Signs you mean nothing to him

15 terrible signs you mean nothing to him (and what to do about it)

Are you dating a guy that you think doesn’t really care about you?

Perhaps you’ve been casually seeing him, or you’re in a relationship with him, and just get this nagging feeling that he doesn’t really care about you.

It sucks, but let’s be honest:

You need to know how this guy really feels you can decide to move forward with this guy, or you can decide to move on without him.

So let’s find out. Here are 15 signs you mean nothing to him. I hope for your sake you’re proven wrong.

15 Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

1) He never wants to be around you

In the beginning of a relationship, a guy will do everything in his power to spend time with you.

That is until he starts losing interest…

Then he gradually stops wanting to spend time with you, and it seems like he’s always busy.

It may seem like it’s only once in a while, but if you notice that he’s busy more often than not, then it may be a sign that he doesn’t want to hang out with you anymore.

2) He calls you when he’s bored

In the heights of a thriving relationship, it’s normal to want to hang out as much as possible.

Whenever he’s free, he’s hitting you up to see whether you want to go for a drink or a walk in the park.

But if he only calls you when he’s bored, it’s a sign that you’re just not on his mind.

He doesn’t like to spend time with you anymore, but if he does call you, it’s to fill his time because he has nothing better to do.

In other words, you’re a last resort option only because he’s bored.

3) He doesn’t share almost anything with you

If he’s truly into you, he’ll want to share EVERYTHING with you – the good and the bad – and he’ll be in touch as much as possible.

But if he withholds information that’s important to him?

Then it’s a sign that he doesn’t care about you.

When we love someone, we want to share everything about ourselves with them. After all, all we want is to be accepted by someone we love so we are honest with them.

But if he doesn’t share personal information with you, or even personal photos of himself (or anything else), it may mean that you mean nothing to him.

While the signs in this article will help you understand if you doesn’t mean anything to him, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach about your situation.

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4) He doesn’t make an effort to keep his promises

When a man cares about someone, he cares about keeping his word.

So if your boyfriend isn’t keeping his promises, then it’s a sign that he doesn’t care about you anymore.

As an example, maybe he told you he will take you out for a special dinner on Wednesday. But when it comes to Wednesday, he’s told you that he’s too busy and he has other plans.

He obviously doesn’t care about you the way he should.

5) He forgets your birthday and other special occasions

Birthdays and special occasions are a big deal in any relationship, and a loving guy certainly knows that.

So the truth is:

If a guy never celebrates your birthday or other important days with you, then it’s because they mean nothing to him.

It shows you where his priorities are.

6) He’s always eager to get away from you and your friends

If he doesn’t want to hang out with you, want to spend time with your friends, or he feels like you’re over-fussy about just about everything… then it may be a sign that he doesn’t care about you.

Here’s the thing:

If a guy is around and wants to spend time with you, but avoids spending time with your friends and family, then it shows he doesn’t care enough to get to know those who YOU love.

Usually when we care about someone, we want to spend time with their friends and family. It doesn’t have to be all the time but we at least want to make a good impression on them.

But if he’s always eager to get away and avoid spending time with you and your family, then it may be a sign that he’s not as into you as he makes out he is.

7) He is never home when you are, or talks about how much he misses his friends and family

Does it feel like he’s accidentally-on-purpose avoiding you? Does he keep reminiscing about his single life before he met you?

If he’s withdrawing from the relationship, it’s not a good sign.

If he goes out with his friends a lot, and talks about how much he misses them and how much he loves spending time with them… then it may be a sign that you mean nothing to him.

It’s his way of subtly saying that he enjoys spending time with his friends more than you.

8) He gets angry at everything you do that he doesn’t like

When we genuinely like someone, we like to impress them and do things for them because we want them to like and accept us.

So if this guy, or your boyfriend, gets angry and upset with you for doing things that he doesn’t like, then it’s a sign that he doesn’t really respect or love you.

Here’s the thing:

When we love someone, we need to accept everything about them, even their bad points. Otherwise, we’re not really loving them.

9) He takes you way out of your comfort zone

There’s pushing someone out of their comfort zone for their own good, and then there’s being inconsiderate and deliberately making them feel uncomfortable.

If you’re experiencing the latter, it’s a good sign that he doesn’t really care about you as much as he should.

10) He ignores your texts and calls regularly

In the beginning, he couldn’t resist texting and calling regularly. You’d spend hours on the phone, skipping sleep just to enjoy a few more minutes talking to each other.

But if that’s not the case anymore?

Then it’s a sign that you don’t mean much to him anymore. He doesn’t like spending time with you even though he pretends that all is well.

It means that he’s still in the relationship just because of your physical presence and not because of who you are. It shows how little he values you.

11) He only texts or calls when he needs something from you

Does he only reach out when he’s in need of a hand?

If he only texts or calls when he needs something from you, then it’s a sign that he’s using you. He likes to contact you just so that he can get what he wants from you. He’s not interested in your well-being at all.

And the worst part?

He’s not even trying to disguise it.

12) He looks at other women in front of you

This is a hot topic – some people don’t mind their partner checking someone else out. It’s human nature, after all. Even when we’re in love, we can still find other people attractive.

Others disagree – they say it’s disrespectful. They believe a man should only have eyes for his woman.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, if he’s checking other women out constantly, it’s not a good sign.

Most of us can forgive the odd glance when a pretty woman walks past, but openly staring is a big no-no.

The worst part is:

It could signal that he no longer feels attracted to you and he’s looking for a new partner who can re-energize his interest in women.

13) He takes advantage of your good behavior

Have you noticed that he’s quick to benefit from your kindness, but does little in return?

Sometimes he may even throw your niceness back in your face, during an argument for example.

If he knows that you’re a good person who cares about others and is ready to help whenever needed, then he’ll use it against you if he doesn’t care about you.

This shows a blatant lack of respect.

But if he’s a good person who cares about your feelings or well-being, then he won’t take advantage of you no matter how much you do for him.

He’ll want to do things for you. He’ll want to show you how much he cares.

14) He talks about exes in front of you all the time

If your boyfriend, or the guy you like, still talks about his ex-girlfriend all the time, then it’s a sign that he values her more than you.

He cares about her more because she once loved him and gave him what he wanted from a relationship.

Whereas you, since he doesn’t care about you anymore, are no longer a priority.

It’s his way of saying that he doesn’t care about you and the relationship anymore.

15) He’s always happy when you mess up in some little way

If he genuinely loves and cares about you, your successes will feel like his successes, and your losses will hurt him as much as they hurt you.

But if he’s always happy when you mess up in some little way, then it’s a sign that he doesn’t care about you anymore.

And more than that?

He’s just not a nice person. Why would anyone celebrate the failures of others, especially those of his girlfriend?

If you genuinely like someone, you don’t want them to mess up. You’re cheering them on because you want them to succeed.

He doesn’t care about you…what next?

If the feeling you’ve had recently has been confirmed by this article, I know what you’re going through. It’s hard to accept that someone you care about doesn’t care about you.

But, what if I told you there’s something you can do about this?

When I was in a similar situation, I watched this free video by relationship expert James Bauer. In it, he talks about the Hero Instinct, which is something that you can trigger in any man to make him yours.

At first, I thought it was useless, but then I got to a part of the video where he reveals numerous texts and phrases that any woman can use right away.  

As you might expect, I tried James Bauer’s advice to trigger the innate drives that would determine a guy to totally change his mind about me. And it worked!

So if you’re ready to make him care about you and commit to you, be sure to check out James Bauer’s incredible advice. 

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20 Shocking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

It’s concerning when the love of your life starts acting strangely. Does he seem to be always somewhere else when you’re with him? Perhaps he’s even downright rude. The signs you mean nothing to him can start subtly. They might not be visible initially, but they can still be real. It would be best if you now decided whether you’re wasting your time.

What do you do when you mean nothing to someone? 

It isn’t just your craving to beat loneliness. We all need relationships for a sense of belonging and fulfillment. Both scientists and psychologists have now proven that relationships help us navigate this world, as detailed by a lead therapist. With the right partner, you can grow and face your fears with courage. 

So, when you see the signs you mean nothing to him, it’s important to refocus your energy. Of course, the first approach is to attempt communication and reconciliation where relevant. If this looks like a dead-end, these steps might allow you to discover what you should do next. 

1. Connect with yourself and recharge 

When you realize you mean nothing to someone, it’s natural to want to confront them. This can usually go two ways. Either they’ll let you know their inner struggles. Alternatively, they’ll shut you out and dismiss you. 

If the signs you mean nothing to him come up, such as anger and dismissiveness, take time out for your self-care. There are different types of self care, as explained by a wellness coach, whether physical, emotional, or mental, among others. It would be best if you chose the right balance across each area for you.

2. Nurture your support network 

It’s devastating if you wake up one day and realize you’re with someone who has nothing to offer in a relationship. At that moment, it’s vital to connect with your wider group of friends and family. You’ll be dealing with challenging emotions, and you need a boost to your resilience. 

Research is still ongoing about resilience. Regardless, it’s an accepted and proven fact that relationships of any kind make you happier and more resilient. This article on how social support makes you more resilient goes into more detail to help you when you spot the signs you mean nothing to him.  

3. Know yourself 

Dating a man who has nothing to offer is mentally and emotionally exhausting. It might crush your self-esteem and leave you doubting yourself in every aspect of your life. Instead, you can rise above the signs you mean nothing to him.

Building your self-esteem could take time because it’s based on your inner beliefs about yourself. Nevertheless, you can do some work on your own before you even consider a therapist. Try one or several of some of the best self-esteem worksheets and activities. 

20 shocking signs you mean nothing to him

The signs you mean nothing to him aren’t just shocking. They’re destabilizing. Essentially, someone you’ve put your trust and faith into is betraying you. Although, it’s worth remembering that any of these signs in isolation could mean he’s distracted and worried about something.

Nevertheless, if you’re experiencing several of these signs, it could be time to reassess your relationship:

1. Dismissive

It’s a horrible feeling when someone looks down on you and doesn’t seem to care about what’s going on with you. They almost shrug you off if you try to show any signs of intimacy.

Sadly, this could be more than just the signs you mean nothing to him. 

Some people bear the burden of various childhood issues and develop certain attachment styles. For example, you can read more about the dismissive-avoidant type in the Attachment Project article. 

Related Reading: Avoidant Attachment Style – Defination, Types & Treatment

2. Devalues you

Sometimes the signs he has nothing to offer become about you. Of course, it isn’t fair, but it’s much easier to make problems about someone else. This means that in some cases, he’ll be rude to you, particularly in front of others. 

In other situations, he might make you feel smaller by using an arrogant or even passive-aggressive tone. Most telling is that he ignores your texts and messages for days. 

3. Ignores you

Deep down, people know when they have nothing to offer in a relationship. Sometimes this makes them lash out at you. Other times, they do everything they can to not be in the same room as you. 

One of the biggest signs you mean nothing to him is that he also only ever calls when he’s got nothing better to do. He might even ramble on about, say, motorbikes that you are not interested in. 

Related Reading: 15 Things to Do When a Guy Ignores You After an Argument

4. Uses you for sex

When someone wants nothing to do with you, they can still be thrilled to use you for sex. Naturally, not everyone is like that. Regardless, you’ll recognize that sinking feeling when you get a drunken phone call in the middle of the night. 

5. Imbalanced goals 

Fulfilling relationships are based on trust and mutual growth. When one partner gets the upper hand, discontent starts brewing away. That’s why dating a man who has nothing to offer will eat you up from the inside. 

Instead, you want to find mutuality where both partners have something to gain from each other. This is about co-creating shared dreams and goals. Both should feel equal and valued otherwise, you’ll soon start seeing the signs you mean nothing to him. 

6. No curiosity

Clear signs you’re just an option to him are that he isn’t interested in you or what’s going on with you. He won’t ask questions about how your day was or remember your big work projects. He won’t remember any details, and you’re left almost as if someone just kicked you in the stomach. 

We all want to feel valued and loved. Yes, sometimes that means forgetting ourselves for a moment and caring for someone. Nevertheless, sometimes that means we come first and are listened to. 

Related Reading: How Can Curious Questioning and Deep Listening Lead to Love?

7. Emotional disconnect 

Signs you mean nothing to him aren’t just physical. You’ll also see him shut in on himself. Whereas before, you might have had deep and meaningful conversations, now all talk of feelings has stopped.

Nowadays, you might find him pulling away when you get closer or, even worse, getting up and walking away. Moreover, he can’t seem to express his emotions and gets all defensive if you try to talk to him about the change you’ve noticed. 

Watch this video to know how to deal with an emotionally unavailable partner:

8. Demands favors 

One of the clear signs you mean nothing to him is that he happily takes from you all the time but gives nothing back. It might sound like a cliché from the 1900s, but it can still happen today. 

Even if you make excuses to yourself about him, in your gut, you know that something’s wrong and the balance isn’t right. We often try to justify behaviors, especially when we’ve been with someone for some time, but it doesn’t change your gut feeling.  

9. Overlooks your needs 

When someone wants nothing to do with you, they’ll ignore your needs. The obvious one is the need for open communication. A close second is a need for intimacy as well as the need to be understood. 

You’re sensing the distance between you two, but you feel stranded. 

10. Limited affection

Signs you’re just an option to him often revolve around lack of closeness. Without intimacy, you’re denying yourself the whole experience of the relationship. This isn’t just about physical closeness, and it’s also about emotional connection. 

As this counselor explains in her article on whether a relationship can survive without intimacy, we need intimacy to bind us. Without it, we become two people thrown together with nothing to share. 

11. Indirect communication

Some of the common signs you mean something to him are that he shares his feelings and openly communicates with you. In contrast, he can be passive-aggressive and repeat that everything is okay when something is off. 

People are often passive-aggressive when they fear what might happen if they share the truth. Perhaps he’s scared of your reaction if he tells you something’s wrong with the relationship? Either way, it’s more about them than about you. 

When you experience indirect communication, there’s usually an underlying fear or insecurity. The impact on you is such that you also start doubting yourself. 

Related Reading: Passive Aggressive Behavior Traits

12. Doesn’t include you 

He might not come out with the honest phrase, “you don’t mean anything to me,” but the signs you mean nothing to him are clear. Either he’s always now going out with his friends without inviting you or simply ignoring your messages. 

If your gut is telling you he’s treating you like an option for when he’s bored, the chances are you’re right. It’s perfectly normal to want time alone with friends, but when this becomes the norm, you can start looking at your options. 

13. No longer the confidante

Signs he has nothing to offer can be when he also doesn’t ask you for advice anymore. It’s natural for people to pull away when they start feeling guilty for always taking from you. 

Relationships have ups and downs, but when people care about each other, they talk about the downs. Together they find a way forward. Signs you mean nothing to him are when he doesn’t talk and gives up. 

14. Inconsistent 

The classic hot and cold that most of us have experienced at some point or other are apparent signs you mean nothing to him. Moreover, it’s incredibly frustrating not knowing where you stand with someone. 

Then again, it might not be the best idea to ask him directly, “do I mean anything to you?” Of course, you want to talk to him and check-in, but you don’t want to sound aggressive or as if you’re blaming him. 

Instead, a simple first question could be to ask him where he thinks the relationship is going. 

Related Reading: Consistency in Relationships: What It Means, and Why It’s Important

15. Reminisces about exes 

It’s good to know each other’s history but only up to a point. One of the sure signs you mean nothing to him is when he can’t stop raving about his exes. In that case, he misses them more than you, even though you’re right there. 

16. Avoids discussing the future 

The future is always a good clue for the signs you mean nothing to him. When someone is treating you as an option to bide time, the future doesn’t even occur to them. And if it does, they definitely won’t be planning it with you in it.

Related Reading: A Couple’s Guide to Financially Preparing for the Future Together

17. No effort with friends and family

When someone wants nothing to do with you, it’s usually very clear from how they treat your friends and family. Someone who cares wants to know about your past, even what you were like as a child. 

On the flip side, signs you mean nothing to him are that he’s too busy thinking and talking about something else.  

18. Forgets important occasions 

We all forget things sometimes, but when this is a frequent occurrence, they’re not interested enough to even try to remember. Essentially, when someone wants nothing to do with you, they don’t have the headspace for any details about you and your life. 

Related Reading: 20 Eye-Opening Signs He Pretends to Love You

19. Responds poorly to feedback 

Any of these signs you mean nothing to him could indicate that something has upset him or that he feels destabilized. You want to talk to him first and avoid jumping to conclusions. 

You can work things out together if he starts opening up to you. On the other hand, if he shuts down, you could be heading to those words you don’t want to hear, “you don’t mean anything to me.” Sometimes we have to face reality, though hard as it might be.

20. Constantly angry 

When people struggle to communicate their needs, including breaking up a relationship, their frustration can turn to anger. They’re already on edge, and you could push them over by asking directly, “do I mean anything to you.”

Although painful, it’s usually better to know the truth than to keep second-guessing someone. You can then decide to stop wasting your time. 

What’s next for you? 

When you realize you mean nothing to someone, you first need to reconnect with yourself and solidify your self-esteem. This is a journey of self-discovery and self-care, often worked through with a therapist to ground you. 

You also owe it to the relationship to at least communicate with him and try to resolve the issue together. Of course, it’s perfectly possible to reignite relationships and rediscover signs you mean something to him. Only you can tell what’s the right next step for you. 

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Wondering if you're wasting your love and time on someone who doesn't deserve you? Well, you are not alone, unfortunately, so many women around the world are right now in your shoes and asking the same question! Below are signs that you mean nothing to him and how you can realize that you deserve better.

Sometimes relationships don't work out, people break up or they can find someone new. It happens, but rest assured, it's not the end of the world. That being said, sometimes a person may be worried about something, or they are simply overwhelmed or preoccupied, when this happens, their actions may mimic signs that they are not interested in you. More on that below…

If your relationship is ending or your "hubby" is no longer interested in you, the signs below indicate that you no longer mean anything to him and it's time to end the relationship. 1. He ignores you he is near, these are signs that love is gone. Try to get to the bottom of it by talking to him, maybe he's just preoccupied with something. nine0011

If something else causes a change in his behavior, he will tell you about it, but if the problem is you and there is no love, he will try to brush off your question and do his best to change the subject. Another way to find out if he is ignoring you is to stop texting first, call and see how quickly you are remembered again.

2. He stops talking to you

If your previously talkative partner has suddenly stopped talking to you, it's time to talk! You see, when a man loves a woman, he will always want to share everything with her, including material things, his thoughts, his happiness and his problems. He looks forward to communicating with his beloved woman. nine0011

If you notice that he speaks less than usual, try to understand why. It could be that you don't give him the attention you used to give him, he has someone else to discuss things with, talking to you doesn't comfort him like he used to, or he just doesn't love you anymore. If he looks distant while trying to explain his sudden change, that's a sign that love is gone!

3. Suddenly avoiding you

One of the main ways to know if a guy has stopped liking you or has stopped loving you is that he suddenly starts avoiding you and does not want to be around you as often as before. Believe it or not, if you've been hearing the word "busy" a lot lately, that's a clear sign that he's trying to avoid you. nine0011

A man in love will always find time for his woman, if he is really busy, he will find time for you, even a little. But if he's trying to avoid you, trust me, you'll know. He will suddenly start working late, and even when he is around, he will not want to be in the same room with you. If he suddenly begins to apologize, then his feelings for you have changed.

4. He suddenly became rude to you.

The classic sign of a man who wants to end a relationship but doesn't dare to admit it is rudeness or excessive harshness. If he suddenly starts talking harshly to you in public or in private, when there is absolutely no reason for this, then he is either physically ill or wants to leave! nine0011

A man in love will always want to charm his soul mate and make her feel like a lady. He will never disrespect her or try to hurt her by verbally abusing her. If your man starts to act all of a sudden, it's time to get to the bottom of things and find out why. If he wants to leave, let him go, otherwise everything will go downhill from now on.

5. He suddenly became very secretive.

If a man is in love with you and is faithful to you, there are no secrets! Yes, some zodiac signs are inherently mysterious, like Scorpio, but 99% of men who are faithful to their beloved woman do not keep secrets from her. If he's suddenly hiding his messages, blocked his phone, or won't let you know his whereabouts, it's time to start looking for the truth.

One of the easiest ways to catch him in a lie is to watch him closely, don't blame him openly, but secretly observe and see if he smiles for no reason, daydreams, or suddenly spends more time with his phone than he does. does to you. If you see him smiling, ask him what is the reason, if he pushes you away, you have an answer, if he lets you in and gives explanations, he still cares about you. nine0011

When the love of your life starts acting out of context or starts showing signs that he is no longer interested in you, it can be very painful. I recommend that you don't take it personally, but instead try to get to the bottom of it and understand what's going on. Below are signs that he is still interested in you, but is thinking about something else that makes him act differently than usual.

  • He answers your messages with a detailed answer; nine0062
  • He tries to find time for you, even if it is not enough;
  • He calls you at least once a day to see how you are;
  • He remembers important moments between the two of you;
  • He opens the door for you;
  • Send you a text message at least once a day;
  • Says he loves you.

No one has the right to hurt you when all you have done is try to live a life of love and great memories with them. If your significant other is showing signs that you don't mean anything to them anymore, I recommend that you move on with your life and believe that you deserve better. nine0011

Yes, it hurts, yes, it's heartbreaking, yes, it can turn your whole world upside down, but you have to believe that everything happens for a reason and that it shouldn't have happened. Maybe it's all for the best, and getting rid of him is just making room for the right person. Never let anyone treat you less than you deserve. People can be very cruel, but know that it's not your fault. This is his loss!

Now you know the signs that you mean nothing to him, and you know how to live on. If you liked this post or found it interesting, please share it with your friends! nine0011

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Don't waste your time with a guy with whom you will have nothing but disappointment. Break it down and go somewhere else! How to do it? Alexander Tsypkin, a writer and expert in male psychology, told us how men behave when they have no serious plans for a girl.

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1. Once you start reading this article, the alarm bell, whatever it is, has already rung. But let's look at the nuances.

2. He stubbornly tells you about his shortcomings, as if hinting that you are suffering with him. He not only does not hide them, but is proud of them. Especially often windiness and disorder emerges. And in general, he talks a lot about himself, and is much less interested in you, especially in your plans for the future. nine0011

3. Usually such comrades have a universal legend “I just got out of a difficult relationship, I want to live a little today”. It's all nonsense. Nothing heals a difficult relationship better than a new one that is even deeper. Therefore, the above excuse means “you won’t cure me, but as a painkiller you are suitable.”

4. If you invite him to a friend's wedding, he definitely won't go. A temporary boyfriend is ready to accompany you anywhere, but going to a wedding as a couple is already too much. For some reason, men think that if he came to a wedding with a girl, they can marry him there for a company, or if his girlfriend suddenly catches a bouquet, the bailiff will then come with him, as with a writ of execution. nine0011

5. You don't call him every day, that is, you call him, and he calls only if he has an unscheduled free evening and wants sex.

6. As soon as you bring a cup or, God forbid, a toothbrush to his house, he immediately starts talking about personal space, and your things come back home, sometimes with you. That is, he does not even offer to spend the night.

7. Ask him a question in the summer about a joint meeting of the New Year and offer to buy tickets in advance, so to speak, to save money. If something unintelligible about workload sounds in response, especially from January 1 to January 11, draw conclusions. nine0011

8. You have a strong feeling that he is an orphan. That is, we never talk about getting to know my mother. Not to mention dad and brothers.

9. An invitation to your parents also does not arouse enthusiasm.

10. In sex, he does whatever he wants and doesn't even particularly ask if you like it. It's simple - he is not afraid to lose you, even subconsciously, and therefore does not think whether his requests will scare you. And he is suspiciously a little worried on the first intimate date.

11. To the phrase “I have been looking for someone like you all my life”, he looks for an answer for several seconds and eventually tries to portray a Comedy Club resident

12. Invite him to a party with your especially boring and unpleasant girlfriend. Repeat after a month. Anyone who is going to live with you until old age understands that this is a necessary evil and will somehow adapt. The temporary concubine will not want to suffer and in every possible way will begin to avoid such meetings.

13. Opposite: introduce him to your most beautiful friend and follow his gaze. It is understood that he will not drag her into bed right in front of you, but the “temporary worker” will allow himself to show excessive attention or even start an acceptable flirtation. nine0011

14. Within two or three months, the regularity of sex begins to drop rapidly. The explanation is simple: no matter what they say about a man’s lack of connection between love and sex, there is one.

15. Ask him to change his social media status and see how he reacts. Most likely, he will say yes, but will do nothing.

16. Start a conversation about polygamy, temporary relationships and the joy of life today. You will see with what enthusiasm he will support and develop it. By the way, sometimes it is precisely these lovers of “live today” who fall into the most primitive trap: if a girl herself tells him that she would like a relationship for a short time, a short circuit occurs in the man’s head, smoke goes up and everything ends with the registry office.

Learn more