the grading overwhelm.  

Click on the link above or the image below to get started!

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About Lindsay Ann

Lindsay has been teaching high school English in the burbs of Chicago for 16 years. She is passionate about helping English teachers find balance in their lives and teaching practice through practical feedback strategies and student-led learning strategies. She also geeks out about literary analysis, inquiry-based learning, and classroom technology integration. When Lindsay is not teaching, she enjoys playing with her two kids, running, and getting lost in a good book.

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59 Journal Topics for High School (Wish I’d Had these as a Teen!)


Journal topics for high school teens to process through feelings, express themselves, and understand better who they truly are.

You’re reading an article about journal topics for high school teens from someone who has literally been journaling since the second grade.

Here’s the proof:

When I didn’t know how to spell something, I put the starting letter and wrote in a line to fill it out later. Sometimes, I expressed myself in stickers.

Journal writing is a lifelong habit and practice that has served me well.

It’s helped me:

  • To express myself
  • To look back over periods of my life and make more sense of them
  • To work out my dreams for the future
  • To work out how to fix problems I’m currently facing
  • …and so much more

And I’d like to think that today’s article on journal topics for high school teens is me doing my part to pass along this awesome, lifelong practice.

These are exciting and thought-provoking questions that will help inspire teens to express themselves – to get what’s out of their head and start to make some sense of it, and to dream out their future.

Journal Topics for High School

This list of journal topics for high school teens is categorized by the big topic, and then broken down into the actual questions.

Here are the journal topic categories:

  • Friends & Relationships
  • Money
  • Education & Career
  • Life
  • Bonus: Fun journal topics for high school

Teen Journal Topic: Friends & Relationships

1. List out 1-3 of your friends. What do you like about each of them? What makes them a good friend for you?

2. If you could take a friend with you on a Spring Break trip, who would you choose and where would you go? Write out a fun list of things to do when you get there.

3. When’s a time you didn’t feel included in your normal circle of friends? What made you feel this way?

4. Describe a time when you felt like an adult didn’t understand what you were trying to say. How did that make you feel?

5. What’s a conversation you wish had gone differently?

6. Name a friend or relationship that you definitely want to take with you past high school. Where do you see this relationship going?

7. Name something your parents say that you agree with. Then, name something your parents say that you don’t agree with. Explain your point of view on each.

8. What’s one thing your parents did with you when you were younger that will remain a favorite memory of yours forever?

9. What’s one thing you learned from a teacher that has nothing to do with math, social studies, or anything that can be found in a textbook?

10. What's one time someone in your life surprised you? Was it something they said or something they did? Was the surprise a good one or a bad one…or a little bit of both? Why did it surprise you?

Teen Journal Topic: Money

1. An unexpected check comes in the mail from a great aunt who passed away…she left you $50,000. What do you do with this unexpected money?

2. Name 3 things you are grateful for. Which cost money, and which did not?

3. What is one thing you don’t like about money? Why?

4. What is one thing you love about money? Why?

5. When was a time that you had too little money? How much was it, and why was it too little?

6. You learn that someone will pay you $60 to cut off all of your hair and donate it. Do you do it? What would you do with the money?

7. Describe a scene in a movie where money plays an important role. Why was money an important part of it?

8. What is the one habit right now that’s costing you the most money? Is it worth it to keep?

9. Your family is hosting a yard sale this weekend. You hope to personally raise $100. Which belongings do you choose to sell?

10. What’s the last money decision you made, and how did your decision work out for you?

11. What’s a purchase you made that you regret, and why do you regret it?

12. When do you think a waiter/waitress should get a tip, and when shouldn't they?

13. Is there a certain location, or situation where you tend to spend more money? Where is it (while on the computer, at Wal-Mart, whenever I drive somewhere I go through drive-thrus a lot, etc. )? Does it tend to be with other people, or when you're alone? See if you can find some spending patterns.

14. What's the difference between a need and a want? How would you know something is a need, vs. just being a want? Do you think this changes from person-to-person, or is your answer correct for everyone?

15. Name one thing you want to buy that you can't afford at the moment. Are you willing to buy it used, at a cheaper price, to get it quicker? Or do you want to buy it new at all costs?

16. Have you ever returned something you purchased for a refund? What was the reason? Was it worth it (the time spent), and what did you do with the refunded money?

Teen Journal Topic: Education & Career

1. If you could have one job for a month – just to try it on, with no commitment – what would it be? What would make you want to keep that job for longer than a month?  

2. Do you think actors and actresses should make more money than the President of the United States? Why or why not?

3. If you were forced to choose a college major right this minute, which would you choose and why?

4. Your dream job right out of college doesn’t work out. What’s your plan B (your backup plan)?

5. List one of the skills you have. What do you think is the next step for you to get even better at this skill?

6. What’s something that scares you about college? What’s something that excites you about college?

7. What’s something you wish your school offered a class in? How can you still learn more about this topic on your own?

8. How much do you think your first paycheck is going to be for? How many hours will you need to work for it? What career/job is it in?

9. Do you think it's better to get paid monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly (every other week)? Why?

10. You've been given an offer for your dream job. The only issue? You need to move across country to take it. Do you move cross country, or look for something closer to home? Why or why not?

11. You are the principal of your school for a day. What improvement do you make? Why do you make it? Do you think students will like it? What about the teachers?

Teen Journal Topic: Life

1. Take one random thought you’ve had in the last 24 hours. Now, create a chart tracing it back to the “origin thought”. In other words, connect the dots from this random thought back to the thought before it, then to the thought before that, then to the thought before that…until you find the thing that happened to cause you to have that first thought.

2. What’s one thing you love about yourself? How can you build on this even more?

3. Name one thing that scares you. Think back to the first time you encountered a situation where this fear came up – can you remember what about it made you scared?

4.  What’s something you have in common with your parents? What’s something that makes you different from your parents?

5. Write about a time you learned something “the hard way” – someone had warned you against doing, but you did it anyway and had to pay the consequences?

6. What are the privileges you’ve been given as a teen that you didn’t have as a child? What responsibilities did they come with?

7. When you get stressed or worried, what’s something you do that helps you through those emotions? Why do you think this helps you?

8. What are three challenges you think you'll face as a young adult? What is something you can work on in the next year to help you be in a better position to face one of those challenges?

9. In your mind, what are the pros/cons of watching the news each day? Is it worth it?

10. When is one time a stranger helped you out? What did they do, and how did it help you? How can you help out a stranger to “pay the kindness forward” to another person?

11. Remember a time when you were so worried about something, and then it turned out to be not a big deal at all. What was it, and how did things actually turn out? How else could you have used that time leading up to it instead of worrying?

12. What does a “successful” life look like to you? What makes a person successful or not? Do you think these are standards that you will be able to live up to?

13. What is one injustice in the world that you think is entirely unfair? Why is this an injustice, and why do you feel so strongly about it?

14. Of all the activities that you do each week (at school and at home), which do you think is the most important one. Why do you think it's most important? Are you prioritizing this activity enough in your life?

15. You've got the President of the United State's ear for 15 minutes. What do you talk to him/her about?

Bonus: Fun Journal Prompts for High School

Sometimes, you just want to give your teen students something fun to think and write about. Plus, it can help so much with keeping their interest.

That’s what this section is all about!

1. You can be a contestant on any game show of your choice. Which one do you choose, and why?

2. Detail a perfect Saturday. When do you wake up? What do you eat? Who do you hang out with? What do you do or don’t do? Where do you go?  

3. The year is 2042. How old are you? What have you done with your life so far? What does life right now look like for you?

4. Pretend you can run any company that you choose, for a day. Which company do you choose? What changes would you like to make while there?

5. You get to go back in history for one historical event, and “be a fly on the wall” – meaning, see it while it’s happening. Which event do you choose, and what questions do you hope to get answered?

6. If you could purchase one thing that will make your life easier today, what would it be? How will this affect your life?

7. Of all the adult relatives you have, which would you love to go back in time with to when they were your age, just to hang out? What would you guys do together? How do you think they'd be different?

I'd love to hear how you end up using these journal topics for high school teens throughout the school year! Go ahead and leave a comment below.

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Does a student need a diary and how to keep it correctly?

School diary online: how to choose and keep it effectively

Let's tell you what a school diary is and whether a child needs it. How to keep a diary for a junior high school student.

  • Text Link

It's no secret that planning is an important skill that helps us in our studies, work and everyday life. Often the first problems with organization begin at school age. For example, the child knew in advance what day the test would be, but he began to prepare the night before and sat at the textbooks until late at night. Then parents usually get nervous and swear, but more often than not, such procrastination simply indicates that the student needs to develop time management skills. A diary will be an effective assistant. If parents teach a younger student to plan their tasks on paper, he will acquire a valuable tool that will support him more than once in adulthood. nine0013

Why a student needs a diary

  • With a glider, a child can learn to independently control and plan their time, as well as set priorities: writing down tasks for a week, you can see when it is better to write an essay, and when to relax watching a cartoon.
  • A to-do list will help you never forget important things, giving a rest to the student's brain: he will no longer need to keep control dates and parents' requests in his head. This will relieve distracted and forgetful children from unnecessary stress, and in general, it will save the child and parents from unpleasant mistakes, such as a forgotten dance uniform or a missed lesson in a favorite circle. nine0010
  • The diary can be used for specific purposes, such as keeping track of your regular physical activity levels, reading more, or balancing school, activities and leisure.
  • For many children, the beautiful design of the diary, as well as the ability to draw on the pages of the notebook, will be an additional motivation for school and home duties.
  • In the modern world, a person needs to perceive large amounts of information and work in multitasking mode, so a competent organization will support not only at school, but also at a university, and later at work. nine0010


Which notebook is suitable for a diary

The choice of diaries today is great: lined and dated diaries are sold in office supply stores and on the Internet, with or without time slots, with a different set of sections. You can even find gliders adapted specifically for schoolchildren. But in general, any notebook or even a thick notebook that you can arrange in accordance with the needs of your child is suitable for a diary. Ideally, a student's diary should include spreads with space for all seven days of the week - this will help him when planning things, especially those that are completed in several stages. In addition, then the diary will remind the student during the school week that weekends and rest are just around the corner. nine0013

When buying a diary, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:

Format and size. The diary should be comfortable for the child to carry around, so it should be comfortable: not too thick, not too heavy, but big enough to be a pleasure to write in.
- Decoration. Choose a planning notebook with your child so that he really likes it. Funny drawings, nice color pages, a cover with your favorite cartoon characters - all this can serve as additional motivation for keeping a diary. nine0013 - Suitable for the needs and age of the child. The younger the child, the more important it is for the diary to be illustrated: visualization helps children plan their daily routine. If it is important for you to teach your child to keep track of time, try to find a glider whose pages are divided by hours. And vice versa: choose an unlined notebook if extra borders and restrictions cause him anxiety.

Tips on how to fill in the diary

  • Start by making a general to-do list for the week and discuss it with your child. Then help your child to put these things in the diary and find a place for them on specific days.
  • Teach your child to write down things every evening or at the beginning of the week and look at the diary every day.
  • When compiling a to-do list, you need to determine which task is the most important and urgent, put it first, and the rest of the things after it. Discuss together how much time a specific task requires: for example, one hour is enough for homework, and preparing reports can take a couple of evenings. Be sure to break down large tasks into small steps. nine0010
  • Teach your child to cross off or highlight completed tasks from a list. This will bring an element of gamification into the process and help the student to get job satisfaction.
  • Be sure to write down pleasant events in your diary. It is important that the child understands that business planning is not a duty, but a tool that helps to organize their life in such a way that they can do their favorite things without forgetting their responsibilities.

Example diary sections

  • Yearly calendar: holidays, planned trips, midterms and vacations can be marked in it.
  • Schedule of classes at school and circles for every day.
  • A weekly plan broken down by day that lists activities and tasks.
  • Pages with goals for the month or week: for example, preparation for the Olympics.
  • Pages with a list of the child's achievements for the week or month.
  • Various lists at the end of the notebook: a list of books for extracurricular reading or a list of films that the child wants to watch. nine0010

Let's talk more about homeschooling

Leave a request and our specialists will consult you on family education issues free of charge. You will learn how to switch to CO, how to apply, who is suitable for family education, and much more.

I accept the terms agreements and privacy policy

A consultant will contact you soon and tell you about studying at our online school. nine0013 Check your email - there is a letter about what to do before the consultation.

Oops :( Something went wrong. Try calling us at +7 (800) 500-17-81 or email [email protected].



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"Day of the Unknown Soldier" at the school at the Embassy

Read more

New Year's serpentine!

Everyone loves this holiday,
Everyone is waiting for this holiday,
For children it is the most important,
And it's called - New Year!


Mother's Day at the Embassy School in Colombia

The whole world begins with a mother. ..
And a portrait is kept in the heart
That tender woman herself,
Whose relatives there are in the world...

nine0119 Read more

Humanities Week has passed at school!

Correctly, honestly and gracefully, like a sonnet,

There was a struggle of talents and minds,

There are no offended and defeated here,

Here erudition and friendship won.

You proved in an incorruptible dispute,

That everything must be decided at the cost of knowledge and labor. nine0007

With education and grief to us - not grief,

With teachers, and the trouble is not a problem for us!

Read more

School students took part in the drawing competition

Read more

The school hosted the traditional holiday "Initiation into First Graders"


Read more

05. 10.22 the school at the Russian Embassy in Colombia traditionally celebrated a professional holiday - Teacher's Day

Year after year passes, and winter is replaced by spring -

A ray of hope will break through the gray haze of bad weather.

After all, the work of a teacher remains for all time

Forever new and joyful, like the renewal of nature. nine0007

Read more

Class hour "International Literacy Day"

In all ends of the earth, where there is no end of Russia,

Let's speak Russian.

Read more

The Chitayka school team won the BiblioOlympus Without Borders project! nine0007

More details here.

Today in schools the doors are wide open in the morning.

Summer has passed. The kids are back at school!

On September 1, 2022, a solemn assembly dedicated to the Day of Knowledge was held at the school at the Russian Embassy in Colombia!

This day became historic for the school: it met it in the new status of a basic comprehensive school. nine0007

Read more here.

Last lesson finished today,
The last bell rings in the hallway.

The traditional last bell, dedicated to the end of the school year, rang on May 27 at the school at the Russian Embassy in Colombia for the twenty-fifth time. The 2021-2022 academic year is the anniversary year. nine0007

Read more here

Dear friends!

We congratulate you on Victory Day!

This is the most important, most amazing holiday for all generations!

One must always remember that without the past there would be no present. Never forget this page in the history of our country. Low bow to the soldiers of Victory! nine0043

Happy May 9th!

This is the day of remembrance... This is the day of reminders of the heroic deeds of fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers... This is the day of the action "Immortal Regiment"; anyone who wants to honor the memory of his soldier of Victory can stand in his column.

In our school there was a holiday "Glory to the victorious people!"

On the eve of the significant date, the school hosted the action “The military path of my great-grandfather”, and the virtual museum “Living Memory of Past Years” was replenished with new exhibits: family heirlooms and video stories of students about their relatives - heroes of the Great Patriotic War. nine0004

Quite recently, our first-graders crossed the threshold of the school, they were all given the first textbook in their life - "ABC". Each child read the first words in it: “mother”, “peace”, “Motherland”.

And now it's time to say goodbye. Further along the country of Knowledge, the children will be led by the book "Literary Reading". She will teach them to love and understand literature, to be honest, brave, kind. nine0007

The holiday "Farewell, ABC" was held at our school on March 18.

Pupils of our school are preparing to participate in the network project "Symbol-mascot of Colombia".

Read more here

And again the Chitayka team won the next battle of the BiblioOlympus WITHOUT BORDERS project.

Read more here

March 8 is a holiday of spring, flowers, smiles. This is a holiday for all women.

The boys of our school held the quest "Spring Journey" on the eve of the holiday.

Read more here

February 23 in Russia (since 1993) is celebrated annually as Defender of the Fatherland Day. This holiday was dedicated to the military sports game "Zarnitsa", which took place in our school on February 22. nine0007

Read more here

February 10 - Diplomatic Worker's Day.

At our school, students met with the second secretary of the Russian Embassy in Colombia Kusaev A. M.

Read more here

Another game of the project "BiblioOlympus WITHOUT BORDERS" based on the myths of Ancient Greece has ended. nine0007

Both teams of our school, "Chitayki" and "Book Lovers" became the winners of the battles. Congratulations to the guys and good luck in the next literary competitions.

New Year is one of our favorite holidays. In the New Year's fairy tale, a miracle always happens: Santa Claus comes and brings gifts. But for this to happen, you need to overcome obstacles, make efforts and maintain confidence in a happy ending. nine0007

All this was done by the students of our school: they overcame a painful illness, made efforts, mastering sciences at a distance, and believed that a fairy tale would happen.

All efforts were not in vain.

We invite everyone to watch the fabulous performance "New Year's Trouble", the actors of which were our guys.

We wish everyone the fulfillment of desires and the ability to achieve their dreams.

The events of the Great Patriotic War are moving further and further away from us, there are fewer and fewer of its participants among us. Time takes its toll. But it has no power over one thing - over our memory, which passes from generation to generation. The people are strong not only by their army, but also by their memory.

These days we remembered two important dates: 78 years since the lifting of the siege of Leningrad and the 79th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad. Two cities - two symbols of our country. Symbols of courage, unbending will, faith in Victory. City on the Neva... city on the Volga...

Class hours were held at the school dedicated to those “great years”. The conversation was about the feats accomplished by children. To study and teach in besieged Leningrad is a feat, a feat in the name of a future peaceful life. Fighting with weapons in your hands in the bombed-out Stalingrad, going into reconnaissance, blowing up enemy convoys at the age of 8-15 is a feat in the name of defending your country.

Patriotism for children is an important link with the concept of Motherland. Without respect for the history of one's Fatherland, one cannot cultivate self-esteem and self-confidence. nine0007

Constitution Day is celebrated all over the world. By the place that this holiday occupies in the life of society, one can judge the role of the Law in this country.

December 12 is Constitution Day in Russia, public holiday. Every citizen of our country should know their rights and obligations. This topic was devoted to a class hour in our school.


Our guys had a virtual meeting with space in the planetarium of the city of Bogotá. The guys here were interested in everything: a scientific and educational film, a tour of the halls, the department of the experimentarium.

Quite recently, a bust of the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was installed in the planetarium of the capital of Colombia. A memorable photo of the students of our school was taken near him.

nine0004 Read more here

There are memorable dates in our country ... Among them are the Day of the Unknown Soldier, the Day of the Heroes of the Fatherland.

These two dates are next to each other: December 3, December 9 ...

Only one date is very young, our Motherland has been celebrating it since 2014. But the second one has been for several centuries - our great-grandfathers celebrated this day as the Day of the Cavaliers of St. George, because it was on this day in 1769The Russian Empress Catherine the Great established the highest military award of the empire - the Order of the Holy Great Martyr George.

Read more here

The word mother is a special word. It is born with us, accompanies us in the years of growing up and maturity. Mom - there is no more precious word, mom is the whole world.

Many countries celebrate Mother's Day. People congratulate their mothers, come to visit them, give gifts, arrange a holiday for them. nine0007

Read more here

On November 24, the "Shootout" game was held at the school's sports ground.

The purpose of the event is to promote a healthy lifestyle, to involve children in physical culture and sports. Young athletes competed not only in strength, dexterity, ingenuity, speed of reaction, but also in the ability to show mutual assistance.


The game was fun and provocative: the teams demonstrated their sports skills, and also received a charge of vivacity and a lot of positive emotions.

On November 12, the school hosted a quiz "By Example of a Strong and Courageous Heart", timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the 1941 military parade on Red Square.

November 7 is a memorable date in national history. On this day in 1941, a traditional military parade was held on the main square of the country in honor of the anniversary of the October Revolution. But this parade was a special, turning point in the history of Russia, as well as the Great Patriotic War and World War II: the whole world saw that the Red Army and the Soviet Union were determined to defend their homeland under any circumstances. The troops left Red Square for the front, to defend Moscow.


Since 2005, November 7 has become the Day of Military Glory of Russia.

Answering the questions of the quiz, the guys gave examples of the exploits of Russian soldiers, recalled historical events related to the heroic past of our people.

You always want to know interesting facts about the place that you visited during the tour, trip. And if it's not just a trip, but a temporary (but long) stay in the country where your parents are on a business trip? Students of all foreign schools are in this situation. nine0007

Colombia is an amazing country. In order for the students of our school to learn more about it, the event "Welcome to Colombia" ("Bienvenido a Colombia") was held.

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The school at the Russian Embassy in Colombia traditionally took part in the All-Russian educational project "Lesson of Numbers"

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Pupils of our school continue to participate in the project "BiblioOlympus WITHOUT BORDERS". This academic year, two teams are taking part in the intellectual literary game: Book Lovers have joined the Readers.

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19October, an excursion to the museum-experimentarium Maloka took place. In the museum, students of the school at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Colombia solved entertaining mathematical problems, conducted physical experiments, studied the types of energy transfer and wave processes.

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Kutilov Yerofey ,

students of the 2nd grade, who became the winner of the Bogotá championship in sword fencing. nine0007

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October 5 is one of the professional days. All over Russia, in all cities, Teacher's Day is celebrated on this day.

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Engaging in physical education is useful, fun physical education is doubly so. After all, every minute of playing sports prolongs a person's life by one hour, and fun competitions - by two hours. nine0007

A bright sports festival was held at our school on September 29th. Two teams fought for the right to become winners. Friendship, mutual assistance, health, sports excitement won.

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Everyone has a single time in their life
There is a first single class.

But it turns out that the right to be called disciples must be earned. Solemn initiation into first-graders took place at the children on October 1. At the holiday there were no longer timid kids, but real schoolchildren. They actively answered questions and carried out tasks together. The guests of the holiday were convinced that they were real students. nine0007

On September 30, our school hosted a class hour dedicated to Internet security.

On September 1, our school opened its doors to students again.

Three first-graders crossed her threshold for the first time. nine0007

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Dear friends!

We heartily congratulate you on Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War!

May day has come beautiful, e Day of Victory over the enemy.

Let it be warm, clear at in the world where we live.

In a world without shooting and pain, since it has been better and warmer.

And now everything is in our will - from we will protect the world for children!

Peace, prosperity to your families and always a clear and bright sky above your head!


Our school hosted a celebration dedicated to Victory Day

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On April 22, our school hosted an exhibition of drawings dedicated to World Earth Day. Each of the guys tried to express their attitude to our Planet in their works. The exhibition became a call to the need to conserve earth's resources, to think about environmental problems. nine0007

On April 12, 1961, the first manned space flight took place, which became one of the most important milestones in the history of all mankind. 60 years ago, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin said: "Let's go!", opening the era of human space exploration.

In our school, a series of events was dedicated to this significant event. The final event was the holiday lesson “People reach for the stars.” The children got acquainted with the history of space exploration. The guest of the holiday, Grishin Igor Alexandrovich, who worked in Star City, told many interesting facts about the first manned flight into space, about the preparation and conduct of subsequent flights. nine0007

An important moment of the event was a video congratulation to the students of our school from Ovchinin A. N., the 120th cosmonaut of our Motherland and the 547th cosmonaut of the world.

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We congratulate Anna Tolstykh, a 4th grade student who took part in the network project "Friendship of Peoples - Peace on the Planet" in the nomination "And experience, the son of difficult mistakes ..." and took 4th place among the schools of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. nine0007

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April 7th is World Health Day. The date is dedicated to the founding of the World Health Organization in 1948.

This whole day at our school was devoted to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone who cares about their well-being, healthy body and strong spirit, who strives to protect the environment and improve the ecological situation. nine0007

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This sport seems to come from childhood. ..
Many years have passed - it's not a pity,
There are excellent remedies for sadness,
And one of them is a skipping rope!

On the final day of the third quarter, under the guidance of a physical education teacher A.A. Sboyko passed the Golden Rope 2021 skipping championship, in which all students of the school took part. Children learned the history of the origin of this sport, the names of record holders, and took an active part in competitions. nine0007

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Maslyana week

flew to us,

She came to our school,

Brought joy to all of us.

With these words, the "Wide Shrovetide" holiday began in our school.

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March holiday…

Whatever side of the Earth we are in, but it is associated with a drop, snowdrops, the arrival of spring. And even though there is nothing of this in the country where the children of our school are now studying, but there was a holiday. It was WOMEN'S DAY!

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The combined team of our school "Chitayki" became the winner in the battle on the work of I.A. Krylov. The series of games of the project "BiblioOlympus WITHOUT BORDERS" continues, we wish the guys good luck in this literary competition. nine0007

Our school took part in the competition of network projects of foreign schools of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia "Learning - we create" - "Theatre at the microphone" in the nomination "Little actors of the big stage".

Pupils of grades 3-4 prepared a radio play based on V. Oseeva's story "Why?". They were awarded certificates from the organizers of the project. nine0007 You can listen to the radio play here

Thank you ABC!

February 26 in the first class was the holiday "Farewell to the ABC". The first-graders were looking forward to this holiday, prepared poems and songs about the first school book, because thanks to it the children learned all the letters of the Russian alphabet, learned to read and write. nine0007

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February 23 - one of the favorite Russian holidays - Defender of the Fatherland Day, which in fact is a holiday for all men - young and old.

Traditionally, on this day, many Russian schools host military sports games, in which all students become participants: both boys and girls. This game was held in our school on 19February, the organizer was Sboyko A. A.

At the beginning of the holiday there was a review of the system and songs. And then there were competitions, during which the guys showed both strength, and ingenuity, and endurance, and knowledge of the military history of our country.

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Diplomat's Day is a professional holiday for all diplomatic workers of the Russian Federation. In a special way, it takes place in schools at the Embassies of Russia abroad. On this day, students have the opportunity to communicate with the staff of the Embassy in a festive and official atmosphere. nine0007

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Our school hosted the chess tournament "Grandmasters - 2021"

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On February 2, 1943, the Nazi troops were defeated near Stalingrad. This feat of the Soviet soldier went down in the history of the Great Patriotic War, and today February 2 is the Day of Military Glory.

Burning on the ground of Volgograd

Soldier's Eternal Flame -

Eternal glory to those,

Whom fascism conquered Europe,

Stopped here.

nine0004 The poems of the Volgograd poet M.Agashina can be considered the leitmotif of the class hour, which was held by Frolova Yu.K. The teacher introduced the students to the course of the Battle of Stalingrad. Examples of the heroism of the defenders of the city on the Volga awakened in the children a sense of pride in their people, in the past of their country.

One of the Days of military glory of Russia - January 27, the Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade (1944 years old). On this day, the heroic defense of the city on the Neva ended, which lasted 872 days. The German troops never managed to enter the city, break the resistance and the spirit of its defenders.

Today's schoolchildren should know this page in the history of the Great Patriotic War, understand what suffering Leningraders went through, honor the memory of those who died, but survived in the fight against the enemy.

Sboyko A.A., who conducted a school-wide class hour dedicated to this Day, was able to awaken a response in the souls of schoolchildren. Her story about the besieged city, the video chronicles of those years helped the children to feel not only a sense of respect for the defenders of Leningrad, but also sympathy for the people who suffered the tragedy of the blockade. nine0007

International Thank You Day is celebrated annually on January 11, thanks to the idea of ​​the UN and UNESCO to show the world how important it is to be responsive, kind, polite.

The word "thank you" appeared in a Parisian phrasebook in the 16th century, and has been used in ordinary speech since the 20th century. For many years in Orthodoxy, the concept of “thank you” was used, which has a very bright meaning - “I give you blessings.” And the word "thank you" was used as a combination of "God save." It took several centuries for people to begin to say the word "THANK YOU" from childhood. nine0007

E. M. Pestryakova told the children about all this at a school-wide class hour. The children took an active part in the quiz, watched the film with pleasure, and at the end of the event thanked the teacher with such a sincere word “Thank you”.

New Year is a holiday of miracles, joy, gifts. This year there was no traditional New Year's performance at the school, but the film "We will find the Snow Maiden ..." was filmed. All the guys became film actors and did an excellent job with this task. nine0007

The movie can be viewed at the link https://youtu.be/kQ6MVktN5tI


Pupils of our school took part in the competition of network projects of educational schools at foreign institutions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia "Learning - we create" (in the nomination "Depicting life") "The host country through the eyes of children."

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The Constitution is the highest legal act that fixes the state structure of our country, regulates the formation of all government bodies and the system of state administration, and also defines the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen of the Russian Federation. December 12 in our country is a public holiday, Constitution Day.

The school class hour, which took place on December 9, was dedicated to this event. In the form of a didactic game Khlyupina Yu.A. introduced students to their rights and obligations, which are written in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The children were especially fascinated by the quiz on the knowledge of the main articles of the state document, which was held in a playful way. nine0007

Studying is the main task of every student, therefore subject Olympiads are traditionally held in educational institutions. They also went to our school. The results pleased both participants and teachers.

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A team of students from our school took part in the BiblioOlympus WITHOUT BORDERS project.

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On December 6, our school took part in the Geographical Dictation, a traditional educational project conducted by the Russian Geographical Society. Our team became a part of this multi-thousand action: in 2020, 200 9 people took part in it online08 people. This is a record number for the entire existence of the network format of the event. This year the dictation was held for the sixth time.

December 3 and 9 are memorable dates in the history of our country, dates when Russians mourn their ancestors and are proud of their exploits at the same time. At the class hour dedicated to these memorable dates, the students made a virtual tour to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, located near the walls of the Moscow Kremlin in the Alexander Garden, remembered the names of the hero of our country who faithfully served it. nine0007

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Mother's Day is one of the most touching holidays. In our school, it was held in the form of the game "Oh, what a mother! .."

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Folklore is national, this is its merit. Every nation has traditions, customs, symbols. The nation cherishes its cultural acquisitions and passes them from mouth to mouth as the most valuable. The future of every nation is connected with the national culture, which is the guarantor of life for it. These deep concepts were revealed at the class hour "Each nation - its own folklore", dedicated to the national holiday Day of National Unity. nine0104

On November 11, at the class hour "Safe Internet for Children", our students got acquainted with the rules of behavior on the Internet.

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