How do you know your guardian angel

How To Get To Know Your Guardian Angels + Unlock Their Power

1. Learn their names.

Go to a quiet room and shut the door to block out other people's energy. Sit still, close your eyes, calm your mind, and ask your higher self for the name of one of your guardian angels. The name will then be placed in your head.

If no name comes, it might be that your guardian angels are inviting you to name them yourself. Pick names that make you feel cherished and protected every time you think of them. You’ll know you’ve come up with a good one if thinking of it or saying it aloud makes you feel warm and peaceful, gives you chills, or brings a smile to your face.

Write down the names of your guardian angels and call them by name when you ask them for comfort or guidance.

Using our guardian angels’ names should help us stay more connected to them and make them seem more real to us.

2. Ask them to send you a sign.

Angels love to send you signs that can improve your life as well as simple reminders of their loving presence. You can ask the guardian angels to send you a sign either by writing this request in your journal, through a more formal prayer, or by briefly meditating on the idea.

Then, for the next week, keep your eyes—your physical eyes and your metaphysical third eye—peeled for a sign from your guardian angels.

This could come in the form of a prophetic dream, an unexpected romantic or business opportunity, a new relationship, or a refreshed perspective on a recurring situation.


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3. Dedicate a song to them.

Music isn’t something physical you can nail down and touch—it travels in the ether, permeating your senses and calling forth your soul. It can elicit strong emotional responses in people, and angels will often use it to reach you.

Sometimes the message lives in your association with the song or artist, and other times the message is in the lyrics.

When you dedicate a song to your guardian angels, this song becomes their calling card. It will play on the radio whenever your angels want to remind you of their constant presence. You should pick a song that makes you feel comforted, safe, and loved.

Mine is Chrissie Hynde’s “I’ll Stand by You,” and I think the lyrics perfectly describe a guardian angel’s love and devotion.

4. Write them a letter.

Start the letter with “Dear Guardian Angels,” and then write about something that is weighing heavily on your heart: a situation you’re unsure how to handle, a big decision you have to make, or a relationship that’s bothering you. Get your emotions out on the page.

Your guardian angels know everything about you, so they are already aware of this situation, but by sharing it with them in your journal, you are using your free will to ask them for help.

Go ahead and end by saying, “Guardian Angels, please help me with this in any way you can.” Then watch for their guidance.

It could come as insightful thoughts about how to handle the matter; intuitive guidance like gut feelings, strong knowings, visions, or an angel’s voice in your mind; or new opportunities and people suddenly entering your life who were sent by your angels.

When this guidance comes, be sure to go back to your journal and record it, or simply tell your angels “thank you” in your thoughts.


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The bottom line:

As human beings, we all have access to a team of guardian angels. All angels are pure spirits that appreciate when we connect with them, be it through prayer, song, journaling, or whatever medium we feel most comfortable with.


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Who Is My Guardian Angel? Your Birthday Reveals All

  • Use your date of birth to discover your divine guide
  • What is a Guardian Angel?
  • How do you notice your spirit guide?

Humankind has always turned towards higher forces when faced with making important life choices. The origin of Guardian Angels goes back to the most ancient Kabbalists traditions, but they still steer us through today. Discovering the name of our protector means discovering who we really are and what's in store for us… How do I know who my Guardian Angel is? Well, there are 72 Angels, so use your birthday below to find yours.

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Guardian Angel birthday: Click on your birth month below to find yours

Click on your birth month Angel to discover who yours is and learn how to call upon them by clicking on their name. Plus, discover their missions and how they can help you.


Birth month Angel - January

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

1st - 5th January

Nemamiah - General prosperity.

6th - 10th January

Yeialel - Helps with mental health.

11th - 15th January

Harael - Helps with fertility.

16th - 20th January

Mitzrael - Helps with mental illness.

21st - 25th January

Umabel - Makes you more sociable.

26th - 30th January

Iah Hel - Blesses you with wisdom.

31st January - 4th February

Anauel - Guarantees protection.

Birth month - February

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

5th - 9th February

Mehiel - Protection from danger.

10th - 14th February

Damabiah - Attracts prosperity.

15th - 19th February

Manakel - Heals illnesses.

20th - 24th February

Eyael - Helps seek the truth.

25th - 29th February

Habuhiah - Favors growth.

Birth month - March

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

1st - 5th March

Rahel - Helps find lost objects.

6th - 10th March

Yabamiah - Increases spirituality.

11th - 15th March

Haiaiel - Good for protection.

16th - 20th March

Mumiah - Favors success.

21st - 25th March

Vehuiah - Favors fresh starts.

26th - 30th March

Jeliel - Enhances love.

31st March - 4th April

Sitael - Grants protection.

Birth month Angel - April

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

5th - 9th April

Elemiah - Ensures safety.

10th - 14th April

Mahasiah - Grants harmony.

15th - 20th April

Lelahel - Aids with knowledge.

21st - 26th April

Achaiah - Bestows patience.

27th - 30th April

Cahetel - Fights against evil.

Birth month - May

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

1st - 5th May

Haziel - Grants forgiveness.

6th - 10th May

Aladiah - Bestows good health.

11th - 15th May

Lauvuel - Encourages victory.

16th - 21st May

Hahaiah - Helps against adversity.

22nd - 26th May

Yezalel - Promotes friendships.

27th - 31st May

Mebahel - Stands for justice.

Birth month - June

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

1st - 5th June

Hariel - Enhances morals.

6th - 10th June

Hekamiah - Encourages loyalty.

11th - 15th June

Lauviah - Encourages revelations.

16th - 21st June

Caliel - Gives advice.

22nd - 26th June

Leuviah - Expands intellect.

27th - 1st July

Pahaliah - Develops spirituality.

Birth month - July

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

2nd - 6th July

Nelchaël - Fights evil.

7th - 11th July

Yeiayel - Grants fortune.

12th - 16th July

Melahel - Urges healing.

17th - 23rd July

Haheuiah - Grants safety.

24th - 27th July

Nithaiah - Develops wisdom.

28th July - 1st August 

Haaiah - Increases ambition.

Birth month - August

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

2nd - 6th August 

Yeratel - Ensures justice.

7th - 12th August 

Seheiah - Protects health.

13th - 17th August 

Reiyel - Encourages truth.

18th - 23rd August 

Omael - Prevents depression.

24th - 28th August 

Lecabel - Increases knowledge.

29th August - 2nd September

Vasariah - Attracts mercy.

Birth month - September

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

3rd - 7th September

Yehuiah - Helps with self-discovery.

8th - 12th September

Lehahiah - Calms anger.

13th - 17th September

Chavaquiah - Favors reconciliation.

18th - 23rd September

Menadel - Encourages employment.

24th - 28th September

Aniel - Increases knowledge.

29th September - 3rd October

Haamiah - Increases ambition.

Birth month - October

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

4th - 8th October

Rehael - Heals the sick.

9th - 13th October

Leiazel - Grants comfort.

14th - 18th October

Hahahel - Favors missions.

19th - 23rd October

Mikael - Protects you.

24th - 28th October

Veuliah - Safeguards you.

29th October - 2nd November

Yelaiah - Favors success.

Birth month - November

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

3rd - 7th November

Sehaliah - Increases willpower.

8th - 12th November

Ariel - Increases gratitude.

13th - 17th November

Asaliah - Heavenly connection.

18th - 22nd November

Mihael - Rekindles love.

23rd - 27th November

Vehuel - Eliminates pains.

28th November - 2nd December

Daniel - Helps obtain mercy.

Birth month - December

Born between:

Your Guardian Angel is:

(click on their name to discover the prayer)

3rd - 7th December

Hahasiah - Uncovers mysteries.

8th - 12th December

Imamiah - Patron of prisoners.

13th - 16th December

Nanael - Helps with meditation.

17th - 21st December

Nithael - Helps with writing.

22nd - 26th December

Mebahiah - Urges good deeds.

27th - 31st December

Poyel - Encourages fulfillment.

A distinction can be made between the 72 guardian angels grouped together in the angel calendar. In fact, just like the zodiac signs that change every month, the Angels change every five days. Indeed, they also transmit positive energy and bless you with qualities that add to your personality. They allow you to move forward peacefully in life, but for that to happen, you have to find out their name and really get to know them.

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What are Guardian Angels, and what are their jobs?

Perhaps you sometimes hear that little voice inside you that advises you? Well, in fact, it's your guardian angel coming to your rescue. These protectors are in charge of orienting and guiding us, plus, they influence our life by accompanying us every day, in good times and in bad. These spirits are supposed to help men and women, young and old, throughout their lives, and each one of them has a specific role and different qualities.

They act as messengers representing the higher powers, indeed they operate between the heaven world and Earth. Their mission is to help us and accompany us throughout our lives, so we can live life the best we can. We all have one divine guide based upon the day and month on which we were born. Every divine angel symbolizes a force, such as willingness, patience, or even perseverance. They protect you on a daily basis but never physically present themselves to you, which may seem odd, especially if you are very in tune with the higher powers and spiritually aware. They only appear subtly and pass on a message through a symbol, like for instance via Angel numbers and mirror hours.

Your protector only manifests spontaneously in the exceptional situations of your life, but it is possible to communicate with your angel directly or with another if you feel the need to do so. Among all you need to know about angels, know that they are able to materialize your requests for any area of your life and to intervene in it. Knowing their names can therefore be very useful in communicating with them and will facilitate their intervention in your life.

What are Shemhamforash angels?

According to Kabbalists, the 72 names of angels derive from verses 119-121 in chapter 14 of the Book of Exodus. When we add -el or -iah to the end of these names, 72 angels are created, and each of them is created in God’s own perfect vision. Each of the Shemhamforash angels forms part of the 72-fold name of divinity, and hence embodies the wheel of the zodiac. Furthermore, each of the Shemhamforash angels has its own personal mission to guide and protect those born under it, whilst sharing with them their innate powers and wisdom.

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How do I notice my Guardian Angel?

Are you wondering how you tell an angel is with you? Well, detecting your protector’s presence is very simple and mainly involves listening to your intuition and trusting your senses. Here are 5 signs that help reveal whether your spiritual guide is with you at present or not.

5 Signs your angel is with you:

  • You suddenly feel overcome with powerful emotions.
  • You hear strange sounds.
  • You can smell sweet odors.
  • You feel a sense of warmth around you.
  • You notice strange colors when looking in the mirror.
Susan Taylor’s insight: An essential point to know

Knowing the name of your guardian angel is very important because they are in charge of your protection. Using your birthday to help you discover your protector’s identity will reveal how to invoke them and how to ask them for help and support. Don't forget that your angel is always at your side, even if you don't see them, they are present. They send you messages without us even realizing it, via a mirror hour or a feather delicately placed on our path. Keep your eyes open because your angel wants you to know that they are there for you. If you need their help right now, or if you are feeling lost, don't hesitate to contact one of our psychics. They will be able to illuminate your future with gentleness and kindness.

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* Literature Source: Angel Numbers 101, Author; Doreen Virtue, Published in 2008 and available here:

Guardian Angels - who are they?

website of the Gorlovka and Slavic diocese

Unfortunately, not all people recognize the existence of good and evil spirits as real representatives of the invisible world, perceiving them only as metaphorical literary images personifying the principles of good and evil. Meanwhile, the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as well as the history of the Church, especially the lives of the saints, testify to the opposite. Although others believe in the reality of the invisible world, they believe that it exists, as it were, separately, apart from the world of people, which means that knowledge of this world is not important for us, since it does not affect anything.

Of course it isn't, and here's the thing. Whether a person wants it or not, he has long been the target of a struggle between the spirits of good and evil. In this struggle, the battlefield is the human heart. And since no human action or even inaction ever remains without consequences, always inclining a person either to good or to evil, he cannot remain neutral in this struggle and is forced to participate in it all his life.

What do we know about angels?

Divine Revelation does not tell us the details and details of the creation of heavenly spirits. However, from the Tradition of the Church it is known that the invisible angelic world was created before the visible one. Angels are disembodied personal spirits endowed with reason and free will, the ability to create, communicate with God and communicate. Unlike people descended from a single ancestor Adam, angels were created immediately in myriad numbers. And since they are also immortal, they are deprived of some of the needs inherent in people - in material food, drink. They are distinguished by a different nature of relationships and objects of joy. These are incorporeal spirits that are here with us, but their main goal is to serve God.

Who has a Guardian Angel?

It is given to every baptized person. But we do not know the whole plan of God. Church Tradition does not answer the question of whether Christians of other denominations, or unbaptized children, have Guardians. It is quite possible that there is.

What is the name of our Guardian?

Often, occult sites are full of tempting offers to find out what gender your angel is, what his temper is and what his name is. To do this, it is proposed to add up all the numbers of your date of birth, tell fortunes, take tests or use some tables.

Should I try to find out my Angel's name or something about him? An Orthodox person should not think about such questions. There are many dogmatic errors in what the occultists propose: for example, angels have no gender.

Is it possible to choose an Angel?

Occultists teach that each element has its own angel. They claim that if your guardian is an angel of rainbow, light, air or metal, you will be immune to trouble.

From the Tradition of the Church we know about nine angelic orders. These are seraphim, cherubim, thrones, powers, dominions, authorities, principles, archangels and angels. There are a lot of heavenly spirits. But we cannot go beyond the limits of Tradition and come up with our own human classifications - say that there are angels of water, metal, and so on. Any spirit of something cannot become a Guardian Angel. The Lord gives it to man. Guardian Angel cannot be changed. He is always with a person, he does not go anywhere, he does not have a “vacation”.

Such offers to find out something about your Angel with the help of some calculations or “choose” an angel for yourself are either just fraud or occultism, when they try to involve a person in communication with a demon, not an angel.

Where is our Guardian Angel?

Since angelic incorporeality is not absolute, it still depends on the conditions of space. For example, they cannot be in different places at the same time. We often come across the opinion that our Angels certainly stand on our right side, so we need to carefully turn to the right, and even sleep only on our left side, otherwise it will be inconvenient for the heavenly forces to protect us. Hence the belief that you must certainly get up from the right foot, and if you get up from the left, then the day will not be set - the Angel will not be able to protect you, as well as the belief that spitting over your left shoulder means spitting on a demon.

These are superstitions that originate from the belief that the right side is pious, and the left side is allegedly from demons. A very misunderstanding. We must understand that an angel is a disembodied spirit. And it is not necessary to seriously argue that he is always on the right, and the demon is always on the left. An angel is invisibly next to a person - but in the spiritual world, the invisible world. Therefore, the main thing for an Orthodox Christian is to always hear the voice of his Guardian Angel, and not think about where exactly he is now. On which side you lay down, which leg you stood up, over which shoulder you spat - it does not matter. It’s better not to give a damn at all, because it’s uncivilized and you can hit someone.

How do we know that our Angel is with us?

I have met very few people who actually saw angels. Most often, those who say so are simply suspicious people who are looking for some signs in everything.

The troubles that happen in life - a pen leaked, a button came off, a spoon fell off the table - they attribute to the action of the Guardian Angel: they say, these are signs that he gives to warn about something. A pleasant smell, the source of which cannot be immediately explained, an unexpected lull in the street, a sudden flash of light, sparks in closed eyes, tingling in the body, pressure in the head or in the back of the head, suspicious people perceive as physical manifestations of the presence of angelic beings.

No need to do this. We must rely on the will of God in everything. If you see a shooting star, it's not the coming of an angel - it's just a small cosmic body, an asteroid, which, as it falls, becomes hot due to friction against the earth's atmosphere ...

Stop looking for signs in your life, just pray, work, and you will see that the Lord Himself will show the way to go. Even if we do not notice anything, we will still know the path that the Lord will show. And if a person begins to look for secret meanings everywhere, this leads to occultism.

Angel's Tips

The Guardian Angel's action cannot be framed in any way. It often happens that you wake up, do something, and everything falls out of your hands, the day did not work out. To say that this is the action of the Guardian Angel, I would not. After all, man has free will. The Guardian Angel is not some kind of lever that directs her in one direction or another. He can invisibly suggest what is right.

I remember a case described in the memoirs of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. There is a battle, a soldier lies in a trench. And as if something is pushing him: get up and leave. He, contrary to orders, jumps up, runs to another place, and a shell falls where he had just been lying. Here we can observe the direct action of the Guardian Angel, when he literally forces a person to change location in order to save his life.

Builders and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations have the same stories when some inner voice demands to do something. A person feels terrible discomfort if he does not obey. But such cases are very rare.

If we begin to listen to other people's conversations, to songs on the radio, to read all advertising billboards and signs in order to recognize the "messages" of angels, it is not far from a mental breakdown. That's what very stupid people do. This is used by the occultists. They say: if there is a sudden lull or you smell a fragrance, then an angel has come to you. Occultists directly push a person to a demon.

If something does not work out, you can postpone your business. Perhaps this is the action of the Guardian Angel. But one cannot say that absolutely everything that happens around was set up by an angel. So we will constantly look for excuses for ourselves to do nothing. The angel will not literally interfere in our every action. The action of the Guardian Angel is different. It manifests itself in more extreme moments, key events in life, when a person can commit a really serious sin. He encourages people to act according to their conscience. In turn, the evil spirit pushes a person to sin. But this has nothing to do with domestic issues. To think that if the day didn’t work out, the handle leaked, the car didn’t start, there was a lot of snow, which means that this is how an angel communicates with me, it would be a mistake.


The church is very ambivalent about dreams. The Holy Fathers, as a rule, advise against believing in dreams. In the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, attention is paid to prophetic and prophetic dreams. Angels warn the righteous in a dream about something and predict future events. But we must not forget that along with good angels there are evil spirits who are trying to lead us into temptation. It is through dreams that it is very easy to do this. Demons can even appear in the guise of good angels or holy saints of God.

A lot of people believe in dreams. However, before believing the advice given in a dream, we must ask ourselves the question: “Am I worthy to have an angel appear to me? Am I living such a righteous life?” Most often, you don’t need to believe in dreams - there is a very high probability that a person will be deceived by demons. To hear the Angel, you need to listen to your inner voice.

Hear the voice of an Angel

People often say that they hear the voice of conscience. This is probably the voice of the Guardian Angel. When a person lives according to his conscience, acts according to the laws of God, fulfills the commandments, the Guardian Angel helps him. But when a person sins, violates the commandments, the Angel retreats from him - the person himself, as it were, pushes him away.

No need to try to hear any special "voices". If a person hears voices in his head, I, as a physician by first education, would advise him to consult a psychiatrist. If someone in this way orders something, advises him, this is certainly a mental disorder. A healthy person does not hear any voices in his head.

The voice of conscience is quite different: when we feel that it is right or wrong to do so. Every person has it. The more Christian we lead, the more distinct this voice.

You are in a hurry to get on the bus and an old man has fallen in front of you. The voice of conscience says: "Come, help, lend a hand." But you calm yourself down and say: “But I'm in a hurry. Let someone else come along." And your conscience begins to torment you. You realize that you did wrong, you feel inner discomfort. Conscience never deceives, it always prompts. But here we are not talking about some voices that we could clearly hear.

The suggestion of angels and our freedom

When the Lord created man in His image and likeness, He instilled in us free will — the most important thing that makes us like Him. It is wrong to say that all good thoughts are instilled in us by the Guardian Angel, and evil thoughts are inspired by the demon. Where, then, is the free will of man? The Lord created us to be filled with joy and love.

I often hear Christians reasoning that there should be no joy in our life, we should not smile, laugh, but we should repent and mourn over our sins. I very much doubt that the Lord would like to see such a person - not smiling, not rejoicing in life, nature around him, who mourns all the time, and attributes any joyful feeling to the action of the Guardian Angel. Do not confuse the gift of God and the human. Here the action of angels is absolutely irrelevant. Our thoughts and feelings depend on our inner dispensation and state.

An optimistic person thanks God for what He has created for him, for the fact that he has the opportunity to go to church to pray, to do good, to share his joy with others. A pessimist walks around and tells everyone that the world is mired in sin, that we should not rejoice and laugh, joke. It is simply unbearable to be near such a person, because he does not sow goodness and joy around him, does not multiply them. The person should be joyful. Then the Guardian Angel will be happy with him.

Whose Angel is Stronger?

If we live piously, according to the laws that the Lord gives, then our Guardian Angels will become “stronger”. This is a metaphor that should be understood in such a way that we become spiritually stronger by receiving their help. The Guardian Angel is closer, and we hear his voice more distinctly. If a person lives in sin, does evil, his Angel does not become "weaker" - he simply retreats. A person pushes him away from himself and remains alone with his life. It is we who become weaker and spiritually poorer, not the Angel. It is very difficult and scary to be left without the support of your Guardian Angel.

What images of celestial spirits can you have?

Images of angels and various figurines are very common today. Some believe that having them at home is to attract heavenly powers. How should a Christian treat them? Is it possible to install such figurines, for example, in the country? I don't think this is a joke. At first glance, harmless postcards with non-canonical images of angels - such as cupids - can serve as sin. If you go to the temple, you should not buy them or accept them as a gift. It won't take long to fall into sin.

Children and angels

Can children see and communicate with angels? I have three children. All three had the same story. When they were several months old, I repeatedly observed the same picture. The child plays, then turns to the holy corner and starts laughing. He sits calmly, humming, nothing makes him laugh, but suddenly he turns towards the holy corner and reacts to something. I don't know what he sees. Up to two or three years, the child has an unclouded consciousness. He is not burdened by worldly problems. Perhaps he really sees heavenly spirits.

The spiritual world is all around us. We, adults, are not allowed to see it, but it is possible that children can do it.

Some parents look for signs of communion with angels in their child. For example, they say that freckles are traces of a kiss from a heavenly guest. But this is just skin pigmentation, it is inherited and has nothing to do with angels.

Children are often compared to angels. But they never become them - they remain human. If, God forbid, the child dies, he does not become an angel. But those who have gone to heaven have the opportunity to pray for their relatives who have remained on earth.

Will the Guardian Angel save you from hell?

One often hears pious Christian stories that the Guardian Angel pulls sinners out of hell by a braid or a beard, which in such stories is advised to grow during life, or for objects that have served good deeds, for example, an onion given to a beggar. Let's treat them like fairy tales and parables, and not seriously. For the Guardian Angel, it is not hair or a beard that is important, but the life that a person leads, the actions that he performs, and the faith that is in his heart.

If it were that simple, it would be enough for men to grow knee-deep beards, for women to grow waist-length hair, and say, "We are saved." I know many priests whose beard simply does not grow due to heredity. This is absolutely normal, it happens. They are wonderful priests, attentive shepherds, caring husbands and fathers. Those who succumb to such superstitions immediately condemn these people to hell. Let's not simplify faith in God to some primitive prejudices.

On the day of commemoration of the Holy Incorporeal Forces of Heaven, it is proposed to make a special prayer to Archangel Michael - allegedly then he will descend into hell and dip his wing into the fiery river, pulling out with feathers those dead for whom the prayer was made. It is advised to do this by all means exactly at midnight...

On the icon “The Last Judgment” we see an image of the torment of sinners in hell. Literate people understand that this is a metaphor. Hell is a place without God, just as heaven is a place where God, His grace and His love are. People who try to lead a pious life, pray, repent, live with God. But there are people who do not need God. They do not know what the temple of God is, the sacraments of Confession, Holy Communion, love and forgiveness. They live their lives on earth without God. Accordingly, when the hour of death comes, their soul does not go to God. She goes to a place where there is no God. It is called hell. This is the place a person consciously chooses during his lifetime. It is not the Lord who punishes him and sends him to hell, but the man himself chooses this place of his eternal residence with his life.

It is impossible to say that fiery rivers flow there, pans boil and sizzle, sinners fry on them. This may be a metaphor for the torment that befalls the soul in hell. Man suffers without God, without the love of God. Stories that he swims there in a river of fire or sizzles in a frying pan belong to church folklore. The legend that the Archangel Michael descends into hell, lowers his feathers into a fiery river, and sinners climb out of them is also church folklore.

Man can only be saved by the Lord God. Only Christ can bring a soul out of hell. When a person dies, God pronounces a temporary judgment on him and determines the place where the soul will wait for the Second Coming of Christ. For this person, if he was a Christian, the Church prays, his relatives and friends pray. Through their prayers, the Lord can forgive a person's sins. We often find stories about this in the lives of saints. This happens only through fervent prayer and after many good deeds for the sake of this person. And the talk that on a certain day and hour, on the full moon, such sinners will be forgiven, of course, is church folklore.

In our reasoning about hell and heaven, we must rely on the Holy Gospel and the teaching of the Fathers of the Church. We remember the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, where the words are heard: "There is a very great gulf between us and you." Just like that, a sinner who is in hell cannot go to heaven. Only through prolonged prayer on earth can the Lord have mercy on a sinner and Himself lead him out of hell. But not on a certain day and hour, and not after a certain prayer.

If we say that after such and such a prayer the Lord will have mercy, and after another he will not have mercy, we will slide into occultism, where conspiracies are practiced. A conspiracy is a certain set of words from which it is impossible to deviate either to the left or to the right. Prayer to God is done with the heart. I myself often pray in my own words. In the temple, of course, certain prayers are heard. But any of our petitions to God must be heartfelt. If we say a set of memorized phrases, this is not a prayer. Pray with your heart and mind. And if we repeat the same thing in the hope that the Lord will hear us, and our mind, our heart do not participate in this, we are simply engaged in conspiracies.

No need to run after "secret prayers". There are prayers given in the prayer book - if a person does not know how to pray, the prayer book offers ready-made templates. But you always need to pray to God and the holy angels with your soul and heart.

Interviewed by Maria Tsyrlina

How to find out which guardian angel protects by date of birth

It is generally accepted that a guardian angel appears in a person only after baptism. But a spiritual intercessor is born along with the birth of a baby. Prophetic dreams, signs of fate, which sometimes we do not notice - all these are the tricks of our guardian angel, who tries to save and protect us in various ways. How to find out his gender and the nature of the defender? By date of birth.

In order to find out the age of the guardian angel, you need to add the numbers of the month and day of birth.

To find out the gender of a spiritual intercessor, it is worth adding the numbers of the day, month, and year of birth. For example, your date of birth is 08/05/1991. 5+8+1+9+9+1=33. If you get an even number, the defender is a boy, an odd number is a girl.

To find out the nature of the guardian angel, you need to add the resulting number, if it is two-digit, again until you get a one-digit number. 3+3=6.

Zero - Fiery

If you get a zero, you have one of the most daring and brave guardian angels. He is ready to fight for you, fate and fortune. It is worth noting that you are very lucky, because you can always count on such a defender.

One — Saint

Kind, sympathetic guardian angels who help a person in all troubles. Such defenders often go to polite and well-mannered people. They come to the rescue in any difficult life situation.

Deuce - Light

Angels with large wings that can protect from all troubles and bad weather. Often you can see them in the mirror and feel their help. After all, they often present signs of fate. Even during sleep, they continue to protect you from nightmares. They can kiss on the cheek. After that, the person has freckles.

Troika — Airy

Carefree and careless guardian angels. Therefore, they can leave and leave you without protection. And they return only when they are asked for help.

Four - Wise

If you get a four, you have a wise, intelligent and patient guardian angel. Wards are literate people, always ready for new exploits. They try to be in front of everyone. It is important for them to always study in order to gain new knowledge and a surge of positive energy.

Five — Metallic

You have a strong and confident guardian angel. It is important for him to help in any difficult life situation. They are able to reward a person with longevity.

Six - Rainbow

Angels who love to fly in the clouds and play the flute. They are very funny and confident. In addition, they can endow a person with talent and creative abilities.

Seven - Energetic

If you get a seven, then the protector is able to transform into the image of a person or some object. Give the ward prophetic dreams. But if you offend them greatly, it can leave you forever. To do this, you should be careful with him, always communicate and ask for help.

Eight - Man

Only you out of all nine elements have a guardian angel of a close and dear deceased person.

Nine - Body

The Body element means that the guardian angel is always next to his ward. He gives him joy, warmth and care. A person can come up with a name for such a guardian angel on his own, just close his eyes and mentally imagine the sky, clouds.

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