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BetterHelp: Reviews and Costs in 2022

Looking for an affordable and accessible online counseling platform? BetterHelp is a convenient virtual therapy option for people who want to interact with a counselor through their choice of live video, phone, or chat sessions.

Individual Counseling

  • Communicate one-on-one with a therapist
  • Message, chat, phone, and video sessions available

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Couples Counseling

  • Available through specialty site ReGain
  • Develop communication, financial, and conflict-resolution skills

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Teen Counseling

  • Available through specialty site Teen Counseling
  • Learn coping skills and get mental health support

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BetterHelp is the largest online therapy platform with an extensive network of over 25,000 licensed therapists throughout the United States. It made our pick for the best customer experience in our review of the best online therapy programs of 2022.

The platform was created by entrepreneur and investor Alan Matas after an unsuccessful attempt to find accessible and affordable professional therapy. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) (PDF), 46 percent of people with an unmet need for mental health services did not receive treatment because they couldn’t afford it.

By May of 2013, Matas had teamed up with Danny Bragonier to create the first iteration of BetterHelp, a website focused on providing convenient, discreet, and affordable online mental health care for all. BetterHelp has since expanded and now owns specialty sites dedicated to helping specific audiences. ReGain offers counseling for couples, Teen Counseling offers counseling for teens ages 13 to 19, and Pride Counseling offers counseling for LGBTQ+ individuals.

We decided to put BetterHelp to the test. Our reviews team evaluated the platform by signing up, trying to find a therapist that fit their preferences, investigating its billing practices, comparing it with other teletherapy services, and reading customer reviews to see what people did and didn’t like about it. Our BetterHelp review will cover everything you need to know to decide whether BetterHelp is right for you.

Pros and Cons of BetterHelp Online Therapy

  • Extensive network of over 25,000 therapists
  • Can preview the software and your therapist match before subscribing
  • Communication available online or through the mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android
  • Financial aid available for those who qualify
  • No long-term contracts; cancel anytime
  • Upfront pricing

  • Does not accept insurance
  • Does not accept Medicare or Medicaid
  • Counselors cannot diagnose mental health conditions
  • No access to an MD for prescription needs

How Does BetterHelp Work?

BetterHelp is an online counseling platform that connects users with a licensed, experienced therapist for remote teletherapy sessions. Virtual visits are conducted on your time and in the convenience of your home, car, or wherever you like via live video, phone, or chat sessions.

BetterHelp works for those looking for general mental health counseling or therapy for a diagnosed mental health disorder. How long you stay with BetterHelp depends on your mental health needs, budget, and lifestyle. This could equate to a few weeks, a few months, or an extended period of several months. According to our reviews team’s April 2022 survey of 1,000 online therapy users, most BetterHelp customers (38 percent) used the service for four to eight months. Of the rest, 24 percent used it for eight to 12 months, 23 percent used it for four months or less, and 15 percent used it for at least one year.

You can access the BetterHelp platform via its website or its mobile app, which you can use to manage your account, schedule appointments with your online therapist, and contact customer service.

Therapy Session Format

The weekly subscription cost for BetterHelp online therapy includes unlimited messaging and one live chat, phone, or video session per week, which gives you the freedom to choose the telehealth format that works best for you. Some people change the format each week depending on their mental health needs.

In general, each live session lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. The exact session length will be determined by both you and your therapist, though BetterHelp confirmed with our reviews team that the average session length is 30 minutes.

Unlimited Messaging

With BetterHelp online therapy, messaging is not a real-time form of communication like video is. Instead, it works like email. It’s available 24 hours a day, but that doesn't mean your BetterHelp counselor will respond right away. In fact, according to our reviews team’s online therapy survey, only 50 percent of BetterHelp users received a response within a day. Of the rest, 17 percent received responses within a few days, 25 percent received responses within a week, and 8 percent said it regularly took more than a week for their therapist to respond. Your therapist will work with you to establish when and how often they will reply to messages.

You will receive an email when your counselor sends you a message. Messaging can be a convenient feature between live video, phone, or chat sessions when you have a quick question or need to check in with your therapist. It also creates an ongoing conversation you can reference at any time.

If you are concerned about your privacy, it may be useful to know that BetterHelp also allows you to “shred” messages you send to your therapist. Once shredded, it will no longer be visible in your account. You cannot delete messages from your therapist.

Live Chat

The live chat feature on BetterHelp's online therapy platform is a lot like text messaging. You will be in a private, secure online therapy room with your BetterHelp counselor, and you’ll both be able to type questions and responses. While it’s a bit more tedious than a live video session or phone call, some people prefer to communicate that way — especially if they are concerned about keeping their mental health private, or they’re uncomfortable with phone or video sessions.

Plus, you can always go back and read over the conversation, since the chat session will remain in the therapy room until you cancel your subscription.

Live Phone Sessions

You can schedule a live phone session with your counselor the same way you schedule a chat or video appointment on the BetterHelp app. Some people prefer the convenience and relative anonymity of this communication preference.

If you choose to speak with your therapist over the phone, you will log in to your therapy room at your scheduled time. Once logged in, your therapist will prompt you to start the phone session, and the system will request your phone number. The system will dial your number, and once you answer, it will connect you with your therapist to start the phone session. BetterHelp will not share your phone number with your therapist.

Live Video Sessions

The closest thing to an in-person counseling session is a live video appointment. As with chat and phone sessions, you need to schedule a video therapy session with your therapist. You will meet via video through your counseling room online. According to our reviews team’s online therapy survey, 66 percent of BetterHelp members used its video therapy option. The second most popular option was live chat, followed by phone therapy.

Group Webinars

BetterHelp users are able to join group sessions called Groupinars, which are therapist-led educational seminars on different mental health-related topics. Once you sign up for a membership, you will have access to a calendar that displays the sessions and topics for the week, including communication skill-building, identifying unhealthy behaviors, and building resiliency, among others. The “chat” function is available, so you will be able to ask questions at any time. Therapists will either answer questions live or at the end during a Q&A session. Every Groupinar is recorded and available for registrants for one week after it’s hosted.

Compare Online Therapy Options

CostAccepts InsuranceServicesAge
BetterHelp$60–$90/week*NoVideo, phone, text, and unlimited messaging18+
Talkspace$69–$129/weekYesVideo, text, and unlimited messaging13+
Calmerry$57–$90/weekNoVideo and unlimited messaging18+
ReGain Counseling$60–$90/week*NoVideo, phone, text, and unlimited messaging18+
Pride Counseling$60–$90/week*NoVideo, phone, text, and unlimited messaging18+
Teen Counseling$60–$90/week*NoVideo, phone, text, and unlimited messaging13–19

*Cost may be higher based on your preferences, location, and therapy availability.

What Is BetterHelp's Enrollment Process?

One of the advantages of BetterHelp is the straightforward enrollment process. This begins with a short questionnaire that took our reviews team an average of seven minutes to fill out. You can identify your areas of concern and provide input about lifestyle factors such as sleep habits, diet, stress, and energy levels, whether you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, and more. You also identify what you’re looking for in a counselor, such as a therapist experienced in trauma or grief, LGBTQ+ matters, anxiety, or depression.

During enrollment, you can choose between individual, couples, or teen counseling. If you choose couples therapy, BetterHelp will direct you to its specialty site ReGain, a mental health platform for couples therapy. If you choose teen therapy, it will direct you to its site Teen Counseling, a mental health platform for teens ages 13 to 19. Both Teen Counseling and ReGain are operated by BetterHelp.

BetterHelp Counselor Matching

You can indicate your preference for a therapist of a specific age, gender, or someone LGBTQ+. BetterHelp then uses an algorithm to match you with a therapist and will send you an email once you’re matched. According to its FAQ page, it can take a few hours or a few days to get matched with a therapist on BetterHelp, depending on therapist availability. Your subscription won’t begin, and you don’t need to input any payment information until you are matched with a therapist and click the Subscribe button indicating that you want to start therapy.

If you feel the algorithmic approach did not provide a successful match, you can request to change counselors by selecting Change Therapist on your profile page.

You can also use the Find a Therapist feature on the BetterHelp website. Once there, you can search for therapists in your area. Your results page will include the names, bios, credentials, and experience of each potential therapist.

Types of Counseling Services BetterHelp Offers

BetterHelp does not focus on one particular style of counseling. Instead, it relies on the therapist to determine the best modality for your needs, whether you’re interested in online therapy for anxiety, depression, or any other mental health concerns. That said, all of its counselors have specialized training in specific types of counseling. Some of the more common treatment methods include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Emotionally focused therapy (EFT)
  • Solution focused therapy
  • Trauma focused therapy
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Client-centered therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Family therapy

BetterHelp will match you with a therapist based on your individual needs. The counselors have a wide range of specialties, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • LGBTQ+ matters
  • Trauma
  • Anger management
  • Stress
  • Addiction
  • Eating issues
  • Family conflict
  • Grief
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Career difficulties
  • Coping with life changes
  • Intimacy-related issues

How BetterHelp Protects Your Privacy

BetterHelp takes several steps to protect user privacy and confidentiality. Its FAQ page states that all communications with your therapist, including any messages in your chat room, are protected with 256-bit encryption, the same level of security banks use. BetterHelp also states that its databases are “encrypted and scrambled,” which means that even in the event of a data breach, the data is unusable. However, both BetterHelp and Talkspace were found to be sharing anonymized user data with Facebook, according to Consumer Reports.

In June 2022, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Ron Wyden, sent letters (PDF) to both BetterHelp and Talkspace requesting details about what type of information they share with third parties, how they protect users’ information, and how they convey the related policies and potential risks to their clients. In addition to the Facebook data-sharing, the letters also addressed BetterHelp sharing data with Mixpanel, a tool that helps companies understand how users interact with their products.

BetterHelp has since clarified its privacy and data policies with our reviews team and addressed the letters, stating that it no longer works with Mixpanel or any other external analytics company. BetterHelp also clarified that it does work with Facebook, but it is not paid by any third-party advertiser, including Facebook, for data.

BetterHelp’s privacy policy states that it may share information about your activity on its website with third-party advertisers if you opt into targeting cookies and web beacons. BetterHelp verified that the company will never share your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Diagnosis
  • Questionnaire answers
  • Session data
  • Journal entries
  • Messages
  • Worksheets
  • Any other communication with your therapist

You can adjust your privacy settings at any time.

Expertise of BetterHelp Counselors

BetterHelp counselors are experienced, licensed, accredited, and required to have at least three years of experience and a minimum of 1,000 hours of hands-on experience. They consist of psychologists (PsyD, PhD), clinical social workers (LCSW, LMSW), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), mental health counselors (LMHC, LCMHC), and licensed professional counselors (LPC).

BetterHelp providers must be certified by their state’s professional board and hold a master's degree or doctorate in their field. Additionally, BetterHelp lists the therapists and their credentials, licensing information, and experience.

BetterHelp Cost and Payment Options

BetterHelp does not accept private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. The cost of a counseling subscription ranges from $240 to $360 per month, but BetterHelp notes that it may be higher based on your preferences, location, and the availability of therapists who are licensed in your state. You are required to pay upfront for your first four weeks and will be billed monthly thereafter. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal on a recurring basis.

BetterHelp Financial Aid

If the cost of BetterHelp is an issue, consider applying for financial aid. BetterHelp offers financial assistance or a reduced weekly rate for those who qualify, including students, veterans, and those on subsidized government programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). BetterHelp will prompt you to check your eligibility for financial aid before paying. The financial aid form can only be accessed by subscribers and includes questions about your employment status, monthly income, military status, and number of dependents.

Once you submit your form, the next screen will show you the price you’ll be expected to pay as well as any discounts. Your discount will apply to your next three months, and you can reapply after that. BetterHelp will communicate with you over email when it’s time to reapply for financial aid. You can reapply as early as seven days before your financial aid expires.

BetterHelp Customer Service

BetterHelp has a few communication channels available for you to ask any questions about potential membership or to escalate any concerns related to your account. You can:

  • Email your concerns to [email protected].
  • Fill out a form located on its website.
  • Call its customer service line at 888-688-9296.

If you’re unsatisfied with your BetterHelp experience, you may be eligible for compensation. You can start the refund process by writing to [email protected] and explaining your situation, including why you aren’t satisfied and how much compensation you need. If accepted, BetterHelp will ask you to call a representative at 888-688-9296. BetterHelp provides refunds on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re wondering how to cancel your BetterHelp membership, first log in to your BetterHelp account. Navigate to the menu, select “My Account,” click “Payment Settings,” and then select “Quit Therapy.” You will receive a confirmation email from BetterHelp once it’s canceled. You need to cancel your membership before the next billing cycle to avoid being charged. If you’ve prepaid for unused appointments, you can contact BetterHelp customer service to see if you qualify for a refund, which is granted on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re on vacation, busy, or otherwise unavailable for therapy, you may be interested in temporarily pausing your BetterHelp membership. While there isn’t a way to do this on its app, you can contact BetterHelp’s Member Success team with the exact dates you’re looking to pause your membership. The team will then extend your membership per your dates. If you don’t know the exact dates you’ll be away, you can temporarily cancel your membership and pick back up where you left off when you’re ready.

BetterHelp Reviews

Our reviews team also looked at others’ experiences with this mental health platform, checking both the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot.

At the time this article was published, BetterHelp had 4.07 out of 5 stars from BBB. It’s an accredited company with an A rating, which is not determined by customer reviews. BetterHelp had addressed 147 complaints over the last 12 months. Several customer complaints referred to billing issues, subscription prices, and lack of contact with therapists. Some customers have also complained about difficulties connecting with customer service due to the lack of phone support. There are also complaints about counselors canceling appointments at the last minute.

BetterHelp gets 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with 4,671 customer reviews at the time this article was published. Many reviews are positive and note excellent customer service and satisfaction. Negative reviews mention billing problems and difficulty connecting with therapists. There are also complaints about the BetterHelp app not working properly.

Why You Can Trust Us

We independently investigate and recommend products and services we believe will enrich the lives of our readers and meet their specific needs. You can read our full online therapy review methodology here. We’ve spent many hours carrying out in-depth research on the online therapy market. You can trust our review because we did the legwork for you in these specific ways:

  • Engaged in ongoing independent research
  • Mystery shopped each of the brands
  • Contacted brands’ customer service teams to ask questions and gauge responsiveness
  • Consulted six leading psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Became customers of online therapy providers ourselves
  • Reviewed academic research about the efficacy of online therapy versus in-person therapy
  • Read hundreds of verified customer reviews from trusted third parties such as BBB and Trustpilot

The Bottom Line

According to our reviews team’s online therapy survey, 97 percent of BetterHelp users were satisfied with the care they received. Users appreciate its live audio and video sessions, unlimited messaging, user-friendly interface, financial assistance, and convenience, with a network of over 26,000 therapists.

The sign-up process takes less than ten minutes, and our reviews team received counselor matches on multiple accounts in less than 24 hours. While some of the matches didn’t meet all of our therapist preferences, there was a clear attempt to balance our requested specialty areas and therapist attributes, like a non-religious therapist or one 45 or older.

BetterHelp counselors aim to reach out within 24 hours of your match. If you’re unhappy with your therapist, whether that’s before starting therapy or after a few sessions, BetterHelp makes it easy to switch. You can also see your therapist match and switch therapists before paying.

We also liked BetterHelp because of its overwhelmingly positive reviews online, including on Trustpilot and BBB.

In Emergency Situations

If you are in crisis, waiting for an online therapy appointment may not be safe. In case of an emergency, call 911. That includes plans to harm yourself or others. If you’re having suicidal thoughts, you can call the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988. Help is available 24/7.

You can also reach out to the SAMHSA National Helpline at 800-662-HELP (4357). The SAMHSA help line is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-days-a-year treatment referral and information service for individuals facing mental or substance abuse disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetterHelp worth the money?

Whether or not BetterHelp is worth the money depends on your budget and whether the platform fits your needs. If you don’t have insurance or your costs with insurance are unaffordable, BetterHelp could be an affordable option at $240 to $360 per month.

While BetterHelp isn’t an online therapy platform that accepts insurance, it is an FSA- and HSA-eligible expense. You get unlimited access to your counselor through unlimited text messaging, and weekly 30 to 45-minute video, phone, or chat sessions.

Is BetterHelp legitimate?

With so many online counseling platforms, you might be wondering which ones are legit. BetterHelp is a legitimate company that’s been accredited by the BBB since 2015. BetterHelp’s technology is compliant with privacy laws, and it provides a secure platform for users to interact with a counselor.

Our reviews team reached out to BetterHelp and confirmed that none of your personal information or communications with your therapist is ever shared with third-party advertisers. This includes your name, email, phone number, messages, diagnosis, session data, and worksheets.

BetterHelp notes that any user can go into the app and delete their personal information or request it be deleted by contacting them directly at [email protected]. To ensure that you are opted out of BetterHelp’s performance and targeting cookies, trackers that help companies advertise to you, check your privacy settings

How much does BetterHelp cost per month?

The standard fee for BetterHelp therapy is $240 to $360 per month. You can apply for financial aid on the payment page. If you qualify, you will receive a discounted price. Billing occurs every four weeks, and you pay for a month at a time.

Does BetterHelp Take Insurance?

BetterHelp does not accept private insurance. You will have to pay out of pocket for any BetterHelp therapy costs you incur. If you were hoping for BetterHelp insurance options to offset the cost of your therapy sessions, know that you may be eligible for financial aid.

While BetterHelp does not bill insurance providers directly, users can download an itemized invoice to submit claims to your insurance for reimbursement. Your exact reimbursement will depend on your insurance coverage.

Can BetterHelp prescribe medication?

BetterHelp does not offer psychiatry services, and its providers cannot prescribe medication.

BetterHelp vs. Talkspace: Which one is better?

The influx of online counseling platforms means users have access to a plethora of choices when evaluating the best online therapy platform. It also means you need to do some research to decide whether BetterHelp therapy is the right one for you. When evaluating BetterHelp versus Talkspace, it is important to know that the best virtual therapy site depends on your specific needs and preferences, as well as cost.

For someone looking for an online psychiatrist, it is important to know that Talkspace offers psychiatric services, and BetterHelp does not — meaning its therapists cannot prescribe medications for conditions like anxiety and depression. The standard plan on Talkspace does not come with any live video sessions, but the BetterHelp therapy subscription plan comes with one live video session each week. Also, some people prefer talking to a person during the intake and enrollment process, which Talkspace offers. BetterHelp uses an algorithm based on a questionnaire.

Cost, Pros, Cons, and More

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A quick summary of BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an online therapy service where you can access a therapist 24/7 via a phone call, video chat, live chat, or text message. They offer a variety of different services, and their monthly membership payment plan is flexible so you can cancel anytime. For more in-depth information, continue reading.

Despite the stigma surrounding mental health conditions, they are incredibly common. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 20% of people in the United States will experience a mental health condition in any given year.

Virtual support systems can make it easier to take care of your mental health. They can be convenient and private for many people, making them a viable option for receiving coaching and therapy from anywhere and at any time.

BetterHelp is one such online therapy service that allows you to text-chat with a licensed, accredited therapist 24/7. We discuss how Betterhelp works, what to consider if you’re in the market for online therapy, and what would work best for you. We also have one of our editor’s assessment of BetterHelp and her personal experience with this online service. Follow along to find out more!

Founded in 2013, BetterHelp is the largest online therapy platform in the world, offering virtual therapy with licensed and accredited therapists via chat, phone calls, and video calls. It also provides additional services like journaling and group therapy sessions.

BetterHelp uses a monthly membership payment plan, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

BetterHelp has expanded its services in recent years and now partners with businesses and universities. It also has several sister websites that provide therapy for couples, teens, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and those seeking a faith-based approach.


Chat room

Once you’ve been matched with a counselor, you can immediately start messaging them in a private and secure chat room.

The chat room is accessible at any time, as long as your device has reliable internet. Messaging isn’t done in real time, so there’s no guaranteed response time from your counselor. As a result, you’re free to message your counselor at any hour of the day.

Your counselor will reply with questions, guidance, homework, or feedback. The app will notify you of their response.

The conversations are saved in the chat room, so you’re free to reflect and reread whenever you’d like. BetterHelp says therapists are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which is a federal law protecting sensitive health information.

“Therapy can be intimidating, especially for a lot of first-time clients. Text-based communication (texting and live-chat sessions) are a great way to take some of the anxiety out of starting therapy and help clients dive into the process,” says James Imrie, the creative and marketing manager at BetterHelp.

Live chat

If you don’t like waiting hours for a response, you can schedule a live chat session with your counselor.

This option mimics the comfort of texting a good friend.

“Writing down your thoughts is a useful exercise for all kinds of situations,” Imrie says. “If you feel like your thoughts are crowded or foggy, boiling them down into a few sentences can help bring a lot of clarity and understanding.”

Live phone session

For those who prefer working through problems out loud, it’s possible to schedule a phone call with your counselor.

The system does not share your personal phone number with the counselor — everything is done through the BetterHelp app.

Live video session

If you’re someone who enjoys face-to-face conversation, you can also schedule a video session with your counselor. Just log on at your appointment time and your counselor will prompt you to start the video chat.

Group therapy

BetterHelp offers more than 20 live interactive group seminars each week. These are called “groupinars.” If you want to attend a groupinar but aren’t able to make it to the meeting time, you can get a link to the recording via email.

Topics of the groupinars vary from sleep to self-care to anxiety and depression.


BetterHelp includes an online journal that’s yours and yours alone. It won’t be visible to anyone else unless you choose to share it.

The journal feature may be useful if you want to try writing down your thoughts and feelings. There are even some prompts if you aren’t sure what to write about.

According to BetterHelp, counselors are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, or licensed professional counselors.

All the company’s counselors have a master’s or doctorate degree and possess at least 3 years and 1,000 hours of experience as mental health professionals.

If you don’t like who you’re paired with, you can request to be matched with a new therapist. Powell found that this was one of her favorite benefits of BetterHelp.

“Online therapy can serve as a source of connection and support, especially during a time (in light of the pandemic) that feels otherwise isolating,” says Sheava Zadeh, PhD, LEP, BCIM, a psychologist and the founder of Pamper Your Brain.

“Clients who live in remote areas or who have limited mobility or limited access to transportation may be more motivated to participate in online therapy,” Zadeh says. “It allows for more flexibility in scheduling, as clients have access to more specialists and can select the specialists who can work with their schedules.”

You also get the comfort that comes with being in your own personal space — and you don’t have to worry about running into anyone you know in the waiting room.

BetterHelp has a wide array of counselors who are specialized in specific concerns and needs, like:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • relationships
  • parenting
  • depression
  • addiction
  • eating
  • sleeping
  • trauma
  • anger
  • family conflicts
  • LGBTQIA+ matters
  • grief
  • religion
  • self-esteem

Consider in-person therapy rather than virtual therapy if you:

  • connect better at in-person interactions
  • dislike virtual communication
  • don’t have stable internet access

Also, BetterHelp therapy sessions may not be suitable for people who need more intense treatment options, like dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and psychodynamic therapy.

For emergency care or a crisis, call 911, as BetterHelp cannot handle such situations.

With online therapy, such as BetterHelp, therapy is made more accessible.

According to a 2019 study, online therapy can be effective for depression. In the study, more than 300 BetterHelp users had significant reductions in symptoms of depression after 3 months.

A recent review of clinical trials comparing teletherapy to in-person therapy shows the promise of telehealth. Teletherapy was found to be just as effective as in-person therapy, so it can be a good option when an in-person meeting with a therapist is not possible.

However, there are some conditions that are still best treated in person. This includes life threatening eating disorders and substance use disorders.

An online counselor will not be able to make any official diagnoses, fulfill any court orders, or prescribe medication.

If online therapy is not a good fit for you, BetterHelp provides the resources to help get you immediate and specialist care.

Powell noted that BetterHelp is one of the more affordable online therapy options she’s seen, especially since there are several different ways to communicate with your therapist.

Prices range from $60 to $90 a week, depending on how many live sessions you want to schedule. You’ll be billed monthly.

However, BetterHelp does not accept insurance, so you may find there are other more cost-effective options.

Does BetterHelp offer financial aid?

BetterHelp also offers financial aid for those who qualify — for example, for anyone who’s unemployed or going through financial difficulty.

If you want to apply for financial aid, you’ll do so during the sign-up process. You’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire to check your eligibility.

Does BetterHelp accept insurance?

BetterHelp is a subscription plan with services not generally covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Read more about BetterHelp insurance coverage.

Can you change or cancel your BetterHelp subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time if you decide that BetterHelp is not working for you.

Along with BetterHelp, there are other online therapy services that offer services that could better align with your needs. Take a look at the following services, and the comparison chart at the end to see which online therapy service could work best for you.


Amwell is a telehealth company that connects people with healthcare professionals through a virtual care platform. For $109 to $129, you can receive counseling for a variety of different services.

Amwell’s therapy services are not subscription-based, meaning you have to pay for each therapist visit. The therapist’s credentials and experience level determine how much you pay for your visits. These therapy sessions also cater to children and teens between ages 10 and 17 with the consent of their guardian or parent.

Amwell accepts health insurance from certain insurance providers, which you’ll determine during the sign-up stage.

Read our review of Amwell.


Talkspace is a digital therapy platform that hosts thousands of licensed therapists and connects them with clients via the web and mobile app.

The platform offers therapy and counseling to individuals, couples, teens between ages 13 and 17, and veterans. Psychiatry evaluations and medication management are also available.

You can communicate with Talkspace therapists through texts, video, voice messages, and phone calls at any time. There are also live sessions once a week.

The network of therapists can help with a variety of needs. Therapy services operate on a subscription basis and may cost between $65 and $99 a week. A psychiatry session costs $249 for the initial visit, followed by $125 for each subsequent session. Talkspace accepts insurance from a couple of insurance providers.

Read our comparison of BetterHelp and Talkspace.

7 Cups

7 Cups is a mental health platform that provides users with emotional support from an online community and therapy sessions as needed. For $150 a month, you get unlimited access to a therapist. You may connect with them through text-only messaging in your private chat room. The platform does not accept insurance.

The therapist replies once or twice a day, only on weekdays. You also have free 24-hour access to the community platform and a network of trained listeners who may provide emotional support whenever you need it.

7 Cups provides mental-health care through mindfulness exercises, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and interpersonal exercises, along with support for a variety of different needs.

7 Cups matches you with a therapist, so you will not have the option of choosing your therapist.

Read our review of 7 Cups.

To compare the differences between the online services we mention here, take a look at the table below.

PricingServices offeredWho it’s best forFinancial aid/insurance?
BetterHelp$60–$90 per week
•talk therapy
•family conflicts
•substance use disorders
•eating disorders
•self-esteem issues
people without insurance (or who don’t have mental health coverage) who are looking for an affordable way to access 24/7 mental health caredoes not accept insurance
Amwell$109–$129 per session
•urgent care
•primary care
•psychiatric care
•behavioral healthcare
•chronic care management
•nutrition interventions
•healthy living
•obsessive-compulsive disorder
•life transitions
•panic attacks
people looking for a per-appointment (not subscription) virtual serviceinsurance accepted
Talkspace$65–$129 per week for therapy; $249 for initial psychiatry and $125 for follow-up sessions
•childhood abuse
•chronic illness
•family conflict
•mood disorders
•anger management
•bipolar disorder
•substance use disorders
•eating disorders
•obsessive-compulsive disorder
people looking for 24/7 counseling that might be covered by insurance and that you can access via video, phone, or chatinsurance accepted, but limited mental health professionals
7 Cups$150 per month
•talk therapy
•mindfulness exercises
•cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
•interpersonal exercises
people who prefer to chat with a therapist only through textinsurance not accepted

*Please note: When we say “basics” in the “services offered” column, we are grouping anxiety, stress, relationship issues, depression, LGBTQIA+ counseling, and grief counseling together. Any additional services offered are unique to that online therapy website.

BetterHelp is rated as a top teletherapy platform for a variety of mental health concerns. Users generally report positive experiences with BetterHelp’s network of therapists, services, and the effectiveness of the therapy sessions.

BetterHelp has an average of 4.07 out of 5 stars on Better Business Bureau (BBB) from over 330 customer reviews. It also has an A rating from the site, which is based on the BBB’s opinion of the company’s reputation and trustworthiness.

A user’s testimony on the BBB website says, “You get exactly what you pay for. I was hooked up with an amazing therapist, and she is so intelligent and kind-hearted. I had a hard time finding a therapist in my city, and I decided to give BetterHelp a try after seeing advertisements. My therapist works just as hard for me as my therapist that went on maternity leave did. I’m actually in another country and time zone as my therapist, and she makes it work.

Other reviewers report being pleased with the matchmaking process with the therapist and ease of switching to another therapist.

They also appreciate the efficiency of their therapist, the improvement in their mental health, and constant checking in from BetterHelp on their progress and relationship with their therapist.

BetterHelp has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot from more than 4,100 customer reviews. The reviews about BetterHelp’s services on Trustpilot are as positive and appreciative as the ones on BBB.

In addition to screening BetterHelp using our intensive vetting process, we also looked at their medical credibility, business practices, and social impact. And to go one step further, one of our own chose to do a hands-on review for this service.

Healthline senior market editor Jamey Powell tried out BetterHelp and was really pleased with her experience.

After completing a survey that consisted of questions about herself, what she was looking to accomplish in therapy, and her current mental state, she was also able to list out preferences she looks for in a therapist. Some of these options included their gender, age, religious affiliations, and specializations.

Powell was matched with a therapist within a day. “I received a notification via email and on the desktop platform,” she says. “I had the option to schedule an appointment with him or choose a different therapist — I decided to schedule, and I’m really glad I did!”

She says that she had the option to choose between a call, messenger, or video. She opted for a video call, which she notes was very straightforward to use and “similar to any other Zoom or G-Chat room I’ve been in.”

For her initial appointment with her therapist, they met for an hour. She says that, while she didn’t have many prerequisites for a therapist, she did feel that she was matched relatively well. She described her therapist as being “qualified, empathetic, thoughtful, and a great listener.”

“I can also change how I contact him at any point, so I can decide [if] I’d rather have a call or just chat throughout the week,” she says.

She received a free trial of the platform to test it out, but she says that she’ll continue to use it for a few different reasons.

“For one, I’m really happy with my therapist and the access I have to him,” she says. “Knowing he’s there is really comforting.”


  • Many ways to access care: You can access therapy via texts, live chat, phone calls, and video calls.
  • 24/7 access: You can reach your therapist at any time of the day.
  • Easy to change therapists: You can request a change of therapist whenever.
  • No time commitment: You can decide how long you want to use the platform, and you can cancel anytime.
  • Access to well-qualified and experienced therapists: BetterHelp therapists are board certified and have a minimum of 3 years and 1,000 hours of experience. Each therapist also goes through a vetting process before they’re admitted into BetterHelp’s network.
  • Affordable: BetterHelp offers financial assistance to those who qualify for it.


  • Not covered by insurance: Generally, insurance doesn’t cover BetterHelp’s online therapy services. This includes private insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  • Limited scope: BetterHelp therapists can provide talk therapy, but they can’t diagnose a mental health condition, prescribe medications, or fulfill a court order.
  • Only for adults: BetterHelp doesn’t provide therapy for kids or teens. Instead, the website transfers you to its sister website,

Depending on what you’re looking for, BetterHelp offers counseling for individuals, couples, or families. Here’s what you’ll do to get signed up.

Fill out a questionnaire

The introductory questionnaire is fairly detailed, asking you:

  • what type of therapy you’re looking for
  • your gender
  • your age
  • your sexual orientation
  • your pronouns
  • your relationship status
  • your religious preferences
  • whether you’ve been in therapy before
  • why you’re seeking therapy now
  • your expectations from your therapist
  • your physical health and medication(s)
  • your eating habits, including alcohol consumption
  • your employment and financial status
  • how you prefer to communicate with your therapist

You’ll also be screened for depression. Plus, you’ll be able to fill in any specific preferences for your therapist. You can choose whether you would like:

  • a male or female therapist
  • a Christian therapist
  • a therapist from the LGBTQ+ community
  • a therapist over age 45
  • a non-religious therapist
  • a therapist of color

Finally, you’ll fill in some basic information, like your country, state, and how you heard about BetterHelp.

Create an account

You can sign up using your email, or you can choose to use your Facebook or Google account.

You only need to enter your first name or nickname at this stage.

Get matched

Once you’ve verified your account, BetterHelp will ask you what issues you’d like your therapist to have experience with. You’ll also have an opportunity to describe, in your own words, why you’re seeking therapy.

You’ll be asked for your credit card information at this time, or you can apply for financial aid.

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days to be matched to an in-state counselor.

GO TO BetterHelp

If you’re someone who enjoys the ease of texting, 24/7 communication, and never leaving the house, BetterHelp is a great fit for you.

While traditional therapy offers the quiet comfort of facial expressions and affirmations, in today’s tech-centric world, even that can be closely mimicked through BetterHelp’s live video sessions.

That being said, since online therapists are distant from the client, it may be difficult to respond immediately or effectively when a crisis situation or tragedy happens.

It’s also hard for an online therapist to pick up on certain facial expressions, body language, or vocal signals that may occur in real-world interactions. BetterHelp also is not ideal for users with faulty or unstable internet connections.

Lastly, if you’re experiencing life threatening thoughts or conditions, online therapy is not the best option for you.

Keep in mind

BetterHelp is not a substitute for emergency services.

In the event of a mental health emergency — if you’re thinking about harming yourself or someone else — call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988.

Is BetterHelp better than in-person therapy?

It depends on your goals and needs.

BetterHelp gives you access to a network of thoroughly vetted, licensed, board certified, and experienced counselors who are available to help with a variety of mental health needs. This is similar to office sessions with a qualified therapist.

BetterHelp’s online therapy sessions may benefit anyone who’d like to prioritize and improve their mental health.

However, unlike certain in-person therapists, BetterHelp’s therapists cannot give an official diagnosis, prescribe medication, or meet a court order.

Also, in-person therapy sessions are a more appropriate fit for managing severe mental health conditions.

Does BetterHelp take insurance?

No, BetterHelp does not accept insurance from any health insurance provider and is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

You also cannot get insurance reimbursement for the therapy costs from using the platform. One reason is that BetterHelp does not give official diagnoses or prescribe treatment. Insurance companies need these details before they can cover the cost and for record-keeping.

Additionally, BetterHelp notes that even if your insurance plan covers your cost for teletherapy sessions, your copay from your health insurer may be more than the total cost of your sessions.

Is BetterHelp private and secure?

According to BetterHelp, users’ privacy and confidentiality are of utmost priority.

Your information with your therapist remains strictly confidential, and you can erase all conversations with them anytime you want just by clicking the “shred” button.

You can anonymously sign up on the platforms. However, in case an emergency arises during sessions, you will be required to give your contact details when you start therapy.

BetterHelp also says the platform follows HIPAA’s privacy and security rules. This means that everything discussed during appointments is strictly confidential unless there’s a case of immediate harm to the user or someone else.

BetterHelp’s databases are encrypted and scrambled and become unusable should a third party interfere with them. If you’d like to share your information with a third party, you first have to notify your therapist. They’ll give you an authorization form to fill out before they can release your information.

Is BetterHelp legit?

Yes! BetterHelp is a reputable online teletherapy platform that’s been vetted against our business and medical standards. It’s also been reviewed by our medical affairs mental health experts and has gone through our vetting process.

BetterHelp also states on its FAQs page that all of its providers are “fully licensed and in good standing.”

Is BetterHelp free?

BetterHelp isn’t free. The cost ranges depending on your location and what treatment plan you opt for, but you can expect somewhere between $60 to $90 a week, billed every 4 weeks.

There are many pros when it comes to online or teletherapy. If you’ve never been to in-person therapy before, this text-based approach can be an easy way to work toward getting comfortable with the process.

BetterHelp is an affordable, convenient option that offers solutions for people who prefer to talk on the phone or via video call.

However, BetterHelp should not be used if you’re in immediate danger or need critical mental health services.

If you’re interested in trying BetterHelp, you can get started here.

TRY BetterHelp

90,000 Talkspace vs BetterHelp: Which Online Therapy Is Better?

In an age where virtually every human need can be met through a digital interaction or transaction, it's no surprise that online mental health services are gaining popularity. And it makes sense – making mental health a priority means you should be able to quickly and easily access qualified mental health professionals wherever you are.

Two of the most prominent telehealth providers, Talkspace and BetterHelp, offer online access to therapists for a wide range of mental health services.

If you want to know how they compare, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what each has to offer, how much they cost, and what they both do best.

About Talkspace and BetterHelp

Talkspace and BetterHelp are platforms that offer online therapy or counseling through their website and mobile app. They work in the same way as telemedicine or telemedicine.

Once registered, you can schedule sessions to see a licensed therapist via phone call, video conference, chat, or email. All sessions are private and confidential.

In addition to individual adult consultations, both of these online therapy platforms offer therapy for adolescents, couples and families. Talkspace also offers counseling for children ages 13 and up.

Here is a quick look at the similarities and differences between Talkspace and BetterHelp: video, audio or live chat; send text, video or voice messages at any time messages, chat, phone or video conference Best if you prefer to choose your own therapist or need mental health services if you prefer messaging or live sessions only chat, want to switch between communication methods, or don't want to pay extra for live video sessions Payment method Credit or debit card; can accept some employee assistance programs (EAP) and health benefits credit card or PayPal

How much do they cost?

One of the advantages of online therapy is the lower cost compared to face-to-face therapy. With that in mind, here's a cost comparison between BetterHelp and Talkspace.

BetterHelp cost

  • starts at $60 per week for unlimited text, video, or audio messaging and one weekly live session.
  • billed monthly ($260 per month)
  • affordable financial assistance (rates starting at $40)
  • services not covered by many plans, Medicare or Medicaid
  • accepts credit and debit cards, Google Pay and PayPal

Cost of speaking space

  • $65 per week for text, video, and audio messaging with five responses per week from a therapist.
  • $79 per week for text, video, and audio messaging with five responses per week from a therapist plus one live video session per month.
  • $99 per week for text, video, and audio messaging with five responses per week from a therapist, plus four live video sessions per month.
  • no sliding scale
  • Bi-annual or quarterly discounts
  • Covered by some insurance plans
  • Benefits available through some Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), colleges, universities, and student organizations

Enrollment process

Both of these online therapy providers follow the same registration process. But they are slightly different in how they match you with a therapist.

On both platforms, the initial questionnaire asks about you, your life, goals and preferences.

The BetterHelp intake process is automated, and finding a therapist with algorithms and artificial intelligence can feel a bit robotic. In contrast, Talkspace intake is handled by the appropriate agent, who is a licensed therapist. However, scripted responses are part of the interaction from time to time.

After completing the admissions process, you will be presented with several options for your therapist, each of which is licensed, accredited and experienced. If none of the matches suits you, you can ask for others.

Once you have chosen a therapist, both services create a secure virtual therapy room. Here you can leave messages; upload documents, video and audio files; and otherwise interact with your therapist.

Talkspace allows you to see a typical therapy path in advance. So, before you get started, you'll have an idea of ​​milestones, milestones, progress reports, and opportunities to adjust your growth plan.

Both providers say you can change therapists or stop therapy at any time.

Counselor Qualified

Both Talkspace and BetterHelp offer qualified and licensed therapists and counselors who may specialize in one or more areas, such as adolescent or couples counseling.

In addition, Talkspace offers mental health services, including medical care and prescription medications, from licensed psychiatrists and licensed therapists trained to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Types of services

TalkSpace offers a wider range of services, including:

  • Individual therapy for adults
  • Para therapy
  • Therapy for children from 13 years old and older than
  • Teenage therapy
  • Sleepy therapy
  • 00 BETTER similar services, but does not provide therapy for children. With BetterHelp you can access:

    • adult individual therapy
    • teen therapy
    • couples therapy

    Therapist Talk

    Talkspace lets you choose from three therapist matches and you can change therapists if you want. The platform allows you to contact your therapist at any time via text, audio, image and video messages and you will receive a guaranteed response during business hours of the week.

    Similarly, BetterHelp allows you to contact your therapist anytime during business hours through messaging. BetterHelp doesn't let you choose a therapist, but it does provide more options for communication. You can switch between communication platforms such as messaging, chat, phone calls and video conferences as needed.


    Personally licensed therapists and psychiatrists must protect patient privacy and follow a code of conduct governed by governing boards such as the American Psychological Association and state licensing boards. Online therapists follow the same rules and regulations.

    The only difference is that if you have private meeting information on your mobile device (such as your phone or laptop), it may be available to whoever has access to it, or if you lose your phone or computer.

    What features do they have?

    Both providers offer blog content on a wide range of topics related to mental health, wellness and personal growth. Many resources are available for free.

    Talkspace Features

    • The registration platform offers several short videos to help explain each step of the process.
    • Online Symptom Tracker allows you to document your clinical progress.
    • It offers an interface with Happify, a science-based happiness-promoting app.
    • Through EAP programs, you can find resources for financial wellness, legal advice, and work and life planning.
    • Talkspace also announced a new mental health service for people who need both mental health care and prescriptions. Talkspace Psychiatry, which employs psychiatrists and nurse practitioners, offers an initial assessment of 1

      BetterHelp Special Features

      • You have weekly access to over 20 interactive live group sessions moderated by therapists.
      • It offers you the opportunity to talk to your therapist over the phone, while Talkspace does not offer phone contact, citing security protocols and HIPAA (Patient Privacy).
      • It also has a sister site,, which allows parents to be involved in choosing a therapist for their child. Consultations are confidential and only your child has access to the therapy room, but your child's therapist will send you an alert if it is time for an intervention.

      Other important factors

      It is important to remember that therapists are people too and their environment can also influence their work with patients. This means that employment conditions such as workload, pay and other factors can affect the quality of care you receive as a patient, whether you see them in person or online.

      According to some online sources, including staff and patient testimonials, Talkspace therapists can be overburdened, meaning they care for more patients. BetterHelp therapists can earn higher salaries and reviews indicate that therapists are more satisfied with BetterHelp.

      However, individual cases may vary, and the quality of a therapist's care should not be generalized depending on which company he works for.

      Pros and Cons



      • Talkspace offers a wide range of therapeutic services, including psychiatry.
      • The appropriate agent is a licensed therapist, which some people may prefer.
      • Biennial or quarterly discounts.


      • Telephone contact is not an option to communicate with your therapist.
      • Talkspace mental health professionals cannot prescribe controlled substances.
      • There are weekly limits on responses from your GP.



      • BetterHelp offers weekly access to over 20 live group sessions moderated by therapists.
      • Phone sessions available.
      • More communication options.


      • BetterHelp does not offer services for children.
      • Services are not covered by many insurance plans, Medicaid, or Medicare.
      • There are no options for choosing your own therapist.

      Customer Reviews and Brand Reputation

      Looking at customer reviews can be a good way to get an idea of ​​a company or service.


      BetterHelp has a stellar reputation online, with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​A rating and an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars with over 385 reviews. On Trustpilot, a third-party review website, BetterHelp is rated excellent, with over 4,000 reviews and a 4.6 star rating. People characterize the service as convenient and efficient.


      Talkspace is rated B on the BBB, but reviews are pretty bleak. The platform has 66 1 star customer reviews. Most of the complaints mention customer service issues and website issues.

      Talkspace has 71 reviews on Trustpilot with a poor rating and an average rating of 1.3 stars. People are unhappy with what they thought were automatic replies, partial refunds, website issues, and poor customer service.

      Online therapy can remove barriers to mental health care

      In a 2018 clinical trial, researchers randomly placed people with depressive symptoms into online or face-to-face therapy. The treatment and time frame were identical, as were the results.

      In fact, 3 months after the end of therapy, those who participated in online therapy still felt well, while those who received therapy in person reported worsening symptoms.

      A 2015 review of studies in 11 found that computer-assisted cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions were effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression while providing much-needed, cost-effective alternatives to conventional face-to-face therapy.

      A 2018 review of CBT for sleep disorders found that online CBT for the treatment of chronic insomnia was effective and also potentially helped expand access and availability of evidence-based sleep therapy.

      Who is online therapy suitable for?

      While online therapy can be helpful and beneficial, it is not appropriate for every mental health situation.

      Both Talkspace and BetterHelp make it clear that if you need urgent or emergency help, these platforms are not the best resource. If you are thinking about harming yourself or others, you can get immediate help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255 or by texting HOME at 741741.

      These online therapeutic platforms are also not designed to serve children. Talkspace provides counseling to teens aged 13 to 18 with parental consent, while BetterHelp offers counseling to teens through its partner site TeenCounseling.

      According to both platforms, they also cannot provide legal documentation for court-ordered therapy or programs for the disabled. Also, they may not be acceptable if your employer or school has asked you for advice.

      And then there's the simple matter of personal preference. You can thrive on an online platform that lets you pour your heart out at 3am, or you might prefer eye contact confirmation and real-time face-to-face communication.


      We researched and wrote this review of two well-known online therapy platforms by reviewing each platform's own website, independent patient and therapist review platforms, and peer-reviewed studies that looked at online platforms and methods therapy around the world.

      Drink-Drink also has its own team of mental health experts.

      Comparing Both Platforms

      Both therapeutic platforms offer something vital: lower cost, easy access to licensed and experienced mental health professionals. However, there are some key differences between the two providers.

      If you need to pay for therapy through your health plan, EAP, or benefits provided by a work or student organization, Talkspace may be the best option for you. If you think you might need prescription drugs to treat your symptoms, Talkspace Psychiatry offers that option, but BetterHelp doesn't.

      When it comes to simplicity and overall quality of the interactive experience, the Talkspace platform provides a great dashboard with lots of options to track your progress. During the initial registration, you are connected to a live recruiting agent during your first interaction, which creates a sense of human contact from the very beginning.

      If you need financial help, BetterHelp offers this opportunity. Plus, its basic plan is cheaper than the Talkspace plan with video conferencing. Plus, BetterHelp lets you talk to your therapist over the phone, which Talkspace doesn't provide.

      How do Talkspace and BetterHelp compare to other competitors?

      Online therapy is on the rise and Talkspace and BetterHelp are not the only options. Here's how they compare to other platforms including Cerebral, and ReGain.


      Cerebral offers both therapy and medication services, and prescription drugs can be delivered right to your door. The platform also accepts some insurance plans and is known for highly trained therapists. This platform can be a good option if you need help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, or ADHD. specializes in providing self-care tools through a CBT based treatment program. This means you can expect more than just live sessions or chats. Your therapist will guide you through therapy sections, worksheets, and practical tools like journaling and even yoga.


      ReGain offers therapy for couples. Users can sign up as individuals or with their partners for help with mental health and relationship issues. It is also possible to add a partner if you prefer to play alone.

      Communication methods include secure chat or scheduled phone or video sessions. The ReGain website also has an extensive library of resources for mental health and relationship analysis.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which is better, Talkspace or BetterHelp?

      It depends on your goals and circumstances. Both platforms match people with licensed, accredited therapists for consulting services, but BetterHelp offers financial assistance and costs a little less. Talkspace offers a wider range of services, including psychiatry.

      Does BetterHelp take insurance?

      No. Insurance companies generally do not pay for BetterHelp services. Instead, BetterHelp offers affordable therapy as an alternative to in-person visits.

      Does Talkspace take insurance?

      Yes. Talkspace accepts some insurance plans including Cigna, Optum, Premera Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana. Coverage is also offered through employers, affiliates and educational institutions.


      BetterHelp and Talkspace are online therapy platforms that match you with a licensed, accredited and experienced therapist to provide counseling services.

      For much less money than face-to-face counseling, you can send text, audio, or video messages to your therapist and receive responses. Depending on your plan, you may also interact with your therapist through weekly or monthly video consultation sessions.

      Talkspace accepts several insurance plans and offers benefits through many university employee and student organization assistance programs. BetterHelp, on the other hand, offers a sliding pay scale for people on a limited income.

      If you are in immediate danger, these platforms are not the best place to look for help. They are also not a good option for people receiving mental health counseling through court order, school or work.

      Top 15 Therapist Sites - DepSeo

      Have you ever looked at your screen and got tired of visiting these sites again and again? Or are you tired of the site again and there is no new content?

      Not to mention, we've put together this list of the best therapist websites just for you!

      1. Better Help

      BetterHelp is an online consultation with licensed, trained, experienced and accredited psychologists. They focus on Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Professional Counselors, as evident throughout their website's eye-pleasing color selection. Their easy to navigate website places them on this list as one of the best therapist sites.

      2. Evergreen Wellness (Portland, Oregon)

      Developed by Johnson Jones Group

      Evergreen Wellness works with adults suffering from depression, anxiety, relationship problems and trauma. Stossy focuses on women, people of color, and LGBTQ people. Stossy's website has a really soothing theme and is user friendly. It was easy to see Evergreen Wellness making it onto our list of the best websites for therapists.

      3. Douglas McKistan Counsel

      Developed by Johnson Jones Group

      Douglas McQuistan is a licensed psychotherapist who graduated from Western Seminary with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. Doug founded the Ministry of Sexual Integrity, which supported men struggling with unwanted sexual behavior and fueled his desire to work with single adults, couples, and groups. Doug's website is simple, but it's straight out of what he wants to achieve, personal growth, and getting into our list of the best therapist websites.

      4. Conshohocken Counseling Services

      Conshohocken Counseling Services offers experienced therapists in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania who have licensed counselors capable of providing therapy for all ages. They offer individual therapy, couples counseling, pediatric therapy, adolescent therapy, marriage counseling, and family therapy. Their simple website doesn't feel dated and appeals to their target demographic, which puts them on our radar of the best websites for therapists.

      5. Mindwell, NY

      Developed by Johnson Jones Group

      MindWell NYC is a group of therapists who are committed to helping their clients and providing a way out through their effective treatments. Their website has one of the best modern, upscale and urban designs we have ever seen. When you're looking for a therapist, this is the type of website you want to see and that puts them on our list of the best therapist websites.

      6. My therapist

      The My-Therapist team has been helping couples rebuild trust, connection and intimacy for over 20 years, giving them new hope for a happy marriage. Their website has modern touches that seem extremely friendly, providing their clients with a sense of healing before any therapy is done. This makes their clients feel trust in their employees, placing them on our list of the best therapist websites.


      Developed by the Johnson Jones Group

      The Compassion Focused Therapy Center was founded by internationally renowned psychologist and author Dennis Tirch, Ph.D. They provide therapy for individuals, couples, adolescents, mindfulness and compassion training. The "Book a Consultation" button on every page is a great idea for their clients to see if they're right for them and if they should be on your therapy website.

      10. Tim S. Donovan

      Tim K. Donovan's practice is based in Lutherville, Maryland, which is outside of Baltimore. Mr. Donovan specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, and recovery and life change. Its website layout makes it easy for potential clients to navigate, feel at home with photos of Baltimore neighborhoods welcoming the community, and allows clients to decide what type of therapy they might need by placing it on our list of the best therapist websites.

      11. Healing Your Relationship

      John is the owner of Healing Your Relationship and family therapist. John is passionate about helping his clients learn how to build the life and relationships they dream of. He has a great design on his website that makes Minnesotans feel welcome, and this theme runs through every landing page, making John accessible. This gives his clientele a clear view of his therapy practice, which puts him on our list of the best therapist websites.

      12. Family Therapy Group

      The Family Therapy Group is a group of therapists who specialize in counseling families. Their mission stems from the belief that families are the most important factor in our beautiful community. Their website is fantastic; When you hear about family therapy, this is exactly what you want in an informative and stylish website. Their website is perfectly outlined with the ability to find the right therapist for your family.

      13. Talk Space

      Talk Space is an online therapy site with a great layout that provides services for individuals, couples, adolescents and psychiatry to its clients. Talk Space is known as one of the best online therapy consultants and their team can reach you from anywhere. Their website has a soothing color scheme that is cutting edge in the industry. If you are looking for online treatment, Talk Space will provide you with one of the easiest websites to navigate.

      14. Dr. Happy

      Dr. Happy is run by D'Arcy Vanderpool, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The D'Arcys website is designed with her demographic in mind and hits the right spot to attract the clientele she is looking for.

      Learn more